WWE Raw Results (8/2/21) – Chicago, IL

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (August 2nd, 2021): Allstate Arena, Chicago, IL

Show Opener

Jimmy Smith, thrash-head Corey Graves and the wonderful Byron Saxton welcome us to the Allstate Arena here in Chicago. We waste no more time as its time to hear from our champ.

In the Ring: WWE Champion “the Almighty” Bobby Lashley with MVP

Lashley and MVP make their way out to the ring in dress wear. Lashley wears a sharp grey-and-white suit and celebrates to pyro in the ring. The present crowd gives a mild reaction, more pop than not, but the piped-in crowd boos loud. MVP gets on the mic. “Chi-town! Welcome back to Money Night Raw! Where y’all been?” He pauses. He tells us he knows we’re all here to see Goldberg, to which the crowd loudly boos, and then goes on to address Goldberg’s challenge. MVP reminds us that Lashley hasn’t yet accepted that challenge. MVP praises Bill Goldberg and reminds us that he can destroy any person on the planet in mere moments (just ask ‘Taker about that Jackhammer). MVP states the problem is, Lashley is a Kaiju–an unstoppable monster so he and Lashley are there to stop a tragedy. The crowd starts up a loud “Goldberg” chant and MVP cuts them off after a few moments. He segways to an ultimatum when it comes to Goldberg’s legacy, asking if Goldberg wants to be remembered as a champion or a casualty. And on cue, the drums beat, the crowd begins the familiar chant of “Goooooold-berg”–and hi to reader Brian, live in attendance!–and out comes the man, the myth, the Legend, Goldberg! Goldberg does his Lesnar-bounce at the ramp and roars through the pyro before making his way down tot he ring. He gets immediately on the mic.
“Bobby Lashley, let’s get something straight! If anybody should be worried about losing something, it’s you losing the WWE Championship. Now after listening to your intro, you’re nothing but scared. And you…you look scared,” he says as he slightly towers over Lashley. “Now, I know what you’re thinking Bobby. You’re a high-level athlete.” The crowd starts another chant. “But,” he continues, “High level athlete? You question yourself. (The) gladiator shows weakness…so you think you’re up for the challenge?” The crowd starts a loud chant again, and Goldberg tells Lashley “This is Chicago”–pause for cheap pop–and they can smell crap from a mile way. Goldberg tells Lashley it doesn’t matter if he’s 45, 35, or over a hundred…Goldberg will always be Goldberg. “Goldberg lives by the Spear and you, Champ, will die by the Spear. And that’s why I’m Goldberg. And (because I’m Goldberg), at SummerSlam, Champ, you’re next!” The crowd with another Goldberg chant as he leaves the arena. MVP points at a fan in the front of the ring. Lashley climbs out and approaches the barricade, standing in his face. IT turns out to be Goldberg’s son. MVP heads out the ring and tells Lashley to back off, then talks smack to Bill’s son. He tells Bill’s son that Lashley will destroy his father’s career. The crowd again chants for Goldberg, who comes down and Spears MVP at ringside! Goldberg and his son back up the ramp and Goldberg threatens the Hurt Business. We head to break, with a handicapped match featuring Drew McIntyre and Mahal up next!

Two-on-One Tag-Format Handicapped Match: Drew McIntyre vs Shanky & Veer w/ Jinder Mahal

When we return from break, our competitors set up. Drew comes down to the ring brandishing his sword. We’re reminded once again that Shanky ate about three-dozen chair shots from Drew last week. There is a tag format for this two-on-one handicapped match. Veer and Drew start first, with Drew easily taking control for the first minute. Veer is sent to the corner and tags in Shanky. Shanky towers over the Scottish Psychopath and connects with a huge clothesline. Graves points out that Shanky is moving a little slower due to the attack last week. Shanky with a cover for barely one. Veer tags in. McIntyre counters a grapple into a back drop. Drew with a pair of running lariats before whipping Veer into the ropes and dropping him with a back elbow blast. McIntyre with an Exploder Suplex on Veer out of the corner. McIntyre with a neckbreaker and a kip-up. Shanky attempts to cause a distraction, so Drew drops him off the apron with a big right. McIntyre with a Spinebuster that lays out Veer. Drew gets in the corner, holding up three fingers and Graves tells Chi-town to get ready for the countdown. Shanky, outside the ring, grabs Drew’s foot to prevent the takeoff for the Claymore. Jinder Mahal causes the DQ when he attacks McIntyre.
Your Winner by Disqualification, Drew McIntyre!

After the Match: Metal Meets Mettle

Shanky, Veer and Jinder all get in the ring with chairs and menacingly threaten Drew. Drew pops out the ring, retrieves his sword, and hops back in the ring with it. He knocks the chair from Mahal’s hand with the sword and Mahal flees the ring. Veer looks for a chair shot but Mahal catches him in the abdomen with a kick. Veer flees. Shanky holds up his chair and the seven-foot-giant slowly backs up, dropping his chair. Drew bluffs him, charging with the sword, and pulling short as Shanky flees the ring. Drew smiles at him. We end our segment with Drew in the ring, his sword aimed at the trio who stand at the top of the ramp, in shock/anger/awe–take your pick. Mahal and company flee in the back, bypassing an interview attempt and exclaiming that Drew is crazy for trying to kill them with a sword. He promises Drew will get what comes around and they flee.

Backstage Promo: Nia Jax with Shayna Baszler

Nia, featuring new hair and ring wear, addresses the camera with Baszler from the back. She asks if we’re shocked by what we just saw, then adds we should wait to see what she does to Rhea Ripley–after this commercial break.

Backstage Interview: Drew McIntyre

Drew named his new sword…Angelo? I think I heard that right. When asked about his actions tonight, Drew contemplates going after Mahal. But, upon second thought, he kind of enjoys the realization that every week Mahal escapes, and spends another week dreading Drew.

Singles Match: Rhea Ripley vs Nia Jax w/ Shayna Baszler

We cut to the ring where Nia Jax and Shayna are already out. Rhea comes out to a loud digital pop and a mildly-enthusiastic live-crowd reaction. A shame. Our competitors get ready as we’re reminded that Ripley faces A.S.H. and Flair at SummerSlam in a triple-threat match for the Raw Women’s title. The bell rings and our competitors briefly circle before locking up. Jax easily takes Ripley to the corner. Ripley pops up on the turnbuckle and uses her legs to shove Jax back, following it up with a headbutt. Jax isn’t phased and connects with one of her own that stumbles the former NXT, NXT UK, and Raw women’s champion. Jax positions Ripley between the middle and top rope, climbs to the apron and charges along it to ramp her thigh into Ripley’s head, and Rhea’s face into the ring post. Jax maintains control until Ripley knows her off the apron and to the floor. A miscue occurs between Jax and Baszler. We go to break with Jax dominate thanks to a Samoan Drop on the ring-side floor. Back from the break. Jax retains control briefly, but Rhea absorbs blows that Smith claims would stagger others and uses a touch of agility to gain the upper hand. Following a springboard drop, Rhea climbs up top and hits a top-rope Missile Dropkick for a close two. Jax is busted open bad. Jax looks for a Samoan Drop but Ripley squirms free. Jax with a Scoop Slam and a leg drop, but takes a little too long in covering Ripley. Rhea kicks out at two. Jax’s left eye area is cut open and the left side of her face is looking like a typical AEW match. Baszler causes a distraction as Ripley looks for a Riptide, but Ripley senses the ambush and dodges a Jax charge. Ripley uses the ropes and Jax’s momentum to roll her up and pick up the win!
Your Winner, Rhea Ripley!

After the Match: Big & Nasty Implodes

Baszler and Jax exchange words. Baszler removes her jacket as the crowd gets into it, but shakes her head and walks off instead of clashing with her still-current partner. Behind her back, as she leaves, Ripley hits the ring and finally manages to hit the Riptide on Jax, barely getting her up off the mat for the move.

Previously on Raw…

We get a video package from the Ali/Monsoor vs Mace/T-Bar match from last week. Monsoor picked up the upset win by rolling up Mace, much to the surprise of Ali. Graves comments that Ali was surprised the teaming up worked.

Tag Team Match: T-Bar & Mace vs Mansoor & Mustafa Ali

Mace and T-Bar make their way out to the ring, with this rematch coming up next. When we return, Mansoor and Ali come out to a new theme. We’re reminded by our ring announcer that Mustafa Ali is from Chicago, and the crowd pops loud for him. Ali expertly plays to the hometown crowd. Mansoor enthusiastically picks up his partner, and Ali asks him to respect his personal space. We start with Mace and Mansoor. T-Bar distracts Mansoor so Mace can attack Ali on the apron. Mansoor leaps onto Mace, but Mace easily out-powers Mansoor and lays him out with a huge kick. T-Bar is tagged in and wipes out Ali outside the ring before heading in to take out Mansoor. Mansoor fires back with a kick and makes the hot tag to Ali. Ali ducks under T-Bar and streaks across and attacks Mace. Mansoor and Ali work together as the ref loses control, with both men taking out former Retribution members on each side of the ring. Throughout the match, Mansoor attempts to win Ali over and Ali seems skeptical. Ali, now legal, catches T-Bar coming into the ropes and hits a Spike DDT, laying out the big man. Ali hurries Mansoor to the ropes to tag in. Ali climbs up top as Mansoor prepares for a double move, but Mansoor is knocked into the ropes. The vibration causes Ali to lose his footing and crotch himself before spilling to the outside. T-Bar quickly follows it up with a pair of kicks to lay out Mansoor and pick up the win.
Your Winners, Mace and T-Bar!

After the Match: the River

Mace and T-Bar enter the ring again behind Ali, as Ali is busy yelling at Mansoor. Both men hit their double-team, sit-out chokeslam powerbomb–now called The River–to leave Ali out flat. We head to break but we’ll hear from Charlotte Flair, next!

In the Ring Promo: Charlotte Flair

The Queen takes her time coming to the ring as Graves sings her praises and chastises announcer Jimmy Smith for not putting more…oomph in his voice when he says the Queen’s name. Flair starts out addressing the Simone Biles Olympic withdrawal, then starts to segway into her own point when the crowd interrupts her with a Becky Lynch chant. Flair reminds them Becky’s not there, and it was Flair who sold out the Allstate Arena–not Lynch. She returns to her topic of conversation, pointing out that she won the title two weeks ago at Money in the Bank and then less than twenty-four hours later, Nikki A.S.H. stole her Raw title. Flair feels like she’s going to have her own breakdown. She then says she’s the eleven-time Women’s champion and the most decorated woman in the business. So therefore, Flair believes she’s speaking on behalf of all of us when she states that cashing in a Money in the Bank contract is a cowardly act. She complains that since the inception of the Women’s MitB event, she’s not been cashed in on once–and pulls a Kendo Stick out from the ring, throwing it in; she’s not been cashed in on twice–this time, she retrieves a broom and throws it in the ring; she’s been cashed in on three times–and throws a chair in the ring. She tells us that she asked for a one-on-one match last week to show all of us “aspiring, wanna-be, almost-superheroes who wanna believe in Nikki Cross” that we’re all right. She then points out that last week she suckered Nikki into shaking with her left hand instead of her right, leaving Flair’s right head open to sucker-punch her. Flair tells us that Nikki A.S.H. is going to sacrifice herself in their no-holds barred match tonight as anything goes “and I’m going to kick y—” Flair is interrupted when Nikki A.S.H. hits her from behind with a steel chair! Flair flees the ring as the crowd pops for Nikki.

Backstage Interview: Eva Marie & DouDrop

Eva Marie is asked about Natalya’s ankle injury last week, but Eva doesn’t want to talk about that. She’s disgusted by Bliss’ ugly little doll. She then tries to take credit for DouDrop’s success, and insults Dou’s upbringing, claiming she probably grew up on a farm or something. She asks Dou where she’s from, and Dou starts to say “Scotland” but is cut off by the selfish-as-always Eva Marie.

Singles Match: DouDrop w/ Eva Marie vs Tamina

Eva Marie and DouDrop make their way out together. Tamina will be out next, after this break.We get replays of the accidental injury last week when Natalya’s ankle was caught under DouDrop’s body as she rolled. Luckily, Nattie avoided major surgery and should be back sooner than was feared. Tamina starts off with DouDrop, easily taking down her opponent. Eva Marie talks smack to Tamina from the ringside, distracting her long enough for DouDrop to recover. Dou with a DropSplash in the corner, followed up by a middle-rope assisted elbow drop. Dou with a chinlock. Tamina throws back elbows in an attempt to gain some separation. Dou with a hair-mat slam, followed by a running Senton for a close two. DouDrop with a kneeling side headlock. Tamina powers to her feet and breaks the hold with two big gut shots. Dou whips Tamina into the corner, and Tamina counters by coming out with a knee that drops both women. Both regain their footing. Dou with a huge right that staggers Tamina. Tamina with a right of her own. Dou with another; Tamina fires back with a series of her own followed by a running head slam. Tamina with a running back elbow to the corner. Tamina looks for a Superkick but Dou blocks it. Dou drops Tamina and is interrupted by Eva. Eva attempts to coach her teammate, causing a distraction that sets up a Samoan Drop from Tamina to pick up the win.
Your Winner, Tamina!

After the Match: the Lilylution

Eva Marie and DouDrop talk in the ring, with Eva seemingly coaching her…uh…friend. They’re interrupted by Alexa Bliss & Lily on the tron. Bliss laughs at them and announces the loser of the match, Eva Marie.

Previously on Raw…

We get a short video package from last week’s Damian Priest/Sheamus match that not only saw Priest win, but also break Sheamus’ nose.

Backstage: Damian Priest with Riddle

Priest is walking backstage when Riddle rides up on his scooter. He goes on a rant about his fish, Swim Shady, and Priest looks at him like he’s crazy. Priest changes the topic and asks if he’s worried about Omos. Riddle tells Priest that he’s got Orton in his veins and tons of voices in his head—to which Priest admits he can believe that–and he’s ready for Omos. Priest addresses his upcoming appearance on MizTV here shortly and reminds us that if Morrison tries anything, Priest will make sure Johnny Drip Drip has a matching wheelchair to the Miz.

In the Ring: Miz TV featuring Damian Priest

When we return from the break, “America’s Moist Wanted” and the A-Lister welcome us to MizTV. Miz expresses his disdain with Priest, considering their history, but wastes no more time in introducing his guest–Damian Priest. We get stills from four months ago, at WrestleMania, as Priest makes his way to the ring set. Morrison tells Priest “this is a splashole-free zone so keep your mouth shut or I might have to moisten ya up, comprende?” The Miz responds Priest comprendes. He asks John who put the Miz in the wheelchair, who cheated and ripped off Sheamus’ mask last week, and both loudly answer “cooooooooorrect!” as the crowd boos. Priest tells them that they’re really out of their minds. The crowd starts a loud CM Punk chant, haha. Priest asks the Miz if anyone even knows what’s wrong with the Miz’s knee? Before the Miz can answer, Priest asks if the Miz will ever wrestle again? And again, before the Miz can answer, Priest asks if it’s a leg injury or something different (implying, the crown jewels). The Miz warns Priest that if he–the Miz–weren’t in a wheelchair right now, he’d smack the taste out of Priest’s mouth because the Miz hasn’t had an injury in sixteen years until he fought Priest. Priest bends over the Miz and tells him to do it. The Miz doesn’t, and Priest tells him that’s what he figured. Morrison hops up and cuts the usual, crazy, funny schtick as always. He promises someday to be in the American Museum of Moistness and kids will want to grow up to be like them. Priest fires back that no kids wanna grow up to be loud-mouthed jackasses like the Miz. The Miz tells him to watch his mouth or else. Priest calls him out on the “or else” part. Priest doesn’t understand what’s wrong with these two as he came out to challenge Sheamus, but he’s perfectly fine fighting these two idiots right here in Chi-town. Morrison threatens to have the “last splash.” Priest with a huge bell-clap that stuns Morrison before tossing him outside. Priest begins to stalk the Miz in the ring, moving a chair aside as the Miz tries to wheel back further. Priest uses a Dripstick to blow the Miz in the face with its load, then keeps taking more from the Miz as he retrieves them. Priest continues the h2o facials as we go to break, and it looks like this match is next.

Singles Match: Damian Priest vs John Morrison w/ the Miz

After the break, we’re told Sonya Deville made this official so we get to it. Priest with an easy control to start with, using a big slam and a springboard leg drop to flatten the Moist One. Priest with a whip but Morrison dodges, rolling over Priest’s back and feinting a kick before catching him with a second. Morrison attempts a cover for a short two. Morrison begins to manipulate the shoulders with a kneeling working hold. Morrison mocks Priest’s “Archer of Infamy” pose. Priest escapes the hold and catches Morrison with a back elbow. Priest fires off a series of kicks and combination shots that leave Morrison flat on the canvas. Priest climbs up top as the Miz finds another Dripstick. The Miz blasts the Priest in the face, and Morrison looks to capitalize on the distraction. Morrison with an incredibly creative and agile move, similar to an apron-to-ring modified AA, I think. Morrison with Starship Pain for two. Morrison with a running knee for another two count. The Miz cannot believe what he’s witnessing. Priest fires off a right fist but Morrison responds with a right kick. Morrison looks for a springboard leap but Priest counters, and hits the South of Heaven to pick up the win after a short but entertaining match.
Your Winner, Damian Priest!

After the Match

United States Champion Sheamus hits the ring, attacking Priest while looking for revenge for last week. Ricochet hits the ring, making the save, and we go to break.

Tag Team Match: Damian Priest & Ricochet vs John Morrison & United States Champion Sheamus

When we return from the break, this tag match is not only official but under way. Ricochet uses his agility to drop Sheamus in the ring, then connects with a springboard jump kick that knocks Morrison off the apron. Ricochet heads out to the apron but is distracted by Morrison, allowing Sheamus to club him from behind. Morrison swings Ricochet head-first into the stairs with a wicked swing and throw. Sheamus with a back breaker followed by clubbing blows to the lower back and shoulders. Sheamus and Morrison utilize quick tags as all four men have little time to showcase their abilities in such a short match. I apologize, severe weather here caused a brief interruption in results coverage for this match. Damian Priest and Ricochet pick up the win.
Your Winners, Damian Priest & Ricochet!

Singles Match: Riddle vs Raw Tag Team Champion Omos w/ AJ Styles

After the official announcement that Lashley will face Goldberg, we get Riddle’s entrance. Omos makes his way out next after we get a video showing last week’s scooter-breaking incident. Riddle tries to get a start right out the gate with a sleeper. Omos immediately takes control and begins to decimate Riddle. Omos sends Riddle outside and throws him around the ringside like a rag doll. Riddle barely makes it into the ring at nine. Omos with a big running rope-buster that sends Riddle flying off the apron again! Riddle once again barely makes it into the ring at nine. Riddle tries to mount some form of offense, stumbling the big man with three flying knees before Omos fly swats him down. Omos with a huge two-handed Chokeslam and covers to pick up the win in a short, dominant match.
Your Winner, Omos!

Alexa’s Playground

We cut backstage where Alexa talks about Lily, who’s been influencing people for a long time. People such as Jack the Ripper and…before she can finish her sentence, DouDrop attacks Bliss, laying her out on the artificial turf. Eva Marie walks up and calls the doll ugly and tells Bliss this is the EvaLution. They walk off and the camera cuts to the side, where the Lily doll “stands up” on its own and we end our segment.

Singles Match: NXT Champion Karrion Kross vs Keith Lee

Hailing from Sin City–will he drop his title to Joe in his hometown?–comes the current NXT Champion, Karrion Kross, all alone to the ring. The crowd is mostly dark, as per usual with his entrance, but the Chicago crowd mostly seems dead. We go to break as we get Lee/Kross, again, after this break. After a break and a plug for Lollapalooza, we return to the ring where Kross calls for Lee to come out. We get a picture-in-picture pre-recorded promo. Kross holds up the latest sand hour glass from your local Anthropologie and tells us that like the sands in the glass, these too are the Days of Our Lives. He tells Lee his days are numbered because…why not? We cut back to the arena and out comes the suddenly-limited one, Keith Lee, who gets a nice mild reaction from the crowd. Graves calls for a reminder to Payback from last year when Keith Lee took on, and defeated, Randy Orton one-on-one. Last year. Lee eventually readies up in ring and we’re set. The bell rings and a piped-in “NXT” chant starts amongst a dead crowd. Lee takes the NXT Champ to the corner and throws a few punches as the ref counts. Kross with a standing switch and begins to stomp away at Lee in the corner. Lee wraps up Kross by the waist. Kross with elbows to break free. Again, Lee with a waist-lock and again, Kross with elbows. Lee whips Kross into the ropes and runs him over, twice. Lee tells Kross to “Come on and charges him in the corner. Kross dumps Lee over the top rope to the apron, but Lee defies gravity and soars like a lucha with a springboard cross-body. Lee takes time gloating, soaking up what Graves calls the adoration of the dead crowd, and Kross makes him pay with a big boot to the face. Kross takes Lee to the outside and hits a pump-handle overhead suplex into the steel stairs. The ref begins to count as we go to break.
Back from the break. We return to find Kross still in control as the commentary team is grateful we’ve been gone for the last few minutes. It’s been nothing but Kross per Smith. Smith addresses the psychological games that Kross apparently plays and Graves plus other matches, showing their enthusiasm for this match. Kross toys with Lee for a few moments longer until Lee fires back with a series of big chops that stagger and drop the NXT champ. Lee comes off the ropes and runs over Kross, flooring the champ again. Lee shows he’s a Shawn Spears fan, seemingly calling for the Perfect Ten (even if Graves insists its for the Spirit Bomb) but Kross counters. Kross with a huge strike to the spine that drops Lee to a knee. Kross with a sleeper but Lee powers out of it. Kross charges Lee and runs right into a pop-up sit-out powerbomb (slightly modified Spirit Bomb) to pick up a win to an actually decent crowd reaction.
Your Winner, Keith Lee!

Backstage Interview: Rhea Ripley

Ripley is asked about her thoughts on tonight’s No Holds Barred match between A.S.H. and Flair. Rhea says it’s going to be a brutal match, and she will be watching. Ripley, in fact, hopes that A.S.H. beats the living tar out of Flair tonight. But that changes nothing regarding SummerSlam as Rhea promises to walk out as the champ.

24/7 Championship Match: Reginald the Sommelier(c) vs Akira Tozawa

Reginald makes his way down to a mild reaction but gets a decent pop when he does his insanely-athletic leap from the ramp and into the ring. After a break, Akira makes his way out to the ring. Short match that primarily focuses on showcasing Reggie’s agility. At one point Tozawa whips Reggie into the ropes and Reggie flips over Tozawa’s back. Tozawa begs Reggie to stop, yells “ninja power” and attempts to attack Reggie. Reggie drops back to dodge then hits a cannonball bronco buster to pick up the quick win!
Your Winner and STILL 24/7 Champion, Reggie!

Backstage Interview: Raw Women’s Champion Nikki A.S.H.

Nikki is asked about tonight’s match. Nikki admits that she’s nervous but that’s part of almost being a superhero. She states that last week, Flair beat her, so she challenged her tonight to prove to herself that she can beat Flair and prove to others that if they try hard, they can be almost superheroes, too.

No Holds Barred Number Non-Title Main Event Match: Raw Women’s Champion Nikki A.S.H. vs Charlotte Flair

They’re calling this a “contendership match”, even though Flair is already in the title match at SummerSlam. Okay. A.S.H. comes out first and we go to break. Afterwards, Flair comes out to loud boos. We start our match with the Queen showcasing her viciousness. Flair counters Nikki early on, taking the champion outside of the ring. Flair slams Nikki into the announcer’s table, and the crowd starts chanting “we want tables!” Flair capitulates, retrieving a wooden table from beneath the ring and laying it vertically against the side of the ring. Nikki attacks Flair, sending her into the ring post, and Flair stumbles off a bit. The champ looks to follow up but Flair mocks Nikki, beating her while yelling “you think you’re champion?” We see Ripley watching from a screen in the gorilla position. Flair with a textbook suplex release on the outside floor. Flair lines up, waiting…waiting…and streaks along the ring side, spearing the champion through the barricade as the crowd pops and we go to break.
Back from the break. Flair throws multiple shoulders into Nikki’s gut in the corner. Big Flair Chop before Charlotte places Nikki on top of the turnbuckle. We see a table’s been set up in a corner at an angle. The crowd chants “we want tables” again. Cross looks for a top-rope Cross-Body but Flair moves and Nikki pancakes on the hard canvas. Flair with a huge running Big Boot that flattens the champ. Flair follows up with another before heading outside to retrieve chairs. Flair’s caught with a dropkick to the chair-to-the-face as she attempts to enter with a chair. Nikki with a Tornado DDT off the apron. Flair with powerful Flair Chops to Nikki before tossing her over the barricade and into the WWE Universe. Flair holds her arms up celebrating, yelling that no one’s cashing in (their MitB contract) on her anymore. Nikki dives off the barricade but Flair turns in time to catch her and counters with a big Powerbomb through the announcer’s table! The crowd pops loud as Flair huffs and puffs over a fallen champ. The crowd starts loud “Yes” chants (soon to be known as: “Affirmative!” chants in AEW). Flair drags the champ by an arm across the rubble of the desk, yelling that Nikki wouldn’t be there without her. Flair hoists Nikki up and puts her on the apron, then paces around to the stairs and up into the ring, cackling as she enters. Flair continues to talk smack and drags Nikki by the arm into the middle of the ring. Flair plants a single foot on Nikki, covering for one, two…no! The champ gets an arm up. Flair is insulted that Nikki “kicked out” of such a complicated “pin.” Flair kicks Nikki and kneels, taunting her. Nikki tries to rise in the corner, using the table to her back as she tries to rise. Flair looks for a Spear and, lo and behold, the champ simply drops down and Flair spears herself through the table! Nikki places an arm Flair but Flair kicks out! The crowd chants a loud “this is awesome” chant as Nikki seems to get suddenly pissed. Nikki sets Flair up on the middle rope and hits a modified draping rolling cutter to pick up the win!
Your Winner, Raw Women’s Champion Nikki A.S.H.!

In Closing

There you go, folks, another Raw in the history books as the Summer of Cena continues! Thank you all for stopping by, and we hope to see you here tomorrow night for the best wrestling on weekly television today–NXT, especially with tomorrow’s InDex “Love Her or Lose Her” match. Have a great night and stay safe out there.

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