WWE Smackdown Results – August 13, 2021

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (August 13, 2021): BOK Center, Tulsa, OK

Welcome to SmackDown!

We open our show with a great view of the live audience as Michael Cole and Pat McAfee welcome us to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

In the Ring Confrontation: Universal Champion Roman Reigns w/ Paul Heyman and John Cena

We get right to the meat of the matter as the familiar tones of Cena’s theme plays and the in-house crowd goes wild. Cena comes out to a hot crowd, just as hot as our digital audience (ie, piped-in sound), and plays up to the crowd. We get a Progressive Match Flo that focused on the Universal Contract Signing two weeks ago during which Baron Corbin stole the contract from Finn Bálor, only to have Cena steal it and sign it–giving himself a Universal title shot at SummerSlam. Back in the ring, Cena gets on the mic. “School’s back up and running so I figured this would be a great occasion to give Roman Reigns his report card. Roman, you’re a ‘D’. A below-average ‘D’. A ‘d-head’, a ‘d-bag’, and overall a huge disappointment. Because for ten years, the WWE has been selling you Roman Reigns.” He continues. “At SummerSlam, Roman Reigns gets an ‘F’ from John Cena. But I want to hear what Oklahoma feels about this.” Some boos but mostly loud cheers. Huge Cena chant from the live crowd. “Well, we have a lively crowd here tonight, so here’s the question! Do you think Roman Reigns will beat the hell out of me at SummerSlam?” Loud, loud boos. “Alright class, this is your chance to stand up and be heard. Do you think Roman Reigns will beat (me) at SummerSlam?” Again, loud boos. “I’ve got a Doctorate in Thugonomics so I can answer that question. Roman Reigns will beat the hell out of me at SummerSlam. But I also know Roman Reigns will lose (to me) at SummerSlam and there’s not a damn thing he can do about it!” Roman’s music plays and he begins his entrance at 8:07. Fox, realizing they’ve easily got some time to kill, send us to a commercial break as our Universal champion begins the long, 50-60 foot walk to the ring.
Back from the break. At 8:13pm, Reigns is finally at the steel steps, preparing to take his first step up. The in-house crowd is mostly boos, but the digital crowd is rabid with the boos. Cena motions to the crowd as they start a loud “Roman Sucks” chant and Cena welcomes them to the ring. Cena thanks them for joining him. Roman gets on his own mic. Roman speaks while Heyman holds the belt in the air. “Don’t waste my time, let’s get to it?” Cena responds: “I’m not gonna waste your time, but I am gonna wait until one week from tomorrow at SummerSlam to embarrass you on the biggest stage of them all.” Roman grins. “Is that it? Is that all you got?” Cena paces, then replies, “Roman, that’s all I need. See, when I look at you, I see a guy who waltzes around here thinking this is your show. Thinking that we all have to play by your rules, thinking that this is your company. Everybody knows it belongs to them,” and he motions to the crowd who pop. “Yeah, I know you wanna throw up in your mouth a bit because you’re sick about this…that’s why I’m back, dude, because I’m the only one who can shut you up. See, the WWE has been pushing you for a decade now–failure after failure after failure after failure.” Cena continues, explaining that Reigns thinks he’s built a protective layer around himself so that’s why the WWE Universe asked him back–to beat Reigns. The crowd with a loud “Roman Sucks” chant. “You see Roman, they know, they’ve got one week to choose..it’s either going to be Team Reigns,” loud boos, “or Team Cena,” loud cheers, and adds that at SummerSlam, history will be made. Loud Cena chants from the in-house crowd and digital audience. Roman speaks. “I thought we were going to get something original here, I thought we were going to get something fresh. You came out here and made D jokes, and penis jokes…c’mon John, give me something that’s gonna cut me, John.” Cena tells Roman that he knows Roman’s going to beat his ass, “Spear after spear” and says Roman will hit him with punches named after that “other DC Superhero” but Cena is still going to win. Cena points out this would be his 17th heavyweight championship which would break the men’s all-time record. He tells roman this will be a historic match, and Cena’s here to help Roman. Roman laughs. “He’s here to help the tribal chief, the head of the table? I’m not like you, I”m not gonna bury my opponent then go out there and beat their butt.” He reminds Cena that we do “compelling storytelling” around here. He tells Cena that Cena is underappreciated and arguably one of the best of all time, having done something no one else has ever done before–on the “cusp of a 17th world championship.” Roman states that on the “Mount Rushmore of WWE” Cena might take every slot, Cena’s the best. But Roman’s still going to beat him at SummerSlam. “You’re good, man (Cena), your career says it….you’re good enough to main event SummerSlam with the tribal chief, you’re even good enough to win a world championship.” He tells Cena that he isn’t good enough to beat Roman.
And the fun begins. Roman tells Cena that “twenty years of missionary” is enough and boring. He tells Cena that Cena wasn’t enough for Nikki Bella to a huge gasp from the crowd. Cena tells Roman that Reigns hasn’t ever been embarrassed, he’s always been protected by the WWE. “That pretty face, those giant bars of soap you have for teeth. You’ve been protected by the WWE, by the Shield…hell, you almost ruined Seth Rollins’ career, you ran Dean Ambrose out of the WWE!” Cena tells Reigns that Heyman knows better than anyone how much punishment Cena can take and never quit. Cena says he built Suplex City and all Cena needs to do is hang in there for one..two..three and Reigns becomes the biggest embarrassment in history. One, two, three and Reigns becomes the answer to a trivia question: “who did John Cena beat for the 17th title”? Cena says he’s going to embarrass Reigns, cover him for the three, grab the title, jump into the crowd, haul ass out of the stadium–he may even “blow you a kiss goodbye.” He tells Reigns that one thing is inevitable, though–at SummerSlam, the champ is gone in one…two…three. Because all Cena has to do is survive. The crowd pops as Cena leaves and Roman grins at the camera, watching Cena leave. Cole and McAfee hype the match. There is zero chance my coverage did this segment justice and you should watch this online right now if you can. If you like a decent promo, that is.

Intercontinental Championship Match: Apollo Crews(c) w/ Cmdr. Azeez vs King Nakamura w/ Boogz

Rick Boogz plays out Floodwire’s One True King of the WWE, King Nakamura! Pat really, really gets into Boogz’s gimmick and is always playing air-guitar with him. Crews and Azeez are already at the ring and we get straight to the action. Crews opens up on Nakamura with clubbing forearms before using a suplex to float over into a pin attempt. Nakamura counters A crews charge with a knee and begins to choke Crews in the corner with a foot. The crowd is behind our One True King. Azeez distracts Nakamura, allowing Apollo to lay out the King with a dropkick. Both men go back and forth. Boogz hops on the apron and plays a few licks on his electric guitar, distracting Crews after another distraction from Azeez. The ref’s had enough of the nonsense and sends both Boogz and Azeez to the back while sending us to a commercial break.
Back from the break. When we return, we’re reminded that Boogz and Azeez have been sent to the back. Nakamura climbs the corner, slowly, but the Champ is up quick and strikes the King. Crews climbs the middle ropes and looks for a middle-rope Superplex. Nakamura puts on the brakes once, but Crews manages to fire it off on the second attempt. Beautiful, textbook with a brutal-appearing crash. Crews crawls over and covers for two. Nakamura attempts to fight back with strikes. Crews catches Nakamura and connects with a Powerbomb, holds on, hits a gut-wrench sit-out Powerbomb and covers for a close two! Impressive spot! Crews drags Nakamura to the corner and looks for his 5-Star Frog Splash but the King gets the knees up! Nakamura’s shins connect right with Crews’ ribs. Nakamura is up and looks for a Kinshasa but Crews counters and rolls him up, putting his feet on the second rope for leverage! The ref counts one, two–but catches it! The ref warns Crews. Crews with a German Suplex followed by a close pin attempt. Pat McAfee really gets into his job, I love that. Crews, frustrated, tells the King to get up and stalks him, waiting. As Nakamura rises, Crews looks for a suplex. Nakamura counters with an Arm Drag followed by a modified Enziguri. Nakamura with a Michinoku Driver for a close two! Nakamura lays out the champ with a snap suplex. Nakamura positions in the corner, calling for the Kinshasa! Nakamura streaks across and lays out the champ with a perfectly-placed Kinshasa, covering and picking up the win as the crowd erupts with applause.
Your Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion, King Shinsuke Nakamura!

After the Match

Massive pyro fires off as the crowd celebrates with Nakamura, the in-house crowd totally into him, singing to his tune as Boogz plays the lead riff on the announcer’s table and Pat McAfee stands up there with him, playing air guitar (eat your heart out, Kyle O’Reilly.) We get replays before Nakamura celebrates with Boogz and McAfee and the live audience. Such a hot crowd tonight compared to Monday!

Quick Feud Recap: the Street Profits/Alpha Academy

We get a quick video and backstage promo hyping the feud between the Street Profits and Alpha Academy. Over the course of several weeks, Otis of the Alpha Academy took out both Ford & Dawkins of the Profits. But the Profits are back, the profits are up, and they want the smoke.

Tag Team Match: the Street Profits vs the Alpha Academy

The Profits are out first to raining solo cups and a nice pop from the crowd as we go to a break. After the break, Alpha Academy are out. We start with Gable and Ford. Gable immediately goes to his Olympic wrestling style, using an arm bar to take Ford down. Gable successfully counters Ford’s attempts to escape, repeatedly taking Ford down to the mat. Gable’s movements are fluid and impressive. Ford gains some separation. Ford and Gable exchange arm drags. Ford rolls Gable up but Gable escapes and looks for an ankle lock. Ford backflips free and fires off an Enziguri but Gable blocks it. Otis tags himself in, Dawkins makes the tag. Otis easily tosses Ford aside. Dawkins tries to fire up and runs off the ropes but Otis catches him, holds him for a few moments and hits an improvised Fallaway Slam (viva la Razor Ramon!) Otis takes Dawkins into the Alpha corner and tags in Gable. Gable throws shoulders into Dawkins gut as the ref counts and warns. Gable and Otis alternate tags several times, throwing shoulders as the ref warns. Otis with a Dozer (per McAfee) on Dawkins. Otis tags Gable and the ref seems to have an argument with Gable and Otis about the tag, even though they’re legal. Dawkins uses the distraction to shove Gable into Otis, sending Otis flying from the apron. Ford with a suicide top rope dive that wipes out Otis at ringside, and Dawkins connects with a corkscrew neckbreaker to quickly pin Gable and pick up the win.
Your Winners, the Street Profits!

In the Ring Promo: Seth Rollins

Rollins makes his way out to boos. Prior to the break, Rollins made sure the Production Truck had a video ready to play at his request. We’re reminded that Rollins faces Edge a week from tomorrow at SummerSlam. Rollins tells Tulsa that he hates to be the party-pooper but Edge isn’t here tonight. He’s just as disappointed that Edge isn’t here as the crowd is, because he wants to put his fist through Edge’s face for spreading lies and misinformation. The crowd starts a loud “We Want Edge” chant and Rollins claims he wants Edge, too, but they’ve got the next best thing–“Edge-Lite.” Rollins laughs that Edge called him that, but says it makes perfect sense. “Edge is a Hall of Famer, he’s done everything there is to do in WWE. He can’t stand the fact that my career has been just a little bit better than his. He can’t stand the fact that everything he’s done, I’ve done it better. Hey, this is not just my opinion, we have proof–we have verifiable, documented video proof and I have taken the liberty of putting together a career retrospective of myself and Edge to show you the truth. Roll the footage, roll it.”
We get a video, showing clips of Rollins and Edge from various points in their career. The narrator goes over Edge’s career beginning with a “modicum of success” in the Brood. “But when Seth Rollins arrived…he lead the Shield…the most dominant trio in the history of the WWE.” The narrator goes on to point out Edge’s failures while highlighting Rollins’ successful moments, including cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase, and becoming the Beast Slayer. “Edge may have done it first…but when it comes to Seth Rollins” Rollins will always “be better than you.” Back in the ring, Rollins says he sees no lies as the videotape tells no lies. The crowd with boos and various chants, including “you suck” and “we want Edge.” Rollins tries to speak over the crowd. I love this crowd–thank you, Tulsa, Oklahoma! Rollins goes on, stating that Edge and all of us should be thanking Rollins. Loud boos. “No hear me out, listen! If I had stomped Edge back in 2014, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation! This ‘dream match’ at SummerSlam of Edge versus Seth Freakin’ Rollins…all of those comebacks…none of that would have happened if I had stomped him in 2014.” He goes on, stating Edge wouldn’t be at home pushing his daughters on swings because they’d be pushing him in his “damn wheelchair.” Loud boos at this, followed by a loud in-house and digital crowd chant for Edge. Rollins continues. “No. He’s pushed me too far, he’s making me say things I don’t wanna say, he’s making me think things I don’t wanna think…but he’s put himself between me and the Universal championship too many times and that is compromising my future and the future of my family.” He tells the camera to get in his face. “Edge, this is not 2014 anymore. Times have changed, I have changed, and at SummerSlam I will not hesitate. I will not hold back. I will stomp your head into this mat and if that puts you out for good…then so be it.” Loud digital boos completely overpowering the in-house boos. Rollins music plays him out.

Backstage: the Mysterios

For the second week in a row, Rey chastises Dom for losing. He tells Dom to stay hungry and not be overconfident, and begs his son to not lose for him. He tells his son “let’s go out there and take care of business. That’s the Mysterio way.” Booyaka booyaka…

Tag Team Match: the Mysterios vs the Dirty Dawgs

Rey and Dom come out first to a decent pop as Cole reminds us that the Mysterios will face the Usos a week from tomorrow night–at SummerSlam–for the tag team titles. Ziggler & Roode will be out next, and are being billed by their individual names instead of the team name. Commercial break time.We start after the break with Roode and Rey. Roode whips Rey into the corner and charges into a boot. Rey with a headscissors takedown. Ziggler distracts Rey, allowing Roode to take control with a backbreaker. Roode with a strong whip to the corner and tags in Ziggler. Ziggler and Roode work together to combo an atomic drop and a running kick, and Ziggler covers for two. Ziggler with a sleeper on Rey as the ref checks on Rey. Rey arches his back outward and gains a vertical base. Ziggler takes Rey into the Dawg corner and tags in Roode. Roode sets Rey on the top rope and punches him, then tags in Ziggler. Rey kicks Roode on the apron, knocking him off, then headbutts Ziggler back. Rey with a top rope Senton! Tag to Dom! Dom with a top rope Cross-body followed by a beautiful leaping neckbreaker. Dom attacks Roode as he climbs on the apron then rolls Ziggler up for a close two. Ziggler fires off a quick Famouser but Dom kicks out at two! Ziggler whips Dom into the corner. Dom looks for a kick but Dolph catches the foot; Dom counters with a step-up Enziguri that sends Ziggler draping across the middle! The Usos come on the tron, distracting Dom by saying “six one nine” over and over. Roode tags himself in while Dom’s distracted and looks to capitalize on it. Rey shoves Dom out of the way to avoid the ambush, and Dom quickly takes Roode out with a 6-1-9 and picks up the cover. The Usos give the Mysterios a warning over the tron as the match ends.
Your Winners, the Mysterios!

Baron Corbin’s Last Plea

Corbin comes out, looking as ragged as we’re told by Michael Cole that this is Baron Corbin’s last chance to avoid bankruptcy or something. We go to break. Corbin speaks. “As all of you may know, I’ve really been down on my luck lately. The sad part is, it’s much worse than that. If things don’t turn around quickly, I’m going to have to file bankruptcy. No see, that’s what’s wrong with society today–when someone like me falls, you wanna keep ’em down, don’t you? Because of that, you know what? This is the last time I’m publicly going to ask for help from any of you.” The crowd cheers and continues to heckle him throughout. “Look, I’m used to a certain way of life so I’m going to need each and every one of you to contribute a minimum of one thousand dollars. No look, I’m going to make it very easy for you, I have a credit card scanner in my phone.” He holds up his mobile phone with a swipe/reader plugged in. Kevin Owens’ music plays an out comes KO. Corbin speaks. “Kevin, I know you’re out here for the right reasons, you’re out here to contribute. I’m not sure if this works with Canadian credit cards but–” Owens interrupts him, telling him he’s not there to help Corbin. He tells Corbin to stop bothering people, stop begging, and stop embarrassing himself. Owens tells Corbin he tried to help him in the past but Corbin has shown people that he just wants to use sympathy to his advantage. Owens points out that Corbin ruined Finn’s contract signing because Corbin wanted a big match. And then on Monday, Corbin went to Raw and when Drew seemed willing to help him out, Corbin asked for $100,000. “Who needs $100,000?” Owens asks incredulously. Corbin tells Owens that’s pocket change, then states he refuses to leave until Owens gives him a minimum of one thousand dollars. Owens asks the crowd if he should. Owens tells Corbin he’ll give him a thousand dollars, all he has to do is beat Owens in a match right now. “You beat me, you get a thousand bucks.” Owens tells him there’s a condition, though: “if I beat you, you stop begging people for help, you stop embarrassing the WWE by constantly begging the WWE Universe for help, and you help yourself. What do you say?” Corbin looks around and agrees. “But you know, I wouldn’t’ be in this situation in the first place if you weren’t such a cheap piece of sh–” each word is emphasized with a chest poke until Owens cuts off his cursing with a Stunner! The crowd pops as Owens poses on the corners. We’re told the Boss is here, and see Sasha backstage in her best S&M ring wear.

Singles Match: Kevin Owens vs Baron Corbin

After the break, we start things with Owens battling Corbin back with chops. We’re reminded that if Corbin wins, he gets a thousand bucks from Owens and if Owens wins, Corbin has to stop begging. Corbin with a quick roll-up for a two. Owens with a forearm followed by a big right chop. Owens with a pull-back lariat. Owens with a standing Senton for a one. Owens takes Corbin into the corner and rams him into the turnbuckle. Owens with more chops as the crowd lightly “woo’s”. Owens lays out Corbin in the middle of the ring and slowly climbs up the turnbuckles. Corbin attempts to counter with a Chokeslam but Owens fights out of it. Corbin with a big right hand that catches Owens mid-springboard and sends him flying outside. We’re told that Corbin’s cellphone is on his mom’s phone plan, haha. Pat McAfee states “Corbin’s hairline may have failed him but his right hand hasn’t” or something to that affect. Corbin and Owens exchange rights. A big right from Corbin knocks Owens through the middle ropes and to the apron. Corbin on the apron, looking for an Apron Suplex. Owens puts the brakes on and throws rights to the ribs, looking for an Apron Suplex of his own. Corbin blocks it. Owens looks for an Apron Powerbomb but Corbin with the back flip counter that sends Owens crashing into the apron and to the floor as we go to break!
Back from the break. Corbin sets Owens on the top turnbuckle and climbs the middle ropes. Corbin looks for a middle-rope Superplex–those are popular tonight it seems!–but Owens blocks it and shoves Owens off. Owens off the top with a Senton, hooking the leg for a close two. The in-house crowd is into this as much as the digital audience! Owens pulls Corbin up and sends him into the ropes. Corbin grabs the ropes and hits a big boot. Corbin with a single-handed Chokeslam counter for a close two! Impressive spot. Owens is up; both men exchange blows. Owens with a headbutt. Owens runs off the ropes and Corbin counters with a Deep Six for another close two! The crowd is loving this match. Corbin and Owens are both winded and rise about the same time. Corbin charges Owens in the corner, then slides out–hitting his Misdirection Clothesline, in which he circles the corner of the ring and slides back in to attack Owens. Corbin with a pin attempt, using the ropes for leverage, but only gets two. Owens goes for a Stunner but Corbin shoves him back. Owens sent into the ropes. Corbin looks for a back drop but Owens rolls it over and into a roll-up pin, picking up the win after a really good match. After the match, Owens hit a Stunner for good measure and Pat McAfee says Corbin’s “life stinks more than any human being’s has stunk” haha.
Your Winner, Kevin Owens!

Backstage: Bianca Belair, Big E and Hangman

While Cole and McAfee hype the upcoming contract signing, we get a glimpse backstage as Belair plays Hangman with Big E, with the clues obviously being her name. We head to break.

Backstage Segment: Bandit Corbin

We start with an interview backstage, with Corbin being asked what’s next after this loss. He seems perplexed…then notices Big E. Corbin streaks over, attacks E, and runs off with the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Contract Signing Main Event Segment: SmackDown Women’s Champion Bianca Belair(c) and Sasha Banks

WWE Official Sonya Deville is in the ring for this signing. She calls out the Blueprint, the Legit Boss, Sasha Banks. Banks makes her way out in the same new black leather ring attire earlier, and despite the boos the crowd apparently loves it based on the cat calls and whistles. Banks makes her way to the ring, all smiles and dripping confidence. She smiles as pyro goes off, enters the ring and poses once again before taking her seat. Next, Deville announces the SmackDown Women’s Champion, the EST of the WWE, Bianca Belair who comes out to a new tron with CGI graphics all over the screen. The crowd with a decent pop. The camera has to turn away as the CGI graphic actually blocks the view of our champ coming out. Belair enters the ring, poses and takes her seat as Banks looks on in disdain. The disdain is real, y’all. Pat comments “these always go really well.” Deville opens the contract and sets it before Banks. Belair speaks. “Sasha girl, you ready? Or you gonna run away again? Or should I turn my back so you can backstab me again? Look at you sitting over there, rolling your eyes. You’re still petty, you’re still jealous. I should’ve listened to myself, I should’ve known better that you were gonna stab me in the back. But girl, if you wanted a WrestleMania rematch all you had to do is ask.” Banks scoffs. “Ask? At WrestleMania, you used your ‘stank braid’ against me” and then it heats up. Banks calls Belair a bitch to her face and the crowd gasps before Deville jumps in. Deville angrily tells them to settle down and sign the contract and points out these haven’t been going well lately. Banks feigns signing it multiple times then speaks. “Sonya, I’m sorry. Before I sign this, I”m going to need some witnesses.” And out comes Carmella! It makes sense–Mella is Money, and the Boss is the Banks. Zelina Vega also comes out with Mella and they enter the ring. Banks signs the contract as does Belair. Belair wisely senses an ambush and strikes! Belair with the chair to Vega! Bianca tackles Mella and beats her down before jumping across the table to take out Banks! The champ fights Vega in the corner, then turns to take Mella out, sending her out of the ring. Banks with a backstabber! Banks, Vega and Mella beat on the champion. Banks takes Belair on the table and slams her face repeatedly into the contract signing table. Banks stands over her, holding the belt up high. Banks puts Belair in the Bank Statement, using Belair’s own braid across her mouth and jaw to apply the mood. Banks laughs, exclaiming “I’ll see you at SummerSlam, Bianca! That’s right, Bianca!” And we fade to black.

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