WWE SmackDown Live Results (4/9/2019)

WWE SmackDown Live Results (4/9)

The April 9th, 2019 edition of WWE SmackDown Live took place at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY.

– The New Day comes out to the ring to kick off this week’s episode of SmackDown Live. The ring has a giant rainbow made of balloons above it, and it looks like there is a stack of pancakes on all four ring posts. They talk about Kofi’s WWE Title victory at WrestleMania, and sticking his boot between “the vegan cheeks” of Daniel Bryan on Sunday. They talk about their appearance on RAW last night, and Big E does the splits in the ring again. They wanted Kofi to become a dual World Champion, like Becky Lynch. Big E says they are usually known for their humor and “butt stuff,” but tonight is for a celebration of Kofi Kingston’s career. Woods says Kofi was one of his heroes, and Big E says they share a special bond and they want to reshape culture and change history. Kofi steps forward to speak now and says him having the WWE Championship wansn’t supposed to happen and wasn’t in the script, but here we are. Kofi thanks his family at ringside one by one, and then the Bar comes out to interrupt. Sheamus and Cesaro talk trash to Kofi and say he almost lost last night because he didn’t have Woods and Big E with him. The Bar proposes a six-man tag match for tonight, because they made a friend at RAW last night. Cesaro introduces The Bar’s third partner for later tonight, Drew McIntyre.

– Still to come: The Usos defend their SmackDown Tag Team Titles against The Hardy Boyz

– We see some still photos from WrestleMania on Sunday, including Alexa Bliss and Hulk Hogan posing together, The Iiconics winning the Tag Titles, and Seth Rollins winning the Universal Title.

Rusev, Nakamura & Andrade vs. Aleister Black, Ricochet & Ali: Lana and Zelina Vega are both at ringside. Ricochet and Nakamura start this one off, and Ricochet levels Nakamura with a hurricanrana and then a dropkick for a two count. Nakamura fires back with a kick of his own, then Rusev tags in and stomps a mud hole in Ricochet in the corner. Nakamura tags back in for the double team, and then Andrade tags in for a running knee strike. Rusev tags himself in, then tags in Nakamura for another double team on Ricochet. Rusev tags back in and Ricochet fights back with a neckbreaker. Ricochet finally tags out and Ali comes in. Ali drops Rusev with kicks, then Black tags in and hits a kick too. Ricochet tags in, then he immediately tags in Black again for the double team on Rusev. Black then knocks Andrade and Nakamura off the apron, and he sends Rusev out to ringside too. Black, Ricochet and Ali pose in the ring. Back in the ring, Rusev fires up and starts cleaning house. Andrade and Black tag in, and Black starts getting the upper hand. Everyone else starts brawling at ringside, then Ali tags himself in and hits a reverse hurricanrana on Andrade in the ring. Ali then hits the 450 splash off the top on Andrade for the three count.

Winners: Aleister Black, Ricochet and Ali

– After the match, Randy Orton runs in the ring and hits an RKO out of nowhere on Ali. Orton immediately leaves the ring and heads to the back as Ricochet checks on Ali. Rusev talks trash to them, and then Kevin Owens runs in the ring out of nowhere and hits a Stone Cold Stunner on Rusev. Owens then heads to the back.

– Still to come: “The best in the world” Shane McMahon is in the house; Plus a six-man tag between The New Day, and The Bar with Drew McIntyre.

– The Usos are backstage for an interview about their SmackDown Tag Team Title defense tonight. They congratulate Kofi Kingston on his win on Sunday. The Usos say they’ve never fought The Hardy Boyz, and they need to win tonight. They say this is about more than just the Tag Titles, it’s about proving who the best brothers in WWE are and who the best tag team in WWE history is.

– R-Truth and Carmella come out to the ring, and the WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal trophy is at ringside. They talk about Carmella’s win on Sunday, and Carmella talks about how befriending R-Truth changed her life. Samoa Joe comes out to interrupt. Joe hits the ring and starts brawling with R-Truth as Carmella exits the ring. Truth hits a leaping side kick to the head of Joe, but then Joe side-steps the axe kick attempt. Joe locks Truth in the Coquina Clutch, then he throws Truth out to ringside. Joe picks up a mic and talks about destroying Rey Mysterio in under 60 seconds at WrestleMania. Joe issues a warning that he may take even less time to beat up any other WWE Superstar. Joe drops the mic, and then Braun Strowman comes out to interrupt. Braun marches down to the ring and starts brawling with Joe. Braun backs Joe into the corner and then hits a splash on Joe. Braun goes for another one, but Joe blocks it with a boot to the face, and then he puts Braun in the Coquina Clutch. Braun struggles and falls down to one knee, but Strowman finally fights out and slams Joe into the turnbuckle. Braun looks for the running powerslam, but Joe fights out and rolls out of the ring. Joe grabs his U.S. Title belt and heads to the back while Braun yells at him from the ring.

– As Braun is leaving, The Iiconics come out and walk past Braun. They offer to shake Braun’s hand but Braun leaves. They’re scheduled to defend their Women’s Tag Titles next.

– We see the same video from RAW of a cardboard box over a black background with smoke coming out of it. A puppet of a demonic-looking bird pops out, which might be a buzzard. We see a close up of it’s face, then the video abruptly ends.

– Back from the break, The Iiconics are in the ring and they cut a promo about their victory at WrestleMania. They say they’ll defend their Titles anywhere anytime. There are two enhancement talents in the ring, and it looks like they’ll be facing The Iiconics tonight.

The Iiconics (c) vs. The Brooklyn Belles: The Iiconics’ Women’s Tag Team Titles are on the line in this one. We see Paige watching on a monitor backstage. This match is a one-sided squash as The Iiconics trade frequent tags so they can do double teams. They do a double team knee to the face for the three count.

Winners & still Women’s Tag Team Champions: The Iiconics

– We go backstage for an interview with Paige, and she talks about the Superstar Shakeup coming up. She says next week she is bringing an impressive tag team with her.

– Shane McMahon comes out to the ring and gets on the mic. The “Best In The World” trophy is on display in the ring. Shane talks about all of the amazing moments at WrestleMania, but says eveyone tuned in for one thing specifically – to see Shane McMahon defeat The Miz. Shane says The Miz is in his rear view mirror, and Miz isn’t here tonight. Shane is sporting a black eye, and Shane blames The Miz’s dad “Mr. Miz” for that. The crowd chants “you deserve it” at Shane. Shane says he proved that he’s the best in the world, and then he tells ring announcer Greg Hamilton to get in the ring right now and talk to him. Shane says he had a feeling when he came down to the ring that Greg didn’t announce him as “the best in the world” as enthusiastically as he could. Greg says that on the way to the arena tonight, some fans threatened him over calling Shane the best. Shane says he needs Greg to forget about the fans, because Greg only has to worry about Shane. Shane grabs Greg by the collar and tells Greg to announce him right. Greg starts, but Shane makes him start over a couple times, and he grabs Greg by the tie. Shane drags Greg by the tie out of the ring and walks him up the ramp, making Greg announce him as the best over and over. He tells Greg that he’s not trying hard enough. Shane says this is Greg’s last chance, and there will be ramifications if he doesn’t do it right. Greg announces Shane again, and Shane seems pleased this time. Shane sends Greg back down to ringside and leaves.

– We see a replay of The Undertaker beating up Elias last night on RAW.

The Usos (c) vs. Matt & Jeff Hardy: The Usos’ Tag Team Titles are on the line in this one. Matt and Jeff double team Jey Uso early on for a two count. Jey fights back to his corner to tag in Jimmy for a double team of their own. Matt tags back in now for the double team on Jimmy. Jimmy and Matt trade headbutts and punches now until Jey tags in for the double team on Matt. Jey dumps Matt outside and Jimmy hits a cheap shot on Matt at ringside. Jey rolls outside now and throws Matt into the barricade. Matt starts fighting back and they brawl on the ringside floor. Back in the ring, Jimmy tags in for the double team on Matt. Jimmy whips Matt into the corner then tags in Jey. The Usos hit a double team backbreaker, then they talk trash to Jeff on the apron. Jeff finally gets the tag and starts firing up, but The Usos regain control with superkicks on both Jeff and Matt. Jimmy hits the splash off the top on Jeff for a two count. The Usos look for their double splashes off the top on Jeff, but Jeff rolls away from both of them. Matt tags in and blocks a shot from Jimmy, leading to the Twist of Fate. Jeff tags in and follows up with the Swanton Bomb for the three count. The Hardy Boyz are now eight-time Tag Team Champions.

Winners & new SmackDown Tag Team Champions: Matt & Jeff Hardy

– The Hardy Boyz are in the ring for an interview after the match. Before they can speak, Lars Sullivan comes out to interrupt. Lars hits the ring without saying a word and he beats down both Hardy brothers before leaving.

– RAW & SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch comes out to the ring and gets on the mic. She says she did exactly what she said she would at WrestleMania. Becky says now she’s holding two big targets, and even though the Superstar Shakeup is next week, she’ll be pulling double duty as long as she has both Titles. She says she’s ready for all challengers who want to dethrone the double champion, then she heads up the ramp. Becky holds up her two belts on the stage, and then Lacey Evans runs out and attacks Becky from behind.

– Still to come: The Bar & Drew McIntyre vs. The New Day

– After all the competitors for tonight’s six-man tag enter the ring, Sami Zayn comes out to the stage with a mic. The crowd gives Sami a favorable reaction, then Sami just says “you’re not worth it” and heads backstage.

The New Day vs. The Bar & Drew McIntyre: Woods starts off strong against Sheamus in this one, then The New Day members start trading frequent tags to double team Sheamus. Woods tags back in, and Sheamus clotheslines him outside then tags in Drew. Drew hops outside and hits a reverse Alabama Slam on Woods on to the announce desk. Back in the ring, Woods finally gets the hot tag to Big E, and Cesaro tags in. Big E cleans house and hits a series of suplexes on Cesaro. Big E tries to spear Cesaro through the ropes, but Cesaro blocks it with a knee to Big E’s face. Cesaro goes for a flying cross body off the top, but Big E kind-of catches him and wrestles him down into a pin for a two count. Sheamus tags in and The Bar double teams Big E. Woods runs in and takes out Cesaro, but then Sheamus hits the Irish Curse backbreaker on Woods and throws him outside. Big E comes back with a lariat on Sheamus now. Kofi tags in and hits a splash off the top on Sheamus. Kofi kicks Cesaro off the apron, then he hits a suicide dive on Cesaro at ringside. Back in the ring, Kofi hits Sheamus with a kick, but then he misses the Trouble In Paradise. Sheamus picks up Kofi, but Kofi breaks free. Kofi hits the Trouble In Paradise this time, then pins Sheamus for the three count.

Winners: The New Day

– Kofi grabs his family from front row and celebrates in the ring with them after the match, and SmackDown goes off the air.

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