WWE Raw Viewership Down & WWE Smackdown Viewership Up Thanks to Daniel Bryan

— WWE Raw drew 3.31 million viewers for Monday’s show, down from 3.35 million the week before. Still, the show bettered all but a handful of Raw programs since 2016 which has to be deemed a success.

— On the night, Raw was #1 on cable and #1-3 in the 18-49 demographic.

— Hours were:

* Hour 1 – 3.43 million
* Hour 2 – 3.47 million
* Hour 3 – 3.08 million

— The hour three drop was fairly significant, especially compared to last week, but still managed to top 3 million viewers which is sort of like an unstated threshold for Raw the past few years.

— With the huge announcement that Daniel Bryan was now officially cleared to wrestle again for WWE, fans tuned in to Smackdown in massive numbers helping power the show to its third highest rating since it went live almost two years ago.

— Smackdown was watched by 2.888 million, up from last week’s strong 2.771 million. The only two episodes that were watched by more people in the last two years were the initial brand split episode in July 2016 and the Superstar Shake-up in April 2017.

— On the night, Smackdown was #1 in the 18-49 demographic and #5 overall among shows that aired on cable.

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