WWE RAW Results (1/7/2019)

WWE RAW Results (1/7): Orlando, FL.

The January 7th, 2019 edition of WWE RAW took place at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida.

– This week’s broadcast opens up with a graphic memorializing the late “Mean” Gene Okerlund.

– RAW opens up with a brawl backstage at the gorilla position. We see Lashley and Rollins at the center of the brawl, and the fight out to the stage. Rollins shoves Lashley off the stage, then he leaps on him and pummels him, as referees and wrestlers try to pull them apart. They finally pull them apart, and Rollins and Lashley head to the back.

– John Cena’s music hits and Cena comes out to the ring. As Cena steps in the ring, we a see a graphic promoting Hulk Hogan’s return to RAW tonight. Cena gets on the mic and welcomes us to RAW in Orlando, Florida, and he welcomes us to the road to WrestleMania. Cena talks about how at WrestleMania you need to step up or get left out. Cena says he’s going to step up, and he’s going to do it right now. Cena announces he will be entering the Royal Rumble, and then Drew McIntyre comes out to interrupt. Drew talks to Cena and admits that he thinks Cena is the greatest ever — but Drew is here running through all of WWE’s greatest talents. Drew talks about destroying The Shield and Dolph Ziggler. Drew says Cena can pass the torch, or Drew can take it. Drew takes off his vest and heads towards the ring, then Cena rips his shirt off. Lio Rush and Bobby Lashley come out to the stage to interrupt, and Lio complains about how WWE is treating Lashley, and he threatens to get a lawyer if nothing gets done about Seth Rollins. Lio says this show is cancelled unless something is done about Rollins — and then on queue, Seth Rollins runs out from the back and pounces on Lashley from behind. Dean Ambrose comes out and gets involved, as do Cena and McIntyre. Ringside breaks out into an all-out brawl, and then Finn Balor comes out for the save as we go to commercial.

– John Cena, Finn Balor & Seth Rollins vs. Bobby Lashley, Dean Ambrose & Drew McIntyre: Back from the break, Drew and Dean take turns beating on Balor. Lashley tags in for the double team, then he works on keeping Balor grounded so he can’t tag out. Lashley misses a shot in the corner, and Balor starts firing up. Balor looks for a tag, but Lashley grabs him and works him over in the corner. Balor fights away and Cena gets the hot tag. Ambrose comes in and Cena hits the AA on him, then Cena goes at it with Lashley. Drew tags in and works over Cena now, then Lashley tags in and knocks Rollins off of Cena’s corner. Cena comes back with a slam on Lashley, and both men are down. Ambrose gets the tag and he puts Cena in a sleeper. Cena finally tags in Finn Balor, and Balor cleans house. Balor drops Ambrose, then Lashley runs in and Balor hits the Sling Blade on him. Balor continues the offense on Ambrose, then dropkicks him into the corner. Balor hits the Coup De Grace off the top, but then before he can pin, Drew runs in and boots Balor in the face. Rollins and Drew get the tags, and Rollins comes in hot with a series of kicks. Drew tries to dump Rollins outside, but Rollins turns into into a dive on Lashley. Back in the ring, Rollins ducks a shot and hits the Falcon Arrow on Drew for a two count. Cena and Lashley run in and start fighting, and Rollins keeps his sights on the legal man Drew. Rollins superkicks Drew, then he goes up top. Rollins goes for the frog splash, but Drew rolls out of the way and tags in Dean. Dean comes in and goes for the Dirty Deeds, but Rollins escapes and drops Ambrose. Rollins follows up with the curb stomp on Ambrose for the 3 count.

Winners: John Cena, Finn Balor & Seth Rollins

– While Rollins, Cena and Balor are celebrating, we see on the big screen that Triple H is socializing with some of the women on the roster.

– Seth Rollins storms to the back and confronts Triple H. Rollins slaps the cup of coffee out of Triple H’s hand, and Rollins demands a match against Ambrose tonight. Triple H says you got it, tonight in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Triple H tells Rollins “welcome back” and walks off.

– We see Hulk Hogan walking through the hallway with his feather boa on, and a red “Mean Gene o Mania” shirt on.

– Back from the break, we see a video package looking at photos throughout Mean Gene’s career, and messages on Twitter from some wrestling legends.

– Back in the ring, ring announcer Mike Rome introduces a 10-bell salute for the late Gene Okerlund.

– Hulk Hogan’s music hits and The Hulkster makes his way out to the stage and down to the ring. Hogan gets in the ring, and starts off with “let me tell you something brother.” Then he takes off his sunglasses and says he came out in character because that’s how Gene would have wanted it, but he wants get serious and talks about Gene. Hogan says Gene wanted to be entertaining more than anything else he ever did, and then Hogan introduces a video package looking at some of Okerlund’s greatest moments. Back to Hulk in the ring, he says Gene was one of a kind. Hogan says he can truly speak for all of the WWE Universe when he says Mean Gene we love you. Hogan says Gene still lives in his heart, and the crowd chants “thank you Mean Gene.” Hogan asks the fans if they want to hear it one more time – and Hogan breaks into “well let me tell you something Mean Gene, you’re up there and all the angels are singing Tutti Frutti on those white clouds. I know you’re putting the greatest tag match together up there brother, the tag match between Randy Savage and the Ultimate Warrior vs. Roddy Piper and Mr Perfect, and I know Andre the Giant is the special referee brother. And I also know you’re probably breaking up a fight between your close personal friends Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan.” Hulk says he hears Gene “clanging and banging those weights, but you don’t have to get so swole brother because the only choices up there are Mae Young and Moolah.” Hogan finishes with one more question – what are you going to do when Mean Gene O Mania runs wild on you, brother. Hulk poses in the ring and we see a close-up shot of Mean Gene’s photo on the big screen.

– Lumberjack match: Bobby Roode & Chad Gable vs. The Revival: Several tag teams are positioned around the ring to act as lumberjacks for this match. Wilder and Roode start this one off. Wilder tries to roll outside earlier on, but Rhyno and Slater chase him back in the ring. Dawson tags back in, but Roode puts him in a shoulder lock and then tags in Gable. Dawson and Gable go at it in the corner now until Gable hits a springboard cross body for a two count. Wilder comes in, and Roode and Gable dump both Revival members outside then Gable hits a splash on them. Back in the ring, Dawson blindly tags in and they double team Gable. Roode gets the tag and cleans house. Wilder comes back with a spinebuster on Roode for a two count. Gable gets the tag and they double team Wilder. Gable hits a flying cross body on Wilder, but Wilder rolls through. Gable suplexes Wilder, but Dawson gets the blind tag and Dawson comes in with a splash on Gable. Wilder tags back in and goes at it with Gable. Dawson tries to get involved but Roode pulls him away. Gable rolls up Wilder in the ring and pins for the three count, as the referee didn’t see Wilder’s foot on the bottom rope.

Winners: Bobby Roode & Chad Gable

– Still to come: Elias vs. Baron Corbin

– Elias comes out to the ring and talks about how great his 2018 was. He starts talking about Baron Corbin, and he’s about to begin a song about Corbin, but Corbin comes out to interrupt. Corbin trashes Elias from the ramp, until Elias tells Corbin to shut up and get in the ring.

– Baron Corbin vs. Elias: Elias starts off strong with a series of chops to the chest of Corbin as he backs him in the corner. Corbin fights back and starts working over Elias. Corbin goes to the middle rope and comes flying off, but Elias catches him with a knee to the face in mid-air. Elias continues the offense until he misses a shot in the corner, and Corbin drives Elias shoulder-first into the ring post. Corbin follows up with the End of Days for the three count.

Winner: Baron Corbin

– Paul Heyman is shown backstage knocking on Brock Lesnar’s locker room door.

– Dean Ambrose cuts a promo somewhere in the bowels of the arena talking about Seth Rollins. His Intercontinental Title match against Seth Rollins is still to come.

– Braun Strowman comes out to the ring, and he no longer has a sling over his shoulder. Braun calls out Brock Lesnar, and then we see Heyman and Lesnar on the big screen. Heyman says he sees Strowman looking for a face to face confrontation with Lesnar. Heyman says he knows Strowman thinks he’s a monster, but Strowman needs to learn a lesson. Strowman thinks he’s facing Lesnar at Royal Rumble, but the card is subject to change, and if Lesnar came down to the ring right now, Strowman wouldn’t be able to compete at the Rumble. Back in the ring, Strowman gets on the mic and calls Lesnar “beastie boy” and tells him he’s waiting in the ring for him. Lesnar and Heyman ask if that’s all Strowman has to say, and Strowman tells Brock to stop hiding behind his advocate. Braun dares Brock to come get in his face, but Heyman chimes in and says no. Strowman says Heyman’s ass must get jealous of all the crap that comes out of his mouth. Strowman says Lesnar must be afraid to come face to face with him. Strowman continues to threaten Lesnar, and says everyone knows what happens when he gets these hands. Lesnar tells Heyman he wants to see what Strowman’s got. Heyman asks Brock not to go out to the ring, but Lesnar starts heading to the gorilla position anyways. Lesnar comes out to the ring with Heyman trailing behind him. Lesnar circles around the ring, but then Lesnar starts walking back up the ramp. Strowman yells at Lesnar to turn around, and says he will be crowned new Universal Champion at Royal Rumble. Lesnar and Heyman head to the back as Strowman stares them down from the ring.

– Still to come: Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose (c) for the Intercontinental Title

– Jinder Mahal is in the ring with Alicia Fox and the Singh Brothers. They’ve got microphones and start doing Jinder’s yoga phrases. Jinder trashes the Orlando fans, and then Ember Moon’s music hits to interrupt.

– Apollo Crews & Ember Moon vs. Jinder Mahal & Alicia Fox: Crews and Mahal start off, and Crews starts strong with a leaping cross body for a two count. Crews follows up with a dropkick and a leaping back elbow for a two count. Alicia tags in, and Ember comes in too. Crews hits a suicide dive onto Jinder and the Singh Brothers at ringside. Back in the ring, Ember Moon hits a splash on Alicia and then a handstand elbow in the corner. Ember goes up top and hits the Eclipse for the three count.

Winners: Apollo Crews & Ember Moon

– We see Alexa Bliss in the back getting her makeup done.

– After the break, Alexa comes out to the stage for her new talk show, “a Moment of Bliss.” Alexa demands a coffee from a production assistant, and then she introduces a video package looking at Ronda Rousey’s time in WWE so far. Alexa introduces Ronda out to the stage, then she asks her about her career in WWE so far. Ronda says in order to be a champion everyone is proud of, she has to chase her limits. Ronda says she wants to go after the real next top woman in WWE, Sasha Banks. Nia Jax comes out and interrupts, saying Ronda must have a girl crush on Sasha. Nia demands a rematch from Rousey, and then Sasha Banks comes out to the stage. Sasha tells Ronda she’s honored by her kind words, and it would be a pleasure for her to teach Ronda how to lose with class. Nia gets in Sasha’s face and says there’s a 300 pound Samoan in front of her, and Sasha needs to get in line. Sasha says “bitch, what line,” and tells Nia to get in the ring with her now, and it looks like we’ve got a match.

– Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax: Bayley and Tamina are both at ringside for this one. Sasha immediately takes the fight to Nia in this one, and then she locks in a guillotine choke. Nia comes back with a suplex, then she works on keeping Sasha grounded. Sasha fights back with a kick, and they spill out to ringside, where Tamina and Bayley get into it now. The distraction leads to Nia gorilla press slamming Sasha on to some production equipment at ringside. They’re slow to get back in the ring, where Nia hits a sit-out powerbomb for a two count. Nia continues the offense until Sasha hits a neckbreaker and then goes up top. Sasha hits a flying knee for a two count. Sasha looks for the Banks Statement, but Nia escapes. Nia misses a punch, but she connects with the Samoan Drop. They fight into the corner, and Nia hits a facebuster on to the turnbuckle. Nia follows up with a punch and then she looks for a leg drop, but Sasha rolls out of the way. Tamina starts to get involved, but Bayley takes her out. Sasha and Nia fight out to the apron, and Nia runs into the ring post. Sasha looks for a hurricanrana, but Nia throws her down to the floor instead and Sasha hits the floor hard. Sasha is the first one to her feet despite just landing on the floor, and back in the ring she applies the Banks Statement and Nia taps out.

Winner: Sasha Banks

– Sasha and Bayley celebrate after the match.

– We see shots of Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins warming up in their locker rooms.

– Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Seth Rollins: This one is a falls count anywhere match for the Intercontinental Title. Rollins comes out as Ambrose is making his entrance and jumps him on the ramp. They finally brawl into the ring and the ref calls for the opening bell. They brawl around the ringside, but Ambrose starts heading to the back and Rollins follows him to the back. They brawl onto some production equipment and both men are hurt. They brawl back out into the arena area, and Rollins scoop slams Ambrose through the announce table. Rollins and Ambrose brawl into the crowd now, and Rollins leaps off of a barricade onto Ambrose on the floor. Rollins pins Ambrose on the floor in the crowd for a two count. Rollins punches Ambrose in the face and thrnw throws him over the barricade into the ringside area. Ambrose grabs a steel chair and nails Rollins with it a couple of times for a two count. Ambrose pulls some of the protective padding off of the ringside floor. Ambrose pummels on Rollins and looks for the Dirty Deeds, but Rollins reverses into a back body drop on Ambrose on to the exposed concrete. Back in the ring, Ambrose pokes Rollins in the eye and then goes to the top rope. Rollins runs up the turnbuckle and superplexes Ambrose down, then he buckle bombs Ambrose in the corner. Rollins hits a superkick next, then Rollins waits for Ambrose to get up. Rollins hits the Curb Stomp on Ambrose, but then Bobby Lashley comes out of nowhere and yanks Rollins out to ringside. Lashley slams Rollins into the fan barricade, then he hits a belly to belly suplex on the floor. Lashley throws Rollins back in the ring and hits a version of the Dominator on Rollins. Lashley follows up with a spear on Rollin. Ambrose crawls over and pins Rollins for the three count, as Lashley stands over and watches.

Winner & still Intercontinental Champion: Dean Ambrose

– After the match, Lio Rush slides a table in the ring for Lashley to use. Lashley and Rush set up the table, and then Lashley hits a spinebuster on Rollins through the table. We go to replays as Lashley poses in the ring with Lio Rush, and RAW goes off the air.

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