WWE Rumors: Dual Branded PPVs, Raw & Smackdown, Booker/Graves

The following are simply rumors/tips we have received but they have yet to be confirmed by any legitimate sources

— While Corey Graves appeared on Booker T’s show to “clear the air” and reveal that they were both just messing around and trying to work the online community, there are suggestions that all is not rosy between the two. Depending on exactly who you want to believe, there appears to be at least some underlying tension between the two from their days doing commentary together and there is even speculation that WWE management told the two to squash this “feud” publicly and sweep it all under the rug, forcing the two to appear together on Booker T’s podcast.

— While WWE looks to be moving ahead by having both Raw and Smackdown superstars appear on all PPVs beginning in May, the company doesn’t appear to have any plans to end running each show as a separate entity. As per a tip, Raw and Smackdown weekly will continue to have specific, brand exclusive rosters.

— There are rumors that following WrestleMania 34, WWE will once again hold some sort of talent draft, shuffling wrestlers between the two brands to freshen up their product. Whether this happens on Raw the night after WrestleMania or perhaps at the Backlash PPV in May is unclear.

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