WWE RAW Results (6/10/2019)

WWE RAW Results (6/10): San Jose, CA

The June 10th, 2019 edition of WWE RAW was the first episode after the Super ShowDown, and took place at the Sap Center in San Jose, CA.

– WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins comes out to the ring to kick off the show. Rollins has a steel chair in his hand, and he gets on the mic and talks about how good it felt to get some revenge on Brock Lesnar at Super ShowDown. Baron Corbin comes out to interrupt, and he tells Rollins that he should be worried about Corbin and not Lesnar. Corbin says he’s been in meetings all day, and the referee from his match with Rollins will be severely punished. Corbin says he’ll get a rematch with Rollins at Stomping Ground, with a special guest referee picked by Corbin. Rollins says it doesn’t matter who Corbin picks for the referee, he’s going to stomp Corbin’s head into the mat either way. Sami Zayn comes out to interrupt and says he’s on “Team Corbin” on this one. Sami says that being Universal Champion is not good for Rollins, and Rollins is in a cycle of toxic masculinity with Brock Lesnar. Sami says he means well for Rollins, and he thinks it would be better for Rollins if Corbin was the Universal Champion. Rollins has heard enough of Sami, but then Kevin Owens comes out to interrupt. Owens says he agrees with Sami. Rollins tells Owens that if he doesn’t like what he’s saying, then Owens should come into the ring and do something about it. Owens seems to accept Rollins’ challenge. Rollins walks up the ramp and stares down Owens, then walks to the back.

– Lars Sullivan is shown backstage warming up for his match against the Lucha House Party.

Lucha House Party vs. Lars Sullivan: This one is a three-on-one handicap elimination match. Lars starts off strong from the opening bell and clears the ring. Lars singles out Kalisto and drops him for the three count, and Kalisto is the first man eliminated from this match. Lars hits a running powerbomb on Lince Dorado for the three count. Dorado has been eliminated. Metalik goes after Sullivan next, but Lars catches him and slams him down. Lars pins, but then picks up Metalik before the three count so he can punish him more. Lars goes outside and drops Kalisto again for good measure. Back in the ring, Lars hits a flying headbutt off the top on Metalik for the three count.

Winner: Lars Sullivan:

– R-Truth and Carmella are shown running backstage away from a mob of wrestlers after Truth’s 24/7 Title. Truth and some wrestlers get into the elevator, and others are in the hallway. We go to a camera inside the elevator, and the elevator appears to stop, and now they’re stuck in it.

– We see Lacey Evans putting on makeup in her locker room.

– They show Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch talking backstage, and Michael Cole refers to Rollins as Becky’s boyfriend.

– Back from the break, Michael Cole hosts a split-screen interview with Becky Lynch and Lacey Evans. Lacey says Becky is scared of losing her Championship and sinking back down to obscurity, and her fear will come true at Stomping Ground when Lacey takes her Title. Becky doesn’t seem impressed by Lacey and says she’ll see her in the ring.

– Still to come: Bayley & Becky Lynch vs. Lacey Evans & Alexa Bliss

– Alexa Bliss is backstage telling Nikki Cross about how fake she thinks Bayley is. She says Bayley is only nice to people who she wants something from. It sounds like Nikki will be in Alexa’s corner tonight.

– We see a video package looking at highlights from Super ShowDown and clips of fans in Saudi Arabia talking about how excited they were for the show.

– The Miz comes out to the ring to host Miz TV. He introduces his guest, United States Champion Samoa Joe. Joe sits down and talks about “winning” his U.S. Title back. The Miz rolls footage of Rey Mysterio forfeiting the Title, and then Joe attacking Rey from behind. The Miz takes issue with Joe attacking Rey and threatening his son, despite Rey gladly giving up the Title. The Miz says Joe crossed a line, and Joe says so what, he’s a habitual line-stepper and there’s no such thing as too far. Joe says he’s really here to discuss potential challengers for his Title, but now maybe he should cross the line with Miz. Joe gets in Miz’s face, but then Braun Strowman comes out to interrupt. Braun says if Joe’s looking for a challenger, why doesn’t he shut his mouth and get these hands. Bobby Lashley interrupts next, and says he isn’t done with Strowman yet, and if anyone deserves a shot at the U.S. Title it’s Bobby. Ricochet interrupts next, and he wants a shot at the Championship. Cesaro interrupts next, but he has nothing to say, he just sucker punches Ricochet on the stage. Joe, Miz, Braun and Bobby all start brawling in the ring now. Cesaro and Ricochet fight into the ring, but Braun ends up clearing the ring aside from Ricochet and Miz.

Bobby Lashley, Cesaro & Samoa Joe vs. Braun Strowman, Ricochet & The Miz: Bobby starts off strong against Braun, but Braun kicks up to his feet and runs the ropes. Lashley leap frogs Braun, but Braun and looks for a hip toss, but Braun blocks it and clotheslines Bobby down. The Miz tags in, but Bobby turns it around on Miz and tags in Joe. Joe lays into Miz with strikes, then Cesaro tags in and keeps Miz grounded with a chin lock. Miz escapes and Ricochet tags himself in. Ricochet knocks Bobby and Joe off the apron and lays into Cesaro with strikes. Ricochet hits a springboard flying clothesline on Cesaro. Lashley runs in, but Ricochet takes him down with a flying cross body. Cesaro runs in, but Ricochet sends him back outside with a spinning hurricanrana. Ricochet hits a twisting suicide dive out of the ring onto Cesaro at ringside. Joe tags in and turns things around on Ricochet, then Lashley tags in to continue the offense. Miz tags in and starts laying into Lashley with knee strikes. Miz hits a kick and a DDT, then Cesaro runs in and Miz DDTs him too. Miz hits the Yes Kicks on Cesaro and Lashley. Lashley ducks the last one and hits a facebuster on Miz. Joe tags in and knocks Braun off the apron, then he hits a senton on Miz. Joe pins but Braun breaks it up. Cesaro tags in and swings Miz. Lashley and Strowman start brawling at ringside. After a lengthy swing, Cesaro drops Miz, and then Cesaro applies the Sharpshooter. Ricochet breaks it up with a Codebreaker on Cesaro. Braun gets the hot tag and hits a series of shoulder tackles and splashes on Cesaro. Cesaro rolls outside, so Braun runs around the ring and tackles him on the floor. Back in the ring, Braun hits a splash on Cesaro in the corner, then drops him for a pin, but Joe breaks it up. Braun grabs Joe for a running powerslam, but Joe escapes and rolls out of the ring. Joe grabs his U.S. Title at ringside and he jogs up the ramp. Braun tags out and goes to chase Joe, but Lashley intercepts him with a spear. Ricochet barely clips Lashley with a suicide dive flip out to ringside. Cesaro looks for the Neutralizer on Miz in the ring, but Miz escapes and hits the Skull Crushing Finale. Ricochet tags in and hits the 630 on Cesaro for the three count.

Winners: Braun Strowman, The Miz & Ricochet

– Baron Corbin is backstage for an interview where he talks about who he might pick for the guest referee in his rematch with Seth Rollins. Sami Zayn interrupts and says he has an idea to tell Corbin in private.

Becky Lynch & Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss & Lacey Evans: Nikki Cross is at ringside. Bayley and Alexa start this one off,and Alexa takes control early on. Lacey Evans comes in and goes at it with Becky now. Alexa tags back in and Becky hits a big running forearm shot on her. Lacey pulls Alexa to safety at ringside, but then Becky and Bayley come off the apron and drop them both on the floor. Back in the ring, Alexa and Lacey double team Becky. Lacey pounds on Becky on the mat, then sits her in the corner for a splash for a two count. Lacey knocks Bayley off the apron. Lacey and Becky trade strikes, then Becky reverses a slam and throws Lacey out to ringside. Becky follows up with a baseball slide dropkick, then she dumps Alexa out to ringside too. Becky looks to tag in Bayley, but Lacey runs back in the ring and stops it by spearing Becky into the corner. Becky and Lacey trade strikes, then Lacey hits a swinging neckbreaker and a standing moonsault for a two count. Lacey goes up top for a twisting moonsault, but Becky rolls out of the way and Lacey crashes on the mat. Bayley and Alexa tag in, and Becky connects with a series of kicks on Alexa. Bayley hits the sunset flip powerbomb into the corner and pins, but Lacey breaks it up. Becky chases Lacey out of the ring and around ringside now, but she bumps into Nikki Cross at ringside, which leads to Lacey punching down Becky. The distraction leads to Lacey hitting a cheap shot on Bayley too. Alexa goes up top for the Twisted Bliss, but Bayley gets her knees up. Lacey tags in and hits the Woman’s Right on Bayley for the three count.

Winners: Lacey Evans & Alexa Bliss

– Sami Zayn approaches Shane McMahon in his office backstage. Sami says he should be the special guest referee for tonight’s match between Rollins and Owens, like an audition for the referee spot in Rollins vs. Corbin at Stomping Ground. Shane tells Sami he can be the special ringside referee, to have a second set of eyes on everything.

– Paul Heyman comes out to the ring and gets on the mic. Heyman talks about Brock Lesnar’s decision not to cash in his Money In The Bank contract yet. Heyman says Lesnar will choose any day he wants to cash in the contract, and he could beat up Rollins every day if he wanted. Heyman talks about Rollins repeatedly bashing Brock with the steel chair, and says he is a thug not worthy of the Universal Title. Heyman says they aren’t going to be nice anymore, and they’re not going to tell anyone when Brock will be cashing in his contract, it’ll be a surprise. Heyman says he won’t confirm whether Brock is there or not tonight. Heyman says Brock would be anywhere any time, and he could even be the special guest referee for Rollins and Corbin’s match at Stomping Ground. Heyman says Brock could put a beating on Rollins that would violate the “PG era” of WWE.

– Back to the elevator security camera, we see 24/7 R-Truth, Carmella, EC3, Heath Slater, Cedric Alexander and Drake Maverick all stuck in an elevator. R-Truth calls Drake Maverick “Hornswoggle.” Drake insists he’s not Hornswoggle and he’s just a very small man.

– The Iiconics come out to the ring and say they are the longest reigning and defending WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. They introduce two local wrestlers from San Jose, and say they’ll never be the the Champions.

The Iiconics vs. Two enhancement talents: Billie starts off with kicks on one of the jobbers, then Peyton tags in for the double team. Peyton continues the offense with knee strikes, and then Billie tags back in for another double team. Billie pins for the three count.

Winners: The Iiconics

– We see an interview with Roman Reigns that was taped at Super ShowDown after his match. Reigns says at Stomping Grounds he will bounce back, and the first name on Reigns’ list is Drew McIntyre.

– The ring is being set up with balloons and tables for a celebration for Shane McMahon.

– We see R-Truth and the others still in the elevator.

– Drew McIntyre comes out to the ring with bagpipe players, then Shane McMahon comes out. They step in the ring, where a table is set up with champagne bottles and Shane’s Best In The World trophy. Shane talks about all of Reigns’ accomplishments in WWE, but Shane still beat him, because Reigns’ best wasn’t good enough to beat The Best In The World. Shane also thanks Drew for helping him prepare. Drew says that at Stomping Grounds, he’s going to beat, maim and humiliate Reigns. Drew says Shane is the best in the world, but Drew is the most dangerous, and he owes Reigns an assault that will leave him unrecognizable. Shane pours some champagne into glasses, but Shane ends up drinking out of the Best In The World cup, and Drew drinks straight out of the bottle. Shane introduces two more people he wants to celebrate with them, and they are Dawson and Wilder of The Revival. The celebration continues as we go to commercial.

– Ryder and Hawkins do an interview backstage about defending their RAW Tag Titles tonight.

Zach Ryder & Curt Hawkins (c) vs. The Usos vs. The Revival Ryder and Hawkins’ RAW Tag Titles are on the line in this one. The Revival takes control of this one early on as the fight spills out to ringside and they throw the Champions into the barricades. Back in the ring, Jimmy Uso tags himself in and cleans house. Hawkins tags himself in on Dawson, and Hawkins and Jimmy start brawling now. Ryder tags himself in for the double team on Jimmy for a two count. Jey tags in and starts superkicking everyone. Jey hits the splash on Ryder, but Dawson tagged himself in and steal the pin on Ryder to win the RAW Tag Titles. The Usos can’t believe it after the bell.

Winners & new RAW Tag Team Champions: The Revival

– The Revival celebrates up on the stage with their new RAW Tag Titles.

– We see the elevator security camera, and Truth and the others seem to be bonding. Then the elevator door opens, and there are more wrestlers, and a referee. A brawl breaks loose, but Truth and Carmella end up escaping into the elevator again, alone this time.

– It’s time for Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House. Bray puts a sign up on his door saying “abandon hope ye who exit here.” Bray is wearing a clown nose, and he ends up tasting the blood of his rabbit puppet, then makes a condiment out of the rabbit.

Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens: Sami Zayn is a especial guest ringside enforcer for this match, and he pats down both wrestlers before the match. This one is a non-Title match. Owens and Rollins trade holds fairly evenly in the opening moments. Rollins gets Owens down and rolls him up, but Sami distracts the referee from the apron. Sami causes another distraction, and this leads to Owens and Rollins brawling out to ringside. Owens slams Rollins into the barricade, then hits a DDT on the ringside floor. Back in the ring, Owens controls the pace until Rollins fires back with a Sling Blade. Owens reverses another shot and slows down Rollins’ momentum. Owens drops Rollins then goes up top for a flying senton, but Rollins gets his knees up to block it. Rollins connects with some kicks and then goes to the top rope, but Sami Zayn runs in the ring and causes a distraction. Owens rolls up Rollins from behind for a two count. Rollins dumps Owens out to ringside then hits a suicide dive on him, and he hit Sami Zayn in the process too because Sami ran in the way. Rollins takes Owens back in the ring for the curb stomp. Rollins pins, but Sami pulls the other referee out of the ring and they get in a shouting match. Sami complains to the referee about Rollins hitting him. Rollins grabs Sami by the shirt, and Sami calls for the DQ.

Winner via DQ: Kevin Owens

– Rollins appears to be bleeding from above his left eye. After the match, Rollins beats down Sami Zayn until Baron Corbin interrupts. Corbin attacks Rollins frmo behind and stomps on him. Corbin gets a steel chair from ringside and brings it back in the ring. Before Corbin can use it, Rollins kicks Corbin down and sends him out to ringside. Rollins then drops Sami Zayn and nails him with the chair instead. Rollins yells up at Corbin on the ramp, then he repeatedly nails Zayn with the chair in the ring. Rollins rips Sami’s referee shirt off and then hits the curb stomp on him. Rollins holds up his Universal Title belt as RAW goes off the air.

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