NXT On USA Results (5/13/20)

WWE NXT On USA Results From Full Sail University In Winter Park, FL (5/13/20)

WWE’s black-and-gold brand returns this week at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida for the May 13, 2020 edition of NXT On USA.

Featured below are results of the May 13th episode of NXT On USA written by EWrestling.com’s Newest Female Reporter: Jamie Rush. Follow me on Twitter @JamieRush312.


Show Opening

Highlights from last week’s edition of NXT on USA Network including the return of Rhea Ripley, Adam Cole retaining his title against Velveteen Dream, and Matt Riddle & Timothy Thatcher agreeing to a title match for tonight are played in a video package as we kick off tonight’s show!

Byron Saxton, Beth Phoenix, and Mauro Ranallo are ringside on commentary for tonight’s show!

NXT Tag-Team Championship Match
Matt Riddle & Timothy Thatcher vs. Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner

“Brooo….” Out first are the original bro, Matt Riddle accompanied by his current temporary tag-team partner Timothy Thatcher as they make their way to the stage, heading down the ramp and entering the ring to their entrance music. Next out, representing Imperium are Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner as their music sounds in the Full Sail University arena.

The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and the match begins. Barthel and Thatcher are in first to start things off in this tag-team title match! Commentary notes that Thatcher has used the phrase, “Matt Riddle will knock them out, while Timothy Thatcher will tap them out”. Thatcher twists Barthel’s arm behind him, taking him to the canvas early on, getting his shoulder down for an early pin-fall attempt. Barthel kicks out.

A lot of Grappling, maneuvering into the Bow and Arrow on Barthel, Barthel escapes and counters with a Trip Take-Down followed by Ground and Pound. Thatcher able to gain the advantage with a Ground and Pound of his own. Matt Riddle attacking Marcel Barthel as the action spills to the outside of the ring. Thatcher looking for the reversal as Aichner gets the Take-Down on Thatcher. Aichner catches Matt Riddle who looks for the Sleeper as he tags in.

Big Suplex by Riddle on Aichner, who tags in Barthel. A Big Suplex on Barthel as he enters the ring. Riddle attempts the Broton, missing. Aichner gets a two-count on Riddle with a move of his own as we head to commercial break.

As we return from commercial break, Riddle attempts to make the tag to Thatcher, Aichner keeping Riddle at a distance. Barthel tags in and goes for the pin on Riddle, to no avail as Riddle kicks out. Aichner tags in. Aichner also fails to get the pin and Barthel tags in once again. Barthel continues to prevent Riddle from getting the tag until a mocking flip into Thatcher.

Thatcher gets knocked off the apron and is upset and walks away from Riddle, making his way up the ramp. Thatcher yells that it is up to Riddle and walks backstage. Riddle escaped a doomsday device from Imperium. He hit Aichner with a GTS. Aichner recovered and got Riddle under control. Imperium hit Riddle with the European Bomb for the victory. Imperium become the new NXT Tag Team Champions.

Winners and NEW NXT Tag-Team Champions: Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner

Quick Announcements

Byron Saxton announces NXT Cruiserweight Tournement matches for later in the evening, followed by a discussion on the fight between Io Shirai, Rhea Ripley and NXT Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair. Beth Phoenix advertising an update on the NXT Women’s Title for later in the show.

We head to commercial break.

Backstage Interview

As we head backstage with McKenzie Mitchell, she catches up with Timothy Thatcher, asking about Thatcher’s betrayal on Riddle. Thatcher states all he wanted was to tap people out, but Riddle dragged him into stupid things like game shows and silliness. Thatcher calls Riddle “a hot mess”

Riddle interrupts the interview with an attack on Thatcher that turns into an all out brawl between the two.

Tegan Nox vs Indi Hartwell

Out first is Tegan Nox as her music sounds in the arena. Nox makes her way down the ramp and enters the ring. Out next is Indi Hartwell. Ranallo makes mention that Hartwell is from Australia and that there are many NXT wrestlers coming from Australia in the last few years. The two women stand in the ring. The referee signals the for the bell.

The bell rings and the match begins. Nox attempts to work over Hartwell, not having much luck early on. Hartwell states Nox is not impressive. Nox is continuously thrown down to the canvas each time she makes it back to her feet. Hartwell lands a Strike to the back of Nox, landing her in the corner where she throws a Big Boot to Nox. A Big Forearm followed by a Back Press for the cover, kick out at two.

Hartwell sends Nox into the corner and Nox counters sending Hartwell to ringside. As Hartwell goes to re-enter the ring, she makes her way to the top turnbuckle for a high-flying move, Nox catches Hartwell and delivers a Chokeslam on the way through! Nox unloads on Hartwell, following up with a European Undercut. A Cannonball into the corner followed by a Diving Crossbody. The Shiniest Wizard for the three count by Nox.

Winner: Tegan Nox

NXT Cruiserweight Tournament Match
Tony Nese vs. Jake Atlas

Out first is Tony Nese as his music sounds in the Full Sail University arena. Nese is only here to be a spoiler. Nese makes his way to the ring as he head to Saxton who is backstage with Jake Atlas, Atlas states, “this is a do or die, I have to beat a former champion to stay in this tournament. I can’t think about anything else as I have Nese waiting in the ring right now.”

Jake Atlas makes his way to the stage as his music sounds. Atlas heads down the ramp, stopping to look at the trophy at the bottom of the ramp. Group A Action begins as the referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and the match begins. Atlas gets an Arm Bar on Nese to start things off in this match. Nese pushes back to the ropes. A reversal and Nese looking for the Sweep, Standing Moonsault counter by Nese. Nese takes advantage as he sees an opening. Nese leaps outside of the ring, snapping the neck of Atlas off the top rope.

Back in the ring with a Kick to the midsection of Atlas. Nese states, “Let’s go Atlas! Come on!” Atlas back to his feet, Nese shoves him into the corner adding, “You’re not even in my league.” A Suplex by Nese, followed by the cover. Atlas kicks out. Nese with a Left Strike. German Suplex and Step-In Inzuguri by Atlas followed by the cover, Nese kicks out. Atlas back to his feet.

Nese lights up Atlas with a Chop. Nese using nasty offense, Nese with Back Door Escape following up with Pump Handle. Atlas lands on his feet. Leaping Neck Breaker by Jake Atlas as Atlas regains focus. Nese with multiple Chops after knocking Atlas onto the top turnbuckle with a low strike. Back and forth action between the two inside the ring. Rainbow DDT by Atlas for the three count pin and win.

Winner: Jake Atlas

Undisputed Era Via Facetime

“Kyle!” Adam Cole begins. Kyle O’Reilly responds, “Adam! I miss your face, it feels like it’s been forever.” Adam asks, “How has the movie role been?” Kyle responds, “It’s like Nuns on the Run meets Ghostbusters meets Titanic.” The continue to joke around.

Then a third window pops in, Kyle and Adam shout, “Bobby!!” as Bobby Fish joins in. They compare shirts. Finally, Roderick Strong pops in just then chanting, “Whoomp there it is!” Everyone notes that he looks very different. Adam states he embarassed the crap out of Velveteen Dream last week, calling him a joke.

Then the Dexter Lumis thing is discussed, adding someone is going to have to take care of this guy. They decide to call out a name on three, 1, 2, 3…. “Roddy!!” Undisputed Era is going to continue running things. And that… is Undisputed. They all throw up their hand signal ending the segment. We go to commecial.

Video Recap

We head into a video package from last week when Charlotte Flair was disqualified where Rhea Ripley ultimately made her return in defense of Io Shirai, and finally the brawl between Io and Rhea backstage. Rhea mentions that the thought of Charlotte walking with the NXT title sickens her. She says she will be the one to bring the title back to NXT, and the fight has just begun because the NXT Title belongs to her.

Tick-Tock… Tick-Tock…

A video package with Scarlett Bordeaux and Karrion Kross begins as seductive music plays in the background. He said they aren’t here to shock the system or save you from black hearts. Kross said it’s time to wake up from the dream before you are asleep forever. Kross said Ciampa is the first, but not the last. Kross ended the promo by saying “Fall and pray, tick tock”

Video – Dakota Kai

Dakota Kai states she has to do something different after coming back from her injury and about her rehab helping confirm her decision to change. Kai then adds WWE was putting her behind Tegan Nox in terms of being showcased, adding she will take care of Nox.

Raquel Gonzales appears, stating she has Kai’s back.

Quick Announcement

DX is here and they will make their announcement next. DX mentions how Friday will be the 25th anniversary of the first In your House. We head to commercial.

DX Announcement

As we return from commercial, Shawn Michaels and Triple H are talking in the NXT Production Room. Shawn has a face mask on, “to prevent the spread”. Triple H states William Regal couldn’t make it. Triple H then said it was the 25th anniversary of WWE In Your House. Road Dogg popped out behind the TVs to say a bunch of things about In Your House. Triple H then announced that since people are stuck in their houses now there’s going to be an NXT Takeover Show dubbed NXT Takeover: In Your House 2 on June 7th.

Finn Balor vs Cameron Grimes

Balor dodged Grimes’s early Cave In attempt. Lots of back and forth action between Grimes and Balor in the initial brawl. A Side Headlock by Balor on Grimes. Grimes countered into an Armbar. Balor manages to escape, Grimes takes down Balor to the canvas. Grimes then hit Balor with a Muay Thai Roundhouse. Grimes goes for a Sunset Flip to which Balor counters with a Basement Dropkick. Grimes lands a Side Slam to counter the Sling Blade performed by Balor.

Later, Balor hit Grimes with a PK from the apron. Suddenly Damien Priest ran in with his baton. Balor succesfully knocked Priest down before he could do anything. Balor then tosses Grimes in the ring. While the ref was distracted attending to Grimes, Priest hit Balor’s leg with the retractable baton. Balor stumbled right into Cameron’s Cave In Stomp.

Winner: Cameron Grimes

After the Match

Grimes exits leaving Priest and Balor in the ring. Priest lands Balor with The Reckoning onto a steel chair. Priest then sits on the chair, Balor still trapped beneath. Priest then admits he attacked Balor three weeks ago.

Quick Announcement

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is discussed and then we go into a quick video.

Jack Gallagher vs. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

Out first is Jack Gallagher as his music plays him down the ramp and into the ring. Out next is Isaiah Swerve Scott as his music sounds in the arena. Scott make his way down the ramp, but is stopped by Tony Nese who comes out of nowhere with an attack on Scott. Gallagher just stands with a smile. Gallagher attacks Scott as he enters the ring, Lots of back and forth action with Gallagher remaining in control for the majority of the match due to the early attack by Nese. Finally, Gallagher sets in for a submission. Scott struggles to his feet and reverses the hold. Gallagher does a kick to the ribs for the three count.

Winner: Jack Gallagher

Kayden Carter vs. Aliyah

The referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and the match begins. Aliyah has control early on in the match. Robert Stone makes an appearance, staring down Aliyah from outside of the ring. Aliyah states, “Are you watching this?” Aliyah heads to the top and Carter lands a Back Kick for the cover. Aliyah kicks out at two. Carter then attempts a submission, Aliyah taps, Carter wins.

Winner: Kayden Carter

Dinner With The Garganos

Both Johnny and Candice brag about their recent wins. They say it is their way or none. They warn anyone who stands in their way. Johnny Gargano specifically will target Keith Lee next, saying they will show what “glory” really is and they will bask in their glory.

Matt Riddle vs. Timothy Thatcher

The match starts off with Grappling between the two superstars. Riddle kicks Thatcher and both men seem to know more about each other’s moves. Thatcher sends Riddle to the outside. Back in the ring, both attempt to submit one another. Thatcher lands a cover, Riddle kicks out, landing several Kicks on Thatcher. Thatcher rolls to the floor.

Later Matt Riddle makes his way back to his feet, going for the Arm Bar. Thatcher counters with a pin attempt, Riddle kicks out at one. Thatcher lands several Knees to the midsection of Riddle followed by Ground and Pount. Thatcher attempts a Submission again, Riddle turns into the Arm Bar for a cover on Thatcher. Riddle lifts Thatcher with one arm, Power Bomb with one arm. Riddle sweating and shaking, struggling to his feet.

European Uppercut by Thatcher. Back and forth Strikes. Riddle falls to the canvas, Thatcher attempts an Ankle Lock, Riddle looking like he’s going to submit, launches Thatcher off. Riddle lifts Thatcher for the Bro to Sleep. Thatcher is out! Riddle back to his feet, Thatcher stirring. Riddle to the top, Floating Bro, counter by Thatcher for an Arm Bar. Riddle struggles for the ropes.

Riddle rolls out and drops Thatcher, Riddle shouts, “You are not my bro!” Thatcher grabs the leg of Riddle, Riddle with several Kicks on Thatcher as Thatcher clutches Riddles ankle for dear life! Riddle rolls up Thatcher for the three count! Thatcher is shocked!

Winner: Matt Riddle

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