WWE NXT TakeOver: In Your House Results

WWE NXT TakeOver: In Your House Results (6/7): Winter Park, FL.

WWE is back with their latest NXT TakeOver live special event, as WWE NXT TakeOver: In Your House goes down tonight on the WWE Network from Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida.

Follow our LIVE coverage of the show with the following WWE NXT TakeOver: In Your House results from Sunday, June 7, 2020.


After the usual “Then, Now, Forever” signature, we see former WWE broadcast team member from the 1990s, and one of the familiar faces from the original “In Your House” shows — Todd Pettengill.

Pettengill welcomes us to the first-ever NXT TakeOver: In Your House event and then kicks it to the pre-show analysts, who formally kick off the official pre-show for NXT TakeOver: In Your House.

Scott Stanford and Sam Roberts welcome us to the Kickoff Show for tonight’s special. The two are standing in the WWE Headquarters studios and they begin running down some of the action scheduled for tonight’s live event, which streams for subscribers of the WWE Network.

From there, the duo kicks it to Pat McAfee, who is on the set of The Pat McAfee Show. He gives his thoughts on some of the action on tap for tonight’s special. as some vignettes promoting key matches on the card are shown.

Now we are shown some “Earlier Today” videos of various WWE NXT Superstars arriving to the building at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida, before kicking it back to Stanford and Roberts at WWE HQ, who talk about other matches on tonight’s card.

The Kickoff Show wraps up with Scott Stanford and Sam Roberts kicking things over to the WWE Network, where the NXT TakeOver: In Your House main show begins now.

Todd Pettengill Welcomes Us To The Show

A fancy opening video plays featuring former WWE 1990s announcer and backstage interviewer Todd Pettengill welcoming us to the show and running down the history of the WWE In Your House chronology before talking about it getting a face-lift tonight.

Code Orange Opens Up NXT TakeOver With LIVE Performance

From there, we shoot LIVE inside Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida, where we are joined by the commentary team for tonight’s show. They introduce rock band Code Orange, who performs their single, “Underneath,” LIVE on the entrance stage to get things started.

The bodies serving as crowd members at ringside chant “NXT! NXT!” as Mauro Ranallo returns, “If the house is rockin, don’t bother knockin’, just come on in!” He welcomes us to the show and then we hear our first theme song.

Shotzi Blackheart, Tegan Nox & Mia Yim vs. Candice LeRae & Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez

Now a tank makes its’ way out as Shotzi Blackheart comes down to the ring for tonight’s first match. One of her two tag-team partners for this six-woman tag-team opener, Tegan Nox, makes her way out. Finally, Mia Yim comes out.

Their opponents now make their way out, as Raquel Gonzalez, Dakota Kai and Candice LeRae head down to the squared circle for this six-woman tag bout. The bell sounds and here we go. Yim and Gonzalez duke it out early, with Gonzalez showing her impressive strength early on.

Big stalling suplex for Gonzalez. Nox tags in and she immediately goes to work on the knee of Raquel. Now Gonzalez tags in Dakota Kai. Nox takes Kai down and tries to score a quick pin, but to no avail. Others get involved and when order is restored, Shotzi Blackheart and Dakota Kai are the legal women in the ring.

Blackheart is taking it to Kai, however a big kick from Dakota turns the tide. She establishes offensive control over Blackheart and then tags in Candice LeRae. LaRae tries hiding behind Gonzalez. Blackheart goes for a tope suicida, looking to connect on LeRae, however Gonzalez catches her and slams her down with authority.

The other two members of the baby face trio execute dives through the ropes and off the top-ropes for a series of impressive high-spots that gets the crowd in attendance on their feet and Mauro Ranallo his first near-heart-attack from yelling.

After some more tags and high spots, Yim ends up in the ring with LeRae. She hits a dragon suplex and starts landing shots on LeRae’s partners on the ring apron for good measure. LeRae buys herself some time, however, and tags in Gonzalez.

Now we see LeRae and Yim duking it out through the entrance way to the ring. They battle all the way to the backstage area, leaving just four members of the match in the ring.

All four women start trading spots until finally The Shiniest Wizard from Nox leads to the pin fall victory over Kai, earning the victory for her team. After the match, she and Blackheart celebrate in the ring while Mauro Ranallo puts over their performance.

Winners: Shotzi Blackheart, Tegan Nox & Mia Yim

Finn Balor vs. Damian Priest

After some quick in-house advertisements and promotional considerations, we head back inside Full Sail University where the announce team gets us ready for our next match of the evening.

The pre-match video package telling the story of Finn Balor vs. Damian Priest airs now, as Balor-Priest will be up next in the ring here at NXT TakeOver: In Your House.

We return to the arena, which is pitch black as Priest’s music begins and he makes his way down to the ring. From there, the inaugural Universal Champion makes his way out for this one-on-one showdown.

Straight out of the gate, Priest lands a big shot that immediately starts things off in his favor. Priest remains in control for a couple of minutes as the action spills out to the floor. Balor sets up some ring steps, however Priest ends up using them to his advantage, and to the disadvantage of Balor.

Back in the ring, Priest continues to deliver punishment to Balor. He starts taunting Balor, which leads to Balor showing his first signs of life in a while, however it doesn’t last long. Seconds later, Priest hits a flying flatliner on Balor that gets the immediate replay treatment.

Priest has Balor slumped in the corner of the ring and is putting the boots to him, mudhole-stomping-and-walking-dry fashion, ala “The Texas Rattlesnake.” He slaps a rear chin lock on Balor in the middle of the ring and now the fans in the arena begin clapping and trying to rally behind him to get him back in the match in competitive fashion.

Balor ends up hitting a jaw-breaker to escape from the hold. He catches Priest charging towards him with a big boot. Balor with some more vicious strikes now as he goes to work on Priest in the corner. Balor counters a Priest move attempt into a beautiful vertical suplex. Priest tries to roll to the floor to regroup, but Balor charges at hits a flying kick through the ropes.

Finn goes out after Priest and continues his onslaught outside the ring, rolling back in to break the referee’s count a couple of times. Priest re-enters the ring and catches Balor charging at him with a big shot. Priest hits a Broken Arrow out of nowhere. The momentum appears to be shifting in his favor when Balor executes a double-leg takedown and a standing double foot stomp.

Both guys exchange strikes and stiff shots when Balor blasts Priest with a nice Pele Kick for a close near fall. The fans break out into another “NXT! NXT!” chant as both guys are slow to get to their feet. Priest grabs Balor by the throat, but Balor rolls him up for a pin attempt out of nowhere. Priest kicks out.

Balor blasts Priest with a big kick, but Priest in one swift motion, jumps back up to the ring apron. On the floor, Priest cuts Balor off and hoists him up, taking him down with a vengeance as he hits a Razor’s Edge with Balor landing back-first on the ring apron.

Priest gets Balor back in the ring and tries to cover him, however Balor kicks out before the count of three. Priest hits a running splash onto Balor in the corner. And again. He goes for a third splash, but Balor catches him coming in with a Sling Blade. He hits a 360 roundhouse kick, and again. Priest catches a third attempted kick, but Balor reverses into a nice move.

Damian Priest hits his dropkick finisher and then heads to the top rope. Balor heads up as well. Priest looks Balor up and hits a chokeslam/Rock Bottom style move off the top-rope. That was pretty crazy. We see immediate replays of the high spot as the fans break out into chants and both guys are down, slowly working their way back to a standing position.

The camera keeps panning over to the steel ring steps set up in the aisle way outside the ring. Priest and Balor tease a big spot, with one of them falling on the steps, and it’s Balor who blasts Priest with a flying forearm that launches Priest backwards where he crashes and lands back-first on the aforementioned ring steps.

Back in the ring, Balor hits a Coup de Grace. He goes back up to the top-rope and hits a second Coup de Grace. Balor covers Priest. 1-2-3. Mauro Ranallo informs us that Finn Balor breaks the all-time wins record for NXT TakeOver events by picking up his 11th victory at NXT TakeOver: In Your House with his win over Damien Priest.

Winner: Finn Balor

Io Shirai Backstage

We see Io Shirai standing backstage at Full Sail University as Mauro Ranallo reminds us that she will be part of the triple-threat match along with Rhea Ripley and reigning title-holder Charlotte Flair in tonight’s WWE NXT Women’s Championship match.

NXT North American Championship
Johnny Gargano vs. Keith Lee (c)

Now the video package for our next bout of the evening airs, as it’s time for our first championship contest here at NXT TakeOver: In Your House. NXT North American Championship action between Johnny Gargano and current title-holder Keith Lee is up next.

With that said, the lights go down and then come back up as music hits the house speakers and Johnny Gargano begins making his walk down to the ring. The announcers talk about Johnny Gargano potentially losing his mind as of late as he paces around the ring awaiting the entrance of his opponent.

The theme of his opponent, the reigning and defending NXT North American Champion Keith Lee begins playing and the big man slowly makes his way down to the squared circle, with his title belt in hand.

The announcers talk about Lee sustaining a cornea scratch to his eye and some bruised fingers, which we see are taped up for this match, at the hands of Gargano at the NXT On USA “go-home” show this past Wednesday night.

We hear the bell and our first title bout of the evening here at NXT TakeOver: In Your House is now officially underway. The two lock-up and with his taped up / injured hand, the larger Lee launches Gargano down to the mat, sending him half-way across the ring in the process.

Gargano gets back up, goes after Lee and the same thing happens. Now we see Leith wiping at his injured eye. Gargano tries blitzing the big man with a mixture of strikes, however it is ultimately another power display from the champ that sends Gargano flying across the ring, where he stops to once again contemplate how he plans to approach beating Lee.

The action spills out to the floor where Gargano rakes at the injured eye of Lee to open up an opportunity, which he tries capitalizing on, however Lee keeps brushing off the quick offensive gains made by Johnny Gargano and dominating him with his clear size-and-strength advantage.

Gargano appears to have decided this is a lost cause, so he heads up the entrance way and tries opening the locked door that is part of the NXT TakeOver: In Your House entrance set. He can’t get it open so he bangs on the door ala Fred Flintstone losing his cool waiting on ole’ Wilma, when Lee approaches him from behind and goes back to work on him.

All of this was caught on a peep-hole security camera, which gave a unique camera view for the fans watching live on the WWE Network. Finally, the action finds its’ way back to the ring, where Gargano enjoys some time in the offensive driver’s seat after again exploiting the eye and hand injury of Lee.

Gargano stomps on the hurt paw of the big bear-like monster, before also continuing to try and further disrupt the vision of the reigning North American champ. Gargano keeps using cheap tactics, which garners a ton of heat from the audience in attendance. He yells from outside the ring for the crowd not to boo him.

Johnny Wrestling appears to be settling in now, as he uses his high ring IQ to keep the larger Lee grounded and unable to mount an offense, all-the-while continuing to inflict further punishment. Gargano tightens up a submission attempt in the center of the ring, which he eventually lets go in favor of a vicious elbow to the spine and some leaping knees to the face and injured hand of Lee.

Gargano tries to cover Lee, but only gets a count of two. The fans chant “Lee! Lee! Lee!” to try and get the North American champion back into the mix, however Gargano keeps him grounded and continues stomping on his hand and poke and rake at his eye, all-the-while mixing in his wide-array of offensive moves and punishing strikes. Gargano is blasting Lee with open hand palm strikes before mocking the champ, which prompts the fans to rally behind him.

This appears to be working, as Lee, who is selling serious vision issues following the eye-attacks from Gargano, is making a blind comeback, firing up on offense for the first time in several minutes. A big clothesline from Lee levels Gargano and appears to knock the wind out of him.

Lee with some knee strikes, however, Gargano sunset flips over him and rolls his larger foe up for a pin attempt. Lee kicks out at two. Mauro Ranallo sells the fact that Gargano is only concerned with delivering punishment to the eye and hand of Lee. Meanwhile, Lee and Gargano fire up on offense, as both guys appear to have caught their second wind.

Keith Lee with a big slam and another, leading to Gargano rolling out of the ring and out to the floor in an attempt to buy himself some time to recover. For his part, Lee is moving slow in the ring as well, as he looks to use the recovery time to his advantage as well. The announcers sell that fact now.

Lee goes out after Gargano, but Gargano uses his quickness to re-enter the ring and stomp on Lee’s injured hand while it was laying on the ring apron. Gargano follows that up with a crazy dive onto the big man on the floor. The announcers question how Gargano plans to get a seemingly unconscious/lifeless Lee into the ring to take advantage of the big move he just delivered.

Gargano can’t get the large Lee into the ring, as the dead weight is too much for the winded challenger. He instead re-enters the ring to break the referee’s count. As he rolls back out to the floor and turns the corner around the ring, he is greeted by a sprinting 300-pound-plus Keith Lee, who hits a big pounce with vicious emphasis that sends Gargano crashing through the barricade.

The champion continues his attack on Gargano, beating him up some more as he heads up the entrance way. We see Candice LeRae now, however she is unaware that behind her is Mia Yim. As they disappear from view on the broadcast, we see Gargano using keys as a foreign object / weapon to scratch and scrape at the eye of Lee. He follows up with a big spot and tries pinning him, but Lee somehow kicks out at two.

Gargano blasts Lee with a super-kick while he was seated on the mat. He covers him, but again only gets two. He blasts him with another super kick while he was seated and again tries to cover him, but again Lee won’t stay down for a count of three.

Back to his feet now, Gargano stomps on the injured hand of Lee. Lee uses his other hand to grab Gargano by the throat. Despite his injured left hand, Lee hits his Spirit Bomb. He follows that up with the Big Bang Catastrophe for the pin fall and the victory. With the win, Keith Lee remains limitless and the reigning NXT North American Champion.

Winner and STILL NXT North American Champion: Keith Lee

NXT Championship Back-Lot Brawl
Adam Cole (c) vs. The Velveteen Dream

The announcers switch gears and get fans ready for our next match of the evening, which will once again feature a championship on-the-line — as it’s time for the Last Chance Back Lot Brawl with Velveteen Dream challenging The Undisputed ERA’s Adam Cole for the WWE NXT Championship.

We head to the parking lot where we see Adam Cole arrive in a giant monster truck. He talks about running the place when the music of The Velveteen Dream can be heard as we see a yellow sports car make its way over. Velveteen Dream exits his car and is carrying a baseball bat. He heads over to the ring.

We see Cole still sitting in his monster truck. He’s shouting at Dream to drop the bat and “fight him like a man.” Dream says “Anything for you, bay-bay!” and drops it. Cole exits his giant vehicle and makes his way over to the ring. Both guys are in street clothes and the fight is now underway. Car and truck headlights are shining on the ring to provide the light for the match.

Dream tries rolling Cole up right away, but can’t hold him down for a three count. Cole eventually breaks free from Dream, grabs his title and says he’s leaving. He walks over to a car, not the same monster truck he arrived in, but a regular rental car looking vehicle. As he tries to exit the scene, Dream rushes over to him with the baseball bat he originally carried to the ring. He bashes the hell out of the car while Cole appears to be stuck inside.

Finally, Cole escapes the vehicle and the brawl between he and Dream picks back up. Now another car pulls up when we hear a lady yell out the window, “Did somebody call for an Uber?” The match official tells the Uber driver she might want to get out of here. The two continue slugging away at each other as they battle all over the back lot in this back lot brawl.

Now Cole disappears. Dream goes looking for him, checking behind random doors. “Come out, come out wherever you are!” yells Velveteen Dream before Cole reemerges and sprays him with a fire extinguisher in the face. This appears to temporarily blind or disrupt the vision of the challenger, which allows Cole to deliver his first extended streak of offense in the contest.

The champ follows Dream around, blasting him with big shots that knocks him into different cars parked around the ring. Cole gets in Dream’s face and is audibly heard scolding him to his face. “Why don’t you just quit?! Huh?! ‘Cause you’re too stupid!” He hits him with another shot and walks off in arrogant fashion, only to turn around to a knuckle sandwich served to him by Dream.

Dream now gets on the ring apron and shakes his hips before coming flying off and crashing onto Cole with a double axe-handle smash. He rolls Cole back in the ring, however Cole blasts Dream and rolls back out. He then starts asking for a “time out” as he walks farther away from the scene. Dream goes to the top and launches himself at Cole, but Cole moves and Dream smashes into a car. Cole looks to capitalize, however he misses a big spot as well.

Now we see Dream taking over again. He slams Cole on the hood of a car. He tells him his dream is almost over. He goes and grabs a ladder and brings it over to the car that Cole is laid out on. Dream blasts him with some punches and then unfolds and sets the ladder up right in front of the car Cole is laid out on. He talks trash as he climbs each rung of the ladder. As he nears the top, he is blinded by headlights and a car horn that is being honked.

This allows Cole to get off the car and climb up the ladder. Dream shoves Cole off the ladder and Cole lands on the car with a big thud. We see Cole’s arm immediately gushing blood as he appears to have ripped it open on the broken windshield and glass shards laying all over the hood. The Undisputed ERA members who were in the aforementioned car with the horn honking finally exit the vehicle and go to work on Dream. They check on Cole, who tells them he’s ok and that “you guys know what to do!”

They start throwing chairs and weapons in the ring. As they grab one final chair to launch into the ring full of chairs, we see the chair magically slide under a car seemingly on its’ own. Then we see Dexter Lumis emerge from under the vehicle. He takes out Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong, locking them in the trunk of another car and driving off.

Now the NXT champ, with his bloody arm, gets off the hood of the car and crawls to the ring. He enters the ring and Dream blasts him with a Dream Valley Driver. He covers him but Cole kicks out at two. Dream now hits the Purple Rain-maker on Cole and covers him in the middle of the giant pile of chairs still in the ring. 1-2… Cole somehow kicks out again!

Dream talks all kinds of trash as he grabs Cole with clear intentions of finishing the show, however Cole blasts him with a low blow and then goes to the top rope. He comes flying off and blasts Dream with the Panama Sunrise on the aforementioned pile of steel chairs in the ring. 1-2-3. Adam Cole wins the Last Chance Back Lot Brawl and retains his WWE NXT Championship in an excellent match. Mauro Ranallo puts over Cole for extending his record-setting reign to 372 days-and-counting as WWE NXT World Champion.

Winner and STILL WWE NXT World Champion: Adam Cole

Backstage: Todd Pettengill & D-Generation X

Backstage, we check in again with Todd Pettengill, who makes 100 jokes about being out-of-touch when it comes to technology, referencing old 900-numbers and other dated stuff before putting over NXT for creating a massive social media buzz with NXT TakeOver: In Your House tonight.

Then we shoot to the locker room where we see D-Generation X goofing off and having fun, with Triple H pretending not to understand how to use a computer.

Karrion Kross (w/ Scarlett) vs. Tommaso Ciampa

A cool video package airs to get fans ready for the next match here on the WWE Network live special, as NXT TakeOver: In Your House continues with the TakeOver debut of Karrion Kross.

After the video package, Kross and Scarlett make their way down to the ring, as does former WWE NXT World Champion Tommaso Ciampa. The announcers put this match over huge as the bell sounds and these two stare each other down.

Kross with a big suplex on Ciampa to get things started in the ring. The announcers put over the suplex skills of Kross. Ciampa tries for something, but Kross shuts down the attempt and yells in his face, “You’re in my world now!”

With the action out on the floor now after Kross brushes off a shot from Ciampa, we hear Scarlett tell Kross not to worry because it will only make him stronger. Kross grabs Ciampa by the throat, picks him up and launches him back/neck first into the ring apron.

The announcers bring up Ciampa’s surgically repaired neck as Kross continues to beat down and batter the former top dog of WWE’s black-and-yellow brand. Once back in the ring, Kross continues to put his impressive suplex arsenal on display, dumping Ciampa on his head over-and-over again with an assortment of modified suplexes.

Kross with a Northern Lights suplex and a big shot, then he yells “suck on this” and blasts Ciampa with a stiff clothesline. The announcers again question how much damage this is doing to the surgically repaired neck of Ciampa.

Finally, Ciampa puts together his first offensive run in the contest, decking Kross with some big punches and kicks before dumping him out to the floor and catching him coming in with a draping-DDT off the middle rope.

Ciampa blasts Kross with a running knee. He hooks Kross for the Fairy Tale Ending, however Kross escapes and reverses into a big slam. Kross now locks Ciampa in the Cross Jacket submission. Ciampa ends up fading quick and before he can even think about tapping, Ciampa goes limp and lifeless, the referee immediately notices and calls for the bell. Impressive debut for an impressive recent addition to the WWE NXT roster.

Winner: Karrion Kross

NXT Women’s Championship Triple-Threat
Rhea Ripley vs. Io Shirai vs. Charlotte Flair (c)

The video package airs to get fans ready for our next, and final, match of the evening here at NXT TakeOver: In Your House. The main event triple-threat match for the WWE NXT Women’s Championship is up next.

After the video package we return inside Full Sail University, where former WWE NXT Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley’s music hits and she makes her way down to the ring for tonight’s NXT TakeOver: In Your House main event.

Now the ring as the music for Io Shirai begins to play and the strobe lights begin flashing throughout the arena. Shirai makes her way down the ramp, entering the ring with one of her opponents already in the ring. Ripley paces the ring as Shirai finishes her entrance.

Last out, to a crowd of “Woo”s is Charlotte Flair donning an all black feathered robe as she struts down the ramp of the Full Sail University arena, stopping at the steel stairs before entering the ring with her two opponents, Io Shirai and Rhea Ripley. Flair twirls once in the center of the ring before removing her robe with the assistance of the referee.

Flair holds the championship NXT belt high in the air with a glare at Io Shirai. The lights dim as the match is officially announced. The referee takes the belt from Flair, holding it above his head. The referee then signals for the bell, the bell rings and the match begins.

The lights return and Charlotte has her eyes on Rhea. Flair rolls out of the ring telling Io and Rhea to “have at it”. “You don’t go here! You don’t go here” the crowd chants at Flair who shouts, “I was MADE here!” Flair enters the ring as Io goes after Rhea, dropping Rhea as well. Flair then quickly rolls back out.

Charlotte re-enters the ring, Fall Away Slam on Io after a Super-Kick to Rhea. Both Rhea and Io on the floor, Charlotte announces, “This is my house!”. Flair then lands Chops back and forth at Io and Rhea, keeping them both on the ground. Finally Io and Rhea land a Double Chop together on Charlotte.

Rhea throws Charlotte into the corner, Charlotte flips over the top turnbuckle. Charlotte drives a shoulder into Io. Charlotte knocked to ringside by Rhea. Charlotte launches Rhea into the barricade. Io off the apron with a Frankensteiner.

Charlotte throws Io into the ring post, followed by slamming Io into Rhea at the barricade. Charlotte grabs Io and rolls her back into the ring. Charlotte enters the ring as well, kicking Io and landing a hard strike, keeping Io on the canvas. Charlotte catches Io and Io showcases her acrobatics, Charlotte grabs Io and transitions into the Boston Crab.

Io crawls towards the ropes. Io reverses and kicks Charlotte multiple times as Rhea returns into the ring, Clothesline after Clothesline then a barrage of Knee Strikes on Charlotte. Rhea with a Basement Dropkick on Charlotte, then catches Io and Drops her. Io with the 619 on Charlotte, Io goes off the top and hits a Double Foot Stomp on Charlotte. Io goes for the pin, Charlotte kicks out at two.

All three women are laid out inside the ring on the canvas as the crowd begins to pound on the Plexiglas. A Double Spear by Charlotte. Charlotte attempts to pin Io, Io kicks out at two. Charlotte then turns over and attempts to pin Rhea, Rhea also kicks out at two. Charlotte drags Rhea close to the corner.

The crowd boos and Charlotte goes up top for a Picture Perfect Moonsault. Ripley rolls up Io for then decides to hit the Rip Tide. Io lands the Crossface on Charlotte, Rhea with a kick to break it up. Charlotte goes for the cover on Rhea. Rhea kicks out. The crowd chants, “This is awesome! This is awesome!”

Rhea slams Charlotte face first into the canvas. Springboard Dropkick by Io onto Rhea. Rhea is in one corner, Charlotte in the other. Io gets the crowd hyped as she gets the Bullet Train Attack on Rhea. Charlotte goes for the pin on Io thinking she was getting the three count, Io kicks out. Charlotte shakes her head “no”. Charlotte sits in the center of the ring, unsure. Io with the Crucifix roll up on Charlotte, Charlotte kicks out at two.

Charlotte goes for the Figure Four, bridging into the Figure Eight, Rhea drags Charlotte out of the ring saving Io. Io flies through the ropes onto Rhea. Charlotte with a Clothesline on Io on the outside of the ring. Charlotte throws Io crashing through the In Your House set window on the stage as she wipes her hands clean. Rhea Spears Charlotte and straddles her as she strikes Charlotte over and over.

Charlotte gets back to her feet and smashes Rhea’s face into the Plexiglas. Rhea retaliates, grabbing Charlotte who shouts, “Come on!!” Rhea walks close to Charlotte, Io is on top of the set, ready for some high flying action. Io with a Splash onto Rhea and Charlotte. “Holy Sh*t! Holy Sh*t” the crowd chants immediately following. The crowd follows up with “This is awesome!” as Io rolls Charlotte back into the ring.

Rhea Spears Charlotte out of the ring. Rhea goes after Io who is sitting on the top rope. Rhea going for the Superplex. Io strikes to try and get out. Io escapes and slides through Rhea’s legs. Io now on the outside for control. Io about to hit the Frankensteiner, Charlotte with a Queen’s Boot.

Charlotte looking to pick up where Io left off. Rhea with the Rip Tide on Charlotte, as the referee goes for the third count, Io breaks it up. Rhea stops a move by Io, Charlotte comes in all of a sudden with a kendo stick! Charlotte strikes Rhea and Io over and over as Mauro Ranallo reminds us there’s no disqualifications.

Charlotte with a Spear. Charlotte heads into the Figure Four, looking to turn it into a Figure Eight. Charlotte begins to bridge, Io Shirai flips off the top turnbuckle onto Rhea, Charlotte still stuck in Rhea’s legs, unable to stop Io. Io gets the three count!! We have a new NXT Women’s Champion — and she’s the “Genius of the Sky” Io Shirai. She immediately tears up as streamers shoot into the ring like they do in Japan and replays are shown of the match highlights while Mauro Ranallo and co. put over Shirai’s victory on commentary. That’s how NXT TakeOver: In Your House goes off the air.

Winner and NEW NXT Womens Champion: Io Shirai


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