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WWE Reverses Another Vince McMahon Edict; Two Wrestlers Get Their First Names Back

— In recent times, WWE had a habit of shortening some of its wrestlers names once they became regulars on the main roster. Matt Riddle, Austin Theory, Tommaso Ciampa, Mustafa Ali and Apollo Crews are examples of talent who had one of their names dropped. Shortening the names to one word was a direct edict from former WWE CEO Vince McMahon, however, now that he is gone that trend is reversing.

— As we saw on Raw last night, Riddle is now being referred to as “Matt Riddle”, which was his name during his NXT run and first few months after being called up. Austin Theory, whose first name was dropped in favor of simply “Theory” is also going to be going back to using both names. On, the change has already been made to Riddle’s profile though Theory’s hasn’t been updated as of yet.

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