WWE Raw Talk Recap 1/4/2021

WWE Raw Talk Recap (1/4/2021)

WWE Raw Talk returned with the first episode of the New Year of 2021 immediately following the conclusion of the WWE Raw Legends Night special on the USA Network.

Featured below, courtesy of Andrew Hatcher and Rajah.com, is a complete recap of the show.


Welcome to the first Raw Talk Recap of 2021! On this week’s episode of Raw Talk, 2 Queens join the show, as well as the leader of RETRIBUTION, Mustafa Ali. The hosts are Charly Caruso, and R-Truth, and its now time to hear how everyone feels about “WWE Legends Night”.

Charly welcomes us back to the ThunderDome, and introduces us to her co-host, R-Truth, who is now a 46 time 24/7 Champion. They are still calling themselves “char-truth”, and I still think they should have left that name in 2020. The hosts recap the nights main event between Kieth Lee and Drew McIntyre, and give their thoughts on Goldberg’s appearance after the match. They then move on to talking about Truths 24/7 championship win, and Truth thanks The Boogeyman for the assist. After that, Charly says it’s time to talk about another champion, and introduces the nights first guest, Charlotte Flair.

Queen In Question

One half of the WWE Woman’s Tag Team Champions makes her way to the desk, and she’s joined by her father, Ric Flair. Charlotte says she’s “not sure why” Ric is there, and he leaves. Charlotte tells the hosts she understands Ric was trying to help tonight, but she “didn’t need his help”. Truth says he’s also a father, and he understands what the intentions were. Charlotte says Ric should “just stand there and be proud”, and Truth wonders if Charlotte has ever had “hamburger helper without the ham”… Yes, that really happened. Anyways, Charlotte wonders why Truth always makes her hungry, and talks about being labeled as “Ric Flairs daughter” by ESPN, before the triple threat main event at Wrestlemania 35. Charlotte questions why she’s labeled that way, and says she had the match won tonight, before Ric got involved. Charly wonders if Charlotte wants to prove she is more than Flairs daughter, and Charlotte tells her about how much she wants to be “a role model for women”. Charlotte understands the legacy her father has, but she wants to make her own name. Charly thanks Charlotte for stopping by, and “The Queen” exits stage left. After that, RETRIBUTIONS’ theme music hits, and the hosts are joined by the next guest, Mustafa Ali.

Join Us

The leader of RETRIBUTION joins the hosts, starting off by thanking them for “doing the bare minimum”, and getting his name right. Mustafa says he’s “agitated and angry, but most of all confused”. He runs down the legends for being there tonight, calling them “guys who can barely walk”. Mustafa name drops younger talent who didn’t make an appearance on tonight’s Raw, and wants to know if we really needed to hear “whatcha gonna do brother” one more time. Zing! Mustafa continues running the legends down, and says “this place needs change”, and he is the change. Charly asks Mustafa about “trying to sway” Ricochet into joining RETRIBUTION, and Mustafa gets upset. Ali then welcomes the rest of RETRIBUTION to the desk, and T-Bar, Mace, Slapjack, and Reckoning walk into the picture. Mustafa sends a message to Ricochet, and tells him that trying to change Raw by himself “will break him spiritually”. Mustafa closes by saying that “the only way this place will change is with RETRIBUTION”. Mustafa storms off, as the rest of RETRIBUTION stands there making angry faces. Truth tells them “the head guy gone”, so they can leave now. Charly tells Truth not to poke any fun at them, and the next guest on the show makes her way out to talk.

Remember Me?

“The Queen of Spades” Shayna Baszler sits down with the hosts, and she looks pretty upset. Charly asks how Shayna is doing, and she says she “is tired of all of this”. Truth asks how many famous horses Shayna knows, and she tries really hard not to crack a smile. Shayna gets serious, and tells the hosts “everyone knows what they sign up for” when they come to WWE, and everyone in the back “has forgotten what I am about”. Shayna continues the intensity, and tells everyone “none of these broads can hold a candle to me”. Charly takes things back to the 2020 Royal Rumble, where Shayna was one of the final 2 competitors in the match. Shayna tells Charly that Charlotte won the match because “this is all she has”. Shayna runs down Flair, and recaps her own career, before saying she understands herself more now. Charly then wonders if Shayna will declare for this years Royal Rumble match, and Shayna tells her “a good poker player never shows her hand”. Charly closes the interview by telling Shayna she “feels bad for any woman who crosses paths” with Shayna, and thanks us for tuning in, as the show fades to black.

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