WWE Raw Talk Recap: (6/21/21)

Hello again wrestling fans, and welcome back to the Raw Talk Recap! After last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw came to an end, WWE taped the latest edition of Raw Talk, which can be seen on Peacock, as well as the WWE Network. Raw Talk is hosted by Kevin Patrick, and his co-host, R-Truth. Today’s show will feature guests like Riddle, Nikki Cross, and John Morrison. Now that we’re all caught up on what’s going down, it’s time to talk!

Raw Talk

Kevin kicks off the show by welcoming viewers to the ThunderDome, and introduces viewers to R-Truth. Truth gets upset with Kevin right away, and he brings up the 24/7 Championship, wondering where it is. Kevin says he saw Tozawa around earlier, and promises to help Truth defeat Akira “later.” Kevin and Truth cover the highlights from Raw, until the host’s send Raw Talk to the first break.


Riddle makes his way to the desk, and he’s wearing a suit that looks similar to the Right To Censor. Riddle and Truth babble about the new R-K-Bro t-shirt, which Riddle eventually gifts Truth. Kevin mentions Riddle’s match on Raw, and “The Original Bro” gets excited about defeating Drew McIntyre. Riddle runs down the list of possibilities from this point in his career, and says that if Randy wins next week, both members of Team R-K-Bro will be in the Money In The Bank ladder match, which will “only increase all the odds.” Kevin points out that Riddle has a huge opportunity now, and Riddle says “I’ve seen people get it, and fumble it. If I won the contract, that would be pretty sweet, but I’m not sure I would have a good way of getting people when it hurts the most.” Kevin changes gears, and he explains “I’m gonna be a buzzkill.” Kevin wonders what happened with Randy on Raw, and Riddle says “to deal with Randy you have to deal with the best of him, and the worst of him. I think he was a little emotional, he lost and I won, so he’s decompressing right now. I know Randy, and he needs time to relax and re-evaluate, then he will be better next week.” Riddle closes by saying “next week Randy is gonna turn the page. It’s only gonna get better from here.” Kevin thanks Riddle for stopping by, and sends the show to another break.

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The Miz & John Morrison

Miz and Morrison make their way on set as only they can, and Morrison is excited about his big win. John wonders “who knows more about Money In The Bank than MC M-I-Z?” Morrison, Miz and Truth all speak at once, as Morrison gives Truth one of his drip sticks, until Kevin tries to get things on track. Miz and Morrison make a few non-pg jokes about dripping, and squirting… water, and Kevin looks flustered. Miz, Morrison, and Truth continue to talk amongst themselves, and Morrison goes on about being “the moist must see Superstar in WWE”. Kevin tries as hard as he can to get things going on one direction, causing more talking over each other. Kevin wraps up the interview by asking The Miz when he will return, and Miz tells him “I don’t have a set plan. I’m going to physical therapy, I’m getting better, but I’m not 100% sure.” Miz adds that he’s gonna make his wheelchair “like a Mario Kart, with smoke and all.” Truth tells Miz and Morrison “it’s time for y’all to go man,” and sends the show to a final break.

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Nikki Cross

Nikki makes her way to the table, and she’s energetic as always. Kevin brings up her conversation with Alexa Bliss, and Nikki explains “we have both been on a journey, and the whole point of tonight was to qualify for the Money In The Bank ladder match, and that’s what we did! But in the match it will be every girl for herself, no teams, I’m leaving as Miss Money In The Bank!” Kevin points out the new ring gear, and Nikki explains “I know I don’t have superpowers. I can’t fly, and I don’t have super strength… but when I put all of this on, I feel like I can try anything. I may fail, and I may fall down, but I’m gonna keep getting back up. I have to keep believing in myself, and that’s what everyone has to do when they fall.” Kevin thanks Nikki for dropping by, as the show fades to black.

That’s all for this weeks Raw Talk Recap! Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day everyone!

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