WWE RAW Results (6/12): Lesnar Returns, Tag Title Match

The June 12, 2017 edition of WWE RAW aired live from the Cajundome in Lafayette, Louisiana and featured Brock Lesnar’s return to TV.

– Michael Cole welcomes us to RAW, and without any pre-show pyro Brock Lesnar’s music hits and the Universal Champion makes his way down to the ring. Lesnar is accompanied by his advocate Paul Heyman. Heyman says they’re here tonight to unleash the beast, and it’s Samoa Joe’s day of reckoning. Heyman says that if he and Joe had an old score to settle and he had last week’s assault coming, he would understand, but that’s not the case. Heyman says to think about how many Samoans have been in the wrestling business and what they’ve accomplished, except for one, Samoa Joe. Heyman says all of the other Samoans don’t like Joe, and Joe is a mutt whose greatest accomplishment is putting the Coquina Clutch on Paul Heyman. Heyman says Joe isn’t man enough to put the clutch on his client, which brings out Joe to interrupt. Joe and Lesnar come nose to nose, then Joe hits Lesnar with a headbutt and they brawl all over the ring. Kurt Angle brings out a bunch of security to try separating them but Lesnar and Joe fight the security off and go back at it. Angle calls for help from the roster, and several stars including Enzo, Cass, Rhyno, Slater and others coe out to pull Joe and Lesnar apart. Joe breaks free and kicks Lesnar in the face, then Lesnar breaks free and throws some punches at Joe. They finally get pulled apart and stare each other down as Joe gets hauled backstage.

– Elis Samson is in the ring, who says he is going to sing the crowd a song that was inspired by them. He sings a song about the crowd and Dean Ambrose, but he gets interrupted by Ambrose’s entrance music and we have a match.

Elias Samson def. Dean Ambrose: Samson hits some knees to the midsection early on, but Ambrose comes back with a spinning elbow to the face. Ambrose takes over and Samson rolls outside for a breather. Back in the ring, Samson drops Ambrose with a clothesline then pummels on him in the corner. The crowd duels “You can’t wrestle” and “You can’t sing” chants towards Samson. Ambrose fights out of a headlock and drops Samson with a back suplex. Ambrose and Samson trade chops to the chest then Ambrose hits a clothesline and a fisherman’s suplex for a two count. Ambrose hits a running forearm, and Samson fires back with a big boot to the face. Ambrose throws Samson outside and follows up with a suicide dive. Back in the ring they go up to the top rope, but Ambrose headbutts Samson down to the matt. Miz runs in and distracts Ambrose which leads to Samson rolling him up for a near-fall. Ambrose comes back with a lariat, but then he turns his attention to The Miz again. Miz backs down and uses Maryse as a shield. Ambrose grabs Miz and throws him into the barricade, then argues with Maryse. Ambrose rolls back in the ring where Samson immediately hits a double knee drop to the back of Ambrose’s head. Samson follows up with a spinning reverse neckbreaker for the win.

– In the latest Shattered Dreams Production, Goldust says to keep your friends close but your enemies closer. Goldust says he got to Truth before Truth got to him, and nobody ever understood him. Goldust says people hate him because he’s a bit too bizarre and makes them feel uncomfortable. He says nothing lasts forever unless you’re made of gold, and that the golden age is back.

– Kurt Angle gets in The Miz’ face backstage and cuts a promo on him for interfering in Ambrose’s match. Miz says Angle was too preoccupied with his personal problems to do his job and stop Ambrose from ruining his ceremony last week. Kurt asks Miz what he knows about his problems. Miz suggests Kurt gets on Ambrose’s case instead of his case. Kurt says The Miz will never speak to him that way again, and he’s going to do nothing about Ambrose. Kurt tells Miz if he has a problem with Amborse, do something about it himself.

– Cedric Alexander gets in Noam Dar’s face backstage and says he’s done dealing with Dar and Alicia Fox. Noam has Alicia on Skype on his phone and she talks trash to Cedric. Cedric says he’s done with this and he’s going to finish Dar in the ring tonight.

Cedric Alexander def. Noam Dar: Noam comes out with Alicia still on his phone, except now her voice is coming through the arena speakers. He puts the phone down and turns around, and as soon as the bell rings Cedric hits a backbreaker for the win. Alicia keeps yelling over the speakers as Cedric heads to the back.

– Next week Roman Reigns will announce his plans for SummerSlam.

– Former World Champion Bray Wyatt is out to the ring next. Wyatt cuts a promo on Seth Rollins, and tells him not to take his name in vain. Rollins’s music hits and he makes his way out to the ring to interrupt. Rollins asks Wyatt if the reason why he cost him his match with Samoa Joe last night is because he called him a couple names. Rollins says Wyatt is thin-skinned, and that Wyatt drinks too much of his own Kool Aid. Rollins says the truth is Wyatt is a coward, and he has a problem with it he can do something about it right now. Wyatt says Rollins is too arrogant and he’s beneath him. The lights go out and Wyatt disappears, then he reappears on the big screen. Wyatt says Rollins slayed a king, but he can’t slay a god, then laughs. Wyatt says to face his fear and run.

– Matt and Jeff Hardy do an interview backstage where they say Sheamus and Cesaro are the toughest team they’ve faced. Matt is not “broken” here, and says tonight they’re coming to reclaim RAW Tag Team Titles.

– John Cena’s return to SmackDown on July 4th is promoted, and the spot calls him a “free agent.”

Apollo Crews def. Kalisto: Titus has Akira Tozawa seated at ringside as he tries to recruit him to his management team. Crews controls the opening moments of the match until Kalisto drops him with a series of kicks and a hurricanrana. Titus distracts Kalisto which allows Crews to roll him up from behind for a near-fall. Crews then hits a spin-out powerbomb for the win. Titus and Apollo celebrate in the ring. Titus grabs Akira from ringside and throws him in the ring, and they take a selfie with him.

– Heath Slater and Rhyno are backstage eating Cheez-Whiz on crackers when they are interrupted by The Miz and Maryse. Miz says Kurt Angle isn’t showcasing them enough, and Miz invites Slater and Rhyno to join his entourage. Miz says he can make Slater a bigger star, but Slater comes back saying he wants to be Intercontinental Champion. Miz says if Slater joins him, he promises he’ll get a title shot some day. Rhyno tells Miz that Slater already has a partner, and that Miz should find himself a partner for later tonight because they’re going to settle this in the ring. Rhyno stuffs his face with a fistful of crackers and cheese, which cracks up Slater.

– RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss comes out to the ring and starts cutting a promo, but she is very quickly interrupted by Nia Jax who wants another title shot. Alexa says it’s Mickie James and Dana Brooke’s fault their match got ruined. Mickie and Dana interrupt and point out that Nia didn’t deserve the title shot, and that they had a “Nia Jax problem.” Alexa says Mickie and Dana are unreliable sources, then she’s interrupted by Emma. Emma says she’s back and wants her shot at the title, then she’s interrupted by Sasha. Sasha tells Alexa she’s not a fighting champion and she’s going to show her how a boss throws a party. Sasha decks Alexa with a right hand and everyone starts brawling as we go to commercial.

Sasha Banks, Mickie James & Dana Brooke def. Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax & Emma: While Sasha is working on Emma in the ring, Alexa Bliss hops down off the apron and heads backstage. It appears Alexa has abandoned her team. Nia runs in and Mickie takes her out then hits a splash on her off the top rope. Sasha then hits the Banks Statement on Emma for the win. Nia and Emma stare up at Alexa on the ramp as the winners stand tall in the ring.

– We see an interview with Corey Graves and Bayley taped earlier today. When asked about her loss at Extreme Rules, Bayley says she’s never been in a match like that before, and she’s here to put smiles on faces and not inflict pain. Bayley says she’s going to be herself, and she wants to be the best. She says she wants to reclaim the Women’s Title, and show kids that dreams are possible. Bayley awkwardly asks to end the interview on a hug, which Graves looks puzzled by. He hugs her, and Bayley says that felt good.

Heath Slater & Rhyno def. The Miz & The Bear: The Miz’ partner is someone in the same bear suit from his celebration segment last week. The Miz again tries to tempt Slater to join his entourage, but Slater declines and drops Miz with rights hands. Rhyno tags in and they elbow Slater down. Rhyno drops Miz with a shoulder block then pummels on him in the corner. Slater tags back in and hits a facebuster on Miz. The bear is holding the tag rope, and he slaps Miz on the back to tag in. Slater goes to take the bear’s mask off, but the bear slaps Slater. The bear puts Slater in a bear hug, but Rhyno punches him in the kidneys to break the hold. The bears tags Miz back in, but The Miz has had enough and he attacks the bear. Miz rips it’s mask off to reveal that it’s an unknown guy. Rhyno throws Miz in the ring and Slater boots him in the face. The bear, or a bear, comes back in the ring and hits the Dirty Deeds on Slater. He takes the mask off, and this bear is Ambrose. Ambrose charges towards the Miz and Miz accidentally bumps Maryse off the apron. Miz turns around into another Dirty Deeds from Ambrose. Ambrose drags Slater across Miz and the ref counts to three. Ambrose puts the bear mask on Miz and leaves.

Neville vs. Rich Swann – No Contest: Neville jumps Swann before the bell and locks him in the Rings of Saturn. Neville grabs a mic, kicks Swann out of the ring and says no one has a chance at taking his Cruiserweight Title. Neville mentions Akira Tozawa, and says that Titus O’Neal won’t be able to help Tozawa against him.

Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson def. Enzo & Cass: Before the match, Cass is shown knocked out backstage. Enzo and referees run in, and Cass says he got hit in the back of the head once and doesn’t know who did it. Cass starts off against Anderson and takes control of things with strikes and a side walk slam. Cass is still selling the head injury and he tags in Enzo. Enzo drops Anderson then knocks Gallows off the apron. Enzo turns around into a boot to the face from Anderson. Anderson stomps on Enzo and whips him into the corner, and Enzo fights back with kicks. Enzo looks for the tag but Cass is down on the floor selling his head. Gallows tags in and Enzo fends him off at first, but Gallows drops him with a boot. Anderson tags in and they hit the Magic Killer on Enzo for the win.

– After the bell, Anderson and Gallows go for another Magic Killer on Anderson, but Big Show comes out for the save. Show walks in the ring and Gallows and Anderson leave. Show checks on Enzo and helps him up. Cass gets up on the apron and doesn’t look happy with Big Show hugging his partner. Big Show heads to the back and Enzo and Cass argue in the ring.

– In R-Truth’s latest video vignette towards Goldust, he says he doesn’t forgive and he doesn’t forget. Truth says he remembers what Goldust did to him, and he’s gonna get got.

– Enzo approaches Big Show backstage. Enzo thanks Show, but questions him about Cass getting knocked out backstage since it must have been by someone big. Big Show gets frustrated and denies it. Show tells Enzo is partner is sawft and walks off.

– Samoa Joe does an interview backstage where he says that Lesnar and Heyman are playing right into his hand. Joe says he isn’t about the words, he’s about actions. Joe says the next part of his plan to put Lesnar to sleep at Great Balls of Fire and become the new Universal Champion.

Sheamus & Cesaro vs. Matt & Jeff Hardy – Double Count-Out: This one is a best two-out-of-three falls match for the RAW Tag Titles. Sheamus goes for a Brogue Kick early on, but Matt ducks it and drops Sheamus with a running bulldog. Jeff tags in and hits the Poetry In Motion for a two count. Cesaro pulls Matt off the apron, then Sheamus blocks a Twist of Fate from Jeff and Brogue Kicks him into the corner for the first three count of the match. The fall count is now 1-0 for Sheamus and Cesaro. Sheamus continues working on Jeff and hits a side slam for a two count. Jeff kicks Sheamus outside, but Sheamus comes right back in and stops Jeff from tagging in Matt. Jeff kicks Sheamus away again, then Matt and Cesaro tag in. Matt repeatedly slams Cesaro’s head into the turnbuckle and hits tornado DDT for a two count. Matt fights with Sheamus on the apron and hits the Side Effect on Sheamus onto the apron. Matt rolls in the ring and hits the Twist Of Fate on Cesaro for the three count. The fall count is now 1-1. Matt comes flying off the middle rope but Cesaro blocks with a European uppercut. Sheamus tags in and hits a running knee to Matt’s face for a two count. Cesaro goes for the Neutralizer but Matt fights out. Cesaro locks in the Sharpshooter and Matt reaches the ropes to break the hold. Matt drops Sheamus, then Jeff and Sheamus get the tags. Jeff hits an inverted atomic drop on Sheamus then a dropkick. Jeff follows up with the Twist of Fate but Cesaro breaks up the pin. Matt takes Cesaro outside and they brawl around ringside. Sheamus drops Jeff throat-first onto the ropes, then Cesaro uppercuts Jeff from the floor. Sheamus rolls up Jeff for a two count while Cesaro and Matt continue to fight at ringside. Sheamus misses a spear in the corner and hits the ring post, then Jeff goes up top. Jeff hits the Swanton Bomb and pins, but Cesaro breaks up the pin once again. Jeff goes out to the apron and hits a splash on Cesaro at ringside. All four men are now brawling at ringside and the referee counts out everyone, which the crowd is not pleased with. Matt shoves Sheamus into the ring post and hits a back body drop on Cesaro onto the floor. Jeff goes to the top rope and hits a splash on both Cesaro and Sheamus on the floor. The referee hands the belts to Cesaro and Sheamus and the champions celebrate on the ramp as Matt and Jeff stare them down from the ring.

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