WWE RAW Results & Discussion (9/26)

The September 26, 2016 edition of WWE RAW aired live on the USA Network tonight from the US Bank Arena in Cincinnati, OH.

– The show kicks off with Roman Reigns’ entrance music hitting and the newly crowned United States Champion coming out to the ring. Rusev is revealed to be already in the ring, and we have a match.

– Roman Reigns (c) vs. Rusev: Double count-out: The United States Title is on the line in this one. The bell rings and Rusev starts off by keeping Reigns grounded with mat wrestling as the crowd chants “We want Lana.” The story of the first part of the match is Rusev wearing down the lower back of Reigns. Reigns tries to mount a comeback and hit a powerbomb, but his back is too weak and Rusev continues the beat down. Rusev hits a back suplex and a series of gut-wrench suplxes for a near-fall. Reigns comes back with a series of clotheslines, then goes for a Superman punch but Rusev catches him and throws him outside. Reigns tries to mount another comeback, but Rusev drops him with a spinning heel kick for a two count. Rusev hits a superkick shortly after for another two count. Reigns comes back with a big boot, and the two competitors leave the ring and start brawling through the crowd. The referee counts them both out, but the action doesn’t stop as Reigns and Rusev brawl all over ringside. Rusev lets off a chair shot on Reigns and Reigns rolls back into the ring. Rusev follows and goes for another chair shot, but Reigns catches him out of nowhere with a spear. Reigns teases that he’s done and is leaving, but he changes his mind and nails Rusev with the steel chair to send the segment.

– Mick Foley invites both Sheamus and Cesaro to the ring, and they’re both angry about the finish to last night’s match. After some arguing, Foley reveals that since they came to a draw, they will both be competing for titles — the tag team titles. Foley brings out The New Day, and with that, Cesaro and Sheamus walk away disgruntled. Gallows and Anderson are out next as they have a rematch for the Tag Titles tonight.

– The New Day (c) def. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson: Kofi and Big E are representing The New Day in this match and they start things off in control of their opponents. After several minutes of taking offense from the champions, Gallows lays out both Big E and Kofi at ringside with big boots. Anderson follows up with another big boot on Kofi on the outside before rolling him back in the ring for a two count. Gallows gets the tag and Kofi blocks a splash attempt, but Gallows comes right back with a successful chokeslam. Big E gets the hot tag and hits a series of belly to belly suplexes on Anderson, then clotheslines Gallows to the outside. Kofi hits a splash on Gallows off the ring steps on the outside, while in the ring Gallows throws Big E into the ring post. Anderson starts mounting a comeback, but Big E spears him through the middle rope to the outside. Kofi goes for a suicide dive on Anderson, but Gallows pulls him outside and throws him into the ring steps. Back in the ring, Anderson hits a neckbreaker off the top rope on Big E. Gallows tags in and they hit the Magic Killer on Big E. Kofi breaks up the pin, then Gallows throws him back outside and kicks Xavier in the head from the apron. Anderson and Kofi tag in, and Kofi hits a tornado DDT off the top rope then the Trouble in Paradise for the win. Kofi is busted open really badly, but there’s no mention of it on commentary.


– Sheamus and Cesaro are arguing in the back and they ask MIck Foley to reconsider teaming them up. Foley cuts a promo on them saying they are two of the toughest and greatest superstars he’s seen, and that they might be able to change the tag team division together.

– Bayley def. Anna Fields: Anna fields appears to be a jobber, but gets in lots of offense in the opening moments. Bayley comes back pretty quickly and hits a flying elbow in the corner. Bayley follows up with the belly to belly suplex for the win in a short squash match.

– Mick Foley confronts Stephanie McMahon in the back about her meeting with Triple H last night after Clash of Champions. Stephanie chews him out and tells him not to accuse her of not knowing how to do her job. Foley says he was out of line and apologizes.

– Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann vs. Drew Gulak & Lince Dorado: Swann and Dorado are evenly matched in the opening moments, trading dropkicks and takedowns. The action goes outside, and Dorado takes out everyone on the floor including his partner with a moonsault off the top rope. Back in the ring, Gulak and Dorado take turns working on Swann until Alexander gets the hot tag. He hits a springboard clothesline off the top rope on Gulak for a near fall, then a brainbuster on Dorado. Swann tags in and hits a kick to the face of Gulak and rolls him up for the win.


– Cesaro & Sheamus def. Local jobbers: Cesaro starts things off and hits a standing vertical suplex. Cesaro goes to tag in Sheamus but Sheamus walks away and laughs. Moments later, Cesaro slaps Sheamus on the back to force the tag. Sheamus hits a series of clubbing blows to the chest of the first jobber, then the second jobber tags in. Cesaro tags himself in and hits some European uppercuts as the crowd chants “lets go jobbers.” Cesaro fights his way out of a double team situation, then Sheamus saves Cesaro from being attacked from behind by hitting the big boot on both jobbers. Cesaro pins one of them for the win.


– TJ Perkins is in the back cutting a promo about his RAW debut tonight, but is quickly interrupted by Brian Kendrick. Kendrick says the cruiserweight title belt was brought back for him, and says he’ll take it from Perkins.

– Charlotte and Dana Brooke come out to the ring and Charlotte cuts a promo about why she’s better than Sasha Banks and Bayley. Sasha interrupts and says the Women’s title belt is still hers, because Charlotte pinned Bayley and not her. Sasha says she’s still owed a one on one rematch, and she wants it right now. Charlotte says she’ll give her a title match, next week. Sasha slaps Charlotte across the face then puts Dana in the Banks Statement. Charlotte breaks it up, but Sasha throws both Charlotte and Dana out of the ring to the floor.


– TJ Perkins def. Tony Nese: Nese goes for a suplex earl on but Perkins escapes and gets him in a knee bar. Nese reaches the ropes to break the hold then rolls outside. Perkins follows him and Nese hits him with a superkick. Nese rolls back inside then hits a suicide dive over the top rope onto Perkins on the floor. Nese continues controlling the match back in the ring, but Perkins comes back with a hurricanrana and a neckbreaker. Perkins follows up with a facebuster for a two count. Perkins hits a series of vetical suplexes then goes up top the top rope. Perkins goes for a torando DDT, but Nese blocks it, crotches Perkins on the top rope, then hits a running big boot for a two count. Perkins comes back with a Pele kick on Nese then gets him in the knee bar for the win.


– Chris Jericho is out next for The Highlight Reel with Kevin Owens. Jericho trashes Seth Rollins, and puts over Owens for injuring Rollins. Owens says he proved that he should have been the #1 pick in the draft for RAW, and that he is the true main event and “the man.” Owens says Rollins may have injured Cena, Sting, and Finn Balor, but now since he injured Rollins that makes him the most dangerous man in WWE. Rollins comes out to interrupt but security and agents stop him. Rollins walks to the back as Owens taunts him from the ring. Enzo and Cass come out to interrupt next, and Jericho puts them both on his list. Enzo and Cass inform Jericho and Owens that Foley gave them a match tonight, and that’s up next.

– Kevin Owens & Chris Jericho def. Enzo & Cass: Enzo and Cass clear the ring early on, and Cass throws Enzo over the top rope onto Owens and Jericho on the floor. Back in the ring, Cass hits a series of side walk slams on the heels, but then Jericho is able to throw Cass outside where Owens goes to work on him. Enzo tags in and goes up to the top rope for a cross body splash on Jericho for a near-fall. Owens distracts Enzo from the apron and allows Jericho to hit his patented springboard dropkick on Enzo. Enzo tries to work his way over to Cass for the hot tag but the heels keep him grounded in their corner. Jericho goes for a superkick but Enzo pushes him off. Enzo attempts a cross body splash off the middle rope, but Jericho hits him with a dropkick in mid-air that drops Enzo. Owens tags in and hits a Senton Bomb on Enzo for a two count. Jericho tags in and goes for a Lionsault, but Enzo gets his knees up to block it then get the hot tag to Big Cass. Cass hits a Stinger splash on Owens in the corner, a big boot on Jericho, then the Empire Elbow on Owens. Cass misses another splash on Owens in the corner, and Owens capitalizes with a superkick. Cass comes back with a big boot, then takes Jericho outside with him. Enzo tags in and comes off the top with a DDT on Owens for a two count. Owens comes back with a clothesline on Enzo then a powerbomb for the win. Owens and Jericho celebrate as RAW goes off the air. ion.

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