Jade Cargill

WWE Reportedly Looking To Bring Jade Cargill to Main Roster; Working On “High Priority” Creative Plans

Jade Cargill, the former AEW star, has garnered significant attention with her contract expiring and her subsequent appearance in Orlando, FL, presumably at WWE’s Performance Center. While there aren’t many details about her visit, reports suggest that WWE is prioritizing creative plans for her that involve a debut on either the main Raw or Smackdown brands, indicating that she may not start in NXT as some other signings do. WWE appears to have concrete plans for her and doesn’t intend for her to fade into obscurity.

There have been indications of WWE’s interest in Cargill dating back to July, and there were hints of “big moves” without explicitly mentioning WWE from those close to her. AEW officials were reportedly aware that she was leaving and heading to WWE, adding intrigue to her transition from one wrestling promotion to another.

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