WWE Raw Talk Recap (2/22/2021)

WWE Raw Talk Recap (2/22/2021)

Featured below is a complete WWE Raw Talk recap for February 22, 2021. The following report comes courtesy of Andrew Hatcher and Rajah.com.

Hello again wrestling fans, and welcome back to the Raw Talk Recap! The show is hosted by the usual duo of Charly Caruso and R-Truth, and will feature a number of guests today. The guests are Riddle, Naomi, Lana, AJ Styles, and Omos. Now that everyone is all caught up on what’s going down, it’s time to talk!

WWE Raw Talk Recap (2/22/2021)

Charly kicks off the show by welcoming the viewers to the ThunderDome, as well as her co-host, R-Truth. Charly begins by pointing out that the 24/7 Championship still isn’t propped up on the desk, and wonders what happened with Truth and Bad Bunny. Truth tells her “it’s complicated” and “I’m getting my baby back”. Charly then transitions into talking about the WWE Championship, which is now owned by The Miz, after he successfully cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase at the Elimination Chamber event. A graphic is shown for the WWE Championship match between The Miz and Bobby Lashley, which takes place next week on Raw, and “Char-Truth” shares their thoughts on the matchup. After closing out the conversation about The Miz, Charly brings on the first guest of the night, the new United States Champion, Riddle.


The new champ, and Original Bro, begins by saying that last night “felt amazing”. Riddle talks about how the match came together, and he seems thankful he could pin Morrison, because he couldn’t pin “the mountain of a man” Bobby Lashley. Riddle talks about his Air Bud promo, and how he’s “just the bro who wants to be United States Champion”. Riddle reveals that he has named his title “Trevito”, and that’s kinda odd. Charly asks how it feels to win a title for the first time on the main roster, and Riddle tells her “it felt like my opportunity would never come”, before adding “I wasn’t gonna give up”. Riddle mocks those who talk about “elevating the title” and says “I don’t make the belt, this belt is gonna make me”. Before he leaves, Riddle encourages Truth, telling him “you’re the man, and you’re gonna get your title back, bro”. Charly wonders if Riddle has a nickname for Truth, and he throws a few out there, before she asks if Riddle feels like “the door is open now”. Riddle explains that “this is the start of something good”, and he hopes to get a few endorsements for “bro-gurt and bro-nuts”. Truth randomly mentions that Riddle has dirty fingernails, so Charly ends the interview there. Charly mentions to Riddle that he “can go get a pedicure now”, and the segment ends there. After that, Charly welcomes on the next two guests, Lana and Naomi.

Lana and Naomi

Both ladies dance their way on to the set, and Charly talks about their upcoming title opportunity. Naomi says it’s “exciting”, and Lana adds that “dreams do come true”. Lana begins to talk about goals she set earlier in the year, and tells the hosts “I am going to do it”. Charly tells the two they are “manifesting” the championship opportunity, and that they “represent a unique set of skills”. Naomi explains to Charly that you “miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, and if we don’t believe in us then no one will”. Lana jokes that they have “eaten raw eggs to prepare for this”, and begins to talk about her partner. Lana says Naomi “has been Smackdown Women’s Champion two times”, and she seems thankful to have Naomi as a partner, instead of someone like Nia Jax. Truth randomly wonders if they are going to “bring the glow”, and asks how much their power bill is. Lana talks about finding “inspiration from fashion shows” and Naomi talks about Coachella, while both try to figure out a team gimmick. Charly brings the interview to a close, and brings on the next guest, AJ Styles.

AJ Styles

AJ is joined at the desk by Omos, who tells the host he’s “the associate”. Truth says the name wrong, and AJ tells the big man “that’s going to keep happening”. AJ begins by saying that everyone was here tonight, “except Drew McIntyre”, who “got his feelings hurt”. Charly thinks Drew may have had a “valid reason”. AJ talks to Truth about losing his 24/7 Championship, and points out that “at least you were here” after the loss. AJ continues, saying Ricochet “isn’t gonna be here for a few weeks”. Clips of Omos and Ricochet are shown, and the “associate” wonders if Truth has a problem with him, after a tough question. Truth corrects himself, and tells Omos “I’m asking what you wanna be asked, dawg”. AJ puts an end to the arguing, and asks if anyone “wants to know what’s next for AJ Styles and Omos”. AJ answers his own question, and tells everyone that “the sky is the limit, and there’s nothing we can’t accomplish”. The hosts seem shook up by the presence of Omos, and tell AJ “we believe everything you say” in a shaken way. Charly closes the show by saying “we don’t want any hurt feelings around here, especially Omos”, as the show fades to black.

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