WWE Planning On Changing Their Strategy When Selecting Locations For Premium Live Events

It appears that WWE is planning to revamp its approach to hosting premium live events.

Following the official commencement of the Endeavor acquisition and the merger with UFC to create TKO Group Holding, WWE is set to alter the way they organize their premium live events.

According to Dave Meltzer on “Wrestling Observer Radio” at F4WOnline.com, WWE is planning to implement a system where all cities will have the opportunity to bid for hosting their premium live events, not just the major markets. In recent years, WWE has already started accepting bids from cities for events like Royal Rumble, SummerSlam, and Money In The Bank.

This approach is expected to be expanded in the future, with plans beginning in 2024. WWE aims to have four or five shows annually for which all cities can submit bids, gradually increasing the number to 12 per year following the same bidding process.

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