NXT On USA Results  (2/20/2020)

WWE NXT On USA Results From Full Sail University (5/20/2020)

Welcome to eWrestling.com’s Live NXT Results as WWE’s black-and-gold brand returns this week at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida for the May 20, 2020 edition of NXT On USA.

Tonight’s edition of NXT on USA Network which airs in it’s regularly scheduled 8:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) time slot is set for an action-packed episode as we continue to watch the build to NXT TakeOver: In Your House!

Advertised for tonight’s edition of NXT is a visit from Karrion Kross with the lovely Scarlett Bordeaux, also announced for tonight is the Io Shirai vs. Rhea Ripley de facto #1 Contender Match, Roderick Strong vs. Dexter Lumis, in addition to the two critical matches for the Interim Cruiserwight Championship Tournaments including Kushida vs. Drake Maverick Akira Tozawa vs. El Hijo del Fantasma where Tozawa is looking for a clean sweep.

Will this be Drake Maverick’s last WWE match or will this be his victorious Cinderella story? Find out that and more as we head in to Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL as we kick off tonight’s NXT on the USA Network, starting at 8:00 p.m. Are you ready?

Featured below are results of the May 20th episode of NXT On USA written by eWrestling.com’s female reporter Jamie Rush. Follow me on Twitter @JamieRush312.


Moment of Silence

Before the show starts, we have a picture pop up stating, “In Memory of Shad Gaspard 1981-2020” alongside a picture of the WWE Superstar with a smile across his face. The Gaspard Family is in our thoughts here at EWrestling.com. The picture fades to black as we head into tonight’s NXT…

Karrion Kross vs. Liam Gray

We immediately head into Full Sail University as the show officially begins, Karrion Kross with a big smile, Scarlett Bourdeux steps in front of Kross as they continue down the ramp, their entrance music blaring in the arena. “The end is near…” Scarlett mouths as she enters the ring, Kross steps onto the apron as Scarlett repeats, “fall and pray”. The two pose in the smoke, the lights return.

We see Kross’s competitor, Liam Gray already standing in the ring as the smoke clears slightly inside the ring. The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and the match begins. Kross wastes no time as he slams his competitor multiple times onto his neck and shoulders. Finally, landing the Kross Jacket on the talent for the three count!

Winner: Karrion Kross

After the Match

Kross celebrates as the referee holds his hand high in victory. The celebration is interrupted as Tommaso Ciampa’s music sounds in the arena. Ciampa steps onto the stage, a microphone in hand. Ciampa begins to speak…

“Let me formally introduce myself. My name, is Tommaso Ciampa.”

Ciampa continues, “This, all of this, is my home. But, you already knew that didn’t you? Of course you did. That’s why you attacked the main attraction, I get it. Hell, part of me respects it. Just standing out here in your presence, that aura, it’s special. 6’4 260lbs, it’s special.”

Ciampa goes on, “A locker room full of the best professional wrestlers in the world, and you stand out. Special. That Entrance! A KILLER entrance, Special. Ciampa inches closer to the ring as he speaks. Ciampa steps onto the apron. Scarlett sits on the second rope, inviting Ciampa into the ring.

“You know who else is special?” Ciampa stated, “Me.” Ciampa then informs Kross “That’s why I had to come out here and look you in the eyes and let you know on June 7th, at TakeOver it’s gonna be Ciampa vs. Kross. Now that’s, Special. Welcome, to the main event.”

With that, Ciampa drops the mic in-front of Kross. Ciampa waves at Kross as he climbs out of the ring. Scarlett laughs as she stands behind Kross, Kross never breaking his stare into Ciampa’s eyes.

Quick Announcement

Rhea Ripley vs. Io Shirai is announced for later tonight.

The Cruiserweight Championship is announced as the stats for each of the competitors in the tournament are shown with a highlight reel playing behind the stats.

We head to commercial break!

El Hijo del Fantasma vs. Akira Tozawa

As we return from commercial break, the Cruiserweight Tournament kicks off with El Hijo del Fantasma making his way to the ring as his music sounds in the Full Sail University arena! Fantasma stops and kneels in front of the trophy at the end of the ramp, then continues into the ring.

Out next is Akira Tozawa as his music sounds in the arena. Tozawa acknowledges the trophy on the outside of the ring as well before entering the ring with his competitor, Fantasma. Fantasma gestures to his waist, trying to get into Tozawa’s head. Show of respect from both competitors. Pin attempt and a kick out early on. Tozawa gets an advantage with a Closed Fist Strike.

Tozawa lands a Chop to Fantasma. Pop Up by Tozawa. Fantasma rolls out and is wise to the dive, but gets hit with a Hurricanrana. A Senton off the apron by Tozawa as we go to another commercial.

As we return from commercial break, both competitors are back inside the ring. Fantasma runs the ropes and takes out Tozawa, following up with a Splash. An Atomico for a pin attempt and kick out. Tozawa slides between Fantasma’s legs, hitting a German Suplex. Tozawa heads to the top turnbuckle, Fantasma runs up and stops Tozawa.

Fantasma takes control momentarily, working the injured ribs of Tozawa. A Senton off the top returns the control to Tozawa. Tozawa attempts the pin, to no avail as Fantasma kicks out at two. A Splash in the corner by Fantasma, followed by a Phantom Diver. Tozawa attempts to counter with an Octopus Stretch, Fantasma counters and takes the win!

Winner: El Hijo del Fantasma (2-1)

Video Package

We head into a video highlighting the events from Last Week’s NXT with the issues between Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher. Thatcher wants to go again, tap out or knock out only. Thatcher states Riddle can pick the place.

We head to commercial.

Video Package

As we return from commercial break, we head to a video of Shotzi Blackheart who shares her love for tanks and punk rock. We watch Blackheart destroy some cars in a tank as Shotzi states that’s what she’s going to do to the Women’s Division (specifically Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez).

Mia Yim vs. Santana Garrett

Mia Yim makes her way to the ring as her music plays across the Full Sail University arena, Yim enters the ring, pulling her mask down as she poses for her entrance finisher. Next out is Santana Garrett who makes her way down the ramp and enters the ring along with Yim.

The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and the match begins. Santana starts off strong with some early offense, keeping Mia at bay. Santana lands Mia on the canvas and covers for the pin. Mia kicks out at two. Mia back to her feet.

As Mia gets back to her feet, she takes control of the match and lands a Dragon Suplex on Santana. Mia follows up with Protect Ya Neck for the win!

Winner: Mia Yim

After the Match

Yim is celebrating inside the ring as we hear Johnny Gargano’s voice singing The HBIC’s theme! Candice LeRae accompanies Johnny to the stage, Yim looks on from the ring. LeRae smiles as she congratulates Yim on her win… finally.

LeRae continues on to state that when Yim had her biggest opportunity against Flair, she blew it. LeRae reminds Yim that the reason for her loss was because Yim was too busy pandering, to “them”. LeRae states she wouldn’t have lost, had she been given the opportunity.

Johnny then states they are going to show her what happens in their NXT. Yim takes Johnny out with a Kick, LeRae gets the drop on Yim. Johnny pulls down on the bottom rope, sending Yim to the outside, falling to the floor.

Suddenly Keith Lee comes running out, Johnny heads for the hills along with his gal. The North American champ and Yim re-enter the ring as Johnny Wrestling and the Missus flee to backstage, making sure one another are not hurt.

Video Clip

Highlights from the Cameron Grimes and Finn Balor feud are shown, including the reveal of Damian Priest being Balor’s attacker.

Cameron Grimes Promo

We see Grimes standing outside as he boasts the win over the former NXT (and first ever Universal champ) who he used to look up to. He then states it’s “Grime Time”.

Backstage Interview

We head backstage where McKenzie Mitchell is standing with Drake Maverick. Maverick states that he has to come up with a way to pin or submit the best wrestler in the world tonight, and according to Maverick, last time he checked, he’s not Bret Hart.

Maverick then states he’s done second guessing himself, he’s got to win.

Roderick Strong vs. Dexter Lumis

We see Adam Cole and Bobby Fish escorting Roderick Strong to the ring for his match as Strong’s music sounds in the Full Sail University arena. Dexter Lumis enters from beneath the ring, as usual, sending Strong to the ropes. Lumis has full control as this match gets under way.

Strong lands a High Knee, gaining temporary control, landing some good offense. Lumis’s face doesn’t change whether he’s winning or injured… creepy. Spine Buster Slam! More back and forth action between the two. The match heads to the outside of the ring as a Back-breaker takes us to commercial break.

As we return from commercial break, Lumis gets several good moves on Strong, keeping the control as Strong throws whatever he can at Lumis. Later, Strong grabs Lumis and drops him head first onto the canvas, and flips Lumis into an roll up pin.

Winner: Roderick Strong

After the Match

Roderick Strong exits the ring, the referee holding Strong’s hand high in victory. Lumis rolls onto his stomach and crawls forward on his fists, wrapping his elbow around the neck of Strong, exiting the ring and putting Strong to sleep as the referee shouts for Lumis to let go.

Adam Cole and Bobby Fish come running down the ramp to assist Strong who is unconscious. Kicks and strikes seemingly not affecting Lumis who doesn’t loosen his grip on Strong. Out of nowhere Velveteen Dream comes down for the save to Lumis.

Dream strikes and drops both Cole and Fish, ultimately posing on the top turnbuckle, Lumis stroking Strong’s hair as he sits with his feet extended in front of him on the floor at ringside, Strong still unconscious.


We see Rhea Ripley stretching and preparing for her match, later tonight, as we head to commercial break.

Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan vs. EverRise

As we return from commercial break, we hear the entrance theme for the tag-team of Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan as they make their way down the ramp and enter the ring. Out next is the tag-team of EverRise (Matt Martel and Chase Parker) as they make their way down the ramp and enter the ring with their competitors. The referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and the match begins.

Danny Burch is in first for her team and one half of EverRise steps into the ring as well. Lots of fast paced action to start things off in the match up. Mid-air single leg take down, followed by a Corner Clothesline and Missile Dropkick from the top turnbuckle. Burch tags in Lorcan as the other half of EverRise is tagged in. Lorcan lands a European Uppercut on Chase followed by a Blockbuster. Lorcan shouts (Beth Phoenix states Lorcan is a mad man right now!).

Lorcan gets the submission on one half of EverRise, as the other runs in for the save, Burch jumps in and grabs the other half, both getting a submission for the win!

Winner: Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan

Recap Clip

We see a clip from earlier tonight with Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae attacking Mia Yim following her victory.

Backstage – Keith Lee

As we head backstage, Keith Lee has requested an interview. Lee states he’s seen the “Gargano Dinner Party” and didn’t seem phased by it as he states, “Who in their right mind records themselves eating dinner? Moreover, who cares?” Lee states he has a problem with “The new Gargano way” and feels it reaches it’s limit at TakeOver. He states, “Go, tell the world.”

Quick Announcement

Kushida vs. Drake Maverick for the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament coming up.

We head to commercial break.

Parking Lot

Akira Tozawa was in a parking lot. A white SUV approached him, but El Hijo Del Fantasma emerged to congratulate Tozawa instead of ninjas.

When Fantasma was about to leave, a silver SUV approached Tozawa and the ninja luchadors emerged. The ninjas beat up Tozawa a bit before being chased off by Fantasma.

Backstage – Matt Riddle

We see Matt Riddle backstage, he states he accepts Thatcher’s challenge.

Kushida vs. Drake Maverick

Kushida makes his way to the ring first as his music sounds in the arena. Out next is Drake Maverick, the announcers point out not only is Maverick fighting for the tournament, but he is fighting for his job in the WWE. Both men inside the ring, the referee signals for the bell.

The bell rings and the match begins. Kushida powers Maverick into the corner, the referee breaks them up. Kushida and Maverick are re-centered and more grappling and another Headlock by Kushida, rolling his arm as he locks it in tighter.

Maverick putting up the fight of his life, quickly rolls up Kushida. Kushida rolls into an Arm-bar submission, Maverick able to escape. Basement Dropkick by Kushida into Maverick. Maverick going strike for strike, landing a few good kicks on Kushida.

Kushida looks for the Double Wrist-lock, Maverick writhing in pain, Kushida looking to snap Maverick’s arm. Maverick now injured. Jake Atlas is seen at ringside all of a sudden. Kushida with a Double Foot Dropkick in the corner on Maverick. Kushida attempts to pull the arm of Maverick.

Maverick states, “Get off me!” Kushida Kartwheel, Kushida all over Maverick as we head to commercial!

As we return, Maverick is giving it everything he has, gaining the upper-hand. Off the top, landing a Dropkick on Kushida. Maverick shouts as Kushida kicks out at two. A Right Hand from Kushida with an Open Palm Strike. Kushida now pummeling Maverick in the corner.

Kushida twists the arm of Maverick, dropping a Knee on him. Maverick is tossed out of the ring where he nurses his injured arm. Kushida kneels, waiting. Maverick struggles back into the ring at eight. Maverick lands Strikes. Kushida slams Maverick. Kushida DESTROYING the arm of Maverick.

The referee asks if Maverick wants to stop, Maverick says no, he’s not stopping. Kushida continues to dominate Maverick. Kushida shrugs at the referee, not wanting to permanently injure Maverick. Kushida locks in Double Wrist-lock. Maverick continues on, refusing to give up. Kushida counters dropping Maverick off the top.

Kushida reverses and tries to lock in an Arm Bar, Maverick uses Kushida’s momentum against him, rolling up for the three count pin and win!!!

Winner (thank God!): Drake Maverick

After the Match

Jake Atlas enters the ring to celebrate with Maverick.

Byron Saxton Announcement

Saxton interrupts the celebration, stating, “Kushida, Jake, I hate to interrupt, but I have news you are going to want to hear. Because the three of you are tied, there’s going to be one more match in Group A, the three of you are going to face each other in a Triple Threat Match. The winner moves on to the finals.

Video Package

We see Rhea Ripley state in a repeat video that Wrestlemania didn’t go the way she planned. The main event for tonight is highlighted once again.

We head to commercial.

Video Promo – Damian Priest

As we return from commercial, Priest cuts a promo, then states, “Finn Balor’s name will burn to ash, and the name Damian Priest, will, well, ya know… it’s gonna live forever.” his name is burning behind him as the video fades to black.

Io Shirai vs. Rhea Ripley

Out first for this main event match up is Io Shirai as her music sounds in the Full Sail University arena. Strobe lights as she moves down the ramp and up onto the apron. The lights return as Shirai gets back to her feet. Out next is Rhea Ripley in leather and spikes as her music sounds. Ripley stomps as the beat drops, then heads down the ramp, walking around the ring, posing for the cameras, then climbs to the apron for her pose before entering the ring.

The referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and the match begins! Ripley gets Dropkicked by Shirai out of the gate! Ripley catches Shirai in a Fireman’s Carry. Shirai scratches down Ripley’s back, Ripley shouts, “Are you kidding me? A Dynamic Dropkick sends Shirai to the apron.

Shirai back inside the ropes, Ripley continues to dominate Shirai, slamming Shirai like a rag doll. Shirai escapes the 4th time, rolling Ripley and landing a Double Stomp. Shirai goes for the cover, Ripley kicks out as we head to the final commercial!

As we return from the commercial break, both woman are still moving around the ring with fast paced action. Shirai with quick reversals, finally locking in a submission Cross-face, Ripley growls as she heads to her feet slamming Shirai into the corner.

Shirai with a Boot to the face as she heads to the top. Ripley meets her at the top with a Strike to the face. Ripley with clubbing forearms. Ripley looking to drop Shirai, Shirai gets back to a seated position. Ripley with multiple Headbutts, both woman on the top turnbuckle.

Superplex by Ripley, followed by the cover, Shirai somehow kicks out at two. Both woman back to their feet, Ripley assists Shirai by her hair. Ripley sends Shirai crashing to the mat. Shirai looking for the submission once again, hooked on the neck of Ripley. Ripley a finger tip away from the ropes, finally grabs the bottom rope. Shirai with her version of the 619 followed by Drop-kicking Ripley out of the ring.

Both woman are laid out on the outside. Flair’s music sounds as both woman attempt to battle it out back to their feet. Flair holds her hands up in innocence. Shirai throws Ripley into Flair, knocking Flair to the ground on the outside. Shirai with a Double Knee and a Back Press on Ripley for the two count.

Shirai shocked as Ripley kicked out. Ripley shoves Shirai off. Shirai with a DDT on Ripley, a Big Boot from Flair onto Shirai. Flair then Spears Ripley, causing a DQ.

Winner by DQ: Io Shirai

After the Match

Flair stands tall in the center of the ring, holding her championship belt high as both Ripley and Shirai lay flat on the canvas.

That’s all folks!

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