WWE RAW Results (12/30): Hartford

WWE RAW Results (12/30): Hartford, CT

The December 30th, 2019 edition of WWE RAW aired live on the USA Network from the XL Center in Hartford, CT.

– Vic Joseph and Jerry Lawler welcome us to the final RAW of 2019, then Kevin Owens comes out to the ring to kick off the show. Owens gets on the mic and shows us video of Seth Rollins joining forces with the AOP recently, and their attack on Rey Mysterio and Samoa Joe last week. Owens blames the attack for Rey losing his U.S. Title to Andrade at the MSG house show. Owens calls out Rollins, and Rollins comes out with AOP right away. Rollins says he’s the savior of WWE and he’s going to make things better. Owens charges them and they start beating down Owens. Samoa Joe comes out to even the odds and he clears the ring. Joe puts Seth in the Coquina Clutch until Rezar breaks it up. Owens gets back in the fight and the two sides brawl until security comes out to pull them apart. Owens ends up hitting a Swanton Bomb off the top turnbuckle onto the AOP and the security.

– Back from the commercial break, we go to replays of the brawl that opened up the show.

– Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens are shown talking in a locker room. They’re informed that security is on their way after what just happened, and then a bunch of guys in black shirts walk in. Joe tells them to stay out of his way, or else. Joe and Owens leave together.

Aleister Black vs. Buddy Murphy: Black and Murphy start trading shots off the opening bell. They waste some time taunting each other, then Murphy misses a shot and Black drops him. Black hits a suplex for a one count, then applies a front face lock. Black picks him up then hits a kick to the face. Black controls the pace now and lands several big strikes. He takes things up to the top turnbuckle, but Murphy turns it around and dumps Black out to ringside. Black turns it around with a kick, then he hits a moonsault off the middle turnbuckle down onto Murphy on the ringside floor. Black in the ring, Black continues the offense and hits a springboard moonsault off the middle rope for a two count. Black looks frustrated now, and Murphy kicks him out to ringside. Black lands some kicks on his way back in the ring, and Murphy is down. Black goes up top, but Murphy dodges him then hits some kicks. Murphy rolls up Black his feet on the ropes so the ref doesn’t count. Murphy dumps Black outside now and hits a big suicide dive on him. Back in the ring, Murphy hits a flying double knee strike off the top on Black for a two count. Murphy is selling a knee injury now. Murphy and Black fight up the turnbuckle, which leads to Murphy tossing Black down to the mat. Murphy follows up with a leaping sunset flip into a powerbomb for a two count. Murphy and Black trade a flurry of strikes back and forth now. Black grabs him and hits a brainbuster for a close 2 count. Black misses the Black Mass, and Murphy hits him with a knee to the face. They trade roll up attempts, then Black connects with the Black Mass. Black hits a second Black Mass for the three count.

Winner: Aleister Black

– Seth Rollins and the AOP are backstage, and the AOP insists that nobody is kicking them out tonight. Rollins says he can’t believe WWE management asked their messiah to leave. Security walks over, and Rollins tells them to relax because they are going to leave voluntarily.

– Rowan approaches Lana backstage and asks why he wasn’t invited to her wedding. Rowan talks to his covered cage in his hand and says “we don’t care anyway.” Rowan screams then walks away, and Lana looks confused.

Eric Rowan vs. Kip Stevens: It looks like Kip is an enhancement talent. Rowan sets his cage on the ring steps before the match. Stevens rolls out of the ring as soon as the opening bell sounds. Rowan chases Stevens around and drops him with a big boot to the face. Rowans throws him into the barricade, then face-first into the apron. Back in the ring, Rowan hits a splash in the corner, then a powerslam. Rowan hits a running splash and pins, but he picks up Kip at the two count. Rowan hits the Iron Claw and pins for the three.

Winner: Eric Rowan

– We see Lana backstage getting ready for her wedding to Bobby Lashley tonight. Lana talks to herself about how Rowan is obsessed with her like everyone else, but she can’t blame them.

– Charlotte comes out to the ring and gets on the mic. She says she’s here to announce her entry into the women’s Royal Rumble match tonight. Charlotte runs down a list of her accolades, and says she’s arguably the greatest of all time, and now she’s the first woman to announce her entry into the women’s Royal Rumble. Charlotte says she’s sure everyone is tired of hearing her talk about being the queen of WWE, so she’s going to show everyone why. Charlotte issues an open challenge to anyone in the back, and it looks like Natalya is answering it.

Natalya vs. Charlotte: The opening bell sounds and they lock up as the second hour of RAW begins. Charlotte gets the upper hand early on, then she wastes some time taunting Natalya. Natalya fights back and puts Charlotte in a surfboard submission. Charlotte fights out and they spill out to ringside, where Natalya hits a vertical suplex on the ramp. Back in the ring, Natalya hits another suplex, then talks some trash to Charlotte. Charlotte and Natalya trade strikes now, and Charlotte applies a submission in the corner. Suddenly, 24/ Champion R-Truth runs out, and he’s being chased by Titus and Eric Young. After a brief distraction, Charlotte and Natalya go back at it, and Natalya drops her with a German suplex. Charlotte comes back and hits a t-bone suplex. Charlotte misses a big boot, and Natalya gives her a sit-out powerbomb for a two count. Charlotte fights back and starts working over Natalya’s knee now. Charlotte goes for a moonsault, but Natalya blocks it and Charlotte lands on her feet. They scramble for position on the mat until Charlotte catches Natalya in the Figure Eight. Natalya taps out for the finish.

Winner: Charlotte

– Becky Lynch is backstage for an interview. She cuts a promo for her match against Asuka for the RAW Women’s Title at the Royal Rumble. Becky says she’s putting it all on the line, and she won’t sign her new WWE contract until after she deals with Asuka.

– Bobby Lashley is shown backstage getting ready for his wedding segment with Lana. It looks like he’s wearing a sleeveless tuxedo.

– We see a video package promoting “the new Liv Morgan.” She has blonde hair now and we see her sitting in a bathroom talking about how the old her was too impulsive, and she tells everyone to get ready for the new her.

– AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson come out to the ring, and they’ve got mics. They talk about beating the Viking Raiders time and time again, and now it’s their time for a Tag Team Title shot. The Street Profits come out to interrupt. The Profits talk about beating The OC before, and they think they should have the Tag Title shot. This turns into a match.

The Street Profits vs. Gallows & Anderson: The opening bell sounds and The Profits start off strong on Anderson. Dawkins complains that AJ grabbed his foot from the apron, and the ref ejects AJ from ringside. Ford tags in and starts going at it with Anderson, and Anderson drops him with a swinging neckbreaker. Gallows tags in and puts the boots to Ford now, then works him over in the corner. Dawkins finally gets the tag and he starts cleaning house and dropping both Gallows and Anderson. Gallows and Anderson come back with a double suplex for a two count. They look for the Magic Killer, but Ford breaks it up. Ford dumps Gallows outside and hits a dive on him, then Dawkins hits a spinebuster on Anderson in the ring. Ford tags in and hits a frogsplash off the top for the three count.

Winner: The Street Profits

– Back from the commercial break, we see The Street Profits backstage celebrating their win. They briefly talk about Lana and Lashley’s wedding coming up later tonight, then they tell The OC and The Viking Raiders that “we want the smoke.”

Ryder & Hawkins vs. Drew McIntyre: Drew comes down the ramp and cuts a promo before the match. Drew says he wants to poll the crowd, and he asks who thinks Drew can take on Ryder and Hawkins one on two. Drew says the results are in, and just like everyone else that gets in the ring with him, you’re screwed. Ryder and Hawkins charge McIntyre before the bell, but Drew drops them both. The ref finally calls for the opening bell, and Drew starts off with a belly to belly overhead suplex on Hawins. Drew hts the Claymore Kick on Hawkins then the Future Shock DDT on Ryder. Drew stacks Hawkins and Ryder on top of each other and pins for the three count.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

– Jerry Lawler informs us that Rey Mysterio will have a rematch against new U.S. Champion Andrade next week on RAW.

– Randy Orton comes out to the ring on crutches, and someone has to help him into the ring. Orton talks about the risks of getting in the ring, and how injuries have taken out many Champions in the past. Orton says he wants to get to the point, and he talks about injuring his knee last night. He says after getting it looked at, he now knows he won’t be able to come back for a long time, and he might never be able to come back. AJ Styles’ music hits and The Phenomenal One comes out to interrupt. AJ gets on the mic and complains that Orton is leaving and AJ won’t be able to get his hands on him. AJ comes face to face with Orton and gives him a hard time about his knee injury. AJ says he’s putting his arms behind his back, and he will let The Viper strike him, if he can. AJ sticks his chin out but Orton doesn’t do anything. AJ says Orton must really be injured, so he’ll have to wait until WrestleMania to put that leg of Orton’s in the Calf Crusher. AJ says he’ll retire Orton at WrestleMania. AJ kicks one of Orton’s crutches away. AJ goes to leave, but Orton tells him to wait. Orton says AJ is more patient than he is, and he gives AJ an RKO out of nowhere. It looks like Orton was faking the knee injury as he is walking around fine now, and he poses on the turnbuckle.

Andrade vs. Enhancement talent: This one is a non-Title match. Andrade starts off strong and stomps on his opponent in the corner. Andrade follows up with the double running knee strike. Andrade looks to follow up with the hammerlock DDT, but Zelina tells Andrade to bring it out to ringside instead. Andrade pulls back the protective padding on the ringside floor, then he goes for a DDT, but Ricochet comes out for the save. Ricochet gets on the mic and cuts a promo on Andrade trying to injure people. Ricochet tells Andrade if he wants a fight, then fight Ricochet.

Winner: No contest

Andrade vs. Ricochet: This one is a non-Title match. Ricochet starts off strong, but a distraction from Zelina at ringside leads to Andrade connecting with a dropkick. Zelina pulls the padding back off the concrete floor at ringside again. Meanwhile in the ring, Andrade puts the boots to Ricochet and tries to keep him grounded. Andrade misses a shot and Ricochet dumps him outside then hits a big dive on him. Andrade fights back by ramming Ricochet into the barricade, and then into the ring apron. Andrade brings Ricochet onto the exposed concrete, but Ricochet fights away. Ricochet charges now, but Andrade ducks and back body drops Ricochet onto the concrete. Back in the ring, Andrade continues the offense until Ricochet ducks a shot and fires back with some strikes of his own. Zelina tries to cause a distraction, leading to Andrade hitting a boot to the face for a two count. Andrade looks for the hammerlock DDT, but Ricochet escapes. Andrade misses a spinning back elbow attempt, and Ricochet answers with a superkick. Ricochet hits an inverted DDT and then goes to the top turnbuckle. Zelina shoves Ricochet off the turnbuckle and the ref didn’t see it. Andrade follows up with the hammerlock DDT for the three count.

Winner: Andrade

– Lana is shown backstage having some photos taken in her wedding dress.

– Adrade and Zelina give a brief interview backstage where they talk about Andrade’s confidence going into 2020 and defending his U.S. Title against Rey Mysterio.

– Vic Joseph reveals that Brock Lesnar is booked to appear in the ring on RAW next week.

– The ring is decorated for a wedding, and there are empty chairs on the stage. There’s someone in the ring to host the ceremony, and then he introduces Bobby Lashley and Lana. Lana complains about what the reverend is saying, and tells him to stick to the script she gave him. Lana gets mad at the fans chanting Rusev Day, and she says she’s going to get into saying her vows. Lana says this is the greatest day of Bobby’s life, and she talks about how she is the greatest WWE star ever and is better than the fans. Lana keeps rambling and she then starts making out with Lashley. They stop and Lana instructs Bobby to read the vows she wrote for him. He reads them, and then they move on to the rings. It’s time for anyone who has a reason why they shouldn’t marry to speak now or forever hold their peace. Someone walks out and objects. He introduces himself as Lana’s first husband. He says they got married when Lana was 18, then she left him for that son of a bitch Rusev. Lana tells him to shut up and get out of here. He says that she will leave Bobby too once the next thing comes along, because that’s what she does. Lashley gives the guy a chokeslam and he rolls out of the ring. A woman comes out next and objects to the wedding. She gets in the ring and introduces herself as Lashley’s first wife. She says they met in the military and it was beautiful, but then Lana attacks and knocks her off the apron down to the ringside floor. Lana yells to stop interrupting her wedding. The reverend again says if anyone has a reason to object speak now or forever hold their peace. Liv Morgan comes out next and objects, because the person she loves is in the ring, and she has never had something like she has with this person. Lashley says he’s never met this woman in his life, and she says she’s not talking about him, she’s talking about Lana. Lana slaps Liv across the face, and they start fighting all over the ring. Referees come out and pull them apart. They haul off Liv Morgan, and Lana yells at the reverend to finish the ceremony. He is about to pronounce them husband and wife, but then Rusev pops out of the wedding cake and attacks Lashley. Rusev beats down Lashley, then Liv Morgan runs back in the ring and slams Lana into the giant wedding cake. RAW goes off the air with the ring covered in cake and wedding decorations.

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