NXT Results 09/08/20

WWE NXT Super Tuesday LIVE Results (09/08/20): Winter Park, FL

Welcome to eWrestling.com’s WWE NXT Super Tuesday Results for September 8, 2020 airing on the WWE Network as WWE’s black-and-gold brand airs on a special evening this week from Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL!!

Tonight’s LIVE NXT Super Tuesday II is set to kick off in gigantic fashion with Finn Bálor facing Adam Cole for the vacant NXT Title. Plus, Rhea Ripley will battle Mercedes Martinez in a Steel Cage Match in the main event, Bronson Reed looks for payback against Austin Theory, and Killian Dain squares off with Roderick Strong. Don’t miss NXT Super Tuesday II tonight at 8/7 C on USA Network!

Featured below are WWE NXT Super Tuesday Results for September 8, 2020, written by eWrestling.com’s most popular female reporter, Jamie Rush. Follow me on Twitter @JamieRush312.

WWE NXT Super Tuesday LIVE Results (09/08/20)

Opening Video Package

The show immediately starts with a video package showcasing last week’s Super Tuesday as well as what’s to come for this week’s Super Tuesday. Rhea Ripley’s match set for tonight, next, the Iron Man match replays from last week where William Regal announced Adam Cole would be facing Finn Balor on this week’s Super Tuesday.


Wade Barrett is welcomed by Vic Joseph as they discuss tonight’s show from the announcer’s podium.

NXT Championship Match
Finn Balor vs. Adam Cole

Finn Balor’s music sounds as The Prince makes his entrance on tonight’s NXT Super Tuesday in the Full Sail University arena! Balor makes his way to the ring and awaits his opponent. Out next, representing Undisputed Era is Adam Cole. Cole enters the ring and the match is officially announced. Mr. Regal hands over the NXT Championship belt, the bell rings, and this match is officially underway!

The crowd begins chanting “Let’s Go Adam!” split with the other half of the crowd chanting, “Let’s Go Finn!” Finn powers Cole into the corner to start things off in this match. Balor takes down Cole to a Front Face Lock. Cole is able to escape, only to be put in a Side Headlock by Balor once again. Cole counters for a two count pin attempt that Balor escapes. A lot of quick moving and grappling to begin things early on in this match.

Balor lays on a tight Headlock, squeezing as tight as he can as Adam transitions into a Hammerlock. Shoulders down, Balor kicks out at two. The crowd pops. Stalemate early on. The two back to their feet, Adam goes right back to the Hammerlock. Another take-down by Balor. Cole is heard saying, “I don’t quit” as the crowd begins clapping and cheering to build Cole’s momentum. A counter by Cole, then one right back. A Basement Dropkick catches Balor by surprise from Cole.

Cole picks up the pace with multiple Strikes to Balor. Cole counters a toss to the ropes, landing a Back Breaker on Balor for a cover by Cole. Balor kicks out and we head to our first commercial break of the evening!

We return from commercial break, Balor once again has the upper hand in this match up! We get a picture in picture replay of an Elbow across the collar bone of Cole by Balor. Balor drops the Elbow into the sternum of Cole twice for the two count as we return to the ring. Balor kicks Cole into the corner, throwing several more kicks on Cole until the referee forces Balor to stop and let Cole out. Basement Dropkick by Balor for another two count, SO close this time!!

Balor again gets Cole into the corner shoving his shoulder into the mid-section of Cole driving the air out of his lungs! The crowd chanting once again split with “Let’s Go Adam!” and “Let’s Go Finn!” Balor still dominating the match, it’s about time for things to turn around, no?

Big Clothesline by Adam Cole takes Balor down. Then a Punt Kick to the jaw of Balor by Cole. Balor looks for a German Suplex, Cole counters again and hits Back Stabber on Balor for the cover! Balor is able to kick out at two! Cole uses the ropes to assist back to his feet. Cole gets caught, Balor attempts a Double Stomp, Cole rolls out of the way. Shinning Wizard by Cole for the two count! A “This is awesome!” chant begins in the crowd.

Cole lands a Clothesline nearly taking Balor’s head off! Cole pulls his knee brace down looking for that Last Shot, in the process Balor is back to his feet and hits the Double Foot Stomp, this time connecting! Balor then hits the Stomp continuously. The match heads to the outside. Balor picks Cole up and runs him into the corner. Cole sits in a ringside chair. Balor runs at Cole and Cole stands up, hitting a Super-kick JUST in time as we head to commercial break!

As we return from commercial break, Cole locks in a Figure Four on Balor following Balor’s Coup De Gras attempt! Balor stretches to the ropes forcing the break! Slingblade to Cole by Balor. Balor then drops Cole in the center of the ring. Double Dropkick by Balor. Balor heads up top, hits the Coup De Gras successfully! Balor goes for the pin, Cole KICKS OUT! Commentary notes that NOBODY has ever kicked out of that move!

Cole once again locks in the Figure Four! Balor rolls through, trying desperately to reach the ropes. Cole releases the move as they inch closer, Cole drags Balor back to the middle of the ring as he goes to re-lock in the Figure Four, Balor catches Cole and rolls him up for a two count. Last Shot by Adam Cole for the cover! Balor kicks out! The crowd begins to chant, “NXT! NXT!” Balor heads up top, Cole with a Superkick to the knee. Both men ar e on the top rope standing. 1916 from the top Balor gets the cover!

Winner and NEW NXT Champion: Finn Balor

After the Match

We see Finn Balor standing at the top of the stage the first man EVER to hold the NXT Championship more than once! The Prince, our NXT Champion once again!

Backstage Promo – Rhea Ripley

Ripley looks on as speaks to Martinez, “You’ve spent months trying to make a name for yourself at my expense. You aren’t the first, and you won’t be the last. But tonight, inside that cage, I will show you why I’m the nightmare!”


“Battle of the Badasses” Steel Cage Match with Rhea Ripley vs Mercedes Martinez for later tonight!

Backstage – Finn Balor Celebrates

We return and Finn Balor is shaking the hand of Triple H. “Everyone has been asking for the last 10 months, Finn, why did you return to the NXT… this” Balor points to his belt, “This NXT Championship is why.”

Backstage – Robert Stone & Aaliyah

You wanna know why i’m the greatest manager. Because I know where stuff is that nobody else does. There she is, but she’s very dangerous.

Shotzi Blackheart Enters

“Hey whatcha doin?”

Shotzi strikes Robert Stone, Aaliyah shoves Shotzi through a set of curtains and falls through herself… right into Io Shirai’s photoshoot.

Io Shirai’s Photoshoot Interrupted

Aaliyah apologizes to Io and runs. Io follows and Aaliyah ends up RIGHT inside the ring. Io is on one side, Shotzi on the other. The two take turns throwing strikes at Aaliyah. Robert Stone heads up top, looking to take out Io, Shotzi saves her by shoving her out of the way!

The two then head up top from opposing sides and land Elbow Drops on both Robert Stone and Aaliyah. Shotzi then picks up Io Shirai’s NXT Women’s Championship belt with a smile on her face and extends it to Io Shirai. Shirai snatches it out of Shotzi’s hand and says, “Don’t make me hurt you!” in more of a warning than angry way. Io then exits the ring as Shotzi looks on with a smile on her face.

The Garganos Home

“I need her back in my life, I need this friend. Just trust me.” Johnny says he’ll be nice. Candice LeRae says, “Smiles…” Johnny opens the door and says, “Heeeey…” Tegan Nox steps inside. “So, no pizzas this time?” Johnny laughs and says, “Teegs… I’m just joking with ya, all fun, all fun. Up high, down low, too slow!” Candice offers Teegan the “best seat” Candice says, “So… let’s talk.” Teegan looks up and both Candice and Johnny are staring at her with big smiles on their faces. Teegan looks uncomfortable at the head of the table as we go to commercial break!

Ashante “Thee” Adonis vs. Velveteen Dream

Ashante “Thee” Adonis is already standing inside the ring as we return from commercial break, awaiting his opponent. Out next is Velveteen Dream as Dream’s entrance theme begins playing over the speakers in the Full Sail University arena. Dream starts things off with his usual mind games early in the match. Adonis turns the heat up and nearly puts Dream down with a schoolboy pin! Dream then lands a DDT, on Adonis. Dream is fired up now. Dream then hits the Dream Valley Driver for the three count pin and win!

Winner: Velveteen Dream

After the Match

Dream’s victory celebration is cut short as Kushida rushes the ring and attacks Dream! He whips him into the ring post, hard! Then again! Finally, a Cross Armbar on the apron to finish things!

Vignette – Breezango

Tyler Breeze and Fandango discuss their tag titles and talk about how Imperium doesn’t like them and the feeling is mutual.

Imperium Responds

Imperium get a response mixed through the video package and talk about how Breezango are going to have the shortest NXT tag title reign ever. With that, we head to commercial break!

Austin Theory vs. Bronson Reed

Theory with a go-behind, side headlock, shot off, shoulder block just bounces off of Reed! Bronson with a side headlock of his own, wrenching it in, squeezing the life out of Austin. Shoot off blocked, Reed goes low and takes him to the mat. Shot off, shoulder block, off the ropes, Bronson sidesteps and hits a slingshot elbow drop for two.

Austin heading to the floor, but Reed hip tosses him back in from the apron and grabs a reverse chinlock. Theory with body blows, off the ropes, Bronson decks him with a back elbow! To the apron, Austin with a shoulder block, slingshot sunset flip attempt but Reed stabilizes and sits down on him for two!

Theory to the floor, Bronson to the apron and he dives a shoulder block onto him as we go to break!

Back from commercial, Theory is in control with a Rear Chinlock as Reed gets to his feet and counters with a Senton! Bronson with heavy right hands, whip across, an elbow sends Austin reeling and he follows with a Manhattan Drop and an overhead elbow! Death Valley Driver… NOPE! Float over a suplex, Theory hits a Back Suplex but his back gives out and he crumples under the weight!

Austin with an Elbow, a Rolling Thunder Neck-Breaker… NOT HAPPENING! Drawing Reed up, fireman’s carry… his knees give out and Bronson lands on him! Senton follows, headed up top…

Winner: Bronson Reed

Backstage – Adam Cole

It is noted that Adam Cole and Finn Balor shook hands post-match, a sing of respect and integrity. Cole is asked how he feels about tonight’s outcome. Cole states, “Obviously I’m disappointed, it’s not what I wanted. But truth be told, the better man won tonight. Finn Balor is good, and tonight, he proved that he’s better than Adam Cole. But Balor better hope I don’t get another opportunity at the title because that at point the outcome will be different. And that… is Undisputed.” We head to commercial break.

Mercedes Martinez Message To Rhea Ripley

When a lion wants to be king, they don’t go after the weakling, they go after the baddest animal in the kingdom. Rhea, when this cage door closes, I ain’t gonna stop until there is nothing left!”

Roderick Strong (w/ Bobby Fish) vs. Killian Dain

Out first are Roderick Strong along with Bobby Fish representing Undisputed Era. Strong enters the ring, awaiting his opponent for the evening. Killian Dain makes his way out next as his music sounds in the arena. The referee signals for the bell and this match-up is officially underway! Strong kept his distance from Dain early on. Strong chopped Dain and then ran away to ringside, where Dain chased him. Fish distracted Dain, which allowed Strong to get cheap shots on Dain. Dain tossed Strong into the corner and gave Strong gut punches. Dain gave Strong a stiff lariat to the mat. Strong sent Dain outside with a leg lariat. Dain stood up and gave Strong a Uranage from the apron. Strong kicked Dain in the shin while the ref was distracted heading into regular commercial.

We return from commercial break and Strong is looking for the Abdominal Stretch to no avail. Dain hits a Clothesline for the counter! Strong is taken out with a Crossbody for the two count. Bobby Fish trying to get the attention of Dain. Strong looks to lift Dain, no luck. Senton by Dain! Bobby Fish pulls Roderick Strong out of the way. Dain is put out by Strong with the assist from Bobby Fish!

Winner: Roderick Strong

After the Match

We immediately go to replays.

Running the boots to Killian Dain, Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish. Drake Maverick appears with a steel pipe. Strong takes out Maverick with the assist from Fish!

Dain recovered and chased UE away with the bat. Dain then stood over Maverick seething. Dain then dropped the bat and let Maverick be. Maverick quickly chased Dain and then offered Dain a handshake. Dain teased a handshake, but then clocked Maverick with a right hand to the face.

Gargano Dinner W/ Teegan Nox (Continued)

We once again enter the Gargano’s home for the dinner w/ Teegan Nox. It’s just Teegan and Candice at the table now as Johnny is in the living room watching t.v. LeRae continued to brag about the Gargano Way. The also brought up Nox losing to Io Shirai recently. Nox pointed out that LeRae couldn’t beat Io either.

LeRae says she needs to take a second, then suddenly LeRae tosses a bowl of salad at Nox. Nox takes a bite of the lettuce as she smiles, then says LeRae forgot something as she threw her drink at LeRae. Gargano cut in and called Nox a terrible person who he can’t understand speak. Nox said “f–k you” (bleeped) to Gargano and dumped spaghetti on Gargano’s head. Nox walked away and left out the front door, with LeRae chasing her. Johnny stays in the living room, upset about his TV as he throws the remote on the floor.

Backstage Interview – Damian Priest

We head backstage with McKenzie Mitchell where she interviewed Damian Priest on Thatcher’s film study segment. Priest said that Thatcher is ugly. Priest said he has a simple game plan that he’ll punch Thatcher in the face until his face changes, because Thatcher needs it. Priest then started hitting on McKenzie saying that she’s invited to the “party forever” he’s holding…

Quick Announcements

The commentators ran through advertised matches for next week’s show…

Vic Joseph noted that the cage match is the main event. Wade Barrett noted that he’s been in cage matches with people like Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Randy Orton, and others and the match was always grueling.

MAIN EVENT: Steel Cage Match
Mercedes Martinez (w/Robert Stone) vs. Rhea Ripley

Mercedes Martinez made her entrance first, making sure to throw weapons into the steel cage. While Martinez was throwing in weapons, Rhea Ripley ran out and attacked Martinez between the steel door. Ripley then tossed Martinez in the ring and tossed her jacket at Stone.Ripley booted Martinez into the cage as Martinez was trapped in the ropes. Ripley dominated Martinez for the beginning 3 minutes of the match. Ripley blocked a steel chair shot with a Yakuza Kick. Martinez dragged Ripley off the top rope and then gave Ripley a running power slam. The show cut to picture-in-picture.

As we return from commercial break, Ripley is climbing but Martinez picks her off… German Suplex! Mercedes sits up in the turnbuckles, turning around and Rhea throws a steel chair at her. Running dropkick puts Martinez’ head through the gap in the corner of the cage!

Drawing Mercedes up, she fires back with forearms, a thrust Spinebuster, and both women are down and out! Slow to rise, Martinez up first, drawing her up, she ducks the Roundhouse, Electric chair Facebuster! Rhea’s got the inverted cloverleaf! Mercedes grabs a kendo stick and hits her to break free! Ripley has the stick and she attacks Martinez with it before noticing Robert Stone climbing the cage!

She hits him a few times from the inside before climbing up to him, headbutt, front chancery, Mercedes saves her manager with the kendo stick! She staggers Rhea with another kendo stick shot, smashes her face into the steel followed by a Neck breaker! Both women down and out, Martinez with the cover to no avail.

Mercedes throws some chairs around, sets a table up before putting Ripley up in the turnbuckles and climbing to join her. Leg hooked, jockeying for position, headbutts, pumphandle and an Avalanche Riptide through the table for the win!

Winner: Rhea Ripley

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