WWE Production Team Members Said To Be Extremely Happy With Triple H in Control

— The change in power in WWE over the last several weeks have brought sweeping changes within the company, garnering a predominantly positive reaction from both talent and fans. According to a pwinsider.com report, the positive change backstage is obvious with many people saying that the old feeling of “walking on eggshells” is no longer there and instead has been replaced with renewed “hope and pride” in working for WWE.

— The production team is arguably the department that has felt this optimism the most where it has been described as a “massively night and day” change with the new regime of Stephanie McMahon, Triple H and Nick Khan no longer “yelling” at the production truck or the announcers throughout Raw and Smackdown. This is a stark contrast to when Vince McMahon ran things in his heavy-handed way as he would be verbally thrashing anyone who said or did something that he didn’t like.

— The report adds that Mondays and Friday – which were once seen as the worst days of the job – are still long and hard but people aren’t walking into the venue on those days and expecting “some sort of PTSD” to follow them home to their personal lives. The entire department from announcers to cameramen to producers and directors have been extremely happy over the last few weeks with one person saying it’s as if they are allowed to feel like it’s fun to work here again. This positivity has in turn led to better engagement and the influx of more creativity as well.

— As recently as a few months ago, some backstage personnel were seriously considering leaving WWE but many have changed their mind and even more have expressed at how happy they are now with the hope that the “honeymoon” feeling of the new regime continues to last.

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