WWE Smackdown Results (8/30/16) – Dallas, TX

The August 30th episode of WWE SmackDown aired live on the USA Network from Dallas, Texas at the American Airlines Center.

– SmackDown opens up with footage from last week’s Talking Smack of The Miz cutting his promo on Daniel Bryan. It cuts to Bryan and Shane McMahon watching it in the back, and Shane saying he owes The Miz an apology for provoking Miz as the GM. Bryan says he agrees, but finds the advice ironic since Shane has been with Brock Lesnar.

– The Miz comes out and cuts a promo about how the Intercontinental Championship was tarnished by quitters and losers, and he’s bringing it back to prominence. Miz puts himself over for being in commercials and not having to spend the first decade of his career in bingo halls in front of 50 people. Dolph Ziggler interrupts and says the fans see through The Miz for just wanting to be famous. Ziggler challenges The Miz to fight him right then and there. The Miz briefly exits the ring, takes his jacket off, gets back up on the apron, but decides against it and walks away. Ziggler says Daniel Bryan was right, and Miz turns around but Maryse talks him out of going to the ring.

Hype Bros def. The Vaudevillains: The action goes to the outside early on where the Vaudevillains take control of the match. Gotch takes in and hits a t-brone suplex and a fireman’s carry slam. Mojo and English get the tags and Mojo cleans house then hits two Stinger splashes in the corner. Gotch breaks the pin attempt, and Ryder takes out Gotch with the Broski Boot. The Hypo Bros hit their double team finisher on English for the win.

– AJ Styles is shown walking through the backstage area introducing himself to people as the face that runs the place. AJ, wearing John Cena’s headband, runs into Apollo Crews and says he’s not important enough for him to remember his name. Crews spells out his name, AJ responds by telling him this is SmackDown not a spelling bee and walks away.

AJ Styles def. Apollo Crews: After some back and forth action inside and outside of the ring in the opening minutes, Crews drops AJ with a series of clotheslines and a big boot. Crews follows up with a splash in the corner and a flying clothsline. Crews throws AJ outside then hits a moonsault off the apron onto AJ on the floor. Back in the ring, Crews goes for a superplex but Styles escapes and comes back with a flying clothesline in the corner. AJ goes for a splash off the top but Crews catches him and hits a fallaway slam for a near-fall. Crews goes up top but AJ knocks him off and hits the Phenomenal Forearm for the win.

– We see Renee Young at Heath Slater’s house to interview him. Rhyno and his wife are both there as well. Slater is asked about not being chosen in the draft, and he says he thinks it was just an oversight. His wife puts out crackers and canned cheese whiz for Young and Rhyno to eat. They are interrupted by the sound of one of his kids stealing their car “again,” and that’s the end of the interview.

– The lights go out and Bray Wyatt sits in the ring with a spotlight on him to cut a promo on Randy Orton. Orton interrupts and says Bray has his attention. Bray says Orton is damaged and that he is now the predator. Orton says he’s not afraid of him or of kicking his ass, and he hits the ring. The lights go out and we go to a graphic promoting a women’s tag match up next.

Naomi & Becky Lynch def. Natalya & Alexa Bliss: Nikki Bella is on commentary for this one. The heels control the majority of the match against Naomi until Becky gets the hot tag and cleans house. Becky hits a missile dropkick off the top on Alicia but Natalya breaks up the pin. Carmella attacks Nikki Bella at ringside which distracts Becky. Alicia rolls up Becky from behind while distracted for the win.

Heath Slater & Rhino def. The Headbangers: Slater drops Mosh with a clothesline, but Mosh comes back with a springboard clothesline off the middle rope. Thrasher gets the tag and hits another clothesline off the mddle rope, followed up by a side suplex on Slater. Mosh tags back in and they hit a double back body drop on Slater for a two count. Thrasher tags in and they hit the Stage Dive on Slater. Rhino knocks Mosh out of the ring then drags Slater to the corner and tags himself in. Rhino hits the Gore on Thrasher for the win.

– A guy in a suit in the ring says that his name is Gary Millman, and he was granted a license to compete tonight but no one wanted to take him on. He says he’s not leaving until someone comes out and competes with him. He strips down to his underwear, and Demon Kane comes out. Millman tries to get dressed and leave, but Kane shokeslams him and walks away.

Baron Corbin def. Dean Ambrose via DQ: AJ Styles is at ringside on commentary for the main event. Ambrose takes Corbin to the outside early on and comes off the apron with a flying clothesline. He slams Corbin’s head into the announce table and AJ stares him down. Back in the ring, Ambrose hits a dropkick off the middle rope, but Corbin comes back with a clothesline and a series of elbows to the head. Corbin works on Ambrose’s lower back and hits a chokeslam for a two count. Ambrose comes back with a neckbreaker, but Corbin quickly shuts him down with a clothesline. Ambrose hits a clothesline of his own, then throws Corbin to the outside and follows up with a suicide dive. Back in the ring, Corbin comes back with the Deep Six for a near-fall. Corbin starts beating down Ambrose at ringside. AJ gets out of his seat and starts yelling instructions at Corbin and Corbin gets in his face. Ambrose clotheslines Corbin from behind and knocks him into AJ. Back in the ring, Ambrose hits a splash off the top rope on Corbin for a two count. AJ gets on the apron and accidentally kicks Corbin in the head and the referee calls for the bell. Ambrose hits a suicide plancha on AJ to the outside, then the Dirty Deeds on Corbin back in the ring. AJ goes for the Phenomenal Forearm, but Ambrose hits his leg and crotches him on the top rope. Ambrose takes his title belt and heads to the back to close out the show.

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