WWE SmackDown Results (3/5/21): St. Petersburg, FL

WWE Results |By Jamie Rush |Fri, March 5, 2021 - 8:02PM EST
SmackDown Results

Welcome to eWrestling.com's LIVE results coverage for the March 5th, 2021 edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown which airs LIVE on the FOX Network from the ThunderDome II at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida at 8/7C on the USA Network! Tonight's episode of SmackDown will have all the blue-brand action leading into the upcoming WWE Fastlane 2021 pay-per-view event which will air on the Peacock TV Network and the WWE Network as the last stop on the Road to Wrestlemania!!

As advertised for the March 5th edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown by eWrestling's own @MattBoone0709 earlier today on our WWE Friday Night SmackDown Preview, Daniel Bryan and Jey Uso are set for a high-stakes Steel Cage showdown on the March 5, 2021 edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown for the right to challenge the current WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns at the WWE Fastlane 2021 pay-per-view event. That, and much more starting tonight at 8/7 C on the Peacock TV Network!

Featured below are complete results of the March 5th, 2021 edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown which airs live at 8/7C on the Peacock TV Network! The following report was written by eWrestling.com's longest running female reporter, Jamie Rush. Follow Jamie on Twitter @JamieRush312.


Before The Show

Minutes before the clock strikes 8:00 p.m. ET, a commercial airs for tonight's WWE Friday Night SmackDown as the announcer states that WWE Superstars Kofi Kingston and Brock Lesnar together, tonight. Next we head into the opening for the March 5, 2021 edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown as we head into the WWE Forever introduction to tonight's show!

Video Package - The Rated-R Superstar Chooses His Competitor For Wrestlemania

As the Friday, March 5, 2021 edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown kicks off, we immediately head into a video package highlighting the impressive return and WWE Royal Rumble 2021 victory of WWE Superstar, Edge. Edge collapses into his own hands as he hangs over the top rope as we can hear the announcement from the commentary team from the pay-per-view event that took place back in January, as they shout, EDGE WINS! EDGE WINS!"

The sound clips continue as we see video of Edge's celebration following his victory at the pay-per-view. We hear, "Edge just achieved the impossible! and "Edge just won his second Royal Rumble, Edge is going to Wrestlemania!" Then we hear Edge's voice ask matter-of-factly, "So now... what champion do I choose?"

WWE Universal Champion - Roman Reigns

The video then turns from celebration to a somber and demanding statement from the current WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns as his voice is heard instructing Edge, "Say... My Name." Paul Heyman points at his tribal chief as he states proudly, "Roman Reigns!" Reigns voice continues on as he states he's the tribal chief, the head of the table, the best of the best, the main event. Again Reigns instructs Edge to say his name.

"I choose Roman Reigns!" Edge stares into the camera as he makes his decision! "I'm only going to say this once, and acknowledge me by saying my name." Roman Reigns and Edge stare each other down inside the ring after Edge announces his choice of WWE Title Match as the victor of the 2021 Royal Rumble. The two continue to stand face to face with a glare that could pierce through each other's souls to end the video package.

We Enter The ThunderDome II At Tropicana Field In St. Petersburg, FL

As the video package ends, we immediately head into the WWE ThunderDome II which is hosted at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida, and we are welcomed to the March 5, 2021 edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown which is represented by Progressive! As we make our way around the main stage and ramp, finally looking into the crowd of monitors at the ThunderDome II, Corey Graves is heard hyping the match-up between Daniel Bryan and Jey Uso (the blood-cousin of the current WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns) as the camera pans the monitors in the seats surrounding the WWE SmackDown ring.

In-Ring - Michael Cole

We are welcomed to tonight's WWE Friday Night SmackDown as Michael Cole stands in the center of the ring with a microphone in his hand as the commentary from Graves ends and Cole immediately picks up where Graves left off as he begins, "Ladies and Gentleman, as you just saw, the main event match at Wrestlemania may be Roman Reigns vs. Edge, for the WWE Universal Championship. Or it maybe not. Especially if my guest tonight has anything to say about it. Please welcome, the man who invented the 'Yes Movement', and defeated two Hall of Famers in the main event of Wrestlemania 30... Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan Joins Michael Cole In-Ring

We hear the entrance theme for Daniel Bryan sound over the speakers in the arena of the WWE ThunderDome II as Bryan makes his way to the stage as the crowd pops. The WWE Universe immediately heads into a "Yes! Yes! Yes!" chant as Bryan makes his way down the ramp towards the ring in a side-ways skip as he has both index fingers high in the air, cheering right along with the fans inside their monitors at ringside. Bryan enters the ring with Michael Cole.

"Daniel, welcome" Cole begins. Bryan thanks him. Cole continues on to state very matter-of-factly that tonight Bryan is set to go head to head inside the ring against the WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns' "unhinged cousin", Jey Uso. Cole states that tonight’s main event match-up between Bryan and Uso is a Steel Cage match and if Bryan is the victor, he will earn a shot against Reigns at WWE Fastlane 2021 which is just around the corner.

Cole then adds that if by chance Bryan happens to lose in his match-up, he will then have to acknowledge Roman Reigns as "the best wrestler on the planet" and "The Head of The Table". Cole then continues on to ask Bryan about tonight’s main event and the stipulations. Cole continues on to note that originally a WWE Tag-Team Match was set for Daniel Bryan & Edge vs. Roman Reigns & Jey Uso, but Bryan decided to forego that match. Cole asks Bryan why he decided to turn his focus to Reigns and the title, and why he passed on the tag team main event.

As Cole finally takes a breath and allows Bryan to get a response in, Bryan begins by stating that Cole is making assumptions. Bryan continues on to inform Cole that one of his biggest assumptions just so happened to be that anyone ever asked him if he wanted to be in the tag team match. "No one felt the need to run anything by me, because they know I will show up and work my butt off no matter what."

Bryan then adds that he understands why Edge or Reigns didn’t bother asking him if he wanted to partake in a tag-team match up... He then informs Cole that he plans to make a change, he's not going to be "the old Daniel Bryan" anymore. Bryan states he realistically knows they have this Edge vs. Roman Reigns dream match for the WWE WrestleMania 2021 pay-per-view... and he gets it. Everyone wants to see the Attitude Era vs. ThunderDome dream match, except for Bryan.

Bryan then states in a serious tone that he will do whatever he has to do, to make sure that that match doesn't happen. At this point, Bryan dismisses Cole from inside the ring, as he states, "I will take it from here."

Alone in the ring, Bryan begins discussing Edge's attack following his match, and Bryan states surprisingly that "he's never felt like such a failure, as he did in that moment." Ouch. Bryan continues on adding that many don’t know this, but he doesn’t have a lot of ambition, and he recounts the story of him taking a test and getting the lowest ambition score out of anybody on the roster. He says he loves wrestling and he doesn’t feel like he’s had to work a day in the last 21 years.

Bryan then shifts slightly as he admits that he has hit a point where he’s gonna be more of a full-time dad than a full-time wrestler, so he’s stepped back and offered his opportunities to the younger guys of the locker room. Bryan adds that in that moment he realized he failed himself when he put himself on the back burner. He also realized that he’s got a lot more ambition than that test could ever show and he knew then that he needed to be in the main event match of this year's WrestleMania 2021 pay-per-view event.

As he continues, Bryan states that just in the last three weeks, he’s wrestled more matches than Roman and Edge in the last three matches. He continues to share that every single week he comes out, wrestling for the love of what he does. With that said, he again states that tonight, he will step inside a steel cage with Jey Uso. When he wins, he will have a title match for Fastlane, and that is the only way Bryan is getting into the main event of Wrestlemania 2021.

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns Interrupts

Right on cue, we hear the entrance theme for the WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns as Reigns steps onto the ThunderDome II main stage accompanied by his "personal advisor" Paul Heyman as well as his blood-cousin, Jey Uso. As they make their way to the ramp, we head to our first commercial break of the evening.

As we return from the first commercial break of tonight's edition WWE Friday Night SmackDown, we once again head to the ring inside the WWE ThunderDome II where the "Yes Movement" creator, Daniel Bryan, is now standing across from WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. The two WWE Superstars are just feet apart as Bryan doesn't allow his eyes to stray for even a moment as the pyro for Reigns' ring entrance flies up all around the ring and throughout the ThunderDome II.

Bryan's eyes happen to shift slightly to directly behind Reigns as if Bryan were looking through a useless piece of glass, as Bryan looked Jey Uso directly in his eyes (Bryan vs. Uso is set for tonight's main event for SmackDown in a Cage Match). Bryan then cuts his eyes, dismissing Uso's glare as Bryan returns his focus to Reigns as Bryan looks like he wants to just get to the wrestling and cut all the back and forth threats and discussion. The crowd continues chanting their "Boo's" from the monitors surrounding the ThunderDome II ring.

The camera points directly at Reigns' "special counsel" Paul Heyman who is standing shoulder to shoulder with Reigns' blood-cousin, Jey Uso. The two lackies look the part Reigns' hype team as the two stand mere feet behind their "tribal chief". At this point, the WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns then lifts the microphone in his hand to his lips as he seems prepared to discuss this matter with Bryan like a mature and well-rounded adult.

Sike, Reigns is far from the mature competitor. Reigns smirks as he adjusts his Universal Title belt on his shoulder. Reigns lifts the microphone to his mouth as he dramatically stresses a look of confusion as he begins his statement to Bryan who is still directly across from him. Reigns begins, "I'm looking at the same guy... but you don't sound like the same guy." The crowd begins booing once again.

Reigns ignores the crowd as he continues on with a scrunched brow and tilted lips as he again lifts the microphone, "The way you're talking, is confusing to me, and if you're confusing me, then I know you're confusing the audience." Reigns then mocks Bryan for his statement made before the commercial break where Bryan announced he's ambitious now, despite the specifically opposite conclusion that was drawn by a professionally created test that the WWE passed out among the locker room, Bryan's test came back with the LEAST AMBITIOUS title.

Reigns then informs Bryan that Reigns is ambitious. As for Bryan... no. Bryan is nothing more than the underdog, the little guy... a lotto winner, the guy who waits for an opportunity and sometimes it works out. Reigns then continues on as he takes us back to when he was just a youngster, and how since that early age, he's never had to go without something he wanted, he would just TAKE it. Reigns then informs Daniel Bryan that Bryan doesn't "love wrestling". Bryan needs it because he has nothing else.

Reigns informs Bryan that "love isn’t based on needs, it’s based on service. Reigns then adds that he loves the wrestling business, but he doesn't need it. Reigns elaborates as if Bryan asked an unspoken question regarding Reigns' previous statement as Reigns continues on to share that he loves this business and he doesn’t need to do it, but he does it because everyone needs him. Reigns then informs Bryan that he too, needs Reigns... and as soon as Bryan is willing to accept that, he knows Bryan will acknowledge him.

Jey Uso Interrupts

At this point Jey Uso steps forward from behind his big cousin, Reigns, and grabs the microphone directly out of Daniel Bryan's gripped hand before Bryan is able to respond (whether in agreeance or against Reigns' statement). Uso doesn't waste his time or breath as he states to Bryan, "This, is as close as you're going to get to the Universal Championship."

Following his simple statement (clearly a man more so of action than words), Jey Uso then proceeds to attempt to bull-rush Daniel Bryan inside the ring, but always a step ahead of his competitors, Bryan quickly grabs Jey and uses his momentum against him as he lands Jey on the canvas with a successful Hip Toss, followed by dumping Uso to ringside.

Without skipping a beat, Daniel Bryan then turns back to Roman Reigns, still a look of calm of Bryan's face as if he just swatted a mosquito and was silently urging his ever so interesting pal to continue, but that ends the first segment of the evening with Bryan coming out on top.

Quick Announcement

As we head to the announcer's table for announcements and opinions, Graves and Cole discuss Daniel Bryan's ability to keep his cool in more situations than not. They also add that tonight's WWE SmackDown will also include a match-up of Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins representing The Street Profits vs. King Corbin & Sami Zayn which was officially announced during Last Friday's WWE Friday Night SmackDown LIVE Results post!

Video Clip - "Last Friday's SmackDown" - Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins vs. King Corbin & Sami Zayn

At this point, the "commentary team" finish up their opinions in regards to the next match up as they then follow up by sending us into a video clip from Last Friday's WWE Friday Night SmackDown, as if we DIDN'T just so happen to hear a professional recap of the match-up from the Announcer's Table.

Video: Street Profits vs. Baron Corbin & Sami Zayn Last Week's Match Replayed and Discussed

As the video clip from "Last Week's Match" of Ford and Dawkins vs. Corbin and Zayn comes to an end, we immediately hear the entrance theme for the first team to make their way to the stage. Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins representing The Street Profits then make their way down the ramp towards the ring as they stop and stand at the bottom of the ramp momentarily as we are informed that we are headed to commercial break once again.

As we return from the commercial break, we once again get comfortable inside the WWE ThunderDome II which is hosted at Tropicana Field Arena in St. Petersburg, Florida. As we watch the end of Dawkins and Ford's official entrance (which looks to be turning into an entire "in-ring promo"), we next hear the entrance theme for Sami Zayn as his music begins to play over the speakers in the arena as Zayn makes his way to the stage. Zayn stops and looks as though he has something to get off his chest before proceeding any further for a match.

Zayn begins his rant on the “fluke victory” that took place right here inside the WWE ThunderDome II in St. Petersburg, FL. Zayn continues on as he adds, "With all things considered, things were going fairly well until...." Zayn is cut off in the middle of his statement as his tag-team partner, King Baron Corbin interrupts as he makes his way to the stage. Corbin quickly makes it clear that he is NOT out there to prepare for a tag-team match with anyone, especially Sami Zayn. Corbin states that he and Zayn are NOT "tag-team partners" and they are NOT "friends". He immediately follows up by stating that he refuses to be in a tag match with Zayn, adding he wants a SINGLES match against whichever member of the Street Profits chooses to take the match.

King Corbin vs. Montez Ford

We see The Street Profits members Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins quickly huddle to discuss which one of them would prefer to head into the newly added Singles Match due to the just as recently cut Tag-Team Match. Ford then heads into the ring as Dawkins retreats to the floor at ringside to be at arm's length for moral support and possible back-up if needed.

With both competitors in the ring, the referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and the next match up is officially underway! To start things off in the match-up both competitors head into the center of the ring, King Corbin grabs a hold on Ford as he jockeys for position and control of the match-up. Not one to just submit in anything he does, Ford quickly counters with a Sleeper Hold on Corbin. As Corbin attempts to break free, Ford sets up a Kick Combo for a pop. That is quickly followed with a Stinger Splash off the ropes and finally a Pop-Up. Ever the professional, he maintains control as he hits a DDT! Next we see a Kip-Up that immediately transitions into a Standing Moonsault for the cover. Corbin is able to kick out and the match continues on, Corbin gaining control once again at this point. Looking to gain control and finish the match, Corbin doesn't "shoo" Zayn off but rather welcomes the distraction that allows Corbin to his his finisher, End of Days for the three count pin and win!

Winner: King Corbin

After The Match

Immediately following the match, we see one-half of the Street Profits going after Sami Zayn, then following up by attacking Sami Zayn as his documentary crew just films on. At this point we see King Corbin continue to make his way up the ramp towards the backstage area as he leaves Sami Zayn (who moments ago assisted Corbin in his win... albeit just a slight distraction) to fend for himself against an unhappy Montez Ford and an even angrier Angelo Dawkins!

On that note, we again have to have a bathroom break every 45mins-90mins, so we head to commercial break!

Angelo Dawkins vs. Sami Zayn

We once again return from the commercial break and make our way back to the ring for the next match up of the evening. As the camera locks in on the action already in progress between Dawkins and Zayn, it is noted that there were no offical tag-team/rules. Dawkins then proceeds to slam Zayn's face into the turnbuckles in the corner of the ring. Zayn's face continuously hits the turnbuckles. Next we see a Whip blocked which is quickly followed up with a Front Kick. Zayn looks to gain control and end this match up as quickly as possible, so Zayn heads in for a Side Headlock on his opponent but is quickly shoved off by Dawkins. Next Zayn heads in for a leap frog. Duck Under, duck under the lariat.

Next we see Dawkins land a Dropkick on Zayn for the cover. Zayn successfully kicks out of the cover at the two count by the referee, so the match continues on as both fighters struggle but make their way back to their feet to continue. At this point, we see the action spill-over to ringside as both men continue to rally for control of the other or a finisher to end this match-up. Dawkins again handles things the only way he knows how, and he hates my one and only daughter, Dropkick and a two count! The action often ended up being outside where they were going to later have a party and maybe they could fix the one table cloth and a menu your majesty.

After a bit of a struggle to no avail at ringside, the two superstars suddenly make a call under their breath where they agree to allow one another back into the ring to continue and hopefully soon end this match up, for REAL. As the match continues we see Zayn head in for a Lariat that would they returned eerything ina Zayn with a lariat for two.

Sami with a lariat, repeated covers but Dawkins kicks out! Angelo with a comeback, spinning Stinger Splash into the one-handed bulldog... NOPE! Underhooks... DRILL BIT CAN’T KEEP SAMI ZAYN DOWN! Sami looking for the Blue Thunder Driver, blocked, sidestep the charge, exploder suplex into the corner! Zayn gets distracted by Ford cutting a promo at his documentary crew and Dawkins quickly takes advantage of the distraction and rolls Zayn for a Schoolboy Pin for the three count pin and win!

Angelo Dawkins

After the Match

Immediately following the match, we see Sami Zayn at ringside discussing the events that took place just moments ago, Zayn interrogating them, sue her (I definitely WOULD!!)

To prove his theory right, we noticed that Zayn began to interrogate one of the film coordinators on the work crew. As Seth Green looks to angrily storm off ocumentary crew he doesn’t recognize, shaking him down and hammering him with knees to the gut!

Backstage - Carmella

As we once again head backstage, we run into Carmella who is with Reginald the Sommelier. Carmella informs Reginald that she wants to play a game. Reginald seems confused, but willing... after all, it's Carmella!

Carmella then explains the game to Reginald as she informs him that the game is mainly about a snake... (Either this is the worst game EVER, or she is smarter than I gave her credit for, and she is literally calling him out on betraying her.)

Reginald objects and denies any wrong-doing as he informs her that everything he's done, is doing, or will do, is all for her. Carmella clearly still wants to play this game as she looks over at him and states that HE is the snake, she then proceeds to SLAP his wine tray from his hands in a fit of rage before adding, "You're FIRED!"

Chad Gable vs. Dominik Mysterio

As we head back inside the main stage area, we hear the entrance theme for "The Mysterios" as Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik Mysterio make their way to the stage. The two then begin their journey down the ramp and towards the ring for tonight's match-up. On that note, we head to commercial break once again!

We return from the commercial break and the camera pans back over to the ring where Dominik is now standing alone inside the ring, prepared for his one-on-one match-up. Out next is Mysterio's opponent for tonight's match-up, Chad Gable accompanied by Otis as Gable's entrance theme sounds in the arena. Gable and Otis make their way down the ramp and Gable enters the ring where he joins his opponent, Dominik Mysterio.

With both competitors standing in either corner of the ring, the referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and this match-up is officially underway. To start off the action, we see both men head into the center of the ring, Gable successfully getting the first take down as he lands Dominik on the mat inside the ring with a Waistlock Takedown. In response to the first Take-Down, a second Waistlock Take-Down is applied successfully at this point.

At this point Dominik Mysterio successfully lands Gable on the canvas inside the ring by applying an Arm Drag of his own on Gable. A Wrist-lock, Chad rolls through and bridges into a reversal, side headlock transitioned into a drop toehold, posting the knee into the mat after! Leg pick, dragon screw, stepover toehold knee drops, cover for two. Stepover toehold applied, wrenching it in, Dominik counters with a Gamengiri for as he successfully takes control of the match-up!

At this point Mysterio is setting Gable up top, then diving Frankensteiner, Gable into the corner, he gets bodyscissored into the turnbuckles! Dom goes up top, tornado DDT blocked, duck a lairat, reverse it, Tiger Suplex... NO GOOD! Finally we see Dominik make his way up to the the top turnbuckle where he then waited until his opponent was inside the ring. I did it on a counter goaa Off the top with a moonsault, nobody home, German suplex blocked, Mysterio goes for and lands
Winner: Dominik Mysterio

After the Match

Immediately following the match up, Rey Mysterio quickly heads over to take care of Otis as he attacks him. Mysterio then Dropkicks Otis and ends the attack with a Seated Senton into the announcer's table at ringside! That's how a Mysterio handles business

Backstage Interview - Seth Rollins

As the in-ring segment comes to an end... we meet up with Seth Rollins backstage as he allows Kayla Braxton plenty of time to set up for her upcoming where Seth Rollins is being interviewed in regards to Cesaro and being "afraid of him".

He accuses Cesaro of being afraid of him and his "movement" as he refers to his "WWE Revolt" as he stated that will eventually take place, but she says he wanted to humiliate him, and he’ll never forget that.

At this point Rollins stops for a moment and he looks over his shoulder. To Rollins surprise (or shock... your choice) Buddy Murphy is standing there.

He says he was thinking that perhaps he could assist Seth with the Cesaro situation, but Rollins tells him to get out of his sight.

Bianca Belair vs. Shayna Baszler

We return to the ring for the next match-up of the evening. We hear the entrance theme for one-half of the current WWE SmackDown Women's Tag-Team Champions, Shayna Baszler, as she proceeds to make her entrance. Baszler then makes her way down the ramp, her tag-team partner Nia Jax standing right next to Baszler after every single time where she admitted that they were flanked by Nia Jax, and sends us to break.

Once again we return from the commercial break, and in that same moment the sound of Bianca Belair's entrance theme makes her entrance and hangs out at ringside for the next match. Reginald the Sommelier follows behind, offering her flowers. Belair is appreciative but stated though she gets them though periodically I can go pick some. Belair then enters the ring with her opponent for the evening. With both women inside the ring, the referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and this match up is officially underway! The action starts off with some back and forth. Next we see some Collar and elbow, Belair with a side headlock, backflip away, shoulder block.

With her ability to catch the attempted Dropkick, Bianca kicks Baszler away, schoolboy for two. Wrenching the arm, stepover, La Casita, no good, Shayna with the Jim Breaks Special, Belair fireman’s carry, slip out, up in the corner and Baszler kicks her arm out from under her! Shayna continuing to work the arm over, manipulating the wrist and hand and snapping the arm back. Sidestep Baszler into the corner but she stays right on her, Bianca with a slam, right hand, shoulder blocks in the corner! Straight suplex, kip-up, Belair is feeling it!

Shayna reverses and sends Belair crashing to the floor! She gets to her feet and shoves Reggie into Nia, returning to the ring only to be met with a kick from Shayna! Jax shoves Reginald and charges at him, but he sidesteps and she plows into Sasha! Baszler goes for the Kirifuda Clutch. Belair struggles momentarily, but is finally able to break the hold and counters with a KOD (Kiss of Death) for the three count pin and win!

Winner: Bianca Belair

After the Match

Immediately following the match, we see Sasha Banks turn and lock-in on Reginald who isn't far away from Banks. As Banks walks towards Reginald, he gets a huge smile on his face momentarily, but then Sasha begins to speak to Reginald where she then proceeds to Slap him across the face! Banks then adds a warning as she looks at Reginald in a serious tone as she demands that he stay out of her business!

Backstage - Jey Uso and Roman Reigns

Next we head backstage where Jey Uso is hanging out with his cousin, WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Roman tells Jey that if he wins in his match with Daniel Bryan tonight, the Universal Championship would be considered "safe" until the upcoming WWE WrestleMania 2021 pay-per-view event. Roman then adds a warning, that if Jey DOESN'T get the victory tonight, then Roman will have to defend his title at WWE Fastlane 2021 pay-per-view that is set to air later this month. Reigns isn't worried about a defense, but if Jey loses, he doesn’t just embarrass himself, but the whole family. Jey simply states, "I got this, Usse" and then takes his leave. On that note, we head to commercial break.

Murphy vs. Cesaro

Seth Rollins comes out just before the match begins and watches this one from the announce desk. Cesaro rushes Murphy and lifts him up for a slam, then hits a deadlift gutwrench suplex for a one-count. Murphy hits the ropes and jumps but Cesaro catches him with a scoop slam. Murphy suckers Cesaro out of the ring and dropkicks him through the ropes, then hits a tope.

Murphy gets Cesaro back in the ring and hits a top rope crossbody for two-count. Cesaro shoves Murphy backwards into the buckles, then catches him with a European uppercut. Cesaro whips Murphy to the corners and hits uppercuts over and over, then a running kick to the face. Cesaro hits The Swing for a long time before transitioning to the Sharpshooter for the submission win.
Winner Cesaro

After the Match

Rollins gives Cesaro a fake applause from the announce desk and Cesaro smiles at him.

Backstage - Reginald

As we head backstage, we see that Reginald is walking with his suitcase as he just so happens to pass Sasha Banks’ locker room. He knocks and asks her for another chance but she says no and slams the door in his face. Reggie then walks on down the hallway and Shayna and Nia are standing and Baszler says he reeks of failure. Baszler wants to fight him but Jax stops her and says he’s “kinda cute” as we head into our next commercial break!

In-Ring - Apollo Crews

As we return from commercial break, we hear the entrance theme for The Hurt Business member, Apollo Crews. Crews makes his way to the stage, then heads down the ramp and enters the ring. Apollo Crews comes to the ring and now he has a spear and two guys dressed in army gear following closely behind. Crews speaks in a Nigerian accent and says everyone is telling him they don’t like the new him.

Well the news is, this is the real him. He is a descendant of Nigerian royalty and a true African American. He says he has brought two real Nigerian Elite Guards with him. His father used to tell him about guards like them but he was ashamed of that heritage. His so-called friends would ask him if he lived in a jungle or rode a lion to school. He was ashamed.

Guards like them would leave people in a bloody mess and haunt them for generations. And the older he gets the more he realises history repeats itself. Big E disrespected him and he heard the voice is his ancestors telling him to stand up and take his heritage. So he knows Big E is at home and he’ll be back next week. Well he is not the same man Big E pushed aside, he doesn’t ask for opportunities, he demands them. He will stand before Big E and dominate him, leave him broken and humbled, and take the Intercontinental Championship.

Backstage - Adam Cole and Sonya Deville

Once again we head backstage, and at this point, we come upon Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville who are arguing back and forth with Natalya and Tamina as they want to know why they aren’t getting a tag-title shot at Fastlane. In response, Adam states that’s just the choice that was made. Deville says she would have went with them instead.

Backstage - Jey Uso

Jey Uso is interviewed backstage and starts ranting about the Uso penitentiary but Daniel Bryan attacks him from behind and leaves him lying! With that we head to commercial break!

Ding-Dong, Hello?! - with Bayley

As we return from the commercial break, we head into a backstage segment of Bayley's own talk show, Ding Dong, Hello?! with Bayley. She says she’s got a new segment in mind like Mean Tweets but, seeing as everyone loves her, it’s called Sweet Tweets. Bayley reads Tweets from people saying her talk show should main event WrestleMania, and that Sasha Banks would never get a talk show. The final card was not complimentary so she got up and slammed the door behind her.

Corey Graves is inside the steel cage and he reads us the rules of a steel cage match. They have a cameraman on top of the cage to give us a feeling of what it’s like. Graves says no matter who wins, they will leave a piece of themselves inside the cage. Daniel Bryan makes his entrance to the ring, then Jey his. Just before the bell rings, Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman come out and Roman sits on the ramp to watch this one.

Steel Cage Match
Daniel Bryan vs., Jey Uso

The match gets underway and Bryan runs at Jey and hits him with a forearm. Jey throws Bryan into the cage wall, then traps him between the ropes and cage and shoves his face into the mesh. Jey shouts at Bryan to acknowledge Roman, who gets off his seat and sates in Bryan’s face. Roman tells Jey “more”, and Uso lifts Bryan up to run him head-first into the cage. Jey asks for the door to be opened and he makes to leave but Bryan grabs his leg.

Jey pummels Bryan with right hands, then starts climbing the cage but Bryan chases after and drags him down to the top rope. They slam each other’s heads into the cage, then Jey jumps off and shakes the ropes to drop Bryan onto it. Jey then uppercuts Bryan off the ropes before running him into the turnbuckle. Bryan gives Jey a taste of his own medicine and slams him into the steel steps, then goes up top for a missile dropkick. Both men are down. Bryan hits a running kick to the arm of Jey, then wraps the arm over his shoulder and snaps it over his own.

Bryan then runs Jey into the steel cage shoulder-first a few times. Jey whips Bryan to the ropes but he jumps onto the top rope and starts climbing but Jey drops him into the tree of woe. Bryan stomps the knee of Bryan over and over that he hurt a few weeks ago at Elimination Chamber. Jey starts climbing but his arm is hurting. Bryan intercepts him and they’re both hanging over the edge. Jey slides down to the top rope and gets Bryan on his shoulders for a massive Samoan drop!

We’re back live and Jey and Bryan are sitting on top of the cage and trading shots. Jey drags Bryan over the wall down to the top rope and Daniel brings Uso with him. Bryan hits the Yes Kicks while they’re both standing on the top rope, then Jey fires back with a superkick that knocks Bryan off. Jey follows-up with an Uso splash for a near-fall. Jey crawls towards the open door but Bryan grabs his ankle again. Jey climbs to his feet and hits an enziguiri, then Bryan fires back with a kick of his own, but Jey hits a superkick for another near-fall. Bryan pins Jey with a crucifix for a near-fall, then holds onto the crucifix position and elbows Jey’s head over and over.

Bryan tries to transition to the LeBell Lock but Uso wriggles away and clobbers Bryan with big right hands over and over. Jey looks at Roman sitting on the stage and figures out his next move. Uso starts scaling the cage wall but again Bryan climbs up behind and grabs his ankles. Bryan drags Jey down and climbs up and over himself but Jey drags him back inside. Bryan slams Jey into the cage a few times, then hits a butterfly superplex and rolls into the Yes Lock. Jey crawls to the ropes and gets it but there is no rope break. Bryan pulls back harder on the hold and Jey taps!

Winner: Daniel Bryan

After the Match

It is announced that Daniel Bryan has secured his shot against Roman Reigns at Fastlane. Roman Reigns is not happy and Paul Heyman holds his head in his hands. Bryan climbs to the top of the cage and leads a Yes chant to end the show.

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