Joe Hendry

WWE Planning To Heavily Feature TNA Star Within NXT Programming Over Next Couple of Months

— Joe Hendry made sort of a cameo appearance at the end of last night’s NXT Heatwave premium live event, with a one-second video clip airing at the end of the show where Hendry did his famous swivel and smile before the camera cut back to live action. This was obviously a tease for another future appearance by the TNA star and according to’s Corey Brennan, it doesn’t appear to be limited to just an odd appearance here and there. For those wondering, Hendry was not backstage in Toronto for Heatwave and he was actually in Scotland working an indie event this weekend.

— Brennan reports that multiple sources within NXT claim that the brand plans to use Hendry “heavily” in the upcoming weeks and months as part of the TNA-NXT ongoing crossover. The report adds that WWE is interested in focusing on Hendry’s ability to go “viral” and the company feels that even small teases like the one that took place last night are enough for Hendry and to get the audience talking. It is believed that there will be more short “blink and you miss it” teases for Hendry that will serve to build towards his next appearance. Sources within WWE also confirm that they would have interest in signing Hendry once his current contract with TNA expires.

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