WWE Reaction To UFC’s Dana White Suggesting WWE Events Could Move Back to Sunday

— A couple of weeks ago in a post-UFC show press conference, Dana White raised some eyebrows by stating that TKO executives have discussed a schedule that would see his Power Slap air on Friday, UFC hold a show on Saturday and WWE coming back on Sunday with a premium live event.

— The Observer Newsletter suggested that White’s public statements sort of blindsided WWE officials, who were not aware of any such plans with one person saying that White “threw us all for a loop.” The company has not made any sort of public statement confirming or denying White’s claims.

— WWE has used to air their PPVs on Sunday as a way to take advantage of leading in with Sunday Night Heat but also to avoid any conflicts with potential big boxing matches that would air the same weekend. When Nick Khan entered WWE as an executive, he shifted the shows to Saturday believing that WWE’s audience had changed and that the crossover between it and boxing and MMA was not as substantial as in the past. He also believed that Saturday was overall a better night to air the big events than Sunday.

— For what it’s worth, AEW runs their PPVs generally on Sundays for most of the year but shifts to Saturday night shows during the NFL season as to avoid conflict with Sunday Night Football.

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