WWE SmackDown Results & Discussion (10/18)

The October 18, 2016 edition of WWE SmackDown aired live on the USA Network from the Pepsi Center in Denver, CO.

– SmackDown opens up with a shot of James Ellsworth taping up his wrists in the locker room. Dean Ambrose interrupts and gives Ellsworth a shirt with his face on it. Ambrose offers some brief words of encouragement and leaves.

– Randy Orton is out to the ring next. He cuts a promo on Bray Wyatt saying he’s more evil than he thought. He says he feels like he’s losing his mind, and he’s coming for Wyatt. On the big screen we see several people in rabbit masks around Bray Wyatt, who is laying in a casket. Wyatt says he’s coming after Orton, and is going to take him on a journey. Luke Harper is out to the ring next, and we have a match.

Randy Orton def. Luke Harper via DQ: Orton controls the first minutes of the match and hits a superplex on Harper off the middle rope. After the superplex, the lights go out and Wyatt is wheeled out in his casket. The distraction leads to Harper laying out Orton from behind and beating him down. Wyatt ends up interfering and Harper lays Orton out with a big boot. Wyatt opens up the casket and to his surprise, Kane is inside. Kane gets out and cleans house with Orton. The lights go out and Wyatt and Harper disappear.

– AJ Styles does an interview in the back where he expresses disbelief that he’s getting in the ring with a “no talent, waste of space, fat-skinny turd, James Ellsworth.” AJ worries that Dean Ambrose will find a way to get involved, and make it worst thing since David Arquette winning the WCW Championship.

Alexa Bliss def. Noami: Naomi hits a series of front kicks and a dropkick early on. She follows up with a springboard splash off the top for a two count. After some back and forth action, Naomi goes up to the top rope but Alexa knocks her off and kicks her in the head a couple times. Bliss follows up with the Twisted Bliss off the top for the win.

Apollo Crews vs. Curt Hawkins – No contest: There’s a voiceover doing “Curt Hawkins facts” during his entrance. He cuts a brief promo and says Apollo will have to change his name to Apollo Lose. Crews drops him with a right hand and Hawkins rolls outside. Hawkins says Apollo ruined his big debut and he’s leaving.

– Carmella comes out to the ring to cut a promo on Nikki Bella. She quickly gets interrupted by Nikki. Nikki comes to the ring and tells Carmella to say it to her face. Carmella cuts a promo about Nikki only having her spot because her boyfriend is John Cena. Nikki says she’s not hiding her relationship, and she’s like all of her haters and internet bullies. Carmella calls Nikki a whiny gold-digger, and shows a video highlighting embarrassing moments from Nikki’s reality show. They talk some more trash to each other and Carmella leaves.

– James Ellsworth does an interview in the back where he says he’s nervous, but he’ll still be able to tell his grandchildren that he competed for the WWE World Heavyweight Title on SmackDown Live.

The Miz & The Spirit Squad def. Dolph Ziggler, Rhyno, & Heath Slater: Rhyno starts off with lots of offense on both members of the Spirit Squad. Ziggler and Miz tag in and Ziggler takes him down with a dropkick. He goes for a superkick but The Miz ducks it and rolls outside. Kenny from the Spirit Squad tags in and after a distraction from Maryse takes control of the match against Ziggler. The Miz tags in and Ziggler drops him with a superkick. Kenny and Slater tag in and the aprons clear out into the ring. Miz and Ziggler brawl while Rhyno hits the Gore on Mikey. Kenny rolls up Slater from behind out of nowhere for the win.

– Natalya approaches Daniel Bryan in the back and tells him that she should lead Team SmackDown at Survivor Series. She also shows him her cat’s Instagram page.

Baron Corbin def. Jack Swagger: Back-and-forth brawling in the opening moments both inside and outside the ring. Corbin pins Swagger against the fan barricade and hits a series of elbows to the head. Back in the ring, Corbin hits a knee to the head and the End of Days for the win in a short match.

– Dean Ambrose approaches Daniel Bryan backstage and says he wants to be the referee for AJ Styles’ title defense against James Ellsworth tonight. Bryan says he can’t, but he could be a time keeper or an announcer.  

James Ellsworth def. AJ Styles (c) via DQ: AJ Styles’ WWE World Championship is on the line in this one. Ambrose does the ring introductions and the timekeeping, and he rings the opening bell for almost a minute. Ambrose distracts Styles from ringside almost as soon as the match begins. Styles beats down Ellsworth a little longer, then Ambrose causes another distraction by showing an advertisement for an Ellsworth shirt on the big screen. Ellsworth tries to take advantage of the distraction from behind, but AJ drops him with a headbutt and continues the offense. AJ suplexes Ellsworth into the turnbuckle, then goes outside to yell at Ambrose. Back in the ring, AJ hits some stiff chops to the chest on Ellsworth then sits him on the top rope. AJ goes for a superplex, but Ambrose distracts him from ringside again. Ellsworth tries to take advantage of the distraction but fails again. Ellsworth misses a splash off the middle rope, and AJ starts stomping on him. AJ throws Ellsworth to the outside, and Ambrose throws him back in. They take turns throwing Ellsworth in and out a few times, then AJ starts yelling at Ambrose. Ellsworth drops AJ from behind and hits a superkick for a two count. AJ comes back with a spinebuster and pummels Ellsworth with a series of elbows to the face. The referee disqualifies AJ Styles. Ambrose enters the ring to announce Ellsworth as the winner and also gives AJ Styles a Dirty Deeds. Ambrose tries to help Ellsworth up to his feet as SmackDown goes off the air.

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