NXT TakeOver: Stand And Deliver Night Two Results

WWE NXT: “Stand And Deliver (Night Two)” Results: April 8, 2021- Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, FL

Welcome to eWrestling.com’s WWE NXT: “Stand And Deliver (Night Two)” Results for the Thursday, April 8th, 2021 edition of WWE’s black and gold brand, NXT, which airs from the WWE Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time/7:00 p.m. Central Time.

Advertised for this week’s special edition of WWE NXT: “Stand And Deliver (Night One)”: One of the most anticipated matchups in the history of the black-and-gold brand NXT Champion Finn Bálor puts his title on the line against the undefeated Karrion Kross.
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Featured below are complete results and live coverage of the Thursday, April 8th, 2021 edition of WWE NXT: “Stand And Deliver (Night One)” airing on USA Network which begins live at 8/7C! Results Coverage Writing Credit: Mike Hogan (Rajah.com)

Kick-Off Show: WWE NXT TakeOver: Stand and Deliver (Night Two)

Pre-Show Opener

We’re greeted by the same panel as last night, Sam Roberts and Jimmy Smith, who run down the card’s announced five matches. Sam points out that this is the first time that the Women’s Tag Team Championship have been defended on a TakeOver. We also get clips earlier today, where William Regal and security were awaiting the independent arrivals of Adam Cole and a bearded Kyle O’Reilly. We then get back to the video package, promoting the undefeated Kross’ championship match against Bálor. Both men speak to their experience. This is Bálor’s sixteenth TakeOver; Kross never lost his title but had to vacate it after winning it while injured months ago.

Samoa Joe Interviews Karrion Kross (With Scarlett)

Samoa Joe is shown next, interviewing Kross (with Scarlett). They essentially cover the same information as the video, though Kross does call Bálor the greatest NXT Champion of all time. He reflects back on how it felt on the night he first won the belt and medical staff gave him the bad news on his injury. He goes from complimenting Bálor to angrily stating that he doesn’t give a shit about what Bálor thinks. Joe wishes them luck.

Samoa Joe Interviews Finn Balor

Next, Samoa Joe sits down with Bálor. Joe jokingly remarks that Bálor has a nearly-spotless record, with only one loss in all of his numerous TakeOver appearances. Joe runs down Bálor’s past history of winning titles and vacating a title due to injury. Bálor points out it took him months, if not a year, upon returning from injury to regain his confidence and remarks Kross has only had a few months. Bálor states that underestimating the Prince at the peak of his career is a mistake. Joe turns to Kross’ size, and asks how Bálor will defeat Kross. Bálor points out that this isn’t anything new to him–taking on bigger men–then he threatens to drown Karrion Kross in a way that he’s never been drowned before. Yep, he said that. Kross, known for his many drownings, will prove a formidable opponent.

Backstage – Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon

Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon are asked by Mackenzie their thoughts on facing The Way. Shotzi breaks out in laughter, and the champs are all fired up. They tell Mackenzie that they’re going to get their faces painted, Shotzi growls “welcome to the fire pit!” and howls. Meanwhile, Mickie James has climbed out of the potato sack from last night and is wearing a beautiful dress. The three Pre-Show commentators discuss the tag match, and Sam Roberts attempts to hype The Way. Mickie James points out that they could finally fulfill the “prediction” of the “Golden Garganos” if Johnny retains and The Way wins.

Number One Contender Tag Team Match
Breezango vs Drake Maverick & Killian Dain

Finally, we get to our match! Breeezango are out first and both men wear pirate-influenced gear, including hats and swords. Out next comes Drake & Dain to that same, cheesy, laughable music. Drake hops up on Dain’s back in the middle of the ring and poses. Dain shrugs him off, glares at him, and they both pose again. The bell rings and we’re off! Tyler Breeze starts off with Killian Dain. Dain goes to grab Breeze, but Breeze ducks and then poses in the ring Captain Morgan style. Dain slaps the hat off Breeze’s head. Breeze tags in Fandango. Dain decks Fandango and tags in Drake Maverick.

Drake taunts Fandango, gyrating above him jokingly until Fandango angrily rises. Drake rushes over to tag in Dain, and Dain warns Fandango off. Drake puts a pirate hat on Dain. Dain pounds on Fandango, then tags in Maverick while yelling “get in here!” Dain then picks up his partner and launches Drake at Fandango! After a beat, Fandango takes control. Fandango takes Maverick into the corner and sends him a few rights before tagging in Breeze. Breeze with a suplex and a pin attempt. Breeze pulls Drake to the Breezango corner and tags in Fandango as Drake desperately tries to run and reach his partner. Fandango with a big Stalling Suplex and a pin attempt. Fandango takes Maverick into his corner and drives his shoulder into the gut of Drake as Tyler Breeze tags in. Breeze with the Strong Irish Whip that sends Drake into, and bouncing off of, the corner.

Breeze stomps away at Drake then covers for a close two. Breeze locks on a rear chin lock. The ref checks on him as he reaches for Dain. Dain angrily paces back and forth on the apron, wanting to get in. Drake struggles but gets to his feet, only to be struck hard in the back and sent into the corner. Fandango tags in and takes over. Fandango with a strong whip of his own. Fandango and Breeze continue to isolate Maverick and work him over all while using frequent tags. Finally, Maverick flips out of Breeze’s grasp. Maverick runs side to side, looking to slip past Breeze. Finally, Drake escapes and tags in Dain.

Dain takes out both members of Breezango in the ring all on his own! Dain climbs out onto the apron and hits a springboard senton onto Breeze! Dain picks up Fandango in a rear carry. Breeze jumps at Dain, who catches him and holds both men up! Dain with a big jumping back drop, crushing his opponents! Fandango looks to go high but Dain rushes over to strike and stun him. Dain tags in Drake, who runs to the corner and leaps up to connect with a modified Hurricanrana on Fandango! Drake holds a hand up to high-five Dain. Dain, instead, grabs Drake and Powerbombs his partner on top of Fandango! Drake’s dazed form manages to pick up the pin fall!

Your Winners and NEW #1 Tag Team Contenders, Killian Dain & Drake Maverick!

WWE NXT TakeOver: Stand and Deliver (Night Two)

Main Card Opening: Poppy Performs

Poppy performs a song. I really don’t know what else to tell you beyond this. The song had “Stand and Deliver” in its chorus. They used black and white dynamics in their clothing. Um, the drummer plays similar to that “wild drummer” dude on YouTube. The song is a pop-rock style until the interlude when it goes from light and fluffy to heavier riffs, guttural growls from the singer as she spins in the ring. There’s an interesting outro. They then transition to a slower, chugging riff similar to Pantera’s “Dom/Hollow” live mix. The crowd chants her name as we dispense with the nonsense.

NXT Cruiserweight Unification Ladder Match
Santos Escobar(c) vs Jordan Devlin(c)

Our opening match announced as the Pre-Show ended is the Ladder Match. The arena is dark and blue light floods behind the skull propped up on the stage. NXT Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar comes out decked in his old purple gear, a lucha mask and a face-covering mask. He eyes a ladder set up on the ramp as he makes his way to the ring. Remember, the ring is flush with the ramp–the ramp is elevated and walks straight to the ring. Santos comes out solo, with the rest of Legado nowhere to be seen. Out next is the other NXT Cruiserweight Champion, Jordan Devlin.

Devlin jaws at Escobar as Vic Joseph, Beth Phoenix and Wade Barrett are excited for this match. The bell rings and we’re off! Both men go straight at each other with punches. Devlin blocks two punches from Santos, and catches Santos on a rope rebound, knocking Santos down on his butt. Devlin whips Santos into the ropes and drops down as Santos leaps over. Devlin takes Escobar down again. Both men to their feet. Escobar with a speedy side takedown. Escobar with an elbow followed by kicks to the gut. Escobar whips Devlin towards the corner and chases him. Devlin hops up, using the ropes to push him behind Escobar. Devlin takes opportunity, knocking the Champ down hard and forcing the Champ to roll outside. Devlin moves to the apron and connects with a springboard middle rope Moonsault onto Escobar on the floor! Devlin sends Escobar into the ring and pulls a ladder out from under the ring.

Santos runs and slides out of the ring, hoping to get the jump on Devlin, but the Champ is ready and uses the ladder to smack Santos. Both men head inside and the ladder is set up in a corner, leaning against it. Devlin and Escobar counter each other in a quick sequence that ends with Santos Escobar tossing Jordan Devlin into the ladder in the corner! Devlin rolls outside. Escobar exits, runs from the other side of the ring and hits a huge running knee that wrecks Devlin. Escobar smiles, confident in himself, and strikes Devlin a few times before moving back into the ring. Escobar takes a ladder to the middle of the ring, looking to set it up. Devlin rolls in and charges Escobar, who simply slams the ladder forward to smack Devlin. Santos is up, ladder held in a battering-ram position as he awaits Devlin to rise. Devlin’s up but is limping. Escobar charges him, ramming him with the ladder.

Escobar then rams a seated Devlin multiple times with the ladder to the gut. Escobar goes outside, pulling another ladder out from under the ring. Escobar stomps on Devlin some more, then sets the ring up beneath both Cruiserweight belts that hang suspended above the ring. Devlin desperately reaches for Escobar. Escobar will have none of it, and comes down to pound on Devlin more. Escobar sets up a ladder again, this time laying longways across the intersection of ropes in a corner. Our commentary team wonder what he’s considering. Escobar pulls Devlin up and talks smack in his face. Escobar goes to whip Devlin into the ladder set up in the corner, but Devlin counters it and whips Escobar into the ladder hard, knocking it down to a leaning position in the corner. Both men are slow to rise. Santos moves over quickly to strike Devlin before he can rise, then goes back after the midsection. Escobar catapults Devlin at the ladder, but Devlin leaps onto it instead of crashing into it! Devlin scurries up the ladder quickly, and Escobar tries to stop his ascent. Devlin leaps off, hitting a tornado DDT on Escobar!

Devlin heads outside and Escobar is back to his feet, just in time to manage a suicide dive that rams and smashes Devlin against the barricade! Escobar takes it back into the ring and mocks Devlin, kicking him and slapping him and mocking him. Escobar pulls Devlin into the double-underhook butterfly position, hinting at a Powerbomb on the ladder laid out before him. Devlin counters, dropping Escobar back onto the ladder. Again, both men stand face to face and exchange blows as the crowd alternates “boo” and “yay!” Escobar looks groggy. Devlin manages to escape

Escobar’s grasp and hits a springboard cutter followed by a snap drop suplex. After a few moments, Devlin sets a ladder up. Escobar rises on the other side and grabs the ladder, using it to shove Devlin back into the corner. Devlin strikes Escobar, knocking the Champ down. Devlin climbs the ladder–which is set up in the corner–as does Escobar. They fight at the top, with Devlin getting the upper hand and dropping the Champ again. Devlin climbs to the very top of the ladder and carefully poses himself before doing a diving Moonsault off the top of the ladder, landing right onto Escobar! The crowd breaks out in a loud “NXT! NXT! NXT!” chant as Escobar rolls to the outside. Devlin sets up the ladder directly beneath the titles.

Devlin’s climbed to the top! He has his hands on the belts when suddenly, Joaquin Wilde & Raul Mendoza rush down and knock him off the ladder. They beat him out of the ring and beat him down in front of the announcer’s table. As there’s no DQ in a ladder match, this is all legal. Santos uses this time to get a breather before sending his Legado del Fantasma hermanos to the back. Escobar sets up the ladder and climbs halfway up. He looks up, so close to the belts, until Devlin throws a ladder in the ring to hit Escobar and stun him. Devlin sets up a ladder next to Escobar. He climbs halfway up his ladder as well.

They struggle briefly before Devlin hits a Spanish Fly off the ladders! Both men are down for several moments before Devlin crawls to a ladder and readjusts it. Devlin holds his back in pain, then climbs the ladder slowly, egghausted. Devlin gets near the top and reaches up, touching the belts. Escobar climbs up and throws rights. Both stars are now fighting, with Escobar using fists and Devlin smashing Escobar’s face into the top of the ladder. Santos desperately shoves Devlin, who flies off the ladder and crashes through another that had been forgotten in the corner! We see a few knicks and cuts on Devlin’s left shoulder as Santos climbs up and retrieves both belts for the win.

Your winner and UNDISPUTED NXT Cruiserweight Champion, Santos Escobar!

After the Match

Santos takes a moment to kiss both belts before heading up the stage, where his Legado teammates await him. Santos’ nine-year-old son comes out and Escobar is all smiles as he hugs his son and gives him one of the Cruiserweight belts, before placing his old lucha mask on his son.

NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship Match
Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart(c) vs The Way

The Way make their way out first. Candice LeRae wears an outfit that seems inspired by Thor or perhaps Sif/Valkyrie. Indi comes out wearing her own outfit but in matching shades of gray. Out next are the Women’s Tag Team Champions, Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart. They ride out to the stage top with Shotzi’s tank then walk the rest of the way down . Our competitors prepare as the official announcements are made. This is the first time that these titles have been defended on a TakeOver. Candice LeRae and Shotzi Blackheart start things off first. Shotzi comes out the gates swinging, furiously taking it to LeRae and backing her up into the corner with strikes. Indi Hartwell enters and runs over, pulling Shotzi off her teammate and hitting a side wrestling takedown.

Candice tags in Indi once Shotzi’s down. Indi utilizes a few generic strikes and a suplex before taking in Candice. Candice with a snap suplex, then an up-and-over followed by a roll-up for a two. Candice stands on Shotzi’s neck as the ref counts and warns her. Shotzi tries to fight back when Candice pulls her to her feet, but Candice tackles her down again. LeRae with a left shoulder wrench, exerting pressure on the elbow. Shotzi powers to her feet but LeRae slams her back down. Indi is tagged in and covers for a two. Candice pulls shotzi up and sets her up on the apron. She strikes Shotzi as she’s bent over the middle rope and tags in Candice. Indi runs and strikes Shotzi, followed up by Candice. LeRae with quick pin attempts.

LeRae takes Shotzi to The Way’s corner. Shotzi breaks away for a moment but Candice punches her down. Shotzi kicks Candice off, and LeRae stumbles back and tags in Indi. Hartwell prevents Shotzi from getting to her corner and attempts a cover. LeRae tagged back in. LeRae gets too cocksure and Shotzi escapes, tagging in Ember Moon for the first time tonight!

Moon hits the ring on fire, taking out both members of The Way. After a few more moments, chaos ensues as all four women brawl in the ring. A big spot takes place in which Indi Hartwell suplexes Candice off the top rope while Candice suplexes Moon & Blackheart off the top. Finally order is restored and Hartwell and Moon are our legal competitors. Hartwell with another pin attempt for a two. Hartwell with a pop-up sit-out Powerbomb for a close two. Hartwell is first to her feet, and holds Moon by the foot so she can tag in LeRae. Both women look for a double team, but Moon escapes. Moon with the hot tag to Blackheart, who flies into the ring and crashes onto both members of The Way! Hartwell spills to the outside. Blackheart sends LeRae out as well. Moon hops up on the middle rope and pushes it down while wrenching the top rope up.

Blackheart with a suicide dive or botched tope, and Blackheart botches the landing hard, barely connecting with The Way. The camera stays on Moon in the ring as the ref rushes out to check on her. She landed hard on her neck and back against the floor and barricade. All seems fine, though, as Shotzi gets back in the ring. LeRae and Hartwell capitalize on the stunned Shotzi and use a series of quick tags to keep the ring cut in half for Shotzi. LeRae with a slam and pin attempt, almost getting three if not for Ember Moon diving in. Blackheart tags in Moon, climbs to the apron and tags herself back in as Moon flies out, nailing the Total Eclipse on LeRae and crashing into Hartwell. Shotzi follows with a top rope senton and manages to put it away to remain champs.

Your Winners and STILL NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions, Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart!

North American Championship Match
Johnny Gargano(c) with Austin Theory vs Bronson Reed

Bronson Reed is out first for our next match. No more “Thicc Boi” or “Aus-zilla” references either! Out next is Johnny Gargano, wearing War Machine-styled gear. Michael Cole’s failed clone experiment called Gargano “Iron Man” but he’s a tool because we all know War Machine wears grey and silver, like Gargano; Iron Man uses reds and yellows/golds. Austin Theory escorts Johnny out. Our competitors square up in the ring as official announcements are made. Gargano tries to start off fast against Reed, but finds himself bouncing off Reed when attempting a drop kick. Reed moves slow, and hits a powerful Fall-Away Slam on Gargano. Gargano crawls to the corner and Reed casually follows him. Dueling “Let’s go Bronson/Let’s go Johnny” chants from the live crowd. Gargano with a sucker throat shot, then a springboard spear. Reed holds his abdomen, then knocks Gargano down. Reed continues to hold his abdomen on the left side after that spear. Big chop from Reed lays out Johnny TakeOver. Gargano finds an opening, striking the knee and lower back of Reed as he rolls the big man on the mat. Kick from Gargano to the gut that sends Reed to his feet outside. Reed holds his side still and leans against the apron. Gargano with a baseball slide to the midsection! Gargano springboards over the ropes but is caught by Reed. Reed hoists Gargano up, but Johnny escapes and shoves Reed forward. Reed collides with the corner of the desk and groans in pain. Gargano takes it into the ring and takes Reed to a corner, climbing up for mounted punches. Reed knocks him off but Gargano comes right back at him. Hit to the lower spine. Gargano with a splash on a seated Reed for a two.

Gargano slows the pace and keeps the big man grounded. Gargano with a series of kicks and knees, focusing on the back and side of Reed. Reed eventually powers to his feet as Gargano holds a sleeper on, and rams Johnny off of him. Gargano goes up on the middle rope and leaps off, but is caught by Reed who nails a big Powerslam! Reed still holding that side with his left hand. Reed with a splash to Johnny in the corner. Reed grabs him and immediately hits a one-handed chokeslam, then holds his tender side. Austin Theory, outside at ringside, tries to distract Reed. Reed takes a few moments, letting Gargano rise to his own feet, to get a breather. Reed lifts Gargano up in a Stalling Suplex. Gargano throws knees down to Reed’s head, trying to break free.

Reed drops Gargano on his shoulders and hits a Death Valley Driver for a very, very close two! Reed and Gargano move to the corner. Gargano moves to the apron and Reed climbs the middle rope. Reed attempts to suplex Gargano into the ring but his ribs won’t let him fully lift Gargano. Johnny moves in and strikes Reed, then hits a backstabber to drop him off the ropes. Reed’s head snapped back hard on that one, and even Beth worries he might have whiplash. Reed endures Gargano’s offense briefly before hitting a big suplex, finally lifting the Champ over his head and down. Reed still doesn’t cover. Reed steps out of the ropes, considering the Tsunami off the top, but heads back into the ring. Gargano with a surprise strike and rolls Reed up in a Crucifix pin but only gets two. Gargano and Reed have a fast-paced exchange in which Gargano and Reed counter each other until Gargano can drop Reed down with an arm drag. Gargano locks the Gargano-Lock on Reed in the middle of the ring!

Reed inches his way over to the bottom rope, and Johnny holds the lock on until the ref counts to three. Reed lays half in the ring and half out before rolling to the ramp. Gargano sizes him up and uses the ropes to propel up, but Reed punches him in the face and knocks him down. Reed with a Razor’s Edge that throws Gargano from the ramp and into the ring hard! Reed climbs up the ropes and goes for the Tsunami but Gargano moves! Johnny covers for a two, but Reed somehow finds a way to kick out.

Gargano reaches his feet first and sizes up Reed again. Gargano goes for the Superkick but Reed catches the foot and drops Gargano. Reed climbs up the ropes again. The ref is distracted by Gargano, and Theory hops up on the apron to attack Reed. Reed’s fists intercept Theory, knocking him down to the floor. Gargano uses the distraction to buy time to rush over and strike. Gargano with strikes to Reed. Gargano climbs up onto Reed’s shoulders, looking for a top-rope Hurricanrana but Reed holds firm to the top ropes, causing Gargano to fall down (looked like a botch). Reed with another Tsunami and would be the new champ if not for Austin Theory stumbling by where the ref couldn’t see, placing Gargano’s foot on the rope before pretending to wipe his eyes.

Reed heads outside the ring and rips Theory’s shirt off easily with one hand. Reed tangles with Theory until Gargano flies over the ropes and outside with a tope. Reed catches Gargano. The action heads back into the ring. Reed lifts Gargano up for a Powerbomb but Gargano punches his way free. Gargano with a Superkick! Reed stumbles. Gargano with a second, and Reed is stumbling more into the corner! Gargano goes for a third but Reed catches him with a Superkick of his own! Gargano is quick to recover, though, and hits the One Final Beat (springboard DDT) on Reed. Johnny Wrestling goes to the apron once again and hits a second One Final Beat, then covers to pick up the win.

Your Winner and STILL North American Champion, Johnny Gargano!

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