WWE RAW Results & Discussion (10/24)

The October 24, 2016 edition of WWE RAW aired live on the USA Network from Minneapolis, MN at the Target Center.

– RAW kicks off with former World Champion Chris Jericho making his way out to the ring, and he has some bad news for us. He says tonight’s triple threat main event between him, Kevin Owens, and Seth Rollins has been called off. He reveals that someone has stolen the List of Jericho, and he will not leave the ring or have another match until his list is returned. Owens comes out next with his Universal Championship belt. Owens says he doesn’t care about the list but he knows Jericho does, so he’ll help him find it once they take care of Seth Rollins tonight. Stephanie McMahon comes out next, and guarantees Jericho will get his list as long as he stays focused and wrestles tonight. Rollins is out next, and reveals that he is the one who stole The List. He says that even Stephanie McMahon is on the list, and claims that Owens is on the list too as Jericho’s “former best-friend.” Jericho says Owens would never be on the list, because the list is only for mutton-heads and stupid idiots like Rollins. Jericho also says that Stephanie isn’t on the list, and says he wants it back from Rollins immediately. Rollins says he’ll give the list back, but gets serious first about his plans to hit he Pedigree on Owens this Sunday at Hell In A Cell. Rollins tells Jericho to come get the list, and returns backstage.

– Enzo and Cass come out to the ring and start cutting a promo, but Enzo’s mic cuts out, and Gallows and Anderson interrupt very quickly. Gallows says he paid off someone in the production truck to cut off Enzo’s mic. Enzo goes ahead and cuts his promo without a microphone, and the crowd sings along. Enzo Amore takes on Karl Anderson in singles action next.

Enzo Amore def. Karl Anderson: Enzo gets some offense in early on, but Anderson comes back with a spinebuster after a distraction from Gallows. Anderson hits a couple flying kicks to the head of Enzo, then drops him with a flying knee for a two count. The finish comes when Cass hits Anderson with a big boot from ringside and Enzo rolls him up from behind for the win.

– Rusev is standing in front of a blank black screen cutting a promo on Roman Reigns about their match this Sunday at Hell In A Cell.

– The New Day comes out to make fun of Sheamus. “Shame on all of us for allowing Sheamus to come out to the ring every week,” Kofi says. They say that nobody actually wants to see Sheamus, and leads the crowd in a “shame” chant.

Sheamus & Cesaro def. Kofi Kingston & Big E: Both New Day members are dominant early on, taking turns hitting splashes on Sheamus before Big E drops him with a clothesline. The New Day members then take turns stomping on Sheamus in the corner until he rolls outside. Sheamus and Cesaro turn things around, then repeatedly tag themselves in to take turns hitting European Uppercuts on Kofi in the corner. Sheamus hits a series of clubbing blows to the chest of Kofi, then a boot to the face. Cesaro tags in and misses a spear in the corner, slamming shoulder-first into the ring post. Sheamus and Big E tag in and Big E hits a series of belly to belly suplexes. Cesaro and Sheamus tag back in, and Cesaro reverses a DDT attempt into a vertical suplex for a near-fall. He goes for the swing, but Kofi reverses into a roll-up for a two count. Cesaro hits a series of running European uppercuts, but Kofi is able to duck one and hit the SOS for a near-fall. Big E and Sheamus tag in, and Big E clotheslines the Irish superstar out of the ring to the floor. Big E launches Kofi into the air for a splash to the outside, but Sheamus moves and Cesaro catches Kofi in mid-air with a big European Uppercut. Back in the ring, Sheamus hits the big boot on Big E for the win.

Bayley vs. Dana Brooke – No Contest: Before the match, Dana cuts a promo explaining that she requested a rematch tonight, but not for a wrestling match, for an arm-wrestling match. A table gets set up in the ring, and Bayley hesitates to start the arm-wrestling. The crowd chants “this is stupid” as they finally lock hands and Dana wins quickly. The crowd chants “boring” as they go for round 2, and Bayley starts winning so Dana drops Bayley with a right hand. Bayley comes back with a belly to belly suplex and Dana rolls out of the ring and heads to the back.

– Chris Jericho runs into Stephanie McMahon and complains that the list wasn’t in the locker room, where he questioned every wrestler he came across. Stephanie says that Jericho is going to have to wrestle in the main event tonight whether he finds his list or not, and they argue about whether Stephanie was on his list.

– Curtis Axel comes out to the ring in front of his hometown to say that Bo Dallas betrayed him last week. He says that every time he steps in the ring he represents his grandfather The Axe Hennig, and his father Mr. Perfect. Bo is out next, and we have a match.

Bo Dallas def. Curtis Axel: Bo starts off with a right hand, and Axel answers with a right hand of his own that drops Bo. Axel pummels on Bo on the mat, then stomps on him in the corner. Axel hits the Perfect-Plex for a two count, then Bo rolls outside to recover. Dallas trips Axel from the floor and starts pummeling on him. Axel comes back with a series of clotheslines and a flying elbow. He follows up with a running knee to the face of Bo for a two count. Axel hangs Dallas over the middle rope and hits a series of knees to the face. The referee breaks it up, and Dallas is able to roll up Axel out of nowhere for the win.

– Jericho is still backstage looking for his list. An unnamed employee tells Jericho that he saw the list, and points Jericho in the right direction. Jericho walks over and sees that Braun Strowman is holding the list. Strowman tells Jericho he has to say “please,” then gives him the list back. Strowman complains that Sami Zayn isn’t on it, and walks off. Jericho corrects him and says that Zayn is on page 4, then adds Strowman to the list for touching his personal property.

Goldust & R-Truth def. The Shining Stars: Mark Henry is at ringside in the Golden Truth’s corner, and Titus O’Neil is ringside in The Shining Stars’ corner. The heels get in lots of offense on Goldust in the opening minutes. They hit a double dropkick on Goldust for a two count, but Goldust is able to come back with his patented spinning powerslam. R-Truth gets the hot tag and cleans house. He hits a spinning heel kick, a splash, and a spinning shoulder block for a two count on Primo. R-Truth goes to bounce off the ropes, but Titus pulls the top rope down from ringside, causing Truth to fall outside. Mark Henry gets in Titus’ face at ringside and they scuffle into the ring post, knocking Primo off the turnbuckle. Goldust and R-Truth hit a double facebuster on Primo for the win.

– Mick Foley is in the ring to host the contract signing for Sunday’s Women’s Championship match between Sasha Banks and Charlotte in a Hell In A Cell. Foley cuts a promo about great wrestling knowing no gender, and says women can accomplish anything — like having a Hell In A Cell match. Charlotte yells at Foley to hand her the contract, but he doesn’t hand it to her just yet. He talks about the dangers of a Hell In A Cell match, and says they have no idea what they’re in for. Charlotte says she’s the only reason the Women’s Title means anything, and she’ll go to Hell and back on Sunday to become Champion again. All three of them yell at each other, and Foley goes off about the injuries he has from his Cell match against Undertaker still hurting him to this day. Charlotte and Sasha sign the contracts and Charlotte heads to the back first.

Rich Swan def. Brian Kendrick: TJ Perkins is on commentary for this one. Swan hits a couple dropkicks early on that drop Kendrick and send him rolling to the outside. Swan climbs the turnbuckle and somersaults onto Kendrick on the floor. Back in the ring, Kendrick blocks a splash in the corner with a big boot to the face of Swan. Kendrick climbs to the top turnbuckle, but Swan leaps up from the mat and hits a hurricanrana. Swan hits a powerbomb and rolls into a cover for a two count. Swan goes for a standing moonsault but Kendrick gets the knees up to block then pins for a two count. Kendrick hits a boot to the face of Swan, and Swan comes back with a right hand. Kendrick goes for The Hook, but Swan turns it around into a pin for the win.

– Kevin Owens does an interview in the back where he says tonight’s match won’t hurt his friendship with Chris Jericho. He says that he and Jericho will break Rollins tonight to soften him up for Hell In A Cell on Sunday. He says on Sunday he’s going to put Rollins through Hell, and it will scar both Rollins and anyone who watches.

Sami Zayn vs. Braun Strowman – No Contest: Before the match, Strowman gets on the mic and says he still wants real competition and Zayn isn’t it. He walks past Sami and addresses Mick Foley on the mic, but Sami attacks him form behind. Strowman turns around and Sami slaps him across the face. Sami rolls to the outside and Strowman chases him around the ring. Sami rolls back in the ring, and dropkicks Braun off the apron when he tries to get back in. Sami goes to follow up with a suicide dive, but Braun catches him and slams him into the fan barricade. Strowman walks to the back as Zayn climbs back in the ring and stares him down.

– Brian Kendrick approaches TJ Perkins in the locker room and says he needs his help. Kendrick says he needs to win on Sunday to feed his family, and he needs Perkins to let him win in their match. Kendrick cites the times that he helped Perkins and appears to be crying. Perkins walks off with his Cruiserweight Championship belt.

– Paul Heyman is backstage knocking on Brock Lesnar’s dressing room door. The Beast is up next. 

– Brock Lesnar makes his way out to the ring accompanied by Paul Heyman. Heyman gets on the mic to address the situation involving Goldberg. Heyman says the Goldberg chants are starting to piss Brock Lesnar off, and the crowd duels “Suplex City” and “Goldberg” chants. Heyman warns the Goldberg fans that if they don’t stop, his client will take matters into his own hands. A “Goldberg sucks” chant can be heard on TV, which gets a smile from Lesnar. Lesnar’s music hits and Heyman makes his way to the back with the former UFC Heavyweight Champion.

– Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens meet up to talk before their upcoming triple threat match. Jericho tells Owens that he would never be on the list, and that no matter what happens tonight they’re still friends.

Seth Rollins def. Kevin Owens & Chris Jericho: Rollins tries to make Jericho and Owens fight each other early on, but they don’t do it. Rollins throws Owens outside and goes to work on Jericho. He hits a chop to the chest of Y2J and follows up with a blockbuster neckbreaker off the middle rope. Rollins hits a kick to the head of Jericho, but then Owens pulls him outside and throws Rollins into the fan barricade. Rollins and Owens brawl around ringside, and Rollins ends up throwing Owens back in the ring and throwing Jericho into the crowd. Back in the ring, Owens drops Rollins with a series of clotheslines in the corner. Rollins dodges a cannonball in the corner then throws Owens outside. Jericho hits the ring again and lays out Rollins. Jericho goes for the Lionsault, but Rollins blocks it with his knees. Rollins goes for the Pedigree on Jericho, but Owens breaks it up and the two heels take turns pummeling on Rollins. Owens yells at Rollins, “you don’t Pedigree him.” Owens hits a senton bomb on Rollins off the middle rope, and they continue to beat him down. Rollins is able to back body drop Owens to the outside, then he hits a superkick on Jericho. He hits a suicide dive on Owens to the outside then rolls back in the ring. Rollins goes for a splash off the top, but Jericho rolls out of the way and hits the Codebreaker for a near-fall. Jericho sets Rollins up in the corner, then Owens hits a cannonball on him. The heels sit Rollins up on the top turnbuckle and go for a double superplex. Rollins slides down between their legs and powerbombs the both of them off the middle rope. He rolls them both up immediately after powerbombing them down for the three count. After the match, Owens and Jericho beat down Rollins all over ringside. Security separates them and Jericho and Owens head up the ramp. Rollins fights through security and attacks Owens from behind on the ramp. They brawl on the ramp and around ringside until Owens powerbombs Rollins onto the corner of the ring apron. Referees check on Rollins on the ringside floor as RAW goes off the air.

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