WWE RAW Results & Discussion (11/14)

This week’s episode of WWE RAW aired live from the Buffalo, NY at the Keybank Center, and is the last episode of the show before Survivor Series on Sunday. Tonight’s show will feature the first face-to-face meeting between Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg in 12 years.


– Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon are in the ring addressing the crowd while the RAW stars who will be competing at Sunday’s Survivor Series line the stage. Foley and McMahon tell the RAW stars that they need to work together for the better of the show, or else they will make some serious changes. Foley and Stephanie set up a few matches for tonight, including a six-man tag between the team of Seth Rollins, Chris Jericho, & Braun Strowman, versus the New Day. Up next, Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns will be teaming up for a tag match against Sheamus and Cesaro.

Roman Reigns & Kevin Owens def. Sheamus & Cesaro: Reigns and Cesaro start off with some back-and-forth action until Reigns takes control with a lying clothesline. Reigns tries to tag in Owens, but Owens walks away. Cesaro throws Reigns into his team’s corner and hits a splash, then he and Sheamus quickly exchange tags to work on Reigns together. Cesaro throws Reigns into a flying shoulderblock from Sheamus for a two count. Sheamus and Cesaro eventually start arguing, then Owens and Reigns start arguing at ringside. Cesaro comes flying out of the ring with a suicide dive onto both Owens and Reigns at ringside. Back in the ring, Owens tags in and hits a tornado DDT on Cesaro for a two count. Reigns and Sheamus tag in and take turns hitting series’ of clotheslines on each other. Reigns prepares for a superman punch, but Owens tags himself in. Sheamus hits the big boot on Owens, then Reigns hits his Superman punch on Sheamus. Reigns drags Owens ontop of Sheamus for the pin to win.

– Chris Jericho is in the back giving a pep talk to Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman. Jericho tells them to put last week’s events in the past, and that he’s going to unify them as a team. Jericho gives them each a gift. They open up the boxes to find that Jericho has given them each “the scarf of Jericho.” Strowman tells Jericho he wants the scarf around Jericho’s neck instead of the one in the box. Jericho says it’s a $750 scarf, but he will give it to Strowman to keep the unity alive. Jericho gives it to him to try on, but Strowman rips it up. Strowman says he doesn’t like scarves, and he doesn’t like Jericho.


Sami Zayn def. Bo Dallas: Dallas hits a series of elbows and boots in the corner on Zayn early on. Dallas follows up with a clothesline and a series of knee strikes to the head on the mat. Zayn comes back with a t-bone suplex into the turnbuckle and follows up with a big boot for the win after a very short match. Byron interviews Sami in the ring after the match about Survivor Series. Zayn says where he has to face Ziggler or The Miz, he’s Hell-bent on bringing the Intercontinental Championship back to RAW.

– We get a look backstage at Brian Kendrick cutting a promo on the rest of the cruiserweight locker room. Sin Cara objects to Kendrick’s “state of the cruiserweight address”, and they have to be pulled apart by the other wrestlers.

Chris Jericho, Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman def. The New Day: Jericho insists that he’s in charge and thafor a t he’ll start off the match for his team. The New Day starts getting some offense in on Jericho, prompting Rollins to laugh at him since he insisted on starting. Jericho slaps Rollins on the chest to tag him in. Rollins and Woods go back and forth until Rollins hits the Sling Blade for a two count. Jericho tags in, but Woods drops him with the Honor Roll then tags in Big E. Big E hits a powerslam on Jericho before tagging in Kofi, then Jericho tags in Strowman. Strowman gets in Jericho’s face, then slams Kofi and stomps on the back of the head. Rollins tags in and works on Kofi until Kofi comes back with a flying knee to the face. Strowman tags in and misses a spear in the corner, then Jericho and Xavier tag in. Woods hits a tornado DDT on Jericho then pins, but Strowman breaks up the pin. Big E clotheslines Strowman to the outside, then Kofi comes flying over the top rope onto Strowman. Strowman catches Kofi in mid-air and slams him down, then he drops Big E with a clothesline. Xavier kicks Strowman in the face from the apron, then back in the ring Rollins hits a knee to the face on him. Jericho tags himself in and goes for the Walls, but Woods gets out. Jericho kicks him in the head then tags in Strowman, who hits a running powerslam for the win. After the match, Rollins gives Jericho a Pedigree in the ring.

– Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon are backstage discussing how well RAW is going, until they are interrupted by Paul Heyman. Stephanie asks how he’s feeling after being speared. Heyman says it only hurts when he breathes, but he’s not the one facing Goldberg on Sunday. Heyman tells Stephanie that the word in the locker room is Team SmackDown for Survivor Series is looking very strong.

Brian Kendrick def. Sin Cara: Kendrick jumps Cara from behind before the bell. The referee gives Cara a moment to recover before running the bell, then Kendrick goes right back to work on him. Kendrick controls the opening minutes of the match until Sin Cara hits a Northern Lights Suplex, then a flying shoulderblock through the ropes onto Kendrick at ringside. Sin Cara goes back in the ring and attempts another dive outside, but this time Kendrick side-steps him and throws him into the fan barricade. Back in the ring, Sin Cara comes back with a top rope splash and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a two count. Sin Cara hits a sitout powerbomb for another two count. He hits a springboard elbow on Kendrick for another two. Sin Cara takes Kendrick to the top turnbuckle, but Kendrick grabs his mask and turns it around sideways so Cara can’t see. Kendrick pushes him down and locks in the Captain’s Hook for the win. Kendrick and Cara’s instructions to each other in the ring were audible on the USA Network feed.

– Gallows & Anderson have words with Enzo & Cass backstage. Enzo and Cass warn them not to turn on them at Survivor Series, and say they won’t trust them.

– The ring is full of security and Brock Lesnar is out next with Paul Heyman. Lesnar pushes his way through the security in the middle of the ring, then Goldberg comes out next. Goldberg gets in the ring with a mic. Heyman starts to talk, but Goldberg cuts him off and says this has nothing to do with Heyman, it’s about him and Brock. Goldberg says Heyman and the security should leave so him and Lesnar can get it on. Heyman says the security is there for Goldberg’s protection, and that his client should be the only thing on Goldberg’s mind right now. Heyman starts going down the list of names Lesnar has beaten. Goldberg interrupts him and says Lesnar’s beaten a lot of people, but he’s not on that list. Goldberg says he can take that list of conquered people and shove it up his ass. Heyman interrupts and tells Goldberg he’s acting like the worst person alive, and should think of his family. Goldberg tells Heyman the next time he mentions his family, he’s going to rip his head off and feed it to Lesnar. Heyman apologizes for raising his vice, then says he has an offer for Goldberg. Heyman tells Goldberg to back away now, and Heyman will find a replacement for him at Survivor Series. Goldberg rips off his shirt. Heyman tells Goldberg that he’s going to lose on Sunday, then Lesnar lays out a couple of the security guards from behind. Heyman says after Sunday, Goldberg’s kid will call Lesnar daddy. Goldberg lays out the security as Heyman and Lesnar leave th ring. Lesnar gets on the apron and rips his shirt off. Lesnar teases getting in the ring with Goldberg, but instead backs off and walks up the ramp with Heyman.


Charlotte & Sasha Banks def. Alicia Fox & Nia Jax: Bayley is on commentary for this one. Nia controls the opening minutes of the match against both Charlotte and Sasha. Alicia tags in, but Charlotte and Sasha start fighting each other. Alicia comes off the top with a cross body splash on both of them, but then Sasha gets her in the Banks Statement for the win. Bayley walks to the ring to celebrate with Sasha and Bayley after the match.

– Mick Foley is backstage congratulating Jericho, Owens, Rollins, Strowman and Reigns on doing good jobs tonight. Jericho tells Foley that he should be getting more credit from Foley, so Foley thanks him and the rest of them. Foley tells them to stick around for the fireworks when he and Stephanie address Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon tonight.

Enzo, Cass, Gallows & Anderson def. The Golden Truth & The Shining Stars: Enzo and Cass throw The Shining Stars outside early on, and the Golden Truth throws Gallows and Anderson outside early on. The referee restores order and Anderson starts working on R-Truth. R-Truth comes back with a spinning heel kick, then Primo and Cass get the tags. Cass hits a fallaway slam and a big boot, followed up by the Empire Elbow. Anderson tags in and Cass throws Primo into him for a spinebuster. Gallows tags in and they hit the Magic Killer on Primo. Gallows and Anderson tell Enzo to go up top for a splash, but before Enzo jumps, Gallows pins Primo for the win. Gallows and Anderson laugh at Enzo before heading to the back.

– Shane McMahon and Mick Foley come out to the ring and they introduce Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan. Shane and Daniel promote tomorrow’s episode of SmackDown featuring The Undertaker and Edge, then they get into the topic of Survivor Series. Shane tells Stephanie that nothing has changed at RAW since the draft, with Stephanie ruling over the roster by threatening them. Stephanie criticizes Shane for putting himself on Team SmackDown and taking the position from a wrestler. Stephanie introduces Team RAW next so Shane can look at who he’ll be facing on Sunday. Stephanie and Mick leave the ring and Team RAW surrounds Daniel and Shane. Team SmackDown comes out next through the crowd, including James Ellsworth. The SmackDown stars hit the ring and stare down the RAW wrestlers. Universal Champion Kevin Owens and World Champion AJ Styles cut promos on each other about which of their title belts is the better one. AJ says Owen’s is still “stuck on Chris Jericho’s sugar-tit.” Jericho and Owens hug, then Jericho calls Styles a stupid idiot then puts him on the list. Jericho points to Ellsworth and asks “what the hell is that?” Jericho says Ellsworth is a weird looking guy, and on RAW, weird looking guys make the list. Bray Wyatt grabs a mic next and cuts a promo on Braun Strowman for abandoning him. Ambrose decks Jericho with a right hand out of nowhere and both teams start brawling all over ringside. Strowman drops Shane and clears out the ring, until Ambrose and Styles get up and start double teaming him. Shane McMahon clotheslines Strowman to the outside. Jericho hits his patented springboard dropkick on AJ, sending him to the outside. Jericho turns around into an RKO from Orton, then Reigns drops Orton with a Superman Punch. Wyatt goes for the Sister Abigail on Reigns, but Reigns gets out and Superman punches him too. AJ goes for a Styles Clash on Reigns, but Rollins makes the save and hits a Pedigree on AJ. Rollins and Reigns throw AJ out of the ring into the rest of team SmackDown at ringside.


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