WWE & Paige Continue to Remain at Odds over Suspension and Now Surgery

– The situation between Paige and WWE continues to get messier and messier by the day.  As reported previously, Paige is set to undergo neck surgery that will sideline her for at least six months.  The latest disagreement with the two sides is that WWE doctors don’t believe she needs the surgery and if that is the case, the company will not pay for it.    All this is in addition to the ongoing public spat between Paige’s family claiming that she did not fail a drug test and WWE, who fired back and stood ground, re-iterating that she did indeed get suspended for testing positive for an illegal substance. 

– There has been some conspiracy theories floating around that Paige and family are doing all this in an attempt to get fired, but apparently this is not the case at all.   Between the two suspensions she has lost nearly 25% of her salary and doesn’t have options outside of WWE, especially since she is injured.   At least with WWE, once her suspension ends, she will resume getting paid while recovering from her injury. 

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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