WWE Reportedly Has Ideas For Dream Match Between CM Punk And “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

— Following CM Punk’s return to WWE after an almost decade-long absence, speculations about potential matches for the renowned superstar are surfacing. Reports suggest that bouts against Seth Rollins and, eventually, Roman Reigns are in the cards. According to a story from fightfulselect.com, WWE is also contemplating a “dream match” featuring Punk against the Hall of Famer and legend, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

— The report discloses that upon Punk’s re-entry into WWE, there was considerable internal advocacy for a match against Austin. Discussions on this possibility have progressed to the point where Punk himself has engaged in talks about the potential showdown. Officials are not merely hopeful but cautiously optimistic that this dream match could become a reality.

— The extent of the planning is unclear, and it remains uncertain whether these discussions are preliminary or more concrete. The story mentions that the ideal scenario involves Punk traveling to Austin to brainstorm ideas. Notably, individuals close to WWE legend Austin have indicated no knowledge of any personal issues with Punk. In fact, the two exchange messages a couple of times each year.

— Austin, having wrestled only once since effectively retiring, returned to face Kevin Owens. Although he left the door open for another match, he reportedly declined offers to return to the ring at this year’s WrestleMania. While not explicitly stated in the fightful report, if Austin decides to make a match with Punk happen, it would likely be featured at a major WWE event, quite possibly WrestleMania.

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