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WWE Smackdown Results For December 23, 2022


The Christmas-week edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown kicks off with the usual “WWE Then. Now. Forever. Together” opening signature.

After that, we shoot inside AllState Arena in Chicago, Illinois after the usual blue brand program theme song and accompanying opening video package plays.

Roman Reigns & The Bloodline Kick Things Off

From there, we hear the commentary team welcome us to the show as we head down to the squared circle for our opening segment.

With that said, the familiar sounds of the entrance music for Roman Reigns hits and out he comes, accompanied by The Bloodline (Sami Zayn, Solo Sikoa & The Usos) and Paul Heyman.

Michael Cole and Wade Barrett hype next week’s John Cena & Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns & Sami Zayn featured tag-team main event as the group enters the ring for the first segment of tonight’s show. Fireworks and pyro erupt inside AllState Arena as they all settle inside the squared circle.

“Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman and tonight I’m here to hype you on two back-to-back historic weeks for the greatest faction — The Bloodline,” begins the special counsel to the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

He hypes up The Usos vs. Hit Row showdown later tonight for the tag-team titles. He vows that The Usos will dominate Hit Row and continue their record-setting reign as the tag-champs. He informs us that what he is saying isn’t a prediction — it’s a spoiler.

Heyman then shifts his focus to the big featured main event scheduled for next week’s SmackDown, which features John Cena and Kevin Owens squaring off against Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn.

Now Zayn speaks up and talks about how for years he was always looking for some respect and somewhere he belongs. He says he finally has that with The Bloodline and he’s not gonna let Kevin Owens, John Cena or anyone else ruin that for him.

“The Honorary Uso” goes on to guarantee that himself and “The Tribal Chief” will emerge victorious when they take on the aforementioned babyface duo on next week’s blue brand WWE on FOX program.

From there, the opening segment wraps up as Roman Reigns’ theme song plays again and the commentators hype the upcoming opening contest, which will feature The Usos defending the tag-team titles against Hit Row. On that note, we head to a commercial break.

WWE Tag-Team Championship
The Usos (C) vs. Hit Row

When we return from the break, we see The Usos are still inside the ring in their gear. Jimmy and Jey Uso look ready to make another defense of their undisputed tag-team titles.

The theme song for Hit Row hits and out comes Ashante “Thee” Adonis and Top Dolla accompanied by B-Fab. The number one contenders to the tag-team championships settle inside the ring and their music dies down.

Now the bell sounds to get this championship contest officially off-and-running. We see some good back-and-forth action early on and then we watch as The Usos settle into a comfortable and dominant offensive lead. On that note, we head to a mid-match commercial break as the match continues.

When we return from the break, we see the match still in progress with Top Dolla and Ashante “Thee” Adonis fighting back to competitive form before ultimately taking over and dominating the match for a few moments.

The Usos end up rallying after those few moments, however, and work their way to the eventual finish of the first match of the evening on this week’s show, which sees them successfully defend their WWE Tag-Team Championships over Hit Row with Top Dolla’s knee giving out on him. They follow that up with a double-super kick and their 1D finisher for the pin fall victory.

Winners and STILL WWE Tag-Team Champions: The Usos

Kayla Braxton Talks To Ludwig Kaiser & Giovanni Vinci

Once the match wraps up, we shoot backstage where we see Kayla Braxton standing by with Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci, asking them about tonight’s Miracle on 34th Street Fight against the team of Braun Strowman and Ricochet.

Speaking first is Kaiser, who says this match is an abomination, it makes a mockery of what they do. Vinci says Braun and Ricochet are sideshows. They follow that up by saying one is an acrobat and the other a strong-man. “Put them in the circus with the other fakes, not on Imperium’s mat with world class athletes like they are.”

The brief backstage segment wraps up with Kaiser saying they won’t be spreading holiday cheer tonight, but they will “restore the honor of their sacred mat.”

SmackDown Women’s Championship Eliminator Gauntlet Match
Emma vs. Xia Li vs. Tegan Nox vs. Raquel Rodriguez vs. Liv Morgan vs. Sonya Deville

From there, we hear the commentary team welcome us to the show as we head down to the squared circle for our second bout of the show. We hear Emma’s theme song play and out comes one of the first two competitors who will be starting off in the gauntlet.

On that note, we head to a pre-match commercial break. As we settle back in from the break, we see Xia Li make her way down to the ring as the second participant in the match. The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this high-stakes gauntlet match.

In the early goings, we see Li drop Emma with a big punch. Emma then ducks two clotheslines and knocks Li down herself. As the action continues, we see Li fight her way back into the offensive lead where she remains until finishing Emma off with a series of kicks and a cyclone for the pin fall victory.

Xia Li def. Emma

Now out next to join Xia Li in the ring as the third overall competitor in this title eliminator gauntlet showdown is Tegan Nox. The women’s wrestling star starts off with a ton of energy and hits a flying splash on Li for a close pin attempt.

The two duke it out on the ring apron outside of the ring ropes and then Li connects with another cyclone kick, the same move she put away Emma with for the first elimination in the match. Li scores the pin here as well afterwards and advances in the tourney, as Tegan Nox is eliminated.

Xia Li def. Tegan Nox

Out as the fourth overall participant in this six-woman gauntlet match with title implications is none other than Raquel Rodriguez. She and Li start fighting it out to get the third fall in this gauntlet underway as we head to another commercial break.

When we return from the break, we see Rodriguez’s arm being targeted by Li. Li focuses her offensive attack on the injured limb of the fellow women’s contender. Li then connects with a jumping knee and a one-armed fall-away slam.

She hits a Vader Bomb off the ropes. She avoids a cyclone kick attempt by Li and responds with a Texana Bomb for the pin fall victory. With the win, Rodriguez advances in the gauntlet and Xia Li is now eliminated.

Raquel Rodriguez def. Xia Li

From there, the fifth member of the bout comes out, as former women’s champion Liv Morgan’s music hits and out she comes. The two get after it and we see Rodriguez faring well early on. She avoids a codebreaker attempted by Morgan and also avoids a hurricanrana attempted by the former title-holder.

The two continue to duke it out until they work their way to the finish of this fall in the gauntlet match, with Rodriguez again picking up the “W” to advance to the final showdown in this six-woman contest.

Raquel Rodriguez def. Liv Morgan

Finally, the next entrant in the six-person gauntlet match comes out, as Sonya Deville heads to the ring. Deville attacked Rodriguez’s injured arm and hit a running knee for a near fall, but only gets two.

The action continues with Deville continuing to focus her offensive attack on the arm. We see Rodriguez make a big offensive comeback, dropping Deville on her grill, only for her to recover and once again go after the arm of Rodriguez. Finally, Rodriguez cuts Deville’s offensive run short and hits a Texana Bomb for the pin fall.

Raquel Rodriguez def. Sonya Deville

We think the match is over, with Raquel Rodriguez being declared the winner, but instead we see Ronda Rousey make her way out. The SmackDown Women’s Champion comes out and introduces Shayna Baszler — a surprise additional entrant in the gauntlet match.

Now Rodriguez has one more obstacle to overcome. She and Baszler begin duking it out until “The Queen of Spades” settles into the offensive driver’s seat. She takes the protective brace off of the arm of Rodriguez and attacks the injured limb until Rodriguez shifts the momentum back into her favor and rolls Baszler up for the pin fall victory.

Winner and NEW number one contender to SmackDown Women’s Championship: Raquel Rodriguez

Bray Wyatt Demands Apology, Loses His Cool

After the gauntlet match, we get a video package on recent happenings between Bray Wyatt and LA Knight, including last week’s in-person appearance by Uncle Howdy. Wyatt will be here tonight on SmackDown. From there we head to another commercial break.

As we return from the break and out comes Bray Wyatt. Wyatt asks if we want to hear something wild. Wyatt says one of the hardest thing for him to do is confront the fans, with everyone in the world watching. He says it’s incredibly nerve-wracking, it’s a wild, wild feeling, a pretty surreal feeling. He doesn’t think he will ever get used to people being excited to see him, and he doesn’t really understand it.

This elicits a huge pop from the fans in Chi-Town. Wyatt says he really doesn’t look at himself like that, he tries to present the realest version of himself to the fans but he doesn’t really know if there is a real him, but he does know one thing – LA Knight owes him an apology, man. Wyatt laughs. Wyatt says no one listened to him – Knight and the fans didn’t believe him. Wyatt tells the fans to be honest, they thought it was Wyatt attacking Knight for a while.

He says he’s not Uncle Howdy but when he thinks of what Uncle Howdy stands for… Wyatt apologizes for losing his train of thought. Wyatt kneels down and drops the mic, and looks out in a daze. Wyatt then attacks the camera man out of nowhere. Wyatt drops the camera man with Sister Abigail, then grounds him with the Mandible Claw.

Adam Pearce and other officials rush down, then pull the referee to safety. It sounds like Wyatt is yelling for them to please stop him. Wyatt stares ahead as we go back to commercial. When we return, we see what just happened with Bray Wyatt. Cole says Wyatt has been removed from the building and Adam Pearce has called WWE HQ to decide on what happens next.

Rey Mysterio vs. Angel

We go back to the ring and Los Lotharios are already out and posing in the corner – Angel with Humberto. Out next comes Rey Mysterio to a pop. We see how Los Lotharios confronted Rey on The SmackDown LowDown last week to set this match up.

Karrion Kross and Scarlett are shown watching the match from out in the crowd. The bell rings and Angel drops to his knees to taunt Rey. Angel offers his hand for a shake. Rey shakes it but then smacks Angel for a pop.

Rey runs the ropes and Angele leaps over him. Angel comes back and rolls him up but Rey nails a basement dropkick. Rey sends Angel into the corner, then mounts him with right hands as fans count along. Rey with a takedown out of the corner. Rey misses a springboard crossbody as Angel moves. Angel comes back with a dropkick. Angel rips his pants off and throws them at Rey. Angel with a big double underhook Gutbuster for 2 as Humberto looks on from ringside.

Angel with a headlock to ground Rey now. Rey fights up and out but Angel whips him chest-first into the turnbuckles, then nails a forearm to the back of the head. Angel whips Rey into the turnbuckles again, then puts him on his shoulders. Rey counters and sends Angel into the turnbuckles face-first. Rey with a top rope senton, then a hurricanrana takedown into the ropes for 619. Rey goes for 619 but Humberto pulls Angel to safety. Rey launches himself to the floor, taking Humberto down. Rey acknowledges Kross and Scarlett, saying he’s watching them also.

Rey fights back in but Angel superkicks him for a close 2 count. Angel mocks Rey and calls for a 619. Rey resists and Humberto rocks Rey with a cheap shot from the floor. Angel runs for 619 but Rey counters with a hurricanrana, then he hits his 619. Rey then launches himself in from the apron, catching Angel with a big DDT for the pin to win.

After the match, Rey stands tall as the music hits. We go to replays. Rey celebrates after the match as Kross and Scarlett look on from the crowd. Rey looks out at them and Kross warns him that time is running out.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Backstage With Ricochet & Braun Strowman

Ricochet and Braun Strowman are backstage now. Ricochet says Imperium is all talk. He brings up how they said he and Strowman should be in the circus. Strowman says let’s go show Imperium who runs the Big Top around here. Strowman and Ricochet are fired up as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Emma stops Karrion Kross and Scarlett as they’re walking backstage. Emma asks them who the hell they think they are by disrespecting a legend like Rey Mysterio. Emma says and calling Riddick Moss a joke a few weeks ago.

Scarlett says she actually called Moss a fool. Emma slaps Scarlett and we hear fans cheering in the arena. Scarlett goes for Emma but Kross holds her back. Scarlett looks back at Kross, then back at Emma as Emma stares Kross down. Kross tells Emma she has absolutely no idea what she’s just done. Kross and Scarlett walk off as Emma seethes.

Cole and Barrett send us to a video package on John Cena’s career to hype next week’s ring return. The video also looks at Cena’s historic run with Make-A-Wish, his work with the Troops, his non-WWE TV appearances, his movies, and more.

The video also includes Superstars and Hall of Famers praising Cena, such as Batista, Cody Rhodes, Steve Austin, WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H, and former WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon, among others. Cena and Kevin Owens will face Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn next week at the final SmackDown of 2022 in Tampa.

Miracle on 34th Street Fight
Ricochet & Braun Strowman vs. Imperium

We go back to the ring for the traditional Miracle on 34th Street Fight. There are many Christmas decorations around the ring area, such as Christmas trees, gifts, cookies, and more. The music hits and out first comes Ricochet. Braun Strowman is out next, and they head to the ring together. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes Imperium – Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci. Cole says WWE Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER is not here tonight because he started his Christmas vacation early. WWE had advertised GUNTHER to be at ringside for this match. The bell rings and Strowman goes to work on Vinci. Ricochet tags in and Strowman launches him into Vinci in the corner with a dropkick.

Ricochet covers Vinci for the pin but Kaiser yanks Ricochet to the floor to break it up, then sends him into the steel ring steps. Vinci attacks Strowman in the ring, then Strowman is double teamed. Strowman fights them off but runs into boots by Vinci in the corner. Vinci leaps off the top but Strowman catches him in mid-air. Kaiser takes Strowman’s knee out to save Vinci. Strowman is double teamed again now as they beat him down.

Strowman knocks Vinci to the floor, then back-drops Kaiser into Vinci on the floor. Ricochet runs the top of the barrier, and leaps off with a hurricanrana takedown to Vinci at ringside. Ricochet stands tall on the floor while Strowman looks on from the ring. Back to commercial. Back from the break and Strowman scoops Vinci at ringside but Vinci slides out and send shim face-first into the ring post. Vinci sends Strowman into a Christmas tree and gifts at ringside.

Kaiser takes Ricochet down by his arm on the floor. Vinci unloads on Ricochet with a candy cane kendo stick while he’s trapped in the submission. Imperium with a gift wrapped steel chair shots to Ricochet now. They pose to boos, allowing Strowman to attack them both and turn it around. Strowman with a stiff right hand to Vinci’s eye. Strowman beats both opponents to the stage. Strowman launches both opponents into Christmas trees and presents on the stage now.

Strowman scoops Vinci and Kaiser for a double powerslam but they rake his eyes to get free. Imperium a double suplex to Strowman on the stage. Ricochet runs up and hits Kaiser with a knee to the face. Vinci, who is bleeding from a right hand by Strowman at ringside earlier, attacks Ricochet but Ricochet brings it back to the ring. Ricochet fights Kaiser off and goes to springboard in to hit Vinci, but Kaiser knocks him off the apron to the floor with a chair shot to the back. Imperium goes back to the stage to bury Strowman under trees and gift boxes.

Imperium opens one large gift box and out comes a ballerina. She dances around the stage and to the back. They open another large gift box but out comes WWE NXT Tag Team Champions The New Day, dressed as toy soldiers. They strut around as fans chant “New Day rocks!” now. They hit Imperium with low blows because they’re nutcrackers. They then salute Strowman as he gets up. Strowman runs to the ringside area, running over Vinci, then Kaiser, then Vinci again, then Kaiser again. Fans pop big for The Strowman Express.

Strowman notices Ricochet down at ringside. He gabs some mistletoe and calls Ricochet’s real-life girlfriend over, ring announcer Samantha Irvin. They kiss under the mistletoe and this wakes Ricochet up. He rushes back to the ring, kicks Vinci in the head from the apron, then nails a springboard flying clothesline. Ricochet is fired up now. Strowman rocks Kaiser and powerbombs him from the apron through a table of Christmas snacks at ringside, while Ricochet hits Vinci with a moonsault.

Ricochet with a Recoil to Vinci, which stuns him and sends him into a running powerslam by Strowman. Ricochet then goes to the top as they both rile the fans up. Ricochet stands on Strowman’s shoulders, then leaps off with a splash to Vinci in the middle of the ring. Ricochet covers Vinci and Strowman reinforces his pin for the win.

After the match, Strowman and Ricochet celebrate as the music hits. We go to replays. Strowman and Ricochet play to the crowd now as Cole plugs the final SmackDown of 2022.

Strowman and Ricochet pose with fans at the barrier and on that note, this week’s show goes off-the-air. Thanks for joining us! Happy Holidays, everybody!

Winners: Ricochet & Braun Strowman

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