WWE RAW - Braun Strowman

WWE RAW Preview (4/17): Will Strowman’s Inhuman Rampage Continue?

WWE RAW returns this evening as the road to “WWE Payback” continues live from the Schotienstein Center in Columbus, Ohio.

The official WWE website includes the following summary on their official RAW preview page:

WWE Raw preview, April 17, 2017: Will Braun Strowman’s inhuman rampage continue?

Braun Strowman’s callous and horrific attack last week on Roman Reigns was one of the most destructive acts in the history of Monday Night Raw. After severely injuring The Big Dog in that onslaught, what’s next for The Monster Among Men?

Additionally, the WWE.com RAW preview is focusing on the following points heading into tonight’s show:

* Is Braun Strowman unstoppable?

* Has Elias Samson “drifted” to Raw?

* Is Nia Jax in line for a Raw Women’s Title opportunity?

* Which Raw newcomers will “shake up” Team Red the most?

* Will Seth Rollins and Samoa Joe settle their unfinished business?

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