WWE Star Whose Contract Is Expiring Not Backstage At Tonight’s Monday Night Raw

Veteran WWE wrestler Natalya is not backstage at tonight’s Monday Night Raw. With her contract expiration looming on the horizon, this has fueled even more speculation on her status with WWE. reports that not only is Natalya not at Raw or planned for the show in any capacity, but that internally, WWE officials have been very quiet about any developments further clouding her situation. However, the two sides have been engaged in contract extension talks and her absence from Raw doesn’t necessarily indicate that talks have broken down or that Natalya is leaving WWE. Sources within the company continue to remain hopeful that they would be able to retain her services.

To make matters even more interesting, multiple talent in AEW have pushed for the possibility of Natalya joining their promotion and most recently, Mercedes Mone references both her and husband TJ Wilson during an interview.

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