WWE Smackdown Results – April 1, 2022

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WrestleMania SmackDown Live Results (April 1, 2022): American Airlines Center – Dallas, TX

Welcome to WrestleMania SmackDown

Or WMSD as the kids are known to call it. Michael Cole and Pat McAfee welcome us to “the eve of WrestleMania as we are officially on the clock–less than twenty-four hours to go! We waste no more time and get right to the Battle Royal, starting with a memorial package for Andre the Giant. The well-done video touches lightly on his career, pointing out his near-fifteen-year winning streak. We’re reminded he’s the reason for this battle royal’s existence and cut to the ring.

The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

The participants start in the ring for this one, with standard over-the-top-rope rules. The competitors are the Viking Raiders, the Hurt Business, Mahal & Shanky, Crews & Azeez, United States Champion Finn Balor, Madcap Moss, Mansoor, Drew Gulak, Akira Tozawa, Damian Priest, Robert Roode and NXT’s Tommaso Ciampa. The Dirty Dawgs are one of two Superstars whose entrance we get as Roode comes out with NXT Champion Dolph Ziggler. The two pay homage to The Outsiders by doing the tag double-gesture symbol (where they lean to the side and curve their arms at each other.) Finn is out last. The bell rings and all chaos ensues as Superstars pair off and continue to change partners. Reggie Tozawa before being Damian Priest eliminates both R-Truth and Reggie.
Shelton Benjamin eliminates T-BAR with a running knee strike to T-BAR on the apron. Madcap Moss eliminates Drew Gulak with a running clothesline. Happy Corbin comes down, clapping and all smiles, cheering for Moss. Corbin attempts to help Moss eliminate a Superstar by pulling down the rope but Moss almost eliminates himself. Ciampa attempts to eliminate Moss, and Corbin makes the save. Corbin accuses Moss of not listening and leaves. Ciampa again attempts to eliminate Moss, but Moss hangs in there. Shanky and Roode fight in one corner and Apollo Crews eliminates Cedric Alexander. Commander Azeez eliminates Shelton Benjamin and a chaotic series of eliminations start as the Viking Raiders are eliminated by Azeez and Shanky. The two giants begin to slug it out in the middle of the ring as Priest slugs Roode in the corner, Moss works over anyone he can touch, and Ziggler and Ciampa battle int he corner.
Finn eliminates Azeez and, again, a lot of chaos ensues. We’re left with our final four–Robert Roode, NXT Champion Dolph Ziggler, Finn Balor, and Madcap Moss. Moss picks the legs of Roode and hits a double foot stomp. Finn attempts to eliminate Ziggler but Roode makes the save. Finn attempts to eliminate Roode but Ziggler makes the save. The Dirty Dawgs attempt to eliminate Balor so Moss dumps the trio over the top rope! Finn hangs on and doesn’t touch the ground! Finn hits the ring with a Sling Blade to Moss! Moss recovers and throws Finn over the top, picking up the surprise win! Both members of the Happy Folk have won this prestigious trophy.
Your Winner, Madcap Moss!

Intercontinental Championship Triple-Threat Match: Ricochet(c) vs Angel Garza vs Humberto Carrillo

The Intercontinental Champ is out first to a nice pop, sporting Bam Bam Bigelow-inspired duds, and we go to a break. Upon returning, the real-life cousins make their way out. They seem in unison, despite being competitors tonight. We get the “Los Lotharios Kiss Cam” again–American’s favorite past time for sexually harassing innocent fans! They find a brunette in the front and both kiss her on the cheek. Their entrance is too long. The bell rings and Los Lotharios begin to execute a plan, working together to double-team the champ. Cole reminds us that there’s no DQ under triple threat rules. Humberto pulls Ricochet to the apron and sits him up, chest against the ropes and back to the audience. Both Lotharios then execute simultaneous kicks, with Humberto hitting a step-up Enziguri and Angel trying to score a field goal with Ricochet’s head. Ricochet starts to get some offense in shortly after and shows off his truly impressive athleticism by hitting a double Hurricanrana on both men. Ricochet flies across the ring, spearing Humberto in the corner. Rico stuns Angel on the ramp and looks for a springboard 450 but is caught by Angel. Angel and Humberto work together to reverse it into a spinning arm drag off the middle rope. Angel calls Humberto over for a hug and the cousins do as the crowd loudly boos them, sending us to another break.
Back from the break. Los Lotharios have continued to control the pace of the match throughout the break, we’re informed, and both men flank Ricochet and lock in a submission. Ricochet hangs in there and the crowd starts a chant so weak it’s in the ICU. Humberto immediately shuts down any attempt at a comeback from Ricochet…then covers Ricochet. Rico kicks out but Angel looks shocked. Humberto moves to the middle rope to glare at the crowd, unaware Angel has crawled over to cover Rico. Humberto notices and jumps off, threatening an axe handle attack. Ricochet uses the confusion to fire up. This leads to Humberto rolling up Angel Garza and finally Dallas is waking up! Angel and Humberto have worlds until Ricochet hits a top-rope Cross Body that wipes them both out! Nikki would be proud. Ricochet with a rolling pop-up shotgun to Angel before hitting a standing Moonsault on Angel, covering for a close two. Angel makes the save. Cole called it a standing Shooting Star, but McAfee (correctly) informed Cole it was a Moonsault.
Ricochet starts a comeback and climbs up the turnbuckles. Angel attempts to stop it, but Ricochet delivers a stiff right kick to Garza’s head. Ricochet sets up his finisher and Angel’s in the drop zone. Humberto pops up and battles Ricochet on the turnbuckles and attempts a Superplex. Ricochet slaps on the brakes and pounds Humberto’s back with a huge right. Ricochet sends Humberto back, causing Humberto to hit a cross body on Angel. Ricochet then hits a beautiful 630/Recoil combo on Angel (630) and Humberto (Recoil) and covers Humberto to retain!
Your Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion, Ricochet!

Video Package: Austin Returns to WrestleMania

We get a pair of videos, showing the recent actions of KO and a lengthier, great package by Stone Cold that plays up big moments from his career. He calls KO “one dumb son of a bitch” and Kid Rock’s “Bawitdaba” plays us out as Steve Austin promises to open one last can of whoop-ass and that’s the bottom line…

Non-Title Tag Team Match: Women’s Tag Team Champions Queen Zelina & Carmella vs Sasha Banks & Naomi

Sasha is wearing her cute Sailor Moon outfit. We go to break and we return, all four teams that will partake in this weekend’s fatal 4-way title match are present. The two teams not participating leave the ring and we start with Banks and Carmella, complete with her bedazzled face mask. Zelina and Carmella use frequent tags to confine Banks in their corner for a few long moments. Carmella uses the ropes for an illegal submission and the ref counts a warning. Zelina and Carmella work together, fluidly moving in and out of the ring and executing double teams. Banks weathers through it and brings in the Glow. Naomi uses her knees to drive Vega’s face into the mat and attempts a cover. Carmella makes the save and checks on Zelina, only to have Naomi hit a double running kick on both that sends the champs into the corner. Banks and Naomi start their own set of quick tags, executing a double Facewash to the corner. Banks hits a split-legged Moonsault off the top and picks up the win!
Your Winners, Sasha Banks & Naomi!

Kayla Braxton Interviews Ronda Rousey

We cut to a video from Ronda Rousey’s training room, complete with a full-sized ring. She states that there’s no point in going around angry as she needs to focus for the match. She tells us that Charlotte can either tap out tomorrow or Ronda will rip her arm out and give it to the Rousey family for a trophy.

Video Package: Charlotte Flair’s Done It All

For a change of pace, we get a documentary-ish video package that touches on Rousey’s career coming from the UFC, but focuses on Charlotte Flair’s status as the most decorated woman in sports entertainment history (per them). We hear from different execs, such as HHH and others, as they plug the title match tomorrow night.

Promo: SmackDown Champion Charlotte Flair

Flair cuts a short promo that bragged about her accomplishments and contained threats to Ronda. Typical fare.

Video Promo: Metallica + Brock Lesnar & Roman Reigns

We get Metallica’s “All Nightmare Long” plays over a video that shows the recent clashes between Lesnar and Reigns, especially focusing on Roman’s brutal assault of Lesnar in MSG. Decent video.

Austin Theory Assaults Pat McAfee

Rick Boogs is on mic and guitar and calls out his bestie and future co-tag team champion, Shinsuke…Nakamuraaaaaaaaa! Pat McAfee loses his shit as always, and singles “this feels so good, every time/every time” in timing with Boogs’ music work. Austin Theory attacks Pat from behind as he’s dancing on the desk, dropping Pat on the desk where he hits his head hard. Theory hauls ass and Pat chases Theory up the ramp and to the back. Theory runs into an office marked for Vince McMahon, once again using the office as a safe zone. Pat gets angry and kicks in the door, and a VERY angry Vince McMahon charges out, getting in Pat’s face, and demanding to know who the hell Pat thinks he is. He asks Pat if he wants to lose his job and his WrestleMania shot, then tells Pat to go do his job or else.

Singles Match: Rick Boogs w/ Shinsuke Nakamuraaaaa! vs Jimmy Uso w/ “Main Event” Jey Uso

The Usos make their way out and after a break, we return with Jimmy and Boogs. Cole tells us that McAfee is back, and he promises to behave. Boogs shows off some insane power as he military lifts Jimmy from his knees! He makes his way up to a knee, then fully standing, and military presses Jimmy before turning it into a Fallaway Slam in honor of Razor! Again, Theory comes out to huge boos. He steals a fan’s drink, drinks some of it, and throws it on Pat’s chest and face. Pat rises but Cole urges McAfee to chill out and not get in trouble. Finn Balor hits the scene and beats Austin all the way into the ring! The ref calls for the bell, throwing out this contest–meaning we’ve got six-man tag after this break!
Your Result: No Contest

Six-Man Tag Main Event Match: United States Champion Finn Balor and Rick Boogs & Shinsuke Nakamura vs SmackDown Tag Team Champions the Usos & Austin Theory

Yep, I was right. Each man got ample time in the ring to show off their individual skill sets. Again, Boogs was impressive as he performed a gut-wrench side hold, then began spinning Theory side to side. Hard to describe, but happened around 9:33-9:34pm and is worth watch. The dude has some insane core strength. Throughout the match, McAfee excitedly cheers everyone who takes their turn beating up Austin Theory, from Boogs using powerful combination moves to Balor opening up with a flurry of strikes. A cheap shot from Jimmy Uso gives Austin the advantage, and Theory tags in Jimmy. Jimmy introduces Balor’s face to the commentary table and takes it back in the ring. The Usos hold up a finger as Theory continues to stare at Pat. Pat yells insults at the “punk” and tells him that everybody hates him. The Usos control Balor as we head into another commercial break. Afterwards, the heels continue the same tactic of isolating Balor on their half of the ring. Boogs is down at ring side as Shin pounds the canvas, firing up the crowd as he’s eager for his hot tag.
Shinsuke and Theory come in and Nakamura uses his strong-style kicks to take down both Usos and beat the heck out of Theory. Pat claps and cheers Shinsuke on and the crowd pops big as Nakamura uses a baseball slide Powerbomb to nearly pick up the win. the Usos hit the ring to make the save, using a double-Superkick to take out Nakamura. Boogs hits the ring and takes the Usos outside. Nakamura attempts to make the tag to Theory. Theory clubs Shin in the back, shoving him into Balor. Balor hits the ring on fire, throwing Austin out and hitting a tope con hiro to wipe out the Usos! Balor stays on fire and hits the Sling Blade then climbs up top. Both Usos climb the turnbuckles but Balor fights them off. Sadly, this buys Theory time to attack Balor and hit the ATL to pick up the win! The crowd is not happy about that.
Your Winners, Austin Theory & the Usos!

After the Match: Austin Taunts Pat, Cole Comes to the Rescue

Austin taunts McAfee, daring him to enter the ring and take a shot. McAfee gets on the apron and Cole hops off the mic, moving to urge Pat down. He gets Pat to calm down and the crowd thanks Cole with a chant of his own.

Happy Talk, featuring Angela D. Claymore

Corbin and Moss, the Happy Folk, come out with Drew’s Sword Angela. Fun fact, “claymore” is Scottish for sword. Or is a Scottish Sword. Damnit, Jim, I’m a transcriptionist, not a multilingual etymologist! When we return, Corbin and Moss sit opposite a table with Angela on the table. Moss is excited because he won the Andre (the trophy). Corbin seems jealous and states that yes, Moss won…as Corbin’s protege. He then states the sword he has is more important than the Andre, and we get a Progressive Match Flo from WrestleMania Raw in which Corbin/Moss took on McIntyre in a two-on-one handicapped match and a losing effort. After the match, Corbin took out McIntyre and stole Angela. Back in the ring, Corbin talks about his WrestleMania career–winning the Andre, retiring Kurt Angle (big boos), and promises to destroy Drew tomorrow. He states that when Drew carries it, it’s a fancy accessory but in Corbin’s hands it’s a dangerous weapon. He talks about decapitating people and addresses the sword’s name, christening it a happy name–“everyone needs…Euphoria!” He hoists the sword and the crowd boos. He asks Madcap for a joke, but then interrupts Madcap with his own great joke.
“What do Drew McIntyre’s sword and his mother have in common,” Corbin jokes, before answering “he lost them both!” And cue Drew McIntyre who’s not happy about Corbin’s talking about his mama. Drew walks straight to the ring, dropping Moss with one big right on the ramp as he makes his way to the ring. McIntyre gets a steel chair as Corbin holds the sword, ready to defend himself. Sadly, he’s really not wielding the two-handed sword effectively. Drew throws the chair at Corbin and Corbin flees the ring when Drew retrieves Angela and takes a swing. Drew trashes the set, throwing almost everything out of the ring. Sword then uses the sword to cut the table, set up in the ring for the show, in half. We get more hype for all of the WrestleMania matches as Cole tries to eat up the last two minutes of air time.

In Closing

And that does it for the Road to WrestleMania! Remember that NXT Stand & Deliver is tomorrow midday and WrestleMania 38 is upon us! Have a great weekend, stay cool, stay frosty and stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you all Monday Night for Raw.

WrestleMania 38/Stand & Deliver/Hall of Fame 2022!

WWE Hall of Fame

Don’t forget also that the Hall of Fameis now LIVE on the ‘cock Network! Announced inductees are the Undertaker, the Steiner Brothers, and Vader and Shad Gaspard is set to receive the 2022 Warrior Award posthumously.

Hall of Fame

NXT Stand & Deliver Start-Time Reminder

Don’t forget, Stand & Deliver is tomorrow at 1pm EST!

Stand and Deliver

WrestleMania 38 Two-Night Event

Well, guess we find out if Cody’s coming or if VKM trolled us all again!.

WM38 lol no cody

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