WWE Raw Talk Recap: (3/22/21)

Hello again wrestling fans, and welcome back to the Raw Talk Recap! After the most recent episode of Monday Night Raw came to an end, WWE taped another episode of Raw Talk, which you can watch now on the WWE Network. Raw Talk is hosted by Kevin Patrick, and his co-host, R-Truth. The guests on the show will be Sheamus, Rhea Ripley, and Braun Strowman. Now that we’re all caught up on what’s going down, it’s time to talk!

Kevin welcomes everyone to the show, and his co-host for today, Xavier Woods. Kevin begins by talking about how he’s still “shivering” from what happened to Orton, and Xavier tells him “I’m so glad it’s not me”. They continue to talk about the Orton/Fiend/Bliss storyline, until Kevin starts to talk about Bad Bunny challenging The Miz. Woods says Miz and Morrison may have terrible music, but they at least have “passion”. Kevin starts to talk about what went down between The Hurt Business and Drew McIntyre, and Woods believes it’s “incredible” that Drew beat Benjamin and Alexander by himself. Kevin asks Woods about AJ Styles and Omos, and Woods claims “Omos hurt me, so I’m going to hurt him”. Kevin ends the opening segment by announcing today’s guests, and sends the show to a commercial break.


Sheamus sits a scooter on the desk, and it must be the scooter Riddle drives. Sheamus takes us back to the beginning of his current run, and says “I honestly don’t even know where to start anymore”. A frustrated Sheamus continues, and talks about being “shafted one more time”, after learning he wouldn’t be in the main event of Wrestlemania. Sheamus talks about his match with Lashley, and states “I built that main event. I made those two lads raise their game, and I made them stand up, but once again Sheamus gets the shaft”. Sheamus continues, and says “that match is nothing without the Celtic warrior in it, and they only people who don’t see it are those in control of the company”. Sheamus almost goes full Drew McIntyre, and nearly drops an F-bomb. Woods asks Sheamus why he did what he did to Riddle, and wants to know why he thinks he’s not in the main event. Sheamus runs down a list of people who “can’t answer that”, and Woods tells him “I know how hard you hit in the ring, and I feel your frustration”. Sheamus continues to talk about how he believes he got screwed over, and says “I had him bleeding beat, but it couldn’t go down like that”. Sheamus finishes by saying “I would beat either of them”. Woods asks about Riddle again, and Sheamus calls Riddle “a joke”, before saying “I’m not here to joke, when I go out there I go out there like I’ve never won a championship. So I can remind people how good I am, and to show that I am the best thing in this company right now”. The segment ends there, and heads to another break.

Rhea Ripley

Rhea joins the desk for the first time, and she doesn’t look happy about being there. Woods calls her debut “incredible”, and asks what Rhea is thinking. Rhea tells him “I have a million things going on in my head”. Rhea continues, and says “I honestly don’t know what to say right now”. Kevin asks what makes her a “nightmare”, and Rhea asks “have you not seen me wrestle bro? I brutalize whoever’s in the ring with me, and I don’t care about their safety”. Woods wants to know about why Rhea believes she has a good chance against Asuka, and Rhea explains “Asuka is bloody fantastic, but Asuka doesn’t understand who I am”. Rhea continues, and states “I have to show everyone who Rhea Ripley is”. Kevin wonders what Rhea learned from last years Wrestlemania, and she tells him “I’m not going to spill my stuff on the table, I’m not an open book for you guys”. Woods thanks Rhea for joining the show, and tells her “we will see who wins at Wrestlemania”. Rhea warns Woods to “watch your mouth”, and the show heads to another break.

Braun Strowman

Braun shows up with a mask on, and he’s passive aggressively angry. Braun says “everyone knows what these hands are capable of, and I could literally rip a mans flesh off”. Woods chimes in, and asks if Shane’s approach to challenging him has hit him differently. Braun tells him “for sure”, and explains “Shane is not a smart man”. Braun tells viewers that “many people said I would be a failure, and Shane McMahon is about to feel my wrath”. Braun begins to yell, and exclaims “I promise you I’m going to give you the worst ass whoopin you ever had. Your father, your kids, everyone will beg me to stop. I’m going to kick your ass back to that mansion, where you can stick the silver spoon straight up your ass”. Braun storms off, and Woods talks about wrestling Strowman “back when he had hair”. Kevin asks how it felt, and Woods tells him “I still feel it”. Woods finishes by saying “Shane dienst know what he has coming to him”, and the show fades to black.

That’s all for this weeks Raw Talk Recap! Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day everyone!

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