WWE Raw Talk Full Recap(7/5)

Hello again wrestling fans, and welcome back to the Raw Talk Recap! After the latest episode of Monday Night Raw finished, WWE taped another edition of Raw Talk, which can be seen on Peacock and the WWE Network. Check out the full show below.

Raw Talk

Kevin Patrick begins by reminding everyone that Money In The Bank is one week from now, and introduces viewers to R-Truth. Truth begins by saying he was “foiled” by the “conspiracy” Tozawa had in mind, and he once again questions where Kevin was. Kevin wonders if they are “doing this again,” and Truth explains “it ain’t easy being cheesy.” Kevin changes gears, and Truth, along with Kevin, cover a few highlights from Raw. The host’s list off the guests that’ll be appearing today, until Kevin sends the show to the first break.

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Rhea Ripley

The Raw Women’s Champion brings her brutality to the Raw Talk set, and she says “I got to hit Charlotte with a crutch tonight, so I’m feeling chirpy.” Kevin asks if Rhea is in The head of Charlotte , and she tells him “Oh yeah, rent free! Every morning she wakes up and I’m in her head.” Kevin wonders if Rhea really believes that, and she tells him “I just said yes, bro… I just said yes.” Rhea asks Truth if he’s gonna let Kevin talk to her “like that,” and Kevin apologizes. Kevin asks what the game plan is for Money In The Bank, and Rhea questions Kevin, stating “How many times are you going to ask me this same question? I’m not going to tell you my game plan. Are you that much of an idiot?” Rhea continues explaining why she can’t answer the question, until Kevin wishes Rhea “good luck.” Rhea says “I don’t need your luck. I’m going to walk into Money In The Bank, and I’m going to defeat Charlotte Flair.” The host’s thank Rhea for stopping by, and it’s time for another break.

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The one and only joins the host’s, and Truth exclaims “this is my dawg right here!” Kevin begins the interview by asking Ricochet about The Miz, and Ricochet explains “Morrison and Miz will brag about how they defeated Ricochet, but they didn’t defeat nobody.” Truth wonders how many Money In The Bank matches Ricochet has been in, and Ricochet recalls Brock Lesnar ruining his first chance. Kevin mentions that Ricochet has a Falls Count Anywhere match next week, and Ricochet tells him “we have the entire ThunderDome to fight in. Who knows what all is gonna happen. Morrison is water logged with water references lately, so I’m gonna have to ring him out.” Kevin asks Ricochet who his toughest opponent will be in the Money In The Bank match, and Ricochet explains “everyone is a threat. Everyone has their own accolades, but that isn’t going to stop me. I’m ready to get this contract by any means necessary.” Kevin closes by asking Ricochet how excited he is to see fans return, and Ricochet says ”to be there in front of the people is just something that you can’t replicate bro, it’s gonna be a party.” Truth thanks “Richard O’Shea” for his time, and Kevin sends the show to a final break.

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New Day

After the break, “ya boys” are already with the host’s. Xavier says “I just wrestled, I don’t feel good.” Kevin wonders if the win on Raw is a sign of things to come, and Kingston explains “of course it is! It’s a spoiler bruh!” Kevin follows up by asking how The Hurt Business may feel after the match, and Kofi tells him “did MVP think Bobby would save him? You think you can come down here against the greatest WWE tag team of all time and not get hurt?” Kevin reminds New Day that MVP is the leader of The Hurt Business, and he requested that match. Xavier tells viewers “this is the thing. If Bobby Lashley and MVP failed to understand what we have been putting down for 6 years and counting, then that’s their fault. We’re good as singles, but together we are out of this stratosphere.” Kevin reminds Kofi that Xavier won’t be able to help him in MITB, and Kofi corrects him, stating “of course he will be there. He’s always there with me.” Xavier adds to that, and says “this man has been WWE Champion, he’s been to the top of the mountain!” Kevin asks one last question, and he wants to know how both members of the New Day feel about the return of fans. Both men draw the camera in closer, and Xavier sends a message to the viewers. Woods states, “put your hand on the screen, I want to feel it… oh, I’m feeling it, it’s the power! When you come see us in person you’re gonna feel it.” New Day lists all the places fans are gonna “feel it,” and Kofi says “we’re gonna come back and we’re gonna consume the people. We’re gonna be eating W’s!” Xavier closes by saying Kofi will get a “fat dub” at MITB, as the show fades to black.

That’s all for this weeks Raw Talk Recap! Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day everyone!

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