WWE Rumors: Daniel Bryan, Rob Gronkowski, Dolph Ziggler

— Dolph Ziggler has reportedly signed a new two-year contract (extension) with WWE. The story goes that Ziggler might have been on his way out of the company, which could explain the weird storylines he was booked into the last few months as well as his absence, but WWE apparently offered him a really sweet deal where he has considerable freedom to pursue other projects that he decided to re-up with the company.

— According to a report by Brad Shepard of bodyslam.net, Daniel Bryan still isn’t cleared to return to in-ring action by WWE physicians and according to some people who would have knowledge of this situation, it is unlikely that the company’s medical team will ever clear him to return to the ring. With Bryan set on resuming his wrestling career, it is looking more and more like his days with WWE will be coming to an end this year.

— New England Patriots star tight end Rob Gronkowski recently made some waves by suggesting that he would be retiring from the NFL after this season. Still young and in the peak of his career, this did raise eyebrows and most chalk it up to a post-season “down” after his Pats lost out in the Superbowl. Good friend and WWE talent Mojo Rawley though added fuel to the fire by hinting that Gronk is eyeing a WWE future, going so far as to say “when” not “if” when asked in reference to a career inside the ring.

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