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WWE Raw, Smackdown Attendance Growing While AEW Dynamite Decreasing

— Using data from the WrestleTix Twitter account, Wrestlenomics has compiled a compelling infographic illustrating ticket sales for WWE Raw, SmackDown, house shows, and AEW Dynamite over the past year, including year-over-year trends.

— The provided data unequivocally depicts significant growth in ticket sales for WWE’s various events while showcasing a contrasting trend of decline for AEW. Below is a snapshot of the Q3 ticket sales for 2023 in comparison to the same quarter in 2022, with a comprehensive quarterly breakdown available in the graph below.

  • WWE Smackdown 2022 Q3 to 2023 Q3: 8,700 to 11,400
  • WWE Raw: 2022 Q3 to 2023 Q3: 9,400 to 9,800
  • WWE House Shows: 2022 Q3 to 2023 Q3: 4,000 to 4,600
  • AEW Dynamite: 2022 Q3 to 2023 Q3: 5,700 to 4,900

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