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WWE Releases Continue: Another Name Who Has Been Fired Revealed

Earlier this week, news broke that TKO consolidated some departments within WWE and TKO and one of the domino effects of that move was that it led to cuts within WWE. The names of two executives was released and now we can add another name to that list.

John Pollock of POST Wrestling is reporting that Beth Fisher, who served as WWE’s Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, was also let go from WWE as part of the releases. She spent nearly 13 years with the company.

Fisher started with WWE in 2011 as the assistant to the office of the Chairman and CEO, Vince McMahon, and became a senior manager in the Marketing and Communications department before moving to her current role as the Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, post she has held since November 2019.

As reported before, previous WWE cuts from this week were learned to include WWE Senior Vice President Of Entertainment Relations Kristen Prouty and WWE Talent Operations and Appearances Manager Tavia Hartley. If some reports are to be believed, there may be more cuts on the horizon though at this time, it is not believed to affect wrestlers.

We will keep you posted.

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