WWE SmackDown Live Results & Discussion (8/29)

The August 29th, 2017 edition of WWE SmackDown aired live from the Verizon Arena in North Little Rock, AR.

– The Singh Brothers come out to the stage to kick off SmackDown and they introduce WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. The Modern Day Maharaja hits the ring with a mic and tells the crowd that he will be displaying his superior skills for them tonight. In the main event tonight, Mahal teams up with his old partner Rusev to take on the team of Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura. Jinder says that he’s a representative of the continent of Asia and he’s tired of being disrespected by Americans, which prompts a USA chant. Mahal says he was made to look like a fool by Nakamura, but he is no fool, he is the best of the best and your WWE Champion. Mahal says someone must pay for what happened last week, which prompts the Singh Brothers to interrupt and apologize to the Maharaja. The Singh Brothers apologize on behalf of the entire continent of Asia, and they apologize to the WWE Champion for failing him. They tell Mahal that their ignorance last week allowed Nakamura to lay a finger on Mahal, but they vow that Nakamura will never touch Mahal again. The Singh Brothers say on behalf of the nation of India, they want to kiss the feet of the WWE Champion. The Singh Brothers get down on the mat and are about to voluntarily join the “kiss my boots” club, but before they make contact Nakamura’s music hits and he interrupts. Nakamura comes in to the ring and pushes the Singh Brothers aside then he starts brawling with Jinder. The Singh Brothers grab Nakamura’s feet so he can’t move then Jinder boots Nakamura in the face. All three men start beating on Nakamura while he’s down until Orton runs in for the save. Orton cleans house until Rusev runs in and boots Orton in the face. Jinder picks up Nakamura and drops him with the Khallas. Jinder holds up his WWE Title as the heels make their way backstage.

– AJ Styles’ U.S. Title Open Challenge will resume later tonight. Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin are shown backstage walking towards the gorilla position for their first match as a tag team up next.

– Orton vs. Nakamura is announced for next week, and the winner will get a future shot at Mahal’s WWE Title.

Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin def. The Ascension: Gable starts off against Viktor and turns him inside out with a clothesline early on. He drops Viktor with a knee to the midsection, then he tags in Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin puts the boots to Viktor then hits a double underhook suplex. Shelton tags in Chad and throws Viktor to him for a belly to belly overhead suplex. Konnor pulls Gable outside behind the ref’s back and The Ascension double teams Gable to get control of the match. Konnor and Viktor use frequent tags to keep the pressure on Gable back in the ring. Gable tries to make the tag but Konnor stops him and hits a spinebuster for a two count. Viktor tags back in and puts the boots to Gable. Gable and Vitkor trade chops to the chest until Viktor backs him into the corner with elbows to the face. Konnor tags in and talks some trash to Shelton, then he misses a spear on Gable in the corner. Shelton gets the tag and cleans house then hits a back body drop on Viktor. Shelton hits a spinning heel kick on Konnor, then leapfrogs over the top rope and kicks Viktor in the face. Shelton comes off the top with a flying clothesline on Viktor for a two count. Gable throws Konnor outside, then throws Viktor to Shelton for a facebuster for the win.

– Baron Corbin does an interview backstage where he says he’s sick of people asking him “where’s your briefcase?” because he doesn’t live in the past like the WWE Universe. Corbin says he’s going to take down AJ Styles tonight and will be leaving SmackDown tonight as the new United States Champion.

– AJ Styles comes out to the ring and announces that he’s reopening the U.S. Title Open Challenge. Tye Dillinger comes out to accept, but Baron Corbin stops him on the ramp to complain that he wanted the open challenge tonight. Corbin and Tye brawl around until until Tye drops him from the apron, then the open challenge begins.

AJ Styles def. Tye Dillinger: AJ and Tye both start off fired up and Tye blocks the Phenomenal Forearm early on. Tye goes for the Tye-breaker but AJ escapes and locks on the Calf Crusher for the win after a short match.

– After the match, Corbin freaks out at ringside and AJ knocks him off the apron with a forearm.

– Jinder Mahal approaches Rusev backstage and tells him how great it is that their nations India and Bulgaria are teaming up to crush Nakamura and Orton. Rusev tells Jinder he’s not his friend, and says he came to SmackDown for one reason – to be a champion. Rusev says after tonight, he’s coming for the WWE Title, then he walks off. Jinder does not look pleased.

Bobby Roode def. Mike Kanellis: Roode takes down Mike early on, but Mike comes back with a flurry of strikes. Roode and Mike trade punches and chops until Roode hits a running forearm shot to the face. Roode hits a Blockbuster off the middle rope, then a spinebuster and the Glorious DDT for the win.

– Aiden English is in the ring for a song, but he quickly gets interrupted by Kevin Owens and English leaves the ring. Owens gets on the mic and shows a replay from last week, then he complains about how Shane McMahon treated him last week. Owens says he wanted Corbin to stay as referee, but Shane had to come down and take another opportunity away from the talent. Shane comes out and explains that Corbin was leaving the ring last week and threw his ref shirt in Shane’s face, so Shane resumed the ref duties so the match could finish. Shane says that Owens lost to AJ plain and simple, and Owens is not happy. Shane tells Owens to leave and let English back in the ring because English has a match scheduled. Owens leaves and sits down at the announce table next to JBL.

Aiden English def. Sami Zayn: English gets in some offense early on, but Zayn quickly dumps him outside and hits a suicide dive on him. Back in the ring, Zayn continues working on English. Owens freaks out on commentary and says the ref isn’t doing his job, so he’s now taking over the ref duties. Owens takes the ref’s shirt off and puts it on himself, then says he’s the ref now. Zayn asks Owens what he’s doing, then English knocks down Zayn from behind. Owens throws Zayn off the ropes and hits the Pop Up Powerbomb, then allows English to pin Zayn for the three count. The bell rings and Owens raises English’s hand, then throws the shirt back to the real ref at ringside.

– Shane McMahon does an interview backstage where he says English’s victory will not count, and he’s not happy with Owen’s actions in that match. McMahon says Zayn’s loss will be off the records, then he gets ready to leave the arena.

– Dolph Ziggler does an interview backstage where he complains that he was the best athlete in sports entertainment for years and was overlooked year after year, and now he has nothing to show for it. Ziggler says fans get distracted by fancy jackets and lights, and he asks what Cena’s “you can’t see me” hand gesture even means. Ziggler says there’s a guy who comes out to the ring with a guitar on RAW, so he’ll have to come down to the ring in a motorcycle with a double necked guitar to get attention. Ziggler jokes that he might come down to ther ing in a four-wheeler like Stone Cold and drink beers to get attention. Ziggler says he will reveal more of his plans next week.

The Usos def. The New Day: Big E and Kofi Kingston are in this one. The Usos use frequent tags to get the upper hand on Big E early on, but Big E fires up and comes back then tags in Kofi. Kofi hits a suicide dive onto both Usos at ringside, then Xavier comes over with the trombone to celebrate. Big E misses a splash and the Usos take control. Kofi comes in again and hits a flying knee on Jey, then a series of kicks. Kofi hits a jumping clothesline on Jey and follows up with the boom leg drop. Kofi misses the Trouble In Paradise and Jey hits a kick. Kofi comes back with a spinning crossbody for a two count. Jimmy and Big E run in, and Jimmy hits a superkick on Big E. Kofi kicks Jimmy to the outside, then Kofi puts Jey in a dragon sleeper. Jimmy gets the blind tag and rolls up Kofi with a handful of tights for the win. The Usos run up the ramp with their Tag Titles and hold them up.

– James Ellsworth and Carmella do an interview backstage and get interrupted by Natalya. Natalya tells Carmella to keep her pet Ellsworth on a leash, and if she ever tries to cash in on her, Natalya will make Carmella the “Baron Corbin of the women’s division.” Natalya says she’ll take on Carmella next week, and Carmella seems to accept. Naomi walks in next and tells Natalya she has a difficult two weeks ahead, because in two weeks Naomi gets her rematch for the Title.

– “Season two” of The Fashion Files with Tyler Breeze and Fandango is coming up next.

– Lana is in the ring and she introduces Tamina. Tamina has a local wrestler in the ring waiting for her.

Tamina def. Tina Stock: Just seconds after the opening bell, Lana gets on the mic at ringside and starts yelling “Tamina crush.” Tamina throws her jobber into the corner and hits a series of headbutts, then follows up with a superkick for the win. Lana and Tamina celebrate the win in the ring after the match, and two photographers get in the ring to take pictures.

– In the new episode of The Fashion Files, Breeze and Fandango briefly discuss going on vacation, but decide against it because “crime never takes a vacation.” They look at some new “technology” including friendship bracelets. They find some evidence that says “to be or not to be,” which they decide leads them to Aiden English, who they will presumably talk to in the next episode.

Shinsuke Nakamura & Randy Orton def. Jinder Mahal & Rusev: The action starts before the bell here as both teams start brawling as soon as they hit the ring. The fight spills out to ringside where Nakamura throws Mahal into the fan barricade, and Orton throws Rusev into the barricade on the other side of the ring. Back in the ring, the opening bell rings and Rusev and Jinder double team Nakamura to get in control early on. Orton gets the hot tag and beats down Jinder. He takes Jinder outside for a back suplex onto the fan barricade, then in the ring he DDTs the Champion off the middle rope. The Singh Brothers get on the apron to distract the ref, which leads to Rusev and Jinder double teaming Orton and throwing him into the ring post. Rusev tags in and continues the offense on Orton. He hits a spinning heel kick for a two count before tagging Jinder back in. The Champion hits a knee drop on Orton then puts him in a chin lock. Mahal goes for a spear in the corner but Orton dodges and Jinder crashes into the ring post. Nakamura and Rusev tag in, and Nakamura starts off with a big boot on Rusev. Nakamura follows up with a series of kicks. Nakamura hits some knee strikes on Rusev for a two count. Nakamura goes for a suplex but Rusev elbows his way out. Nakamura puts Rusev in an armbar but Jinder breaks it up. Orton DDTs Jinder, then Nakamura hits a flying knee on Rusev. Nakamura follows up with the Kinshasa on Rusev or the win. Orton and Nakamura celebrate their win after the bell, but then Orton drops his partner with an RKO out of nowhere. Orton poses on the turnbuckle as SmackDown goes off the air.

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