WWE SmackDown Results & Discussion (3/14)

The March 14th, 2017 edition of WWE SmackDown aired live from the PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, PA at 8 PM ET on the USA Network.

– SmackDown kicks off with Daniel Bryan backstage on the phone, talking about a special MizTV segment, an appearance by Randy Orton, and a match between Mickie James and Alexa Bliss tonight. AJ Styles walks in and interrupts, saying he wants Shane right now. Bryan says Shane will arrive later, and AJ storms off saying all he’s thinking about is his career.

– AJ Styles comes out to the ring and cuts a promo about his intentions to have a conversation with Shane McMahon about his career in WWE. Styles ends the promo saying “if I even have [a career],” and throws down the mirophone.

– Randy Orton is scheduled to address Bray Wyatt later tonight.

Becky Lynch def. Natalya: Becky gets the advantage early on and takes control of the match. Becky hits Natalya with a stiff slap to the face then attempts an STF, but Natalya reaches the ropes. The action goes outside where Natalya hits a Michinoku Driver on the ringside floor. Back in the ring, Natalya continues working on Becky until Becky fires up and comes back with a series of suplexes. The finish comes when Becky gets Natalya in the Dis-arm-her and Natalya taps out. After the match, Carmella beats down Becky.

– AJ Styles is shown in the loading area backstage waiting for Shane McMahon to arrive at the arena.

– We go to the ring for MizTV with The Miz and Maryse. The Miz highlights all of his issues with John Cena, showing footage from last week’s Talking Smack where Miz verbally ripped Cena apart. The Miz and Maryse say Cena will never get married to Nikki, and they say Cena and Nikki are both self-centered. Maryse talks about Nikki screwing her out of a WWE comeback years ago and being a “lieing, back-stabbing, bitch.” This brings out Cena and Nikki. They hit the ring, and Miz and Maryse back off up the ramp. Nikki says Maryse is the one who stabbed her in the back, and she’s a “brainless, spineless, blow-up doll.” Nikki tells Maryse to come to the ring so she can kick her ass, but The Miz declines on her behalf and they start walking off. Daniel Bryan interrupts and calls out The Miz for running his mouth then backing out. Daniel Bryan books The Miz and Maryse in a mixed tag match against John Cena and Nikki Bella.

– AJ Styles is still backstage anxiously waiting for Shane McMahon.

Mickie James def. Alexa Bliss: This one is a non-title match. Alexa and Mickie are offensively evenly matched early on, until Alexa blocks a baseball slide kick and throws Mickie down to the ringside floor. Back in the ring, Mickie comes back with some kicks and a fisherman’s suplex for a two count. Alexa fires back with elbows to the face and keeps Mickie grounded until Mickie blocks a splash in the corner and hits a hurricanrana. Mickie hits some kicks and blocks a DDT attempt, but Alexa comes back with a forearm to the face. Alexa follows up with a double knee drop, but misses a moonsault. Mickie capitalizes with a spinning heel kick to the face for the win.

– AJ Styles is pacing around waiting for Shane, then Renee Young approaches to ask him what his intentions for Shane are. AJ says since he’s not invited to the “ultimate thrill ride” at WrestleMania, he’ll have to get his thrills where he can. We see Shane pull into the building in his rental car, and AJ immediately attacks him. AJ throws Shane all over the place and pummels on him. AJ then throws Shane head-first through the passenger window of a car. Fit Finlay comes running over and yells at AJ to get out of here. Finlay and others check on Shane, who his bleeding from his head. AJ leaves as Shane lays on the ground with blood coming from his head.

– After the commercial break, medics are checking on Shane McMahon with blood on his head. The medics help walk him over to the trainer to look at him. We see AJ Styles in a locker room getting his gear, where The Usos tell AJ he’s crazy and is going to get fired. Daniel Bryan approaches AJ and says he’s a coward and he lost respect for him for what he did to Shane. AJ asks Bryan if he’s going to fire him, and Bryan says “you’re damn right I am,” and has security escort AJ from the arena.

Mojo Rawley def. Dolph Ziggler: Mojo throws Ziggler out of the ring over the top rope twice early on, and Ziggler gets frustrated and starts yelling at JBL. After some more back-and-forth action in the ring, Mojo throws Ziggler out over the top rope again, and JBL points out that if it were the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, Ziggler would have been eliminated three times now. Ziggler walks backstage and allows the referee to count him out.

– We get a replay of AJ Styles beating down Shane McMahon where we’re shown a camera angle from inside the car.

– Randy Orton comes out to the ring to address Bray Wyatt, and he explains devising his plan to get close to Bray and then destroy him. Orton says Wyatt is powerless when he’s alone, and he’s going to take the World Title at WrestleMania. Bray Wyatt shows up on the big screen and informs Orton that he hasn’t burned the soul of Sister Abigail, because she’s the spawn of Satan and was forged in Hell. Wyatt says she has bestowed her power on him, and now he’s the all-known lord of lords whose duty is to “purge the infidels.” Wyatt starts rubbing ashes on his face and laughing as the segment ends.

– Baron Corbin gives a brief interview where he says he’s still not done with Dean Ambrose yet after crushing him under a forklift last week.

– Backstage we see Fit Finlay and someone else walking with Shane McMahon and telling Shane he should go to the hospital. Shane still looks beat up from AJ’s assault.

The Usos def. American Alpha: American Alpha controls things in the opening minutes with dropkicks and front face locks on The Usos. The Usos finally come back when Jimmy hits a backbreaker on Jordan, and Jey comes off the top with a leg drop for the double team. The Usos continue working on Jordan to try and keep him grounded and away from Gable. Gable finally gets the hot tag and cleans house. Gable hits a series of German suplexes on Jey, then a belly to belly overhead on Jimmy. Jordan follows up with another German suplex on Jey for a two count. Jordan tags in and they go for the Doomsday Device on Jey, but Jimmy pushes Gable off the top rope. Jimmy superkicks Jordan, who had Jey on his shoulders. Jey pins Jordan for the win immediately after.

– We go backstage again where we see Shane being walked to the exit by Finlay, but then Shane turns around and heads back into the arena. We see Shane walk into a production area where he grabs a microphone from a table, where Arn Anderson is sitting. Shane heads out through the curtain onto the stage in front of the crowd, and tells AJ he’s got an opponent for WrestleMania now: Shane-o Mac.


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