WWE RAW Results (1/30): Royal Rumble Fallout

The first episode of RAW since the Royal Rumble aired live on January 30th from the Laredo Energy Arena in Laredo, Texas.

– Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho come out with the Universal and U.S. Championship belts to open up RAW. Owens cuts a promo about his victory at Royal Rumble, and complains about Mick Foley trying to set him up to fail. Owens thanks Jericho for his help in his match last ight, with no mention of Strowman. They start putting over Jericho for lasting 61-minutes in the Royal Rumble last night, then Braun Strowman interrupts. Strowman gets in the ring and threatens to break Owens in half unless he gives him a Universal Title match tonight. Mick Foley comes out to the stage in a green plaid suit and makes the match for later tonight, despite Owens pleading with him.

Sami Zayn def. Chris Jericho: This one is a non-title match. Zayn controls the opening moments of the match until Jericho hits a springboard dropkick that knocks Zayn out to ringside. They brawl around ringside until Zayn hits a springboard moonsault off the fan barricade onto Jericho on the floor. Back in the ring, Jericho takes control of the match and hits a Frankensteiner off the top on Zayn. Jericho taunts the fans and Zayn rolls him up behind for two. Zayn hits the Blue Thunder Bomb for another two count. Zayn avoids a Wall of Jericho attempt and hits a tornado DDT on Jericho. Jericho ducks a Heluva Kick and locks Zayn in the Walls of Jericho. Zayn reaches the ropes and comes back with a t-bone suplex into the corner. Sami follows up with the Heluva Kick for the win.

– Cesaro and Sheamus are arguing backstage when Bayley interrupts and tries to cheer them up with a group hug. Gallows, Anderson and Charlotte interrupt them, and call them nerds and failures.

– Backstage, Kevin Owens pleads with Stephanie McMahon to cancel his match against Braun Strowman tonight. She indicates that she’ll look into it.

Tony Nese def. Mustafa Ali: Tony Nese gets a near-fall early with a big running clothesline. Ali comes back with a clothesline of his own and an elbow to the head. He follows up with a kick to the head and a neckbreaker on Nese for a two count. Ali follows up with a spinning heel kick then goes to the top rope. Nese knocks him down and Ali falls on his head in the ring. Nese sits Ali down in the corner and hits a running knee to the face for the win. After the match, Austin Aries goes to interview Nese but just insults him about having no charisma. Nese says he doesn’t have to answer questions from his critics and leaves.

– Seth Rollins comes out to the ring to address Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie comes out and says Triple H isn’t there tonight because he’s afraid of what he might do to Rollins. Stephanie demands an apology from Rollins, but Rollins declines and calls Triple H a coward. Rollins keeps talking trash to Stephanie until she snaps, and she says that she lied and Triple H really is on his way to the arena.

Sheamus, Cesaro & Bayley def. Gallows, Anderson & Charlotte: Anderson hits a spinebuster on Cesaro early on for a two count. Gallows and Sheamus tag in and Sheamus takes control until Charlotte hits him from behind. Cesaro tags in and he clears the ring with Sheamus. Cesaro hits a suicide plancha onto Gallows and Anderson at ringside, while Bayley hits the belly to belly suplex on Charlotte in the ring for the win after a short match.

– We go backstage where Stephanie chews out Foley for booking Rollins in a match against Strowman tonight. Foley says he’s doing his job, and accuses Foley of being behind Triple H’s music mysteriously playing last week. Foley tells her not to treat him like he’s stupid. Stephanie gives her word that Triple H will be here tonight. Foley says he wants to keep his word and deliver Owens vs. Strowman tonight, and Stephanie doesn’t object.

– Neville comes out to the ring and talks about winning the Cruiserweight Title last night. Rich Swann interrupts and they end up brawling. Neville hits a series of kicks, but Swann comes back with some kicks of his own and Neville heads retreating to the back.

Braun Strowman def. Kevin Owens via DQ: Chris Jericho sits at the commentary table for this one, and Braun Strowman notices him there on his way to the ring. Strowman chokeslams Jericho through the announce table before the match. Strowman finally makes it to the ring for the formal ring introductions for this Universal Title match. It’s all Strowman in the opening minutes, and he takes things out to ringside. Strowman misses a clothesline and crashes into the fan barricade. Owens hits a running cannonball on Strowman up against the fan barricade. Back in the ring, Owens hits a kick and a running senton, then a frogsplash off the top rope for a two count. Owens kicks Strowman in the face then goes back up to the top rope. Strowman grabs Owens off the turnbuckle and hits a running powerslam. Roman Reigns comes out to the ring and hits a superman punch on Strowman, and the referee calls for the bell. Reigns throws Strowman to the outside then hits another Superman punch. Reigns jumps off the ring steps with a spear on Strowman at ringside. Reigns gets in the ring and hits Owens with a spear too.

– A black Chevy Suburban pulls up backstage and Brock Lesnar gets out with Paul Heyman. Lesnar and Heyman come out to the ring next, and Heyman has a mic. Heyman admits that Goldberg had Lesnar’s number, and draws comparisons to Hogan having Andre’s number, and Holly Holm having Ronda Rousey’s number. Heyman then talks about how Lesnar had The Undertaker’s number, John Cena’s number, and Kurt Angle’s number. Heyman says every time he talks about Lesnar someone brings up Goldberg, so he must be eliminated. Heyman says Lesnar will challenge Goldberg one final time at WrestleMania in April and he’ll end Goldberg’s legacy.

Nia Jax def. Sasha Banks: Nia is in control of the opening minutes of the match. Nia takes Sasha outside and gets her in a full nelson, then rag-dolls her into the ring post. Back in the ring, Nia targets Sasha’s bad knee. Someone off-camera rings the bell and the referee looks confused. Apparently the match is over, and Nia continues working on the knee. Bayley comes out for the save and chases off Nia.

– We see Bayley backstage helping Sasha into the trainer’s office.

Enzo and Cass def. Rusev and Jinder Mahal: Enzo and Cass cut promos on the heels before the match. This one is under Tornado Tag rules, so all four men are legal at all times. Enzo and Cass clear the ring early on and Enzo goes for a suicide dive on Rusev and Mahal outside, but they catch Enzo and slam him into the fan barricade. Rusev and Mahal focus their attention on Cass next and take turns beating him down around ringside. Back in the ring, the heels keep working on Enzo and keep him grounded. Cass recovers and hits a splash on rusev in the corner then throws Jinder to the outside. Cass powerslams Rusev then hits the Empire Elbow, but Jinder breaks up the pin. Enzo throws Mahal outside, then Enzo and Cass hit the Bada Boom on Rusev for the win.

– We see a limo pulling up backstage, and Triple H gets out. HHH comes out to the ring and begins cutting a promo on Seth Rollins. He says he handed the world to Rollins, and Rollins spit in his face. He says Rollins is a huge failure and let him down. Triple H says he never came out to confront Rollins because Stephanie advised him not to, and he’s been busy trying to create the next Seth Rollins out of someone in NXT. HHH says he’s done trying to be professional and he’s going to go old school on Rollins, and he calls him out to the ring. Seth Rollins comes out, but before he can get in the ring, Samoa Joe blindsides Rollins and beats him down all over ringside. Joe throws Rollins in the ring as Triple H heads backstage. Rollins tries to fight back, with Joe drops him with a kick to the head then hits three senton drops. Joe locks Rollins in the coquina clutch until he passes out, then RAW goes off the air.


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