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WWE Smackdown Live Results For December 2, 2022 –


Show Opening

We head into the KeyBank Center Arena as the pyro goes off around the top of the stage and we are welcomed to tonight’s edition of SmackDown!

Sami Zayn (w/ The Usos) vs. Sheamus (w/ Ridge Holland & Butch)

We immediately hear the entrance theme sound for Sami Zayn who is being accompanied to the ring by The Usos as the pyro goes off around the top of the stage and Zayn makes his way down the ramp towards the ring as the match is officially announced. Sami Zayn makes his way into the ring, The Usos follow him into the ring as well, with belts draped over their shoulders. We see a quick recap of some highlights from the matches at WWE Survivor Series: War Games last Saturday night which starts off picture in picture and then goes full screen as it continues to share highlights. We then return to the ring where the crowd is roaring as the entrance theme cuts.

“The Bloodline is now… in your city!” Jay announces before Sami Zayn begins by stating they again leveled up. A “Sami Uso” chant breaks out in the crowd as Jimmy cuts off Sami for hyping up The Usos. Jey shares that he didn’t originally like Zayn, but adds that Zayn earned his respect at War Games. Jimmy then asks Zayn, “How you feelin??” with a smile. Zayn responds, “I’m feeling pretty freaking Ussy baby!!” The three dap it up inside the ring, when suddenly the entrance theme sounds for Sheamus.

Sheamus makes his way to the stage stating he hates to beat the ass of a fellow ginger, but then states it’s fight night and that’s enough talking as he quickly makes his way to the ring. The Usos exit the ring as Sheamus enters. The referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and our match is officially underway. Sheamus misses with a wild right hand. An early take down puts Zayn on the mat. Sheamus then throws Zayn into the turnbuckle in the corner of the ring. Zayn counters throwing a few good elbows.

The match continues to go back and forth as Sheamus is able to block a hip toss from Zayn. Sheamus takes Sami to the canvas with a successful clothesline. Sheamus grounds Sami in the middle of the ring at this point, only for the two to end up at ringside as Sheamus launches Zayn into the barrier. The two continue their back and forth at ringside as Uso checks on Zayn as we head to the first commercial break of the evening.

We return from the commercial break as a DDT takes Sami Zayn to the canvas for the cover by Sheamus for a two count! Zayn gains control at this point with a little distraction help from The Usos. Sheamus back to his feet only to be taken down once again with a double leg drop by Zayn. Zayn with a headlock now as Sheamus stretches his arm towards the ropes, hoping to break free to no avail. Sheamus makes his way to his feet with Zayn on his back, dropping Zayn into the turnbuckle to force Zayn to release. A Tornado DDT by Zayn for the hook of the leg and a kick out at two and a half. Sheamus rolls to the center of the ring, and continues until he is under the ropes on the apron. The crowd begins a “Sami Uso” chant once again.

Zayn grabs Sheamus and looks for Ten Beats, Sheamus catches Zayn and throws a couple back elbows after only one beat, pissing Sheamus off with the insult. Sheamus builds momentum and delivers a massive clothesline in the corner of the ring before slamming Zayn to the canvas. Zayn is now on the apron, Zayn hangs Sheamus up on the top rope. Zayn climbs to the top turnbuckle, Irish Curse Backbreaker by Sheamus. Sheamus locks in the Clover Leaf submission. Zayn drags himself to the bottom rope and connects. The ref forces the break at the five count. Zayn struggles back to his feet, spilling Sheamus to the outside.

Sami Zayn flies high over the top ropes taking Sheamus down at ringside as we once again head to commercial break!

Once again we return from commercial break where we see Zayn again heading to the top rope as he is rooted on by The Usos, Sheamus stops Zayn short as he meets him at the top turnbuckle. Zayn knocks Sheamus back into the ring and goes to fly high only to catch a knee from Sheamus for the two count! We get a quick picture in picture replay of the high flying attempt!

Back in the ring Sheamus is carrying Zayn on his shoulder as he climbs to the second rope, Zayn in trouble now. Zayn fights out of White Noise for a Sunset Flip Powerbomb for the cover, Sheamus kicks out at the two as the crowd pops! Sheamus delivers White Noise for the cover, again Zayn is able to kick out at the two count!! Both men struggle to their feet, Sheamus in position for the Brogue Kick, Jimmy jumps up to the apron. Sheamus delivers the TWENTY BEATS to the chest of Sami Zayn as the crowd pops! Sheamus hypes up, ready for The Brogue Kick, takes down Jimmy off the apron.

Finally, Zayn jumps on the back of Sheamus, Uso with a kick that allows Zayn to get a cover. Sheamus kicks out at two! A brawl at ringside between The Usos and Rich Holland and Butch. Brogue Kick inside the ring, Jey Uso jumps in and gets a Super Kick that the ref doesn’t catch and Zayn gets the cover for the three count pin and win!

Winner: Sami Zayn

Backstage Interview – Kofi Kingston

We return from commercial break where we see Kofi Kingston backstage. Kingston has big news for the fans, he will be in the Royal Rumble! Kingston is asked who he thinks will come out on top tonight in the SmackDown World Cup, Kingston states he sees good things coming out of Santos Escobar, however he cannot bet against Ricochet. At this point Imperium suddenly walks up, interrupting Kingston’s interview stating, “Meghan, why would you ask someone who has zero respect for our sport” they add that Kingston spends more time online than in a ring.

Kingston states he will gladly go fist to cuff with any member of Imperium one-on-one as his tag team partner isn’t there tonight. They walk off leaving Kingston standing alone backstage.

Backstage – Bray Wyatt

We head to a different area backstage where we see Bray Wyatt who is speaking about how when we see animals trying to survive, it isn’t viewed as an act of violence, it’s just viewed as simply “survival”. Bray continues on to state that we don’t talk about those animalistic survival instincts often, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still there.

At this point Wyatt states that he wasn’t the one who attacked LA Knight. However, he says if he had been the one, everyone would know because there would be none of LA Knight left, ending Wyatt’s segment backstage.

Progressive “Match Flo”

At this point we head into the Progressive “Match Flo” of the week which spotlights Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler. We see a video package that highlights Rousey’s and Shayna’s reign of terror across SmackDown in recent weeks.

Shayna Baszler vs. Emma

The entrance theme sounds for Shayna Baszler as Baszler makes her way to the stage. Baszler makes her way down the ramp and towards the ring as we head to commercial break.

As we return from commercial break we get a quick look at Emma backstage as she prepares to make her way out to the ring. Emma’s entrance theme sounds in the arena and Emma makes her way down the ramp and into the ring. The referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and this match is officially underway. An early takedown by Baszler to start the match. Both women make their way back to their feet. A little back and forth and Emma is able to quickly get the cover on Baszler, Baszler kicks out. More back and forth and another cover on Baszler to no avail.

Baszler takes control of the match at this point, going to work on the arm of Emma. Baszler continues to maintain control until finally Emma is able to counter with a Neck Breaker off the ropes to gain control over Baszler who is clearly in pain now! Baszler forces Emma to lose her balance and again Baszler goes to work on the arm. Emma is forced to tap out to the submission by Baszler.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

After the Match

Baszler wasn’t done with Emma who tries to crawl away. Shotzi quickly makes her way down the ramp to get a piece of Baszler who quickly takes control of Shotzi as well. Rochelle Rodriguez now marches down the ramp towards the ring. Baszler sees she is outnumbered and slowly makes her exit stating there are three of them. The crowd continues to “boo” as Baszler exits. We head to commercial break!

Video – Lacey Evans

We head into a video package highlighting Lacey Evans. We see Evans jogging in her United States Marine Corps t-shirt, reminding us of her background in the service. It shows Lacey getting “back to basics.” We head to commercial break as it comes to an end.

Video – Ricochet
As we return from the commercial break, we head into a video package highlighting Ricochet airs. The pre-taped video shows highlights from his matches, as well as him training in a gym. He declares that we’re looking at the winner of the SmackDown World Cup. Barrett reminds us all that the winner becomes No. 1 contender for the Intercontinental Title.

Kofi vs. Gunther

As we return to the ring Kofi Kingston is still standing inside the ring. Next we get Gunther, representing Imperium, who makes his way to the ring. The match is officially underway as the bell rings and the match begins. Kingston gets a kick on Gunther and continues to throw multiple kicks, Gunther counters with a Back Breaker. Gunther assists Kingston back to his feet only to take him immediately back to the canvas with an uppercut. Kingston throws a few good strikes, Gunther again sends Kingston to the mat with ease. We get more back and forth.

Suddenly we hear the entrance theme for Braun Strowman as Strowman quickly makes his way down mid-match to manhandle Vinci and Kaiser at ringside. SOS to Gunther inside the ring as we head to commercial break!

As we return from the commercial break, we return to the ring where we get more back and forth between Kingston and Gunther. Kingston with a boot to the face of Gunther followed by a Splash to the back. Kingston goes for the cover to no avail! Both men back to their feet as we get more back and forth action between the two. Kingston off the top again. Finally, Gunther hits a modified sidewalk slam followed by what Cole called “The Last Symphony.” for the three count pin and win!

Winner: Gunther

Backstage – The Bloodline

Next we head backstage where we see The Bloodline as they are getting ready to head out for a celebratory night out. The Usos send Solo and Sami off to get the car while they chat about how Jey caught Sami in a lie.

Suddenly Sheamus comes out of nowhere taking out both The Usos. He says that he and McIntyre will be waiting for them when they’re ready as he walks off. We head to commercial break.

In-Ring – Damage CTRL

As we return from commercial break, we see the entrance for Damage CTRL and once again we get a look at the highlights from the women’s match at WarGames.

The video highlights end and we return to the ring where we see Bayley holding a mic in the center of the ring, she immediately smiles and informs someone in the audience to “sit down with your dumb hat”. The crowd boo’s as she continues on. They make a point of stating that no one compares or is up to par to face them when suddenly…

Liv Morgan Joins

Liv Morgan’s entrance theme sounds as Morgan quickly makes her way to the ring even though she’s outnumbered. She does okay to start but the numbers game catches up to her when suddenly Tegan Nox makes her way out for the save and her return!

Ricochet vs. Santos Escobar

This next match is for the SmackDown World Cup Final! Out first comes Legado del Fantasma – Santos Escobar with Zelina Vega, Cruz Del Toro and Joaquin Wilde. Back to commercial.

We return from the commercial break and we see Ricochet and Escobar inside the ring, Ricochet rolls off the back of Escobar and gets a takedown. Ricochet hyping up inside the ring as the crowd cheers. Ricochet on the outside of the ropes, caught on the top rope and sent to ringside by Escobar. The referee begins the count. Escobar with a Suicide Dive through the ropes sending Ricochet flying into the announcer’s table. We get a quick replay as both men make their way back into the ring. Escobar with the cover on Ricochet. Ricochet gets the shoulder up at the two count. Escobar with a Knee driven into the spine of Ricochet. Ricochet able to break free, but immediately grounded by Escobar.

Ricochet tries to suplex Escobar to the floor from the apron to no avail. At this point the two superstars proceed to trade counters. Both men make their way to the outside of the ropes on the apron as they trade strikes. At this point Ricochet sends Escobar to the floor at ringside. Ricochet with a kick to the head from the apron. Back up on the apron and Ricochet runs full force at Escobar, successfully nailing a Shooting Star Press to the floor at ringside as we once again head to commercial.

As we return from the final commercial break of the evening, we see a Superplex off the top turnbuckle that leaves both Ricochet and Escobar laid out in the center of the ring. We get a quick replay showing the ring rattling move. Ricochet rolls into the cover, Escobar kicks out at the two. Both men struggle to get to their knees and to their feet. Ricochet with an Elbow, Escobar with a couple right hands. Both men slowly begin to build momentum at this point. Ricochet off the ropes, misses, both men collide in the center of the ring and both are back down on the mat.

More back and forth until finally Ricochet high off the top rope only to have Escobar get both his knees up for the counter! Escobar attempts the cover, Ricochet kicks out at the two! Escobar gets Ricochet on his shoulders, Ricochet counters. Both continue to go for finishing moves. Ricochet lands on the back of his neck, at this point Escobar is in shock that Ricochet kicked out at the two and scoots away from Ricochet. Escobar back on the attack begins a ground and pound, lifting Ricochet to his feet, taking him to the top turnbuckle. Ricochet with multiple blows to the back of Escobar. Ricochet kick to the chin, then takes Escobar down! Ricochet goes to the top turnbuckle, 630 Splash!! Ricochet goes for the cover for the three count pin and win!

Winner: Ricochet

After the Match

Ricochet celebrates as he wins the WWE SmackDown World Cup!! Ricochet holds the cup as Gunther makes his way out staring down Ricochet to end tonight’s edition of SmackDown! That’s all folks!

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