WWE RAW Results - March 23

WWE RAW Results From WWE Performance Center In Orlando, FL. (3/23/2020)

The Road to WrestleMania 36 continues this evening, as WWE presents this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

Featured below are complete results of the March 23rd episode of WWE Monday Night RAW from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL written by Rajah.com’s newest female reporter, Jamie Rush. Follow me on Twitter @JamieRush312.


Paul Heyman Promo

Directly following the WWE Forever opening of WWE Monday Night RAW, we go into a video package showing Brock Lesnar’s manager, Paul Heyman. Heyman begins by saying he’s the advocate for the reigning defending undisputed WWE Heavyweight Champion of the World, Brock Lesnar.

Heyman states that many superstars have fallen victim to Lesnar including but not limited to: Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Nature Boy Rick Flair, Stone Cold Steve Austin, John Cena, and even The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Heyman then points out that no one has ever been so dominant for so long.

Drew McIntyre Promo

As the video for Paul Heyman concludes, we go into another video package for McIntyre. McIntyre confirms Heyman’s statement, saying everything Heyman stated is 100% true. A video shows in between shots of McIntyre sitting in an interview room alone, the video showing clips from matches of Brock Lesnar and of Drew McIntyre.

McIntyre once again states that Brock Lesnar has been dominant in the WWE for a very long time, then adds, “but then he ran into me.” A video shows Drew McIntyre as #16 in the 2020 Royal Rumble where he eliminated Brock Lesnar. McIntyre then says that in case Lesnar thought it was a fluke, last week on RAW McIntyre shows Lesnar he had finally met his match as he delivered 3 Claymores to Lesnar in the ring and outside of the ring.

McIntyre goes on to say that he learned in his life to never make or claim a promise he can’t back up, so he was going to choose his words very carefully. With that being said, McIntyre states he’s going to knock him on his ass and pin him to become (mocking Paul Heyman’s voice and movements) “the reigning, defending, undisputed, WWE Heavyweight Champion of the world at Wrestlemania.” The segment ends.

In-Ring With Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman

Once again, we see Paul Heyman, now standing in the center of the ring at the Performance Center with Brock Lesnar standing in front of him holding the WWE Heavyweight Championship belt over his shoulder. Heyman welcomes us to WWE Monday Night RAW. He does his shtick with his name and Brock Lesnar’s status.

Heyman then continues on to say that we live in the most uncertain of times. “Ladies and Gentleman, let’s be honest with each other for a change here, and in this time in history, where we all need a little certainty in our lives… I give you that certainty in Brock Lesnar.” Heyman goes on to say McIntyre can do anything he wants, training, weightlifting, sparing with MMA Fighters, etc.

Heyman continues on to say that McIntyre cannot beat Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania. The event that is too big for just one night. Heyman then adds that God’s prayer line is going to give McIntyre a busy signal. Brock Lesnar will answer the prayer, making it quick and painless. Though after what happened at the Royal Rumble and what happened on RAW this past week, Lesnar will make it quick, but he will not make it painless. Lesnar smiles at that statement.

Heyman admits that Drew McIntyre put Lesnar on his butt three times, which makes McIntyre a “made” man. Heyman then assures everyone that after Wrestlemania is over, Drew McIntyre is going to be just another b**** that tried, just another wanna be that got d****** out, by the greatest WWE Champion to ever step into a ring. Your reigning, defending, undisputed, WWE Heavyweight Champion of the world. Then, now, and forever… Brock. Lesnar.


WWE Championship on the line one week from Saturday when Brock Lesnar defends his championship against Drew McIntyre.

It is then announced that Randy Orton is here to answer Edge’s challenge for Wrestlemania. With that we go to the first commercial break of the evening.

Announcer’s Area

As we come back from commercial break, it is once again stated by Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips that WWE’s Monday Night RAW is coming to us live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL, the same venue that will host the Wrestlemania pay-per-view event just one week from Saturday streaming on the WWE Network. The first Wrestlemania too big for just one night, as it will air on both Saturday, April 4th and Sunday, April 5th.

Byron says he wants to take Tom back to last week’s Monday Night RAW where Luke Gallows and Carl Anderson attempted to deliver the WWE Contract for the Wrestlemania match for AJ Styles. The Undertaker beat both men to an oblivion while AJ Styles looked on from backstage.

We see Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips in the announcer’s area as they discuss Brock Lesnar and Drew McIntyre. Phillips sets up a video clip after repeating Heyman’s quote “McIntyre will be just another b**** who tried” as Phillips adds if we’d like to see an example, how about the 2015 WWE Royal Rumble where Brock Lesnar defended his title against Seth Rollins and John Cena.

2015 WWE Royal Rumble Replay
John Cena vs. Seth Rollins vs. Brock Lesnar

Out first is John Cena as his music sounds in the arena of the 2015 WWE Royal Rumble event where if he wins the match, John Cena will tie with Nature Boy Rick Flair with 16 World Championship reigns, the most in sports entertainment history.

Out next is Money in the Bank winner of 2015, Seth Rollins as he makes his way out, heading towards the ring where an awaiting John Cena stands. Finally, Brock Lesnar makes his way to the ring, championship belt around his waist as he makes his way down the ramp, entering the ring.

The match is officially announced, the bell rings and the match begins. Lots of fast paced action early on in this match-up. Rollins exiting the ring immediately as Lesnar goes after him, Cena grabbing Lesnar. Lesnar with a German Suplex on Cena. Cena attempts to go for the Attitude Adjustment on Lesnar, Lesnar counters and drops Cena in the center of the ring.

Rollins re-enters the ring going at Lesnar from behind to no avail. German Suplex by Lesnar on Rollins, then Lesnar lands another German Suplex on Cena. More back and forth action between the three superstars, then we go to commercial break.

As we come back from commercial break, we see more of the 2015 Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View Triple Threat Match between Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins and John Cena. Brock Lesnar ultimately retains his WWE Heavyweight Championship title as he beats both Seth Rollins and John Cena.

(At one point towards the end of the match, a bright red visibly injured Brock Lesnar is on a hard board at ringside with medical personnel and officials surrounding him as John Cena and Seth Rollins go at it in the ring. Rollins goes for the pin and Cena somehow kicks out. Rollins looking stunned and angered as he stares down at John Cena. Rollins heads to the top rope, Rollins lands on Cena as Brock Lesnar jumps back in the ring slamming a Suplex on Rollins then a Suplex on Cena. Rollins attacks Lesnar and Lesnar hits an F5 on Rollins for the win and to retain his championship.)

Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips Updates

As we come out of the video of the Wrestlemania 2015 match which had Brock Lesnar defending his title in a Triple Threat Match with John Cena and Seth Rollins, we are welcomed back by both Saxton and Phillips. Saxton reiterates that that is just one example of what Brock Lesnar is capable of and what Drew McIntyre will have to contend with.

They remind us that this is the first Wrestlemania ever to be too big for just one night, as it will take place Saturday, April 4th and Sunday, April 5th on the WWE Network and pay-per-view.

Phillips tells Saxton that a big time event like that needs a big time host as a picture of Gronkowski flashes on the screen and Phillips notes that Gronk is a former all pro tight end and three time Superbowl champion, who this past Friday got in the face of King Corbin while in ring with his good friend, Mojo Rawley.

Saxton mentions the AJ Styles vs. Undertaker match that is also set for Wrestlemania as he points out that Styles is the one who made things so personal as we go into a video clip of Styles in the ring speaking to a non-present Undertaker.

Video Clip Highlighting AJ Styles and Undertaker Feud

Styles states Undertaker should have retired 10 years ago when he was in his prime. Styles adds that Undertaker’s wife Michelle McCool keeps sending him back in the ring, and at Wrestlemania, Styles is going to help McCool bury Undertaker for good.

We switch to a more recent clip of Styles from last Monday when Undertaker was in the ring of the Performance Center alone after tearing up furniture and pacing as he waited for Styles to show up. Styles on the jumbotron states he will gladly pay for Undertaker’s “Assisted Living expenses” following their match up as Undertaker will be able to Rest. in. Peace.

Carl Anderson and Luke Gallows are attacked by Undertaker as they bring the contract to an already angry Undertaker as AJ Styles is forced to watch from backstage as they are brutally beaten ringside.

As the video clip ends, Saxton and Phillips state that AJ Styles is at the Performance Center tonight and they we will hear from him later on tonight. With that we go to commercial break.

Announcer’s Area

As we come back from commercial break, The Weeknd “Blinding Lights” is announced as the official theme song of Wrestlemania, from the album “After Hours” as the song plays in the background.

We then go to Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton who set up a video of highlights of the events leading up to the bout set at Wrestlemania between AJ Styles and The Undertaker.

AJ Styles In-Ring Promo

As the video ends, “The Best Tag-Team in the World” Gallows and Anderson are announced as is “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles as his music plays in the Performance Center arena.

AJ Styles lifts the mic as he begins, “For the first time in history, Wrestlemania is just too big for just one night.” Styles goes on to say he doesn’t care which night his match is on, though maybe The Undertaker does, Styles pokes fun at Undertaker stating he isn’t sure when ‘Takers wife Michelle McCool lets him out of the house. (Styles looks back at Gallows and Anderson for confirmation that he said something funny.)

Styles continues on saying ‘Taker has lost control of everything, pointing out that ‘Taker came to the ring in “stretchy pants” last week, adding they are the type of pants pregnant women wear. As he attempts to figure out the name of them, Anderson interjects, “Depends?” to which Styles states “no, those are adult diapers”. Maternity pants.

Styles then says ‘Taker looked like a gothic version of Dog the Bounty Hunter, or a gothic version of The Tiger King, adding if you haven’t heard of it, trust him, it’s a good burn. Styles asks if anyone has seen ‘Takers Twitter account and the video of ‘Taker swimming with a tiger at Myrtle Beach Safari.

The video is shown of ‘Taker in the water with the tiger as he shares the needs of these Tigers, Styles mocks the video, then adds that ‘Taker has lost control. Styles adds he wanted to take ‘Takers soul, but he believes McCool has already taken it. Styles continues on to mock ‘Taker posting selfies on Instagram and tweeting on Twitter.

Styles states he doesn’t want that Undertaker, he doesn’t want Mark he wants The Undertaker from yester-year, but he cannot be found. Styles then smiles as he adds he’s going to give the WWE Universe what they want. Styles says he’s going to bring back The Dead Man. A Boneyard Match. “This is your match Taker, this is for you!” Styles adds, “When it’s over, I have the perfect plot for you. Ironically enough, it’s the same plot that Michelle McCool picked out when she buried your career.” With that Styles music sounds as the segment ends.

Backstage Interview Andrade and Angel Garza

Charly Caruso starts off welcoming Andrade, Zelina Vega, and Angel Garza. Charly seems unable to take her eyes off of Garza as Zelina begins speaking to Charly, telling her she looks so… good isn’t the word, she looks, “So.”

Zelina goes on to say that Andrade and Garza are the best tag-team fighters in the WWE. The Street Profits can jump into the audience and dance around, but after the match, they won’t be dancing with the championship titles anymore.

Andrade and Vega walk off on that note, Charly states that match is coming up, Charly stops in the middle of her sentence as she turns to Angel Garza who is still standing there with a big pearly white smile as he bounces on the heels of his feet. Charly tries to regain her composure after staring at Garza, finishing her thought saying that match is up next.

Quick Announcement

An announcement is made as we head to commercial stating this Friday the “Firefly Funhouse” returns. Plus The New Day battle The Usos for a chance to take on The Miz and John Morrison.

Announcer’s Area With Saxton and Phillips

As we come back from commercial break, we go back to Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips in the announcer’s area at The Performance Center in Orlando, FL. Phillips reiterates AJ Styles request for a Boneyard Match against The Undertaker. Saxton then asks what a “Boneyard Match” even is. Saxton continues on to say that Styles might want to be careful what he wishes for, as he might just take on too much, getting more of The Undertaker than he can handle.

Phillips then switches gears as he mentions the Last Man Standing Match that Edge has proposed to Randy Orton. Phillips then sends us in to a video clip from last week’s Monday Night RAW where Edge explained what was and what could have been had Orton not interjected and taken matters into his own hands.

Video Clip: Edge on Last Monday’s RAW

The video shows Edge explaining to Randy Orton that Edge’s wife Beth Phoenix had come to Monday Night RAW not just to give an update on Edge’s medical status, but also to re-retire Edge from the WWE. But not now.

Edge goes on to say that Orton pulled Edge away from making a horrible decision. Edge then states if Orton has the guts, it’s Edge vs. Orton in a Last Man Standing Match. Edge adds that he writes the story, no one but him. The video ends.

Tag-Team Match
Angel Garza & Andrade w/ Zelina Vega vs. Ricochet & Cedric Alexander

Out first is Andrade with Zelina Vega by his side, they both wait at the top of the ramp as Angel Garza’s music sounds next as Garza joins Andrade and Zelina. The three make their way down the ramp and enter the ring.

Out next is Ricochet as his music sounds. Ricochet enters the ring as his music continues to play, Andrade and Garza quickly go for the double team attack, Ricochet runs right under their Double Clothesline attempt, jumping off the second rope and flipping backwards to take both men to the mat before the bell even rang.

Garza and Andrade quickly exit the ring as Ricochet stands ready facing both men. Cedric Alexander’s music sounds as he quickly makes his way to the ring standing back to back with Ricochet as they prepare to take on Garza and Andrade. Finally the bell rings to officially begin the match.

Ricochet starts things off for his team and Andrade takes the ring first for his corner. Ricochet wastes no time as he goes hard with fast paced action, Andrade trying to land a hard hit to slow things down inside the ring. Ricochet lands hard Chops to the chest of Andrade.

An unseen tag, Garza distracting the referee multiple times allowing Andrade to get some illegal advantages early on. The Street Profits music sounds as they come out with their red cups, joining Phillips and Saxton on commentary as we go to commercial break.

As we come back from the commercial break, we see Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins joining Phillips and Saxton on commentary at ringside. Andrade and Ricochet in action in the center of the ring. Garza tags and enters the ring where he rips his pants off in the center of the ring. Garza gets the advantage on Ricochet.

Lots of back and forth action between the four competitors. Alexander finally gets an opportunity to take on Garza which is short lived as Alexander tags Ricochet back in. We go to commercial once again.

As we come back from commercial break, Alexander and Andrade are in the ring. More action inside the ring as Andrade goes for a pin attempt, only getting the two as Alexander is able to kick out. Angel Garza hits the Moonsault off the middle rope onto Alexander.

Ricochet for the save, though he flies over the ropes landing into the barricade pretty hard. Street Profits are hyped up throughout this match, even asking if anyone can “feel the energy in here” as they wild out. Vega shouting to Andrade from their corner.

Towards the end of the match, Andrade with a massive Elbow on Alexander throwing him backwards several feet as he hits the mat. Andrade makes the cover and even the commentators seem confused at the quick end of the match, but the three count goes to Andrade for the win!

Winners: Angel Garza & Andrade

After the Match

Dawkins and Ford stand up and congratulate Andrade and Garza on their win tonight as Phillips notes the very calm demeanor of the Street Profits. Andrade and Garza disinterested as Street Profits make their way down the ramp and enter the ring as they take both men down inside the ring.

Ford and Dawkins throw Andrade out of the ring, followed by Angel Garza. Zelina Vega shouts, “You’re looking at the future right now, that’s your future!” leading both Garza and Andrade up the ramp and to safety. With that, we go to commercial break.

Phillips and Saxton: Announcer’s Area

As we come back from commercial we see Trouble In Paradise delivered by Kofi Kingston as he celebrates his victory inside the ring with his children, winning the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania.

Last Monday’s Hall of Famer Steve Austin’s appearance for “3:16 Day” live on Monday Night RAW. Phillips jokes with Byron Saxton who took part in the “festivities” following getting hit with a Stunner, then Becky Lynch joining in on the celebration with the brews.

Street Profits vs. Brendan Vink & Shane Thorne

As we go to the ring, all four contenders have already made their entrances. Street Profits were already in the ring following their attack on Andrade and Angel Garza. NXT members Brendan Vink and Shane Thorne are announced by the commentators as the referee signals for the bell to ring, and the match begins.

Dawkins starts things off for his team, Shane Thorne for his as they begin throwing blows back and forth. Dawkins in control early on, finally giving the tag to Montez Ford. Ford claps in a silly manner following a move that put Thorne on the mat, before getting serious once again. Vink tags in and takes Ford down, the referee focusing on Dawkins.

Vinks lands a shot to the chest of Ford. Dawkins tags in, Dawkins in complete control. Finally Montez lands a Dropkick on Vink. From the Heavens Ford hits the Cash Out for the three count on Vink.

Winners: Street Profits

Video Clip: R-Truth

Tom Phillips mentions the 24/7 Tag-Team Championship as we go back to the announcer’s area of the Performance Center. Phillips sends us to a video clip.

As we go into the video clip, we see Riddick Moss out for a jog in an upper-class neighborhood, Moss sees a referee sitting in a car on the street, and shouts for the referee to get out, he knows a referee doesn’t make the kind of money that would allow him to live in a neighborhood like this as he shouts, “Where is he?”

R-Truth jumps out of the trunk and rolls Moss up for the three count and grabs the belt, shouting, “you need to go back to football!” then drives off.

We go to commercial break.

Shayna Baszler Interview

As we come back from commercial break, we see Shayna Baszler sitting down for an interview inside the ring with Charly Caruso. The lights are dimmed in the Performance Center with a white spot light over Caruso and Baszler.

Caruso finally speaks, saying that Shayna is maybe the scariest women ever in WWE history. Caruso asks how Baszler plans to conduct herself as WWE Women’s Champion if she wins against Charlotte Flair. Baszler just sits there staring on. Caruso continues, stating that Baszler does most of her talking with her actions, but since they’re sitting there face to face, asking Baszler if she could put it into words.

Caruso visibly shaken as she asks questions very nervously, to which Baszler finally responds as she jokes, asking if Caruso thinks she is going to bite?

Baszler smiles and says “Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.” The topic switches to Becky Lynch, and how Baszler bit her on the back of the neck. Baszler says Lynch should expect to lose. Baszler tells Caruso to ask the question she really wants to ask. Caruso now looking terrified as Baszler continues on asking questions for Caruso, “If all you want to do is destroy, why do you want to win the Women’s championship title so bad?”

Baszler continues on saying her answer is because she loves to destroy, and when she takes the title from Lynch, it will destroy Lynch. Baszler adds she has shown everyone who she is from the start. Caruso moves on to the topic of the last time Baszler was in the ring with Lynch. Before the statement is complete, Shayna is hit from the darkness behind her, presumably Becky Lynch.

The lights come up and Becky Lynch continues destroying the back of Shayna Baszler inside the ring, Lynch smiles as she exits the ring. Baszler laying on the mat in the center of the ring as The Man stops at the top of the ramp, looking back to smile once more.

Brief Announcement

Phillips announces Aleister Black is at the Performance Center and is looking for a fight. With that we go to commercial break once again.

In-Ring With Kevin Owens

As we come back from commercial break we see Kevin Owens standing in the center of the ring at the Performance Center, holding a microphone in his hand. Owens looks up the ramp and calls out The Messiah of Monday Night RAW, Seth Rollins.

Rollins makes his way out as his music sounds in the arena. Rollins tells Owens he’s just the man he was looking for. Rollins states the Performance Center is pretty nice, adding that fighting Rollins here doesn’t give Owens the home team advantage even though Owens trained there and Rollins didn’t. Rollins goes on to say that he rebuilt the system and is working on doing the same thing for Monday Night RAW.

Rollins continues on stating that Owens keeps standing in the way. None of this exists without Seth Rollins, NXT doesn’t exist, the Performance Center doesn’t exist, every single person owes him. There is no Gargano, no Champa, No Undisputed Era, No TakeOver, nothing, without Seth Rollins. Most Importantly without Seth Rollins, there is no… Kevin Owens.

Owens interrupts stating Rollins is delusional. Rollins asks to finish, stating his second question is more important. Rollins asks why Owens chose Wrestlemania to make an example of him. Rollins goes on to explain his record for Wrestlemania appearances including Intercontinental Championship, Universal Championship, cashing in the Money in the Bank contract, etc.

Rollins points out he has more Wrestlemania moments than he can count, Owens has zero. Owens looks upset in the ring as Rollins states Owens track record reads, “Failure after failure after failure.” Adding, “What about last year? Awww… that’s right you weren’t even invited last year.” Rollins says Owens cannot beat him on his worst day, and Wrestlemania is not his worst day, because under pressure, he becomes a god.

Rollins finishes, stating, “You don’t stand a chance.” With that Rollins drops the mic and exits to the backstage area leaving Owens standing in the ring.

Wrestlemania 34 Match Replay
Charlotte Flair vs. Asuka

We see Flair’s entrance as she makes her way to the ring for her match against Asuka at Wrestlemania 34. Asuka makes her way to the ring next as her music sounds in the arena. Asuka determined to dethrone the queen. The match is announced for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

The bell rings and the match begins. Back and forth action between the two female superstars, Asuka landing Flair on the outside of the ring as we go to commercial break.

Towards the end of the match, Flair lands Asuka on the mat from the top turnbuckle, with a hard landing. Asuka kicks out at two. Asuka locks in a submission move, Flair able to manuver out. Flair gets the Asuka Lock on Flair. Flair stands up. Back and forth, finally Flair hits a one armed Figure Four on Asuka for the win. Crowd stunned. Flair in tears as she holds her championship belt above her head. Wooo!

Charlotte Flair Interview

Charlotte Flair is interviewed following the replay of Wrestlemania 34 where she broke Asuka’s 914 day streak. Flair tells Rhea Ripley to watch some of Flair’s matches as Flair states, “She might learn a thing or two, Wooo.”

With that we go to commercial break, Randy Orton is live next!

Randy Orton In-Ring Response To Edge

In My Veins sounds as we come back from commercial break for our final segment of the evening. Randy Orton makes his way out to the top of the ramp with a mic in hand as the commentators break down the stipulations of the match Edge has requested against Orton.

Orton begins, “Over the last few months I have done some things, said some things that have been misunderstood.” Orton continues on saying though what he said and did was out of love, it has been taken out of context, as if he did it out of a place of evil.

Orton continues as he states he will give an answer after this. Orton says he lied when he said Edge was a junky for the roar of the crowd. Orton then states, “Adam Copeland is a junky for Edge.” Orton then continues on saying that he was handed an opportunity because of who he was, because of what his last name is.

A given opportunity doesn’t guarantee the youngest world champion in history. Orton says Foley handed the torch to Edge, not the both of them. Orton states he was thrown on tacs and had to spit in the face of Foley and take the torch.

Orton continues his response stating if Edge had the opportunity presented to him to join Evolution, he would have taken it. Orton says everything he has done in the last 3 months was out of love, to send Edge back to his family.

Orton concludes with stating to Edge, “You may be writing the story, but at Wrestlemania, I’m going to write the last chapter, and end it. I accept.” Orton’s music sounds, ending tonight’s episode of WWE Monday Night RAW.

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