More Backstage News From WWE Crown Jewel

WWE Stars Leave Saudi Arabia Immediately After Crown Jewel, Dean Ambrose Backstage At PPV

WWE Raw superstar Dean Ambrose was flown into Saudi Arabia for Crown Jewel, even though he was not booked to be wrestling on the card. The main reason he was there was accompany his wife, Renee Young, as she became the first WWE female to work in Saudi Arabia, as a color commentator. While Young was able to appear on camera, she had to be dressed in black and fully covered from the neck down. While Ambrose was there, he was also used for promotional appearances for the company.

Almost everyone involved with Crown Jewel took immediate flights out of the country following the PPV. This was not necessarily related to “wanting to get out” but because WWE begins a European tour tonight with Raw and Smackdown tapings on Monday and Tuesday and an immediate departure was necessary.

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