WWE Raw Talk Recap 12/28/2020

WWE Raw Talk Recap (12/28/2020)

Welcome back to the Raw Talk Recap courtesy of Andrew Hatcher and our friends at Rajah.com~!

This week’s guest on the show are “Limitless” Kieth Lee, Asuka, and “ya boys” the New Day, who are here to talk about Luke Harper. The hosts of the show are Charly Caruso, alomg with the reigning 24/7 Champion R-Truth, and its time to talk!

WWE RAW TALK RECAP (12/28/2020)

Charly welcomes us back to the ThunderDome, and introduces us to her usual co-host, R-Truth. Charly says they have found their groove together, and should have each other’s backs. Charly tells Truth he ruined her moment with Garza earlier, and he stole the spotlight from her. Truth tells her he’s never stolen anything, and apologizes. Charly takes back what she says, and moves into talking about the rest of Raw. They talk about what happened between Alexa Bliss and Randy Orton, and call Alexa “tormented”. Truth says Randy “is just being Randy”, because he’s crazy. Truth can’t figure out the difference between Bray and “The Fiend”, and Charly just moves on to the first guest on the show. He is the man who will face Drew McIntyre, for the WWE Championship next week on Raw, Keith Lee.

A Limitless Challenger

Keith talks about his win over Sheamus earlier in the night, and calls next weeks legends night a “perfect opportunity”. Charly tells Keith she spoke to Drew about the upcoming match earlier in the night, and a replay of the interview is shown. Lee responds, saying he accepts that the fact of the matter is that Drew “respects a man who will use cheap tactics, and birds of a feather flock together”. Lee says legends night is an opportunity to create a “limitless legend”, and talks about seeing the truth. Lee continues to question Drew’s character, and his relationship with Sheamus, before claiming he will get “redemption” on both of them. Charly continues to question Lee about Drew and Sheamus, then talks about how Drew supports someone “who is hurting” Lee. Keith says that’s been a part of Drew’s plan all along, and that “the one person who has always believed in Keith Lee, is Keith Lee”. Lee finishes by saying he’s “a legend in the making”, and hearing “and newww” after next weeks WWE Championship clash will be the perfect way to start of 2021. Charly stops the interview there, calling it a “perfect way” to end the segment, and Lee walks away. The show then immediately moves on to the next guests, The New Day.

A Tribute to Jon “Luke Harper” Huber

Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston make their way to the desk, and compliment Truth on his jeans. They briefly talk about Big E’s Intercontinental Championship win, and Kofi says “it’s about damn time”. Woods then starts to talk about Luke Harper, calling him “a fantastic human who did so much for this industry”. Woods shares a few more thoughts, telling Harper “we love you, and we wish we could see you again”, as he holds back tears. Charly tells them it’s been amazing to see all of the support from the wrestling community, and Kingston calls Harper “an amazing father”. Kofi talks about sharing stories about their children together, and finishes by saying Harper “will be dearly missed… it’s all just crazy”. Woods tells us to remember Harper “for the man that he was”, and Charly ends the interview there. The New Day and Truth joke about Truths “ashy knees” and Kingston tells him Luke “would’ve bought you some Jergens for that”. Truth laughs, and tells them it’s time for them to go. Up next is the final guest on tonight’s show. She is one half of the Women’s Tag Team Champions, and the reigning Raw Women’s Champion, Asuka.

The Golden Empress

Asuka takes a seat at the desk, and her and Truth seem to understand each other. That makes one of us… Charly asks Asuka about Charlotte, and Asuka says her partner has “great skills”, before talking about the “amazing match” she had with Charlotte at Wrestlemania 34. Asuka tells Charly she wanted to be the best, that’s why she chose Charlotte as a partner. Charly asks the champion how she plans to keep her title with Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler chasing her, and Asuka tells her she “hates” Nia and Shayna. Asuka talks about Nia and Shayna attacking Charlotte earlier in the night, and for the life of me I couldn’t tell you what she said. Truth knows, and says Asuka is ready to “put them down”. Charly laughs, as she tells Truth and Asuka she “doesn’t know what’s going on”. That makes two of us… Charly wants to know about Asukas’ New Years resolutions, and Truth points at the title, saying “keep that”. Asuka agrees, and tells the hosts she will “keep both” titles. Charly thanks us for joining 2020’s final edition of Raw Talk, and the show fades to black.

That’s all for this weeks show! I have to say Rest In Peace to Jon Huber again. I still can’t believe he’s gone… he was one of my favorites, before it was cool. Anyways, this isn’t about me! Join us right here next year, for more Raw Talk Recaps! Happy New Year everyone!!

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