WWE Raw & Smackdown Superstars Will Continue to Work in NXT

— Over the past several weeks, we have seen multiple WWE Raw and Smackdown superstars make appearances on NXT and according to a report by fightfulselect.com, this trend is set to continue even with NXT slightly rebranding this past week.

— WWE officials are finding crossing over talent from Raw and Smackdown to NXT is proving highly beneficial to the company. Not only has it led to increase viewership for NXT (the show generated its best audience of 2022 for Tuesday’s episode), but the veteran talents that are brought in and then in turn work with the younger NXT wrestlers are able to provide valuable feedback, recommendations and share their experience, but their insight has helped management gauge how far along they are in their preparedness in getting called up. As reported earlier this year, WWE has set a soft guideline of giving developmental talent two years to get up to speed before a decision is made whether they are to be released or retained.

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