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WWE NXT On USA Network Results (02/03/21): Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, FL

Welcome to eWrestling.com’s LIVE results coverage for the black-and-gold brand’s WWE NXT On USA Network TONIGHT, February 3rd, 2021 at 8:00p.m. as the show airs live from the WWE Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida on the USA Network at 8/7C!

Advertised for this week’s edition of WWE NXT, The Rated R Superstar comes to the black and gold brand, TONIGHT!

Featured below are complete results of the February 3, 2021 edition of WWE NXT On USA Network which airs live at 8/7C! The following report was written by eWrestling.com’s longest running female reporter, Jamie Rush. Follow Jamie on Twitter @JamieRush312.

WWE NXT Results (01/27/21): Capitol Wrestling Center

As the USA Network airs the WWE image to kick off tonight’s edition of WWE NXT, we head into the “WWE Then… Now… FOREVER” set up before we are sent into a video package highlighting last week’s episode of NXT with audio announcing events that are set for TONIGHT’S show!!

Video Package – Opener

To officially start things off for tonight’s edition of WWE NXT on the USA Network, we start as “Last Week” is shown as commentary reminds us that the Grizzled Young Veterans moved on in the Dusty Rhodes Tag-Team Classic.

Next, the audio clip running over the video highlights from the main event last week states that Pete Dunne ended last week’s edition of NXT by putting himself in the sights of the NXT Champion as well as Roderick Strong and Adam Cole who represent the tag-team of Undisputed Era following the match between Finn Balor and Kyle O’Reilly vs. Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan and the events that followed.

Next, we then catch a glimpse of the 2021 WWE Royal Rumble winner, The Rated R Superstar, Edge who is set to grace the WWE Capitol Wrestling Center Arena in Orlando, FL following his victory at this past weekend’s pay-per-view event!!

Also, Chris Stallion looks for revenge as he is set to face off against Santos Escobar inside the ring for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship after the events that occured backstage during last week’s edition of WWE NXT on the USA Network!

Finally, we are reminded that the WWE NXT Dusty Rhodes Tag-Team Classic rolls on with three new matches set to take place during tonight’s edition of WWE NXT including the quarterfinals match of Undisputed Era vs. Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher, the semi-finals match of Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai vs. Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter, then finally the quarterfinals match of Lucha House Part vs. Legado Del Fantasma. A still-frame NXT card picture is shown with all of the matches set for tonight. “It’s win or go home, and it all starts now, on NXT!”

Backstage – Dakota Kai w/ Raquel Gonzalez

Kai says last week was a breeze, and tonight’s gonna be a cake-walk” as she smirks with confidence next to her tag-team partner Raquel Gonzalez who adds, “up next, NXT Take-Over.” With that, Gonzalez and Kai walk from backstage, up the stairs to the main stage as their music sounds over the speakers in the WWE Capitol Wrestling Center!

Semi-Finals Match-Up for NXT Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag-Team Classic
Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez vs. Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro

This “Semi-Final Match-Up for the Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag-Team Classic match begins as Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez make their way down the ramp towards the ring to kick off the first match of the evening. Once the two pose inside the ring and their entrance theme is cut over the speakers, the two look up the ramp for their opponents for the evening.

Out next is the women’s duo of Kacy Catenzaro and Kayden Carter who are dressed in matching electric green ring-gear as their entrance theme sounds in the arena and the two make their way down the ramp with their arms draped over one-another’s necks as they walk step for step towards their opponents who are waiting inside the ring.

A box appears in the lower left corner of the screen that shows the challenger’s thoughts heading into tonight’s Semi-Final Match-Up of the WWE NXT Women’s Dusty Rhodes Classic event, Kacy begins by stating, “We shocked the world in the first round, but to us, we did exactly what we said we were going to do!” Kayden adds, “Mercedes and Toni were first, and now Raquel and Dakota are next! We are going to show the WORLD why we deserve to be in the spotlight!”

With both teams in position on either side of the NXT ring, the referee waves in the first two legal opponents of the evening. The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and our first match is officially underway! We head into the ring where Kacy Catenzaro and Dakota Kai kick things off as the first two legal women in the ring as the match heats up! Kai gets some good offense to start things off, but quickly tags in Gonzalez.

All four women end up inside the ring and the referee is attempting to watch all sides to keep up with the action. A game of “cat and mouse” is played as Raquel chases Kayden Carter. Gonzalez grabs Kacy and rolls her back into the ring where she hits a pin-fall attempt to no avail as Kacy kicks out at two. Raquel lands a hard blow on Kacy before tagging in Dakota who immediately heads in for the cover, again to no avail.

Dakota with some body shots and another pin-fall attempt, Kacy kicks out a third time which angers Dakota who lands a hard Heel Stomp to the small of Kacy’s back before hitting a cheap shot on Kayden on the apron. Kayden leans down and is in position to allow Kacy to apply a unique move as she bounces off Kayden’s back through the ropes taking down Dakota who immediately has to tag in Raquel.

Hurricanrana by Kayden followed by a Short Scissor Kick. Kayden ends up on the apron as Dakota makes her way running around the ring and looks for a Leg-Sweep from the outside as Kayden hops over Dakota’s outstretched arm. Dakota stops sudden and turns in the opposing direction and looks to drag Kayden off the apron, Raquel lands a heavy shot from inside the ring that sends Kayden directly into the announcer’s table at ringside where she slams the edge of the desk HARD as we head to the first commercial break of the evening!

The match continues picture-in-picture during the commercial as Raquel and Dakota keep their offensive stance throughout the break.

As we return from the first commercial break of the evening, we see Carter as she counters a move from Gonzalez and looks for the pin. Gonzalez is able to block the pinfall attempt as she stops Kacy from hitting the tag which frustrates Kayden who then retaliates as she kicks Gonzalez. At this point, Dakota Kai tags in and heads toward Carter, but Carter is able to quickly make the tag to Kacy.

As Dakota Kai runs full force directly at Kacy Catanzaro, we see Kacy successfully dodge Dakota followed by unloading with kicks in the corner of the ring. Next, Catanzaro looks for a Flying Scissors Takedown in the center of the ring, and is successful which leads to more offense from Kacy. Kai is then taken to the canvas as Kacy goes in for the cover, Kai is able to kick out just in time as the referee gets to two.

At this point, we see Dakota Kai head to the floor at ringside to re-assess the match and their game plan as she stands with her tag-team partner, Gonzalez, momentarily as they plot their next move. Catanzaro is NOT waiting to find out what they have in mind, so she joins both of her opponents at ringside as she charges and uses Gonzalez’s back to leap up the lighting rig, then jumps off the rig to take both opponents down on the floor. Raquel is left to gather her barings at ringside as Kacy drags Kai to the apron and throws her back into the ring where Kacy then immediately goes for the cover. Kai looks done, but is able to kick-out at the two count!

As Kai makes her way back to her feet on the inside of the ring following her opponent Kacy’s pin attempt, Kai keeps herself sharp looking to keep up her defense and avoid a double team from Kacy and Kayden while Kai’s partner Gonzalez is still on the outside of the ring where she was left on the floor. Kai is able to eject Catanzaro from the ring and out to ringside where she then takes advantage of the moment and drops Carter with a Heavy Kick.

Finally, Gonzalez makes her way back into the ring and joins her partner, Dakota Kai and the two immediately head in for the Big Double Team Pele Kick on their victim, opponent Kayden Carter. Carter looks to get in for the save for her tag-team partner, Catanzaro. Gonzalez is now the legal woman in, as is Kayden Carter. Gonzalez powers up and then slams Carter to the canvas with a quick swoop from her back. Gonzalez then looks to charge her opponent, but gets sent to the apron by both opponents.

To finish things up for this first match-up of tonight’s WWE NXT on USA Network, we see Carter head in and drop Gonzalez before making the tag to her partner in the NXT Women’s Dusty Rhodes Classic, Kacy Catanzaro, who assists Carter as she steps in and lands a Dropkick on their legal opponent. They continue with the offense to Gonzalez. Catanzaro goes to the top and hits the big 450 but Kai breaks the pin up just in time.

Carter pulls Kai to the floor but Kai sends her into the steel ring steps. Gonzalez blocks a hurricanrana from Catanzaro and drives her into the mat with the big chokeslam. Gonzalez covers for the pin to advance.

Winners and Advancing To NXT Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag-Team Classic Finals Match: Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez

After the Match

Immediately following their victory for the first match-up of the evening, we see Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez celebrate their win tonight as it is reminded that the two have now sealed their spot in the finals at the “Takeover: Vengeance Day” event.

At this point, we are sent into a video package that highlights the match with big move replays. We are informed that the victors, Kai and Gonzalez, will face the winners of the Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart vs. Indi Hartwell and Candice LeRae tag-team match-up set to take place at NXT Takeover.

Announcer’s Table

We head to the commentary table at ringside as the commentary team of Vic Jospeh and Beth Phoenix congratulate Barrett on officially earning and receiving his American citizenship this past week before sending us backstage where Toni Storm is waiting to be interviewed.

Backstage – Toni Storm Interview

As we head backstage in the WWE Capitol Wrestling Center Arena, we see NXT Superstar Toni Storm who is standing with Alyse Ashton as the backstage interview begins. Ashton starts off by asking Toni about the upcoming Triple Threat set to take place with Mercedes Martinez and NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai at NXT Takeover.

Storm continues on to say that Io Shirai has basically been untouchable since coming to NXT… until now. Toni then elaborates by stating that Shirai is only untouchable to anyone that just so happens to not be named Toni Storm.

Finally, Storm states that last week when she held the title above her head… that was just a preview of what can be expected of her when we get to the NXT Takeover event. Storm finishes by calling Martinez “a dead-weight” and adds that neither of them will stop her because she’s on top of her game, and that will be on display tonight for anyone who should so happen to be watching to see.

With that, Storm steps away from the interview to continue getting prepared for her bout that is set to take place later this evening inside the ring on WWE NXT.

Elsewhere Backstage – Theory and Gargano

As we head elsewhere in the backstage area, we see NXT’s The Way members Austin Theory and Johnny Gargano walking the halls of the backstage halls as we are sent back to commercial break.

Outside Of NXT General Manager Mr. William Regal’s Office

As we return from the pre-programmed commercial break, we pan a hall in the backstage area when the camera stops suddenly outside of WWE NXT General Manager Mr. William Regal’s personal office. We then unmistakably close in on the WWE Hall of Famer, the Rated-R Superstar that just so happened to win this past weekend’s WWE Royal Rumble 2021 match after entering the bout at NUMBER ONE… Edge! Edge begins talking with NXT General Manager William Regal in the back, but the topic and details are both inaudible.

NXT One-On-One Match-Up
Leon Ruff vs. Austin Theory

As the camera switches from the backstage area back to the main arena inside the WWE Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, FL, we are prepped for the next match-up of the evening. The entrance theme for NXT’s Leon Ruff sounds over the speakers as Ruff makes his way to the stage where he stops momentarily to pose. Ruff then makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring where he awaits tonight’s opponent.

Out next as their entrance theme sounds over the speakers for a slight-POP from the electronic crowd is two of NXT’s superstars, Austin Theory, and his current tag-team partner for the 2021 Men’s Dusty Rhodes Tag-Team Classic, NXT North American Champion, Johnny Gargano!

With all of the contenders for the next match-up in position surrounding the ring in their opposing corners, we see the referee make his way to the center of the ring as he signals to the officials to prepare to ring the bell. The referee then releases the signal and steps back to officially kick off this next match up!! The first two legal members inside the ring are Ruff and Theory who immediately look to exchange blows, trading holds, and counters for the advantage on offense.

Leon Ruff makes his way up the ropes to the top turnbuckle where he prepares to leap full-force towards Austin Theory. Theory notices the intention of his opponent as Ruff leaps, Theory quickly extends his arms to literally catch Ruff in a Crossbody attempt failed. Next, Theory looks for a Fall-Away Slam in the center of the ring to take Ruff down to the canvas.

Ruff focuses on where he is slammed as Theory finally let’s go of Ruff who is able to land on his feet inside the ring, stunning his opponent, Austin Theory. Ruff wastes no time as he quickly lands a Dropkick of his own, which leads Ruff to look for the pinfall victory. As Ruff gets the cover, we see Theory successfully kick out of Ruff’s hold at the two.

At this point, Ruff looks to regain control as he starts to show promise in the ring as Theory comes back with a near-flawless Drop-toe Hold that he immediately follows up with a hard Belly-To-Back Suplex in the center of the ring. Theory looks to keep control and shows off as Gargano childishly beings to taunt tonight’s opponent, Ruff. This causes a chain reaction that starts with the NXT fans beginning to “Boooo! Boooo!” the tag-team.

Theory tries to shrug off the negative vibes from the very vocal crowd behind him as he Slams Ruff once again in the center of the ring where Theory yet again goes for the pinfall attempt. To no avail as the referee yet again marked another 2 count kick out. While Ruff is down on the canvas, Gargano and Theory continue to just waste some more time in and out of the ring.

Theory then uses the second rope for leverage to which the referee immediately warns the competitor. Theory then lands a Big Stomp in the center of the ring to legal opponent, Ruff, who struggles to fight up from the mat now. Ruff continues his attempt to force himself free from the grips of opponent Austin Theory to no avail. Theory takes Ruff off his feet with a successful Back Elbow to the Jaw of Ruff followed by Theory attempting to end the match with his ATL-finisher as Theory lifts Ruff onto his shoulders.

Ruff is quickly able to see what Theory’s intentions are and Ruff immediately wriggles free and slides off of Theory like a smooth stick of butter! Ruff throws Theory off his game which causes Theory to quickly switch to defense-mode as he blocks the pin attempt by Leon Ruff who is able to roll-up Johnny Gargano for a two count pinfall attempt of his own! With both NXT superstars back to their feet, both men begin to trade Strikes and Kicks back and forth in the center of the ring.

Ruff struggles to fight his way back up to square off with his current opponent inside the ring. Ruff, who quickly manuevers around Theory as he makes his way back to his feet, is able to take Theory and Drop Theory to the canvas with a single Shot To The Knee by Ruff. Ruff then follows up with yet another Big Knee to the jaw of Theory for insurance to keep Theory down.

Gargano rolls out onto the apron where he looks to regain his composure. Ruff has another idea in mind as he also gets on the apron, where he then proceeds to kick Gargano. Ruff heads up the ropes to the top turnbuckle where he turns to Gargano and without hesitation, LANDS a Missile Dropkick to his opponent, Theory. Gargano struggles to make his way back onto the apron from ringside, but Ruff expects this attempt from Gargano and immediately knocks him right back off.

As if that’s what he had hoped for (or at the least expected of Ruff), Theory takes advantage of Ruff’s attempt at offense and Theory wastes no time as he attacks, which leads him to end up colliding with Ruff, to knock him out of the ring next to Gargano.

Indi Hartwell and Candice LeRae For The Save!

Obviously sensing that The Way men are not performing as well as they had initially anticipated, we hear the entrance theme for both Indi Hartwell and Johnny Gargano’s wife, Candice LeRae who run down the ramp hoping to help LeRae’s hubby, Gargano back to his feet.

More mind-reading up the sleeves of two more NXT female superstars as the likes of recently returned to action, Ember Moon, and Shotzi Blackheart, take to the offense and begin to attack them. In the end, none of the four women significantly impacteded the match in a detrimental way, as the referee allows the match to continue as the two women’s teams slowly take their brawl to the backstage area, allowing the men to finish their match.

At this point, Ruff quickly turns around in a motion to literally make it look like Gargano dropped him with a Single-Handed-Punch to Ruff. The referee sees this and ejects Gargano to the back. Gargano throws a full-on, all-out, toddler-like hissy fit as the WWE NXT fans POP for Leon Ruff and then continue to cheer Ruff on as he begins to fight back on the apron with an Enzuguri in hopes of finishing off Theory for the victory.

Ruff is overpowered and forced out, but quickly gains momentum that allows him to start to fight back in with an Enzuguri from the apron. Ruff then heads up the ropes to the top turnbuckle where he again DROPS Theory with a Big Cutter. Ruff wastes NO time as he goes in for the cover to finish this match, finally! The referee begins to count as Ruff has a look on his face that states he believes he already won when suddenly the referee cuts the count.

Ruff looks stunned as he turns to see what happened, and notices that Austin Theory was able to get his foot on the bottom rope to break the pin attempt. Ruff agaaain uses his body as a projectile weapon in the match-up as he immediately launches himself onto Theory at ringside, looking to end the match once and for all in one way or another. As expected, Theory once again catches Ruff, mid-air, and drives Ruff into the barrier at ringside as the NXT fans share their disaproval with a loud “BOOO!!!! Booooo!!!” in unison.

Finally, Austin Theory assists Leon Ruff to the apron, and then rolls him back into the ring where Theory successfully hits his ATL-finisher for the long awaited (during tonight’s match-up anyway) three-count pin for the win!!

Winner: Austin Theory

After the Match

Immediately following the extensive one-on-one bout, Austin Theory stands tall in the center of the ring to celebrate his victory as his music hits the speakers inside the WWE Capitol Perfomance Center Arena in Orlando, FL.

As the referee makes his way over to the victor to raise his arm as the official winner, we see Theory quickly snatch it back as he begins to shout at the referee in disapproval. Once again, Austin Theory grabs Leon Ruff to deliver yet another ATL-finisher to the severe disapproval of the NXT crowd at this point. The audible “BOOOO’s!!” get louder and louder.

The referee says something to Theory that causes Theory to snap back with a response that we can only guess… unless, there is, perhaps… a lip-reader among us? More dialogue is exchanged between the victor and the referee inside the ring. Theory seems to have had enough, so he exits the ring to head over to the Timekeeper’s Table.

Timekeepers Table

Austin Theory looks to have a plan up his sleeve as he heads across the ring and rolls out onto the apron before dropping to ringside. Theory then looks over next to the announcer’s table as he begins to walk over to the timekeeper’s area where Theory grabs the bell without hesitation. Theory then returns towards the ring with the look on his face that says he has full intentions of using it on a helpless Leon Ruff inside the ring.

Dexter Lumis With The… Save?

Wwhhhhoooo else but, uh… Dexter Lumis? To the rescue? As Theory makes his way back to the ring, Dexter Lumis quickly grabs Theory from behind to the surprise of the match victor. Lumis doesn’t waste a second as he immediately applies “The Silence” Submission Hold as Theory struggles to try and wriggle himself out of Lumis’s grip to break free. With much effort, Theory finally breaks away from the grips of the ominous and mostly dangerous Dexter Lumis, who has ripped out some of his hair.

Video Package – Legado Del Fantasma

As we finally exit the ringside area following Lumis’s unique handling of the previous match’s victor, Austin Theory, as the oddly approving WWE NXT crowd quiets… we head into a video package for the team of Legado Del Fantasma. To start off, Santos Escobar begins talking about how the group will win tonight in their matches. Santos says their future is bright, but the end is near for Lucha House Party and Curt Stallion as we head to commercial break!

Video Package – Senpai Tia Sha

As we return to tonight’s edition of WWE NXT on the USA Network following the commercial break, we are sent into an interesting video package that highlights the mysterious elder woman that goes by the name of Tia Sha. Sha is the Senpai that was shown on the throne at the top of the stage during matches and in the background during training that has control of both Xia Li and BOA over the past several weeks.

Dusty Classic Cup Quarterfinal Match

Lucha House Party vs Legado Del Fantasma

Lince drops Raul repeatedly before Raul backs Lince into his corner and LDF start tagging in and out and beating on Lince while screaming at him in Spanish. Lince then gets the hot tag to Gran before he’s sent out of the ring and Joaquin hits a suicide dive as we go to commercial.

We come back to Metalik hitting a sunset flip powerbomb off of the top to Raul before Lince gets the hot tag and runs over Joaquin before dropkicking him. Lince hits an arm drag into a back elbow and a diving cross body for two before Joaquin hits a jawbreaker and Lince hits the Golden Rewind for a near fall. LHP clear the ring and take turns hitting topes at ringside before Lince hits a head scissors before Raul gets the blind tag. LDF then pin Lince with their finisher for the win.

Winner: Legado Del Fantasma defeat Lucha House Party via pinfall to advance to the semifinals of the tournament.

– After the match MSK come out and stand with the trophy while mocking LDF ahead of their match next week.

– The Kings of NXT arrive at the arena as we go to commercial.

– Backstage Timothy Thatcher and Tommaso Ciampa are getting ready for their Dusty Cup match in tonight’s main event.

– The Kings of NXT make their way out to the ring and Pete gets on the mic and demands Finn Bälor come out to the ring. Finn gets on the apron and into the ring before Oney and Danny leave and Pete tells Finn to hold tight to the NXT title before Finn gives Pete his title match at Takeover: Vengeance Day. The two are interrupted by the winner of this year’s Royal Rumble match Edge who says that winning the Royal Rumble means that he can challenge any champion in the company. Edge talks about how he’s going to be watching Finn and Pete and their match at Takeover of he hasn’t decided who he’s challenging at Wrestlemania by then.

– Backstage Johnny Gargano is interviewed about what happened to Austin Theory and Candice and Indi in the semi-finals of the Woman’s Dusty Cup. Johnny is then informed that he’s going to be defending his NXT North American Championship against KUSHIDA at Takeover as we go to commercial.

– We come back to Johnny going to William Regal’s office before KUSHIDA tells go to come back later and the two brawl before KUSHIDA PKs Johnny’s arm and they’re separated.

Jessi Kamea (w/ Aliyah & Robert Stone) vs Toni Storm

Toni sends Jessi into the ropes and drops her before hitting a sliding forearm for two before Mercedes Martinez rushes Toni and attacks her for the disqualification.

Winner: Toni Storm defeats Jessi Kamea via disqualification.

– Io then comes out and takes out Toni and Mercedes with a moonsault before holding her title up high in the center of the ring.

– We get a promo by Curt Stallion ahead of his challenging for the Cruiserweight Championship up next.

– We get a video package promo for Cameron Grimes who returns next week.

NXT Cruiserweight Championship Match
Santos Escobar (c) (w/ Legado Del Fantasma) vs. Curt Stallion

They lock up and Santos backs Curt into the corner before beating him down and locking in a cravat before hitting a snap mare into an abdominal stretch. Santos dropkicks Curt for two before we see Scarlett looking on from the platform in the back of the arena before Curt counters a reverse DDT. Santos hits a Running Meteora in the corner before hitting a brain buster for two before applying a double wrist lock while staring and smiling at Scarlett. Curt then sends Santos out of the ring as the champion regroups with Raul and Joaquin at ringside while eyeing Scarlett as we go to commercial.

We come back to Santos in control before mocking Kross and Scarlett and covering Curt for two before locking in a half crab before transitioning into a cross face. Santos bends Curt and drives his knee into his back with a modified surfboard stretch before beating down Curt in the corner. Curt comes back with forearms and a suicide dive before tossing Santos back inside and hitting a diving splash for a near fall.

To end the match, we see Santos Escobar Curt’s signature rebound DDT into a suplex into the corner before dropping Curt with a kick and finishing him with a Phantom Driver into Legado for the pin and the win.

Winner: Santos Escobar

After the Match

Following the match, we hear the entrance theme for the one-and-only WWE Up-and-Coming LEGEND, Karrion Kross! Kross makes his way out to the stage to stop momentarily before he makes his way out to the ring which is only a few steps away at this point!

Commentary reminds the WWE NXT fans that Escobar successfully retains his WWE NXT Cruiserweight Championship Title by defeating his opponent for the evening, Curt Stallion via three-count pin-fall.

Tick-Tock… It’s Time For Karrion Kross To Enter The Ring

We return to the ringside area as the camera pans up the ramp where we see Kross making his entrance to the ring, he doesn’t stop for pleasantries or trash-talk, but simply takes out both Raul and Joaquin before even stepping one foot into the ring with Santos and then stating that he’s going to give Santos a priceless but highly sought after book… “The Gift of Time”. Kross then tells Santos to “run along…” and then quickly follows up with his catch-phrase, “tick-tock!”

Having said everything I have ever thought or considered discussing to a simple short message at a gas station to Kross, whether it be that you share this information in person, with a poem, in secret with a letter, in public, with a song, or in front of an entire city, for the proposal… ideas? I literally felt compelled to say, and this is the only thing, no other suggestions or details!

Actual notes that the WWE roster member, “Santos” got are actually the very “forward” that will be shown inside the book covers of “The Legacy” as soon as they arrive back at the house (unless someone knows of a short-cut called the “Pixie Cut”! That only leaves me, and Karrion Kross and Scarlett Bourdeux to literally stand side-by-side-by-side in the center of the WWE Capitol Wrestling Center Arena as I STILL don’t need a ring.

Backstage – Undisputed Era

As we head to the backstage area once again for tonight’s episode of WWE NXT on the USA Network, the camera pans the hall backstage until it stops short on the highly recognizable WWE NXT tag-team/group, The Undisputed Era which consists of the four members of the group including: Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly, Roderick Strong, and Bobby Fish who are en route to the main ring for tonight’s WWE Main Event!!

Undisputed Era’s entrance theme fades as the four finish their mixture of trash-talk, posing at the top of the stage, and down-right brawling threats with a complete stranger until they finally make their way down the ramp of the WWE Capitol Wrestling Center Arena for tonight’s 2021 Men’s Dusty Rhodes Tag-Team Classic Cup Main Event which is set to take place inside the ring as we go to commercial.

Editor’s Note: (While on commercial, y’all can each get one personal snack for each person that currently lives underneath this roof, then one meal idea ONLY IF everyone literally hasn’t eaten anything from the suggestions yet, and one breakfast idea or actual food –i.e. cereal, fruit bars, jimmy dean frozen breakfast sandwiches, McDonald’s… anything you choose, within reason! Love Ya!

2021 Men’s Dusty Rhodes Tag-Team Classic “Semi-Final” Match-Up
Undisputed Era vs Timothy Thatcher & Tommaso Ciampa

Tommaso backs Adam into the corner for an aggressive clean break before locking in a standing side headlock and dropping Adam with a shoulder block. Tommaso takes Adam right back down to the mat before rolling Adam up for one before Adam counters an early Fairytale Ending into a jack knife cover for two. Tommaso grounds Adam yet again before Adam gets to his feet and the two dodge each other’s moves before Tim and Roddy come in. Roddy takes Tim down onto the mat before Tim reverses into a reverse triangle before they exchange strikes until Roddy knocks Tim down in the corner. UE isolate Tim before Tim locks in a sleeper and backs into the corner where Tommaso tags himself in and runs Roddy over. Tommaso and Tim then take control before Roddy escapes the corner and UE face off with T&T as we go to commercial.

We come back to Tim in control of Roddy, applying a bow and arrow before dragging him to the corner where Tommaso tags in and exchanges with Roddy. Tommaso wins the exchange with a forearm that drops Roddy for two before Tim comes back in and knees Roddy in the ribs before going for an armbar. Tim hangs Roddy in the corner before Roddy hits a superplex and gets the hot tag to Adam who drops Tommaso repeatedly and boots Tim off of the apron. Adam hits Tommaso with a back stabber for two before Tommaso counters an ushigoroshi and Adam hits an enzuigiri into the ushigoroshi for a near fall. Tommaso counters a Panama Sunrise before UE lock in submissions to both of their opponents and Tommaso breaks the submission before Tim taps. Tim sends Roddy into Adam and sends him out of the ring before Tim hits a suplex and Tommaso a running knee for a near fall. Roddy counters the Fairytale Ending into an Olympic slam and tags in Adam who superkicks Tim off of the apron before superkicking Tommaso. Adam hits The Last Shot for a near fall before Tim drags Adam out of the ring and Roddy drops Tim across the barricade. Tommaso then grabs Roddy when he’s coming back into the ring and hits the Willows Bell for the pin and the win.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher

After the Match

The commentary team makes note that Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher now advance to the Semi-Finals of the 2021 Men’s Dusty Rhodes Tag-Team Championship Tournament.

As the clock nears the top of the second hour, we first see Ciampa and Thatcher standing at the top of the stage before facing off with the Grizzled Young Veterans on the opposing side of where the “Dusty Cup” currently sits on a mantel at the side of the stage as the show comes to a close and we officially go off the air, ending the February 3, 2021 edition of WWE NXT on the USA Network.

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