WWE Smackdown Results -August 12, 2022


WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (August 12, 2022): PNC Arena – Raleigh, NC


WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament, Round One Match: Raquel Rodriguez & Aliyah vs Xia Li & Shotzi

The winning team will advance to face the winner of Monday Night Raw’s final first-round match between the teams of Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Stark and Xia Li & Shotzi. Out first are Raquel and Aliyah to a decent welcome from the Raleigh crowd. Shotzi and Xia are out next, with the flip-flopping Li once again a heel. The match is given a solid ten minutes, during which Xia Li and Shotzi are giving a commanding lead early on. Shotzi and Xia do a great job containing Aliyah, isolating her to their half of the ring through a smart strategy of frequent tags. The technical Li batters Aliyah and alternates working holds with strikes to keep the high flyer grounded. After several long moments, Raquel Rodriguez gets the hot tag about ten minutes in. Raquel cleans house, taking down both Shotzi and Xia Li easily. At one point, the heels attempt to double Side Russian Leg Sweep Rodriguez but Aliyah makes the save with a spear out of nowhere! Raquel follows it up with a Tejana Bomb to Li to secure the win and advance!
Your Winners and ADVANCING in the Tournament, Raquel Gonzalez & Aliyah!

Video: Karrion Kross’ Return; In the Ring Promo: Drew McIntyre & Karrion Kross

Book-ended by commercials is a video that reminds us of the shocking return last week, when Karrion Kross and Scarlett returned and attacked McIntyre. We see Kross and Scarlett briefly backstage as Drew McIntyre makes his way out. He then welcomes Raleigh, threatens to murder Karrion Kross, and then scoffs at the fact that Roman Reigns isn’t present tonight. Drew points out that the last two matches between Reigns and McIntyre, it took the entire Bloodline to get involved to help defeat Lesnar. But The last time McIntyre got in the ring with Lesnar, he defeated him with his bare hands. He starts to mock the “Island of Relevancy” as a made up place when Karrion Kross & Scarlett are back–with their NXT entrance! Michael Cole and Pat McAfee introduce us to Scarlett, Karrion Kross’ “Oracle, his angle of doom, his Melisandre.” McAfee gets none of those references. The crowd begins to cheer as Scarlett enters the ring but no Kross, yet–instead we get the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions, the Usos! Both attack Drew; Drew attempts to fight back but eats a 1D for his efforts! We’re reminded that, just as Kross targeted McIntyre’s knee last week, the Usos did the same tonight. Scarlett smiles as the Usos do their dirty work. They turn their attention to her. Jey yells at her, “hey, you tell your old man Karrion Kross. If he steps up to the OG again, we’re gonna tear his ass down. This is Bloodline Territory, baby!” Scarlett replies off-mic, and Cole postulates that she warned them to tell the champ the same thing, and Scarlett leaves as we get replays! We head to break.

Singles Match: Ivar w/ Erik vs Kofi Kingston

The Viking Raiders start their entrance when Kofi attacks them at the top of the ramp with a kendo! Kofi bashes both men and their swords viciously, but ultimately the Raiders win out. After a wicked spot that sees Kofi thrown Lawn Dart-style into a shield bash, the Vikings beat Kofi down for a few more moments as the crowd boos and this match never takes place.
Your Result, No Match.

In the Ring: Drew McIntyre/Kross & Scarlett/the Usos

McIntyre started an in-ring promo, addressing the attack he suffered at the hands of a returning Karrion Kross last week. Scarlett made her way out, distracting him and allowing the Usos to double-team McIntyre, leaving the challenger laid out>

Tag Team Match: Hit Row vs Brandon Scott & Trevor Urban

Local talents Brandon Scott & Trevor Urban are in the ring. McAfee channels his inner John Madden and humorously dissects the poor duo who have no clue who they’ll face tonight. We hear the familiar tune of “Hiiiiiit-roooooow” and the crowd pops as out comes the returning faction! Top Dolla (AJ Francis), Ashanti “Thee” Adonis, & B-Fab are back! The crowd is split–either they know who Hit Row are and are excited and dance to the theme, or they’re not sure (not all main roster fans watch NXT). Top Dolla starts off and easily handles both of the local talents, manhandling them without even breaking a sweat. At one point, both Urban & Scott leap up on Dolla but he holds them both in a Cross Body position and hits a double body slam! He tags in Ashanti “Thee” Adonis and they hit heir double-team move, also called the Hit Row, to pick up the win! The move involves Top Dolla holding the victim up over a shoulder as if about to back drop them, and Ashanti hits a running leaping dropkick to their face. Afterwards, the trio get on the mic and re-introduce themselves to the crowd. They call themselves the Hit Row OG-3 and if you didn’t know? Now you know.
Your Winners, Hit Row!

SmackDown Women’s Championship WWE Clash at the Castle Contract Signing

When we return from a break, we find the ring set up with the usual black carpet desk and chairs. Ronda Rousey enters the arena via the crowd wearing a strappy sports bra for a top. She has a big bag with her, and enters the ring. She states that she knows she’s supposed to not be there and empties the bag, which is full of cash, on the table. She says being the Baddest Woman on the Planet is expensive but luckily she can afford it. She states she wants to leave on her own but a security team show up with several officials. Rousey challenges them to make her leave. A young African-American female security guard asks Rousey to leave and Rousey sends her to the floor, threatening an arm bar and bodily injury while ignoring the other nearby officials…optics, WWE, optics. Rousey starts to leave when Shayna Baszler comes out and questions her what the heck she’s doing. Rousey takes a verbal jab, stating Baszler used to be a killer. Baszler makes her way to the ring and tells us on mic that she wont he gauntlet and Liv’s the next on the list to fall before Baszler as she seeks the title. Baszler signs the contract and tells Morgan to “prance” her way on out with her injured arm, adding that “I can’t wait for Cardiff become I’m going to tear you apart limb by limb! Maybe i”ll just put you to sleep. Either way, I am going to step over your lifeless carcass and walk out of there the new SmackDown Women’s champion!” Liv Morgan finally makes her way out, still selling the kayfabe arm injury with a big brace on her left arm. Note that Ronda got a decent pop from the crowd, as did Liv later on. Morgan insults Baszler, calling her a cheap knockoff of Rousey. Morgan signs the contract and Rousey attacks the injured arm, smashing it into the table. Baszler takes Morgan tot he amt and manipulates the injured left arm, twisting the joint back until Baszler can stomp on the elbow! Morgan rolls in pain into the corner and Baszler again goes after the arm. The Queen of Spades with a nasty arm breaker over her shoulder! Baszler with another attempt but Morgan uses the nearby corner to counter it into a springboard Bulldog through the table! Morgan recovers her belt, rises, and leaves!

Tag Team Match: Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions the Usos vs Drew McIntyre & A Mystery Partner

After having had enough of their shit, Drew McIntyre threatens to take down the Usos every week between now and WWE Clash at the Castle which takes place three weeks from tomorrow. McIntyre is given an opportunity at a tag match with the Usos but fails to find a partner, so we start with a handicapped match. McIntyre spends the first two minutes getting double-teamed by the Usos until Madcap Moss hits the ring to make the save! Madcap comes in on fire and sends Jey flying into the corner, then catches Jimmy in midair and converts the failed Uso cross-body into a Fallaway Slam! Madcap and McIntyre make eye contact, shrug, then dump both Usos out and we go to break–we’ve got a tag match underway now, folks! When we return, Jey Uso pays homage to his father Rikishi and relative Umaga with their shared signature attack. Moss gains some separation and drops Jey. Both men make hot tags to their partner. McIntyre with a belly-to-belly to Jey, and an exploder suplex to Jimmy! McIntyre sets up for a Claymore on Jimmy but Sami Zayn enters the ring, distracting McIntyre. The ref sends Sami away; Jimmy and Jey work together to connect with a Superkick and an Uso splash but McIntyre gets the shoulder up at two! Zayn yells at the ref, to no avail, and the ref warns him. Moss and Jey battle at the timekeeper’s area, distracting Jimmy. Jimmy looks for a Samoan Drop but McIntyre shoves him off. Glasgow Kiss rocks Jimmy; a Superkick rocks Drew, but Drew rebounds off the ropes to hit a speedy Claymore to pick up the win! Afterwards, Sami Zayn sacrifices himself to intercept a Claymore to save an Uce.
Your Winners, Drew McIntyre & Madcap Moss!

Intercontinental Championship Main Event Match: Gunther(c) w/ Ludwig Kaiser vs Shinsuke Nakamura

After yet another vignette promoting the importance of the IC title, we finally get our entrances! Throughout them, Michael Cole and Pat McAfee both hype again the importance of the Intercontinental Championship as “the working man’s title,” and how it’s supposed to be defended at every house show, on every TV show, and all over the world. We get our introductions and head to break ahead of our main event. When we get things under way, Nakamura is the first to take a lead. The “King of Strong Style” batters the Ring General around the squared circle, as effective and deadly with fists as he is with knees and kicks. Gunther weathers it, allowing himself to be battered into the corner before taking control with a series of devastating chops. Gunther reddens the flesh of Nakamura’s chest as he brutalizes Nakamura. Nakamura attempts to get some offense in, switching to an arm bar, but Gunther easily turns his body to push Nakamura’s arms back–pushing his shoulders down to the mat. Nakamura is forced to break the hold.
Nakamura and the champ start to exchange blows; Gunther fires off more devastating chops but Nakamura changes tactics, focusing a blitz of kicks onto Gunther’s left arm! Cole accurately explains that Nakamura is looking to weaken Gunther’s arm to prevent his Powerbomb finisher. Gunther fires of lightning-fast, cracking chop that stuns Nakamura and elicits an audible reaction from the crowd! Gunther takes Shinsuke into the corner and begins to work him over with the ropes before dumping him out of the ring! The crowd boos loudly and we go to break! When we return, both men fire up and go back at it. Gunther looks for his Powerbomb finisher but his right arm gives out from under him! Nakamura slaps on an arm bar onto the injured arm but Gunther manages to power through, hoisting Nakamura up! Nakamura eventually falls victim to a one-armed Powerbomb from Gunther!
The crowd comes alive and we’re starting the slow build to our finish. Gunther and Nakamura both rise and again begin slugging it out> Nakamura catches Gunther with a running knee counter to a sliding strike, laying out Gunther and nearly securing the win! Nakamura takes the champ to the corner and begins to choke the champ with his patented strong-style choke. The ref, Jessica Carr, counts a warning and Nakamura stops. Nakamura positions Gunther, rope strung, and hits his running snap German suplex sliding strike. Ludwig Kaiser awaits him and distracts Nakamura just long enough for Gunther to recover. Nakamura enters the ring but Gunther catches him with a strike. Nakamura rallies, however, and kicks Gunther to the back of the neck! Kaiser panics and the fans are up on their feet and Nakamura posts up int he corner! Nakamura calls for the Kinshasa and the fans are absolutely apeshit as he charges in–and right into a huge clothesline that nearly secures the win for the champ!
The crowd rips of fa loud “this is awesome” chant as Nakamura kicks out! Gunther rises and attempts to punish Nakamura with a kick to the gut. Gunther slaps on a sleeper, in a standing position, and Nakamura begins to fade. Nakamura screams himself awake and runs back into the corner, attempting to shake Gunther off. Gunther holds on and battles out of the corner, one step at a time. Nakamura looks for a series of arm breakers to break free of the rear naked choke! Gunther releases Nakamura and hits a standing dropkick to the back of Nakamura’s neck outta nowhere! Gunther then fires of fa snap powerbomb and rolls forward to cover, picking up the win! The crowd is not happy but what a great match! We’re shown Nakamura’s chest as he backs up the ramp, welts already starting to form.
Your Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion, Gunther!

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